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Chapter II – Mirror image

"Hmm, what's that nice feeling? My womb feels so loaded … and pleased. I cannot describe it. Where I am? What happened yesterday? My head is pure white. I cannot remember, but I'm feeling so good. If it is a dream, I wish it would never end." Kushina thoughts were interrupted, as she felt a weird stinging sensation on her womanhood. Instantly she opened her eyes. She lay on her son and his morning wood stabbed against the entrance of her pussy. Naruto gave her a genuine smile and greeted her, "Did you sleep well? You know what, you are purring in your sleep. That's so cute!"

It's needless to say, that Kushina was stunned. The memories of her sinful act of the night before flooded her mind. She remembered how he jerked his sperm in her pussy, bypassing her traitorous cervix and thus staining her womb completely white. She shuddered as she thought of the frivolous feeling of hot and thick sperm splattering against the back of her womb.

Naruto observed her thoroughly. She had the same dreamy on her face, as he had given her unbearable pleasure yesterday. He decided to exploit her state of weakness and started to invade her mind with his perverted thoughts. "Are you ready for round two Shina-chan? My cock is very eager to eat up your pussy. Although it was your pussy which has devoured my cock. I can feel your twitching pussy through the head of my cock. It's so cute. It's like they are madly in love," Naruto said.

Kushina tried to muster all of her remaining power to escape. Her knees were too weak to withstand her weight. Her futile effort brought her in a straddling position. She sat directly on Naruto's cock, which was twitching madly in anticipation. His erect member buried himself in her soft folds. She could feel his bulging veins through her folds. Suddenly she felt very horny. It was only a matter of seconds till her juice would be flowing in vast amounts. A hot syrupy liquid started to blanket his cock. Her juice worked like lubrication, reducing the friction between manhood and womanhood. The tip of his cock touched her clit. Kushina cried out in pleasure, as his cock massaged her sensitive organ.

Naruto couldn't help but stare at his lover's breasts. They were still trapped in her bra. Yesterday he only took care of her pussy. With a grunting voice he straightened up and unhooked her bra with a fluid movement. Finally free of their oppression, her breasts swayed directly in front of his eyes. "That's the boobs of a goddess! Her areolas got such a pretty pink color and her nipples are literally pleading me to suck on them!" Naruto was instantly mesmerized by her beautiful and plump mounds. He put one of his hands under her right breast and tried to evaluate the weight. "They are heavy! And soft! My hand is sinking in," Naruto exclaimed excited. He brushed with his thump over her nipple, causing her to cry out in pleasure. With a final glance at his lover's eyes he latched his mouth on her right boob.

Kushina heard the naughty slurping sound her son was producing. She could feel the suction on her right breast. His tongue twirled around her nipple. She was in heaven. His cock started to vibrate against her pussy, intensifying her lust. She could feel the cool air on her ravaged breast, as her son started to working on her left one. Her nipple was erected and blanketed with her son's saliva. She would soon start to fall in the same abyss as the night before. He increased his vigor and the suction pressure started to grow up. "Ahhhn. Stop sucking. Are you trying to milk me?" Kushina asked between her moans. Naruto got a flash of insight, but he would postpone it for the moment. Her thoughts were interrupted by a spontaneous Naruto, who lifted her off the bed and dragged her in front of a mirror cabinet. She was shocked.

Naruto admired the beauty in front of him. He could see her image in the mirror. He had ravaged both of her tasty boobs. Both nipples were swollen and covered in his saliva. She was still wearing her red pantyhose and garter-belt. Her sexy underwear amplified his perverted thoughts. Kushina on the other hand tried to fight off the imminent orgasm. While Naruto was dragging her to the mirror, the sperm in her womb developed a life of its own. It started to slosh around, making her head dizzy. Naruto was slightly unhappy about the hidden view of his lover's rear. Her long red mane concealed her voluptuous ass. He took hold of her mane and threw them about his right shoulder. After a quick glance at her firm rear he nodded satisfied and gave her a light slap on her right ass cheek. He positioned himself behind his lover. He was 5 feet and 11 inch tall. Kushina was slightly smaller with 5 feet and 3 inch. Her delicate framed harmonized with his athletic buddy.

Kushina could feel his pronounced abdomen against her back. His loin was directly pressing against her ass cheeks. His cock took his familiar position and buried himself in her outer folds. They looked like a perfect unit. Her red hair was flowing behind his back. She was embarrassed by the sight of her nude self in the mirror but couldn't stop to feel proud about her body. She looked sexy as hell in her pantyhose and garter-belt. She wouldn't have imagined to be taken in such a naughty position. Naruto started to fondle her breasts. "I like boobs," Naruto told her happily. She agreed without opposition. Looking down she could see his twitching cock against her womanhood. An unbearable knot of suppressed lust started to grow in her crotch. But all he did was fondling and sucking on her left neck.

Naruto could see the discomfort his lover suffered. He decided to tease her further. With his index fingers he rolled each of her nipples, sending an electric pulse of pleasure through her body. "If you want my fat, hot and twitching cock in your pussy, you should put it in yourself. Do it and I will fuck you till your mind fades," Naruto whispered naughtily in her left ear.

Kushina couldn't believe herself. Her body was moving on its own. Her left hand moved to his twitching cock and started to pump it. She could feel her own slimy and sticky juice on her hands. It was in a concentrated form, which would explain its gooey nature. Kushina saw in the mirror how her hand moved his cock to the entrance of her pussy. His cock's head parted her folds and in a split second her hungry womanhood sucked his cock in, devouring it completely.

Naruto heard his lover moaning. He was happy because this time Kushina took an active part in their sexual encounter. "Normally my cock is feeling like it would explode every second from the blood pressure. But now I feel like it's melting in her pussy. I never experienced this before. That's a pussy among pussies." Naruto started to thrust his shaft in and out of her love canal. He got serious problems to maintain a steady thrust. Her inner walls were greedily holding him inside, when he starts to thrust backwards. Naruto moved his right hand from her right breast to her thigh. Without warning he lifted her right leg to intensify his thrusting thus bringing her faster to an orgasm.

Kushina was unprepared as he lifted her leg. She tried to counter it and started to stand on tippy-toes with her leg feet. But his merciless and powerful thrusts disarmed her completely. She lost her balance but Naruto moved his left hand to her belly in order to stabilize her. She could hear her pussy's smacking sounds, as his cock ravaged her womanhood. A ring of foam started to build at the end of his shaft. Her gooey syrup was flowing down his shaft. A thick blob of clear liquid started to grow on the bottom side of his balls. Her juice got some special qualities. First it was a powerful aphrodisiac when drunk. Second it was surely the best available lubrication. And finally it got characteristics of syrup. By now she could see several threads of thick and syrupy juice was hanging down from his balls. Occasionally they would fall on the ground, staining the carpet. Her boobs were moving up and falling down with every thrust. The blanket of saliva was already dried up by the air. She wouldn't admit it, but she loved every second of her lover's tender care of her bosom.

She couldn't resist anymore. She turned her head to him and used her right hand to turn his head to him. They could see in each other's eyes. She locked his lips with hers, kissing him french-style.

Naruto was stunned by her display of affection. His tongue invaded her mouth, fighting for supremacy. She was defeated in a matter of seconds. She was so innocent. He would have to train her thoroughly in order to experience advanced sexual intercourse. After twenty seconds of French kissing, both lovers needed to catch breath. He could see her eyes rolling back. She was close to an orgasm. He was ready to shot his sperm every second. The milking contractions of her inner walls would start his shower. He put all vigor in the next thrust. His cock's head kissed her cervix and thus starting an unstoppable process.

Kushina mind went blank. Her inner wall started their contractions and trying to milk his precious seed. She could feel the outline of his cock. Thanks to her inner wall she could memorize every bulgy vein. Her pussy clamped on his tool for her dear life. Not a single drop of sperm should be wasted. Occasionally she could hear a smacking sound from her pussy. "It's really trying to devour his cock," Kushina observed. She heard his grunting voice, signalizing the imminent spray of thick and hot sperm. "He will stain my womb in white. After this I will be pregnant for sure! I cannot help but feel excited."

Naruto has got his hands full. His right hand was lifting up her leg. With his left hand he was stabilizing her by holding her belly. He could feel his balls preparing an incredible large amount of sperm. He watched his lover's face and smiled. There were many indicators of a blissful state. He seized the opportunity and latched his mouth on hers, engaging her in a second french-kissing battle.

Her womb was full of sperm from her last intercourse the night before. Her cervix would open his mouth in the last second to avoid wasting his precious seed. The communication between his cock and her pussy was unheard-of. The sperm flowed with breathtaking speed from his balls through his shaft till the head of his cock. A violent twitch announced the imminent cum shower. In a split second Kushina's cervix opened its mouth. The tip of his cock was docked into her cervix's opening. The old sperm was hindered from escaping. Naruto moaned heavily in Kushina's mouth as the first thick blob of sperm squirted from his cock. In flew directly in her filled womb, thus putting a heavy strain on her sex organ.

Kushina's eye blinked open at the new experience in her belly. His cock was squirting violently ropes by ropes of thick and sticky sperm in her loaded womb. Instantaneously her hips began to spasm. The invading seed cut mercilessly through the existing one causing the entirety of collected sperm to slosh around. Her womb expanded as if by a miracle. As a last thick blob of sperm sprayed in her womb, her cervix noticed the ending orgasm and closed its mouth in the right time. This final sensation tore down her gates, starting a forceful female ejaculation. She cried out in pleasure, as a gushy fountain of squirting juices hit the mirror.

Both lovers were fighting to catch their' breathes. Kushina would have fallen down if Naruto hadn't used all his remaining power to hold his lover. Naruto was stunned. He stared on the mirror blanketed with the love juice of the female in his arms. Naruto pulled his member from her womanhood and shuddered at the feeling of cold air on his cock. Kushina felt sad at the feeling of emptiness in her pussy, but a strong slosh of sperm in her womb made her happy again. He was surprised by the lack of sperm dripping out of her pussy. Her womb consumed greedily every drip of his seed.

Bit by bit Naruto regained his senses. He smelled a sour odor in the air. This room reeked of wild and untamed intercourse. "That's the way it's supposed to be," Naruto thought happily. He hugged his red haired goddess from behind and placed his hands on her belly.