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Chapter III – An unpredictable outcome

As her sense returned to her, she widened her eyes in horror. Her son embraced her from behind, tenderly rubbing her belly in soothing circles. Both of them were naked as the day they were born. A massive wave of guilt washed over her. Not even two days ago she was living a normal and satisfying life. She was a wife and a mother. What was she now? Many questions rose up in her mind. She betrayed her husband with her own son. She even had sexual intercourse with him and to make it worse, she enjoyed it greatly. What would happen from now on? She couldn't tell anybody a single word about this. She had to lie to her husband. She had to lie to everyone. The truth would surely threaten her family. A family she almost lost 17 years ago. She remembered an old discussion concerning her special conditions as former host of the demon fox.


She glanced to her husband and smiled. They discussed the matter over the last weeks. He could relieve her from her sorrows so easily. They invited the former Hokage and his wife to their house. They sat down at the table in pairs, giving Minato and Kushina the perfect chance to declare the cause for this occasion.

"We want to have a baby," Minato announced happily.

Sarutobi squeezed his eyes. He wouldn't want to deny the young couple their right to start a family, but he could imagine his wife's reaction.

Biwako gave Kushina a strict look and spoke like a mother berating her child, "You are the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. Pregnancy will weaken the seal dramatically. When your predecessor Mito-sama gave birth … it is said the seal nearly broke. You will not only endanger yourself, but everyone in this village."

Kushina expected to be reprimanded by the former hokage's wife. Yet it made her feel like a bad person to give in to her desire to have children. Minato sensed the growing uneasiness in his wife and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Kushina is a strong kunoichi. Never before was an Uzumaki born, gifted with a chakra as special as hers. She deterred the nine tails without flaw until now. I will put my trust in her," Minato spoke confidently.

Kushina stared at the pair in front of them and vowed with infectious resolution, "I will hold the nine tails at bay. Not for myself, but for my unborn child. I will not give it the opportunity to destroy my family."

Sarutobi glanced at his wife and could see her speechless expression. Few could silence his wife. He put on his grandfatherly smile and congratulated the couple in front of him, "You have my blessings. But if I remember correctly, you both have to do something to have a baby."

Kushina blushed at the obvious fact. Minato put his hand behind his head, laughing weakly. Biwako however rolled her eyes and muttered something about "perverted old geezer" and "his pupil's influence".

Meanwhile, 600 miles away, Jiraiya sneezed while conducting his research. "Hmm, what lovely lady is thinking of the great Jiraiya? It's not easy to be popular with the womenfolks, but I will bear with it," Jiraiya thought and laughed like a madman.

Flashback ends

Kushina freed herself from her son's embrace and spoke with determination, "You know what happened on the day of your birth. The odds were against us. As by a miracle our whole family survived this day. I'm living for our family! It's my happiness. I won't let it be destroyed by anyone."

Naruto blinked at the person in front of him. That was not the woman he had sex with in the last two days. That was his mother, a person who defended his family against any sort of threat, vicious like a mother bear protecting her cub. It surprised him, that he was seen as a threat by her.

"Didn't you enjoy the last two days? I could see your aroused face! You were happy!" Naruto accused her angrily, pushing her against the wall.

"Whether I enjoyed it or not doesn't matter. I'm your kaasan and somebody else wife," Kushina exclaimed slightly agitated. She couldn't believe she was having this conversation with her son.

"Somebody else? Not very convincing," Naruto stated dryly, his eyes feasting on her naked body. He touched her thighs sensually.

"I … I'm your kaasan," Kushina stuttered, trying her best to resist his touches.

"You already said that," Naruto remarked. His right hand moved up to play with a strand of her silky hair. He put the particular strand under his nose, inhaling her sweet scent.

"I won't discuss it with you, because there is nothing to be discussed. That never happened, do you understand me?" Kushina asked him. As she was on the verge of defeat, she used her remaining power to push him away.

"No I don't understand it. As you have stated, the last time you had good sex was 10 years ago. You should be thankful!" Naruto responded, knowing that he said something very wrong.

"Aha! I should be thankful, that you sacrificed yourself to have sex with a woman, who wasn't touched in 10 years. Asshole!" Kushina shot back visibly annoyed.

"I didn't mean it that way! You have to understand, I-" Naruto tried to explain, just to be interrupted by Kushina.

"You should leave now. That never happened. Hopefully I'm not pregnant," Kushina said nonchalantly, shaking her head.

Naruto looked at her, desperately searching for an uncertainty. In the end he began to leave the room. His hand was about to reach the doorknob as he turned around, facing her again. He spoke with an unfamiliar honesty and warmth in his voice, "I did enjoy the last twenty-four hours greatly. Even if I have to deny them, I will never forget. And I didn't sacrifice myself. As a matter of fact, I was so excited and happy, that you were untouched … no I would call it maiden-like."

Kushina was stunned. The situation was awkward. After all she was naked except her pantyhose and garter-belt, not even closely covering her private parts. And now Naruto confessed these things.

"Honestly, I tried to imagine that you were my wife rather than my kaasan. It was nice while it did last." Naruto confessed warmly. He left the room, leaving behind a puzzled Kushina, who was lost for words for a long time.

Back in his own room, Naruto sat on his bed, fighting against frustrating emotions. As he was about to take a shower, he sensed two familiar chakras approaching his home. He cursed and rushed to put on his clothes. He sprinted down the stairs and opened the main door of their house.

"Naruto, you are looking so messed up. Did you get in a fight with your kaasan?" Sakura asked worried, sneaking a glance into her friend's home.

