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The Sister and the Blonde

Chapter 1

"What, you must be joking!" I said to my crazy, idiotic mother.

"Brittany you have a sister, ok and you are going to speak to her right now!" my mother yelled with her "loving" attitude.

"Ugh, whatever!" I said completely annoyed with her.

My mother reached into her Coach purse to bring out her Iphone 4 to call my sister (apparently her name is Elle). She punched in her password to her phone, which was sparkles, and then called Elle on speed-dial.

"Hi mom, how are you doing?" Elle said in an insanely cheery voice.

"Oh, I am doing good; listen we need to talk." My mom said urgently.

"Ok what about?" Elle asked with curiosity.

"You have a 13 year-old sister who we adopted when you left for college; please don't be mad!" my mom said super fast.

"I am sorry, WHAT, I have a little sister!" Elle screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Yes and she is coming to visit you for a couple of months." My mom said.

And that time Elle and I both said "Say what". After that my mom explained the details to Elle about how I will get there and a bunch of other things that were completely useless.

~The next day~

"Bye sweetie. I'll miss you" my mom said waving goodbye.

"Bye and ditto." I replied

I looked at the plane entrance and sighed "This is it, the way to my sister; bring it on."