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Naruto is 17 years old.

Kushina is 36 years old.


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Chapter One – First encounter

A certain blond shinobi stared in the distance. "Life is good," he remarked, surprising his team members. "Naruto, what are you talking about?" Sakura asked, curious about his behavior. Even Sasuke stopped in his tracks, awaiting an answer of his teammate.
"Uh? Something crossed my mind. It's not important. Come on, we need to deliver our mission report." And with that Naruto followed his way to the hokage tower, leaving behind two puzzled teammates.

After the delivery of the mission reports, they wished each other goodbye and departed to their respective homes. Naruto couldn't help, but thinking at the wonderful life, he's living. His birth ended almost in a total disaster for his family and himself. Namikaze Kushina, formerly Uzumaki, was the second Jinchuuriki of the Hidden Leaf. Her seal, which denied the nine tailed demon fox the freedom to destroy and murdering innocent people, weakened with every month of her pregnancy. In the end her seal failed, but his father, Namikaze Minato, the fourth hokage resealed the demon fox with the helping hands of his predecessor Sarutobi Hiruzen and his sensei Jiraiya. With the power of three kage level shinobi, they didn't have to rely on a self-sacrificing sealing jutsu. At this day Naruto was chosen to keep the menace at bay, he became the third Jinchuuriki of the nine tailed demon fox. His mother survived thanks to the godly healing skills of Tsunade.

Both sannin took their duty as godfather respectively godmother very seriously. The day after his twelfth birthday Naruto departed with his godparents to a 3 year training trip. His mother wailed like a small girl who has lost her favorite doll. She nearly choked him in a fierce hug. On this trip he learned the arts of senjutsu and medical jutsu. Jiraiya and Naruto debated about using the power of the demon fox, but in the end Naruto decided against it. In his free time Jiraiya introduced Naruto in the secret art of perverts. At the beginning Naruto tried to fight against it, but he soon noticed that the blood of a pervert flows through him. In the end he accepted his natural talent. Naruto und Jiraiya spied on women in bathhouses and travelled through the different brothels. Naruto published as co-author various stories in Jiraiya's Icha-Icha series. They even released a tour guide for fire country's brothels called "Safer Sex in Hi no Kuni: brothels for the exalted demand". After three years Tsunade told Kushina tearfully: "I'm sorry, we lost your son to the dark side." Kushina was not amused. Jiraiya paid dearly for corrupting her "baby".

He finally arrived at his parents' home. Their house lies in a remote place of the hidden leaf village. In the backside there's an amazing garden, which could only grow so beautiful under his mothers constant cultivation. There's a small dojo too. His father had it built, so they could use it to spar against each other. He entered through the front door and heard his mothers' humming from the kitchen.

"Hello mom." Naruto said, as he walked into the kitchen.

"Naruto! How are you? How was your mission?" Kushina asked with a serene smile as she turned to him.

Naruto could only stare at his mother. She looked like an angel, no like a goddess in her dark red kimono decorated with black ornaments. Her hair was marvelous. It's unbelievable long and reached till her rack. Every step she took her hair would sway with her. That's definitely an unparalleled sight. Naruto could see her firm heart shaped ass through her dressing. Her plump C-cup bosom put some strain on the kimono. He was sure, if the material would be a little thinner, he could see her nipples.

"That's what you call a breathtaking smile," he thought.
"Mom, you look gorgeous!" He exclaimed.

Kushina blushed, turning her face dark red. She could only avert her eyes to the ground while saying, "Why, thank you Naruto."

It came instantly to his mind, "Mom is totally weak against any form of praise. I will tease her so much. She looks so cute with her blushing face."

He was so much in teasing mode, as he sensed a chunin courier outside of their house. Naruto met him at the front door and received a message from his father. He read it and handed the letter to his mother. His father would start an unscheduled inspection of the hidden leafs forward bases immediately. The letter states, that it would take approximately two weeks. Naruto remembers some gossip between the jonins about irregularities in their forward bases.

Kushina read the letter too and looked a little bit sad. She said, "Naruto, I will make dinner. Meanwhile you can take a shower and get some new clothes."

In the end he could only comply. That was not the right moment to tease her further. Under the hot shower he could only keep his mother in mind. She is an absolutely gorgeous and stunning goddess. Every man in the hidden leaf stared at her when she is moving through the streets. The woman population idolized her as the perfect role model. And the younger generation adores her for her kindness and charity projects. Kushina couldn't continue her kunoichi career after the breaking of the seal. Her chakra is unstable. Sometimes there're no problems, but there're moments, when she cannot use her chakra at all. She decided with Minato to end her kunoichi career. Instead she took care of social projects in the village. His mind wandered to his mother back, especially to her awesome kimono. She looked so absolutely hot. He had seen his mother in her nightgown several times. His imagination projected her nude form in his mind. It's needless to say, that he got an instant boner.

"Naruto, dinner is ready!" Kushina shouted from the kitchen.

"I'm sorry guy, but I have to cool you down," said Naruto to his boner and switched from hot to cold water.

The dinner was quite uneventful. After this Kushina washed the wishes, in the meantime Naruto made oneself comfortable on the sofa in the living room with his notepad in the hands. He promised Jiraiya to give him some new ideas until the end of the week. Naruto was too absorbed in his work; he didn't sense how Kushina approached him from behind.

"Naruto, what are you doing? You are writing that smut again. I will get very angry!" stated a furious Kushina.

Poor Naruto was ambushed. He tried to save what was left and said, "Mom, that's not smut. It's art!"

Kushina snatched his notepad away from his hand. After an angry glance to his son, she started to read the text. Naruto watched intensely how his mothers' face turned beet-red. He couldn't say if it was the anger or the embarrassment.

"That's a case for the dustbin!" Kushina exclaimed and started to march off to the kitchen. Naruto couldn't let his mother destroy his art. He jumped over the sofa and grabbed her arm. In the following fight they lost the balance and crashed to the ground.

"Ouch," whimpered a dazed Kushina as she sat up. Naruto couldn't believe his eyes. His mother was straddling his hip. Instantly the naked pictures of his mothers filled his mind. He could feel his boner growing and pressing against her womanhood.

"Oh? Naruto?" stated a shocked Kushina to an equally shocked Naruto. As she started to stand up, Naruto took the initiative and flipped her over, pinning her on the ground. Holding her hands in his, spreading her legs with his, she didn't have a chance to escape that situation. Mainly it would be quite difficult for her to push away the 160 pounds of her son's body with her delicate frame of only 120 pounds. Naruto's instincts took over and he started to grind his raging boner against her pussy, only three layer of fabric shielding their sex from each other.

"Naruto, have you no reason? I'm your mother. We cannot do that," Kushina protested.

Naruto stopped and Kushina thought she would be saved. "No reason? Mom did you look at the mirror today? You look absolutely gorgeous in your outfit. Moreover your blushing face is so cute, it is borderline criminal. You are virtually asking me to fuck you," Naruto explained agitated.

"That dress is not for you, it's for your father," Kushina answered.

"His loss is my gain. Let's get started Ku-shi-na-chan," Naruto whispered her sensually in the ear and started again his grinding against her crotch. Kushina could feel an overwhelming lust rising in her lower regions. A familiar heat is building up in her pussy.

"Oh no. I'm getting wet. If he continues with this speed, I will come in no time. I must something do to stop this!" Kushina thought, but her efforts are interrupted by an eager Naruto, who is kissing and sucking her neck.

"Hmm you taste of cherry. Oh, the left side of your neck is already full of hickeys. I will better move to the other side, Ku-shi-chan." Naruto chuckled and started sucking on the right side.

"Don't! Don't call me that. I'm your mother." Kushina protested weakly.

Surprised by her weak remark and decreasing resistance, Naruto looked at her and saw a dreamy look on her face. He thought to himself, "She wouldn't! Or would she?" He tried to test his theory and intensified his grinding in force and speed. Additionally he began to nibble on her right ear and started dirty talk.

"Shina-chan, your pussy feels so good!"

"Don't talk about my pussy! Kyaa 3"

"It works! Now I have to impregnate her mind with the right pictures," Naruto grinned from ear to ear.

"Oh Kushi-chan, imagine how my big fat cock would ravage your tight slender pussy."

"Noooo ~3"

"How I would pound you like a beast till you lose your consciousness."

It hit her like a blast. Her inner wall started to clench. Her pussy felt so hot! She couldn't stop it anymore. Kushina cried out in pleasure, "I'm cumming!"

Naruto looked in shock as he saw that beautiful woman crying out in pleasure. He had not thought that he could make her cum so easily. His thoughts were interrupted by a wet feeling in the area of his crotch.

"I didn't cum or? Holy shit! Mom is squirting like a fountain," Naruto saw it with his own unbelieving eyes. Kushina lost every control of her body. Her ejaculation sprayed against Naruto's crotch. His trousers were totally wet. He released his mother from his grip.

Kushina was torn by her feelings. She experienced an absolutely wonderful orgasm. But the one, who did make her cum, was her own son and not her husband! She buried her face in her hands.

"Mom, you are a squirter! That's unbelievable. I didn't thought, that I could make you cum so easily." Naruto said excited. He did hear the familiar sobbing sound of a crying person.

"Hey please don't cry." Naruto soothed and hoisted her up, so that she would straddle his lap, but now he could hug her and caress her spine. Kushina calmed down and looked at her son. He gave her a warm smile.

"When was the last time you squirted such a fountain?" Naruto asked

"Naruto! I can't tell you that. It's bad enough that you had sex with your own mother!" Kushina countered indignantly.

"Ah we didn't have sex. You come all alone. That's pretty egoistic. You can answer my questions or you can suck my cock. It's your decision." Naruto answered total reasonably.

Kushina's face was blank. She wouldn't suck her son's cock. No she couldn't! "I will answer his ridiculous questions and end this horrible situation." Kushina thought.

"Ten years ago was the last time I squirted." Kushina told with downcast eyes.

"When did you have sex the last time?" Naruto asked innocently.

"Ten years … hey stop, what are you asking?" Kushina demanded slightly enraged.

"Mom, you should consider the situation you are currently in. First of all you're straddling my lap and sitting on my giant boner. Second you squirted two minutes ago a fountain of your love juice over my crotch. And finally you told me that you are frickin virgin for the last ten years. I will so absolutely fuck you. You can tell me what you want. Your body wants me. Your pussy wants my cock. And because I am the gentlemen that I am, I cannot refuse the request of such a vigorous pussy. Besides I have to punish that naughty squirting pussy for making my trousers wet." Naruto whispered in her ear. After this he put his hands under her ass and picked her up. She could only put her arms behind his neck and straddle him further.

Kushina was totally stunned. She didn't except her son to talk such dirty things. She knew he was a pervert thanks to Jiraiya's influence. But that dirty talk was directed at her! And it made her horny beyond belief.

"No opposition? That's good. Everyone knows only a wet pussy is a happy pussy." Naruto laughed.

He walked to the second level of the house and stopped at the crossways between his parents' room and his room. "Which room do you prefer?" Naruto grinned at her, "I'm sorry, but that was a rhetorical question. I am about to have sex with a real woman. Moreover it's the goddess of the leaf. It's only appropriate when I give you a small home field advantage. You will need it." It began to dawn on Kushina. She wouldn't be the same tomorrow.

Naruto stopped at the foot of her bed. He gently put her down and inspected her closely. Her kimono was in disorder and it got a big wet stain from her squirting orgasm. "I will have to relieve you from your kimono," Naruto said exited. He loosened her sash and opened the Pandora's Box. He lost his breath. Kushina wore the full program: a bra, panties, a garter belt and pantyhose – all in red!

"Kushina-chan, are you trying to seduce me?" Naruto asked accusingly.

"It was meant to be a special day." Kushina answered fighting against a heavy blush on her face.

"It will be a special day Kushi-chan!" Naruto exclaimed happily and started to rub his nose against her wet undergarments.

"No, it's dirty!" Kushina protested.

Naruto breathed through his nose and countered dizzy, "That's the scent of a woman. And as from now it's my woman's scent! You shall take responsibility for your lewd body".

Naruto took a last breath und tried to memorize the scent of his goddess' nectar. The panties were connected through straps and ended in a bow on each side. So he only had to pull on the straps to open her undergarments. He had full view of her pussy.

"Mom's pussy is completely shaved. I can't wait to taste her. If she tastes only half as good as she smelled, it will be a feast! And her pretty pink color makes you to bury your face in it. I've seen many variations of pussies in brothels, but that's unheard-of." Naruto was absorbed in thought.

With a seasoned gesture he lifted her ass and grabbed her panties, only to store it in his trouser pocket. "That's what you call spoils of war", Naruto chuckled, "but now I have to relieve my big guy."

Kushina glanced at Naruto as he stripped out of his clothes. His full erect member came to her view. "His cock must be 8 inch tall." Kushina couldn't help herself, but was mesmerized by the swollen tip and the bulging veins of her son's cock.

Naruto grinned at his mother's dreamy look and announced, "We will move to the main dish soon enough. But before that I want to have a little snack for myself."

He put her legs above his shoulder and guided his head in front of her crotch. Without warning he latched his mouth on her pussy and began to discover her inner walls with his tongue. Simultaneously he started to suck so that he could collect every available fluid in her pussy.

Kushina was not in the slightest prepared for that vicious attack. A deep lustful moan escaped her moan. Naruto increased his vigor after hearing the pleasure he was giving her. After long minutes of sinful moans and lewd slurping sounds Naruto could feel how her inner walls were clamping down on his tongue. Kushina grabbed the blanket in a futile effort to regain a minimal amount of composure as she cried out in pleasure, "I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! Lick me! Suck my pussy!"

The great quantities of female ejaculate almost surprised him, but he adapted like the cunning fox he was. He started to gulp down Kushina's love juice and he loved every drip of it. It got only one disadvantage, his horniness increased tenfold. He used every bit of self-control he could muster to stop himself from ravaging the naked beauty in front of him.

Kushina, who didn't notice the problems of her son, had the time of her life. She panted exhausted and couldn't help but smile and enjoy the aftermath of her fantastic orgasm. She was interrupted as Naruto stood up. His erect member was a mere inch away from her wet swollen pussy. Kushina couldn't believe her eyes. Naruto's cock started to twitch fiercely. Then she noticed the naughty grin he was wearing.

"Your love juicy is a first class aphrodisiac," Naruto stated as he slapped his cock on her pussy.

Every time he slapped her pussy with his cock she felt spark moving through her body.

"Now we are moving to the main dish. Itadakimasu!" Naruto exclaimed happily and moved her in the missionary position and placed her legs on his shoulders. Naruto took the time to gaze at his mother. They were already beyond the relationship of mother and son. They were lovers. A shred of doubt started to wander through his mind. This was not unnoticed by Kushina. For the first time she took the initiative und put her hands behind his neck, pulling him down for a passionate kiss.

"You should end what you started Namikaze Naruto," Kushina smiled at him, "After all your twitching cock is all too eager to taste my pussy. He is slapping my pussy the whole time."

Naruto regained his former resolution and guided the head of his member to the entrance of her pussy. After the tip of his head touched her folds, a spark runs through his body. "Her folds are so hot and wet. I cannot describe this feeling!" He started to push farther and farther. His cock's head was already swallowed by her pussy's folds. "That tightness! It's like she is sucking me in." Inch by inch he pushed his hardened member in her wet and soft, yet so tight love canal. His member was fully engulfed by her pussy. He took a deep breath and started to pound her in a merciless fashion. His balls were slapping against her rack. Every deep thrust the tip of his cock bumped against her cervix.

Kushina's eyes rolled as she let out a series of lewd moans. "He's fucking my womb! What an incredible feeling. That's the first time I felt such pleasure. Now I'm a woman."

"Shina-chan, you're squeezing me so hard. I will not make it any longer," Naruto moaned intensely.

"Cum in my mouth. It's an unsafe day," Kushina moaned heavy.

Kushina did make a grave mistake. Naruto lost every reason after slurping down his lover's ejaculate. But now she brought in the possibility of pregnancy. His carnal instincts took over and his only goal was to impregnate the female below him.

"I will get you pregnant for sure Shina-chan!" Naruto announced self-confidently.

Kushina was shocked. All the times with Minato, she wished for a second child. But they got no luck. After the birth of their firstborn, their sexual activities ceased to a minimum. 7 years after Naruto's birth they stopped to have sex with each other.

"No, we absolutely cannot do that! There're boundaries we must not cross," Kushina stated weakly.
Kushina mustered the last bit of her concentration and empowered her womb with chakra. That was not unnoticed by Naruto, who considered countermeasures for her foolish behavior. He started to wiggle with his cock so that it would slap her inner walls.

"You're unreasonable Shina-chan. Your womb is already panting greedily at my cock, awaiting my seed. Your womb wants to be impregnated! You shouldn't lie to yourself," Naruto moaned heavily, indicating that he reached his limit.

With a final thrust he pushed his cock as deep as never before. His cock's head bumped against Kushina's cervix, initiating her orgasm. Abruptly her walls clamped down on his cock, trying vigorously to milk his seed. Her cervix opened her mouth after his final thrust, inviting the imminent squirt of sperm. "My womb is betraying me! I cannot believe that. Are you really so eager to become pregnant?" Kushina asks herself. For the third time on this day Kushina squirted a fountain of female ejaculate against her male partner. As if it was an independent organism, her pussy targeted Naruto weakest point to maximize the effects of her squirting orgasm. A gushing fountain splattered against his balls, bringing heavenly pleasure to the blond shinobi, who experienced the beginning of an unparalleled orgasm. The wet stimulation brought by Kushina's gushing fountain doubled his available amount of sperm. She was doomed.

Naruto got serious problems to catch his breath. He could feel his burning balls, preparing vast amounts of seed for only one mission – to impregnate the female's womb. And as if that were not enough his mother squirted against his balls! At least that cooled them down somewhat. He could feel his seed's flow through the base of his shaft, accelerating at a lightning speed. The contractions of Kushina's inner wall intensified his orgasm. "Even if I hadn't wanted to cum in her, I wouldn't have had the chance to escape her vice-grip on my dick. On the one hand she is telling me not to cum in her and on the other hand her pussy is milking my cock like cow."

Finally the steady flow of sperm reached the head of his cock and a last violent twitch announced the imminent shot of sperm. A thick white blob of seed sprayed against her cervix, missing its mouth by a mere quarter inch. The second shot was clumsy thus hitting her cervix on the outer edge. It was the third shot, which defeated her instable defense in a single strike. The third thick blob of sperm flow directly through her cervix mouth, entering her womb unhindered. It exploded like a display of fireworks, thus bringing Kushina's orgasm to a new level. Her eyes rolled back. She did only feel the warm sensation after ropes by ropes of thick sperm were entering her womb. She didn't have the power to cry out in pleasure anymore. Her body's only way to express the satisfaction was the spasm of her hips.

"Deep sex is the best! Oh that cock is trying to impregnate me. Ahhn. I love it how his sperm splatters against the back of my womb. And now it's starting to slosh around!" Kushina drifted slowly into unconsciousness. A content smile was seen on her face.

Naruto smiled at the sight of his woman. She looked so peacefully and content. He put her legs from his shoulders and rolled both of them over. Kushina was lying on top of him. His cock was still sticking in her exhausted pussy. Occasionally his cock would splurt a blob of sperm against her now sealed shut cervix. Naruto pulled the blanket over them and started to fall in a deep sleep.