Queen of Venom

Chapter 9

"How can you not have my medication?" The Riddler demanded, and the nurse frowned, "Everyone has medication!" He hollered at her, and the nurse was replaced with a doctor, who was trying to calm him down.

"Excuse me, Riddler, what ever is the matter?" The green-jump suited man whipped around, the Warden in her wheel chair not too far away from him, her lizard-like body guard behind her.

"Warden Lily, they don't have my medication." The Riddle whined, and she smiled gently,

"Big daddy, wheel me up to the window so I can get this problem solved." Lily asked, and the guard behind her growled, before slowly wheeling her to the window. He withdrew and out his hands behind his back, standing idly and attentively, "What seems to be the fuss here, gentlemen?"

"We have to save the medication, he takes too much. There won't be enough for the rest of the medicated patients." The doctor informed her, and Lily looked at her bodyguard,

"Do the basement doctors have a separate storage of all the medications we offer in this building?" She asked, and her guard nodded, "Go and liberate that storage as quickly as possible, while I order more. Take as many guards as you can." Lily ordered, and Her guard growled affirmatively. "Please wait a little while the medicine comes up, ok everyone?" The inmates relaxed around, "Thank you for understanding-" Lily said, before she shuddered, and coughed into her hand, looking at her palm, blood tricking from her mouth, "Oh, this can't be good." She murmured, before coughing up more blood.

"Warden-!" The Riddle yelled, the other inmates broke into the medical room, and pulled the doctors out to help her. Bane came from out of nowhere, picked her up, and rushed her to the basement. A few of the inmates followed, as Bane kicked open the door to the emergency clinic in the basement floor.

"She's going into critical condition!" The doctors raved, running around the room that had a long glass window where others could go and watch. "She's losing blood!" "Doctor, her heart rate is fluctuating strangely!" Croc and bane were the only ones allowed in the room, and the nurses closed the blinds to the viewers.

~O~ a few days later, Gotham City ~O~

"Make sure to not forget a single box, we need all of them." Bane instructed, at the medical supple warehouse of Wayne Corp. He checked off various things on the clip board in his hands,

"Doing a decent day's work, huh?" Bane looked over his shoulder, the warehouse owner not too far away. He directed his attention back to the clip board, writing down a few things,

"Just trying to play it by the book, Wayne." Bane responded, trying not to pay much attention to the multi-billionaire. "Thank you for being so helpful. We'll be leaving soon, so, don't worry about us."

"I wonder who could make you act this way." Bruce mused a loud, Bane's eye twitching under his mask. What a hassle.

"Its seems that the enterprise you're working with, has taken all of Gotham's worst criminals, and put them in one place. I'd actually be very interested in seeing your establishment and meeting the Warden." Bruce told Bane, and Bane mentally groaned. Why did he have to even exchange words with Bruce?

"It's not my enterprise, per se." Bane responded, "The staff hold all the stocks evenly, and the Warden holds none for themselves. Besides, the Warden is sick. I'm their stand in."

"Then will you be willing to show me around the facility?" Bruce asked somewhat hopefully, as the guards loaded the last of the boxes into the trucks.

"I act upon the Warden's best wishes, and I believe their answer would be the same as mine- No. Excuse me, we must be going. The inmates are finicky about their medication." Bane said, the guards closing up the truck, as he got in the passenger seat.

"If you expect to get more medical supplies from me, I'll need to have a meeting with the Warden."

"Expect such a thing in the near future." Bane grumbled, shutting his door, and the semi truck drove off.

~O~ Black Willow Institute ~O~

The curtains to the hospital room had been opened when Lily stabilized. The Doctors didn't rush around so frantically, now that blood was fed to her on an iv, as were her body's nutrients. She laid in the bed, an oxygen mask over her mouth and her nose, as she breathed gently. A doctor approached the window, putting their finger to an intercom that linked to one on the other side of the window.

"Miss Lily has stabilized, thankfully, and the baby is still healthy. We are unsure of what cause her blood loss, but, we are giving her more from the storage. She's on her last bag of blood, in compensation of what she lost." The doctor reported, Croc hissing and growling in the background, as he snapped both playfully and angrily, at the ankles of the nurses and doctors who warmed Lily's bedside. Bane pressed the intercom button on his side, a few inmates behind him.

"That's good news. We've brought the new shipment of medicine. I also have a few reports to give her." Bane said, and the doctor spoke to some nurses, before getting back to him.

"She's just resting her eyes. Do you wish for her to be moved closer to the intercom?" The doctor asked, as a few nurses helped her sit up as best as she could in her bed.

"Did you get the medicine for the inmates, Bane?" Lily asked, a phone to her ear, but her voice came from the intercom.

"Yes, the full shipment. It was a bit more expensive than we estimated, but, we got much more than we originally estimated as well." Bane reported, checking his clip board, "According to how much medication we give to our inmates, and how we're slowly lowering the done, we should beset for 3 years f they all become independent. F not, we're set for a year or two." Lily nodded, "Bruce Wayne- also wants to see the facility." She frowned. "Or- he'll stop supplying us."

"I see…What did you tell him?"

"I told him to look forward to our phone call in the near future." Bane responded, and Lily nodded,

"I will cooperate with the doctors so I can heal. Help the inmates slowly get off their medication, but don't rush the process we've been taking. Our inmates are on their own schedules, and they will become uncomfortable if we force them, I believe. Call Mr. Wayne and tell him that I will meet with him when I, indeed, get better. They say I need to get more time out in the sun- that the fresh air will help me heal better." Lily said gently, "Don't force the inmates on my account, Bane. They didn't do anything wrong."

"I understand. I will come and get you later." Bane promised, and she nodded, as she hung up the phone and took a nap.

"We want a really big card!" The Riddler told Bane, who looked down at him, "So that all the inmates can sign it!" Bane nodded,

"We have some in the second floor storage closet." Bane said simply, "I'll get it out for you." Bane said simply,

"She looks so sad. How beautiful." Man bat said lowly, touching the window. "I wish to watch her more."

"Stay in the hallway, no one is allowed in the room." Bane told them, "The Warden has a very weak immune system. If you go in there, you might bring an airborne bacteria in, and kill her." The inmates went rigid, "Wait until she comes out." They inmates gave him mixed responses, but he left to get the card, and Croc slept on top of Lily's legs.

Everything went normal. Some inmates were allowed to visit her. Only a few a day, and she'd converse with them occasionally. Slowly, she regained her health, and was even strong enough to walk around. Croc and Bane stayed close, attentive, and as caring as always. "Please, arrange that meeting with Mr. Wayne." Lily smiled to Bane, who hesitated, as she sat in the 3rd floor botanical garden, all the windows open to let in more air. Man bat was sleeping on the branch of a tree next to her, and Penguin had fallen asleep in the garden, his head in her lap. "I will not force the inmates into submission, when I have given them their freedom. Make sure I go somewhere other than here, I don't think the inmates would be all too willing to go into their rooms out of the blue." She gently moved penguin aside and stood up, "I'll walk today."

"I implore you to use your wheelchair." Bane said, and she shook her head, rubbing her stomach,

"He wants to go for a walk." She smiled gently, "Please get the car ready, and phone ahead to Mr. Wayne." Bane didn't respond, and she put her hand on his arm, "Please, Bane. I'll get right back to my wheel chair." She promised, and Bane nodded,

"I will…make the calls."

~O~ Wayne Corp. ~O~

She pressed the button to the elevator and waited 4 seconds, before pressing it a few more times. "What is up with this? There should be at least one that's already on the ground." Lily huffed moodily, and Bane and Croc stood on either side of her, in large, floor-length trench coats and long hats. "This is doing nothing good for me, boys."

"Need a hand?" A velvety voice asked, and they all looked over, the smile on the man's face, dropping. "Its you." Lily looked back and she blinked,

"Ah, um, Bruce, right? Do you work here?" Lily asked him, smiling, and he looked at her stomach.

"I thought maybe you'd just been on vacation, but you're pregnant." Bruce said, astonished, and she smiled, rubbing her stomach lovingly,

"Mh-hmm…" she confirmed, before smiling as the elevator doors opened, "Finally, these doors open. Are you taking the elevator too?" She asked, and he nodded, all four of them entering the elevator.

"So…Whose the father?" Bruce asked her gently, and she rubbed her stomach,

"Someone I care very much about." She said, smiling, "I know- its weird to have a baby out of wed-lock, but, I don't want to force the baby's father to bind themselves to me if they don't want to do it voluntarily." Lily told him, Bane and Croc looking at one another, before glaring at one another. "I'm on my way to floor 15." Bruce grinned,

"As am I. I'm on my way to a meeting. You too?" He asked and she smiled, nodding, "You know…if the father doesn't come forward, then," Bruce blushes faintly, rubbing the back of his neck, "I wouldn't mind taking you in." Bane and Croc glared at the billionaire heatedly, Lily totally oblivious to their anger, before the elevator doors opened, and a clerk greeted them,

"Oh, It's good that you're both here. Let's get to the meeting." The Clerk said, Bruce and Lily hesitating.

"You're- Bruce Wayne? Of Wayne corp.?" Lily asked him, and he nodded, "You're the Warden of the Black Willow Institute for the Criminally Insane?" Lily laughed, nodding, "Well, this should be enlightening."

~O~ Meeting Room ~O~

"The facility is always clean, despite it's many floors, we have a hospital in the basement, and we are slowly waning our patients off medication, though, we have a different approach to 'cells' than other institutions." Lily explained, Bruce nodding,

"Explain this to me." Bruce said, and she smiled, as Croc handed Bruce a file,

"Indeed, each patient gets their own room, but, I believe that if they are kept in a cell, they become mentally unstable, so, we allow them to decorate their rooms. The more unstable, I personally help to calm down, and through a 5 step process, they too get their own room. Criminals are people too, and if treated as criminals, they act out and lash out. We let them roam with conditions that are easy to follow, and slowly decrease their dosage of medication week by week." Bruce nodded, reading the file, "There are indoor gardens, that the inmates are allowed to freely roam, and we use to release relaxation gas, though, it's bee requested that the gas be turned off. We haven't really introduced outsiders to the inmates yet, but, We've set up a visitor's day about a month from now, so we have enough time to collect from the inmates who they want to hear from." Bruce looked at her,

"The idea for all of this- where did you get it?" Bruce asked, and she smiled bashfully,

"Actually, from, these two. I saw how badly society treated them- like they weren't even people, but animals. I want there to be a friendly environment, where everyone is treated the same; like human beings." she said, and Bruce nodded, "You may fund us, or you may not fund us, but I will not have my inmates go without treatment, when they're so close to being themselves again." Bane grunted something to Lily, and she sighs, waving him off, "I'll be fine here, but come back quickly." Her two guards turned and left the room, before she turned back to Bruce, "For example, the 'Penguin'. Our lawyers have gotten him his company back, and advised that he stick to fishing import and export, so that he can share his love of fish with everyone. He's, actually, almost done with his process. He has no family, nor relatives, so instead of a visiting day, I will take him to a place of his choosing, and watch him carefully." Bruce nodded,

"Do you not fear that these criminals will kill you and your unborn child?" Bruce asked, and she smiled,

"There is always that possibility, but those two keep me on the penthouse, a fortress, and when I feel well enough to go to the lower floors, I stay in the gardens, and even calm those who seek it. They seek me out and enjoy rubbing my stomach. It may be a false reality, but I believe they care for me." Bruce nodded,

"I want to inspect your asylum, I want you to lead the inspection, and a date." She blinked, and Bruce smiled, "I'll come and get you around 8 tomorrow- dress and everything." She blushed,

"I-I don't think-" She started, and he stood,

"Never mind that. I'll see you." Bruce smirked, making her angrily stand up,

"Croc! Bane!" The two entered the room, "Negotiations are over, take me home." Lily commanded, and Croc ventured over, picking her up, "Stop." He did so, and Lily looked back at Bruce, "Fund us or not, we will help those people, whether we have to take it by force or not. Croc." Croc growled and carried her out, Bane looking at Bruce, before turning away too.