Naruto's eyes widened as his teammate mentioned his mother. He lied, "I trained in the backyard. I was about to take a shower, as I sensed your chakra. Now what's going on?"

"We were assigned to a mission. We will backup one of our teams at the northern border. They should cleared a camp of marauding bandits. Apparently the bandits hired some missing-nins as protection," Sasuke stated impassively.

"That will be a piece of cake. Let us go" Naruto exclaimed and thus three promising shinobi took off to complete their assignment.

Kushina relaxed as their chakras disappeared from her sensor. She looked at the smeared mirror and sighed, knowing she was the one who has to clean the mess up. She decided to take a shower. After two demanding and exhausting sex sessions her body was all sticky. She took of the remnants of her sexy underwear and entered the bathroom. Normally she would knot her hair into a bun, because it would take hours to dry her hair. Now she wanted to destroy every evidence of the last 24 hours.

She stepped into the shower and opened the water-tap. Warm water started to refresh her body. After two relaxing minutes of sweet idleness she turned off the tap. Afterward she grabbed her favorite shampoo and put some of the lotion in her right hand. Then she rubbed it between her hands till all of the lotion converted into fluffy foam. It would take a long time to massage the lotion in her magnificent long hair, but she hadn't much to do anyway.

Wondrously her mind wandered back to Naruto's confession. She would like to deny it, but it made her quite happy to be the target of his covetousness. She shook her head furiously, trying to banish these unnatural thoughts. "... enjoyed the last twenty-four hours greatly ..." A small blush started to built up in her face. Naruto's words were implanted too deep inside her mind. "... I would call it maiden-like." Her blush intensified as she touched her private parts, sending a spark through her body.

"Maiden? Don't say stupid things baka-ttebane!" Kushina exclaimed loudly.



"I really said it," Kushina said slightly flustered. Curiously she lost the strength in her knees, causing her so stumble against the shower's wall.

In her early years, she was known as a person who spoke without thinking. She tended to add the phrase "-ttebane" at the end of her sentences, a definite indicator for excitement. However she had to calm down after marrying Minato, because a Hokage's wife should be a role model for every female in the village. It shocked her, that Naruto's words were able to generate such emotions.

She squeezed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to wipe these immoral thoughts once and for all.

"Don't talk about my pussy! Kyaa" A female voice purred in her ear.

Kushina snapped open her eyes. She was in a dark place. The underground had a red velvet carpet. She had to be in someone's house. Where was the ominous voice?

"Deep sex is the best!" the voice exclaimed happily.

"Who are you?" Kushina asked nervously, disbelieving that someone would cry out such indecent words.

"Ahhn. I love it how his sperm splatters against the back of my womb." the voice moaned sinfully.

"That are my thoughts! Who are you?" Kushina thought to herself, frantically searching the source of voice.

"Who I am? I'm you!" The voice stated proudly, before stepping forward.

Kushina's eye widened. In front of her was a doppelganger of herself. She wore the same sexy underwear as Kushina did, when Naruto conquered her for the first time. The 'other' Kushina moved sensually, swaying her hips from one side to the other.

"Such lewd underwear!" The 'other' Kushina stated joyfully, playing with the straps of her bra.

"I asked you who you are!" the original Kushina stated angrily, pointing at her with her index finger.

"Can't you tell? I'm a mirror of your own. You may call me your subconsciousness. Or you may call me your perverted side," the 'other' one giggled. As she snapped her finger, a chair appeared in front of them.

"A chair?" Kushina asked surprised.

The 'other' one grinned and snapped a second time. Naruto appeared on the chair, bounded, blindfolded and naked.

"What are you doing?" Kushina asked lividly. It dawned her what would happen next.

The 'other' one circled Naruto like a predator with its prey, completely ignoring the raging original. The copy's eyes flashed up as she bounced on the vulnerable Naruto, straddling his lap. A groan escaped his mouth, as the 'other' one ground her hips against his crotch. She grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips. The original started to freak out, shouting curses and orders to stop the act. The 'other' one turned her head, grinning like a she-devil, while she stood up rubbing her sex against Naruto's erected member. As she was about to pull her panties aside, the only layer of fabric separating their genitals, the original screamed.

"Stop it!"

In the next moment she sat on the shower's hard ground. Kushina whined as she stood up, rubbing her sore butt to soothe her pain. "Perverted subconsciousness? Screw yourself!"

Their mission turned out to be a massive letdown. As they were about to engage their enemies, the missing-nins decided to go 'missing' again. They abandoned their clients, making it easy for two squads of skilled shinobi to defeat the remaining bandits without sweat. Two hours later, it was already evening, they entered the village of Konoha.

"Naruto, are you sick?" Sakura asked concerned.

Naruto nearly stumbled, as he was absorbed in thought.

"I'm fine Sakura," Naruto flashed her a reassuring smile.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes on the blonde's back, but decided to shut his mouth. After ten uneventful minutes they arrived at the public part of the hokage tower. It was not really a tower. However the hokage was working in there, so it should get a great name. They entered the mission agency which was the central station where clients could hire shinobi for their needs. Normally shinobi would report the mission's result to their hokage. But that was a special case, because Naruto's team finished a public mission. The client was a small village, which was raided by the bandits. Now they could sleep in peace. After receiving hearty thanks for their successful operation by two happy villagers, Naruto bid farewell to his teammates.

He was lost in thoughts. He couldn't understand the events of this morning. In one second he had happy fulfilling sex with his mother and in the other second they argued heatedly. He shook his head, sighing as he strolled through the streets of Konoha. He didn't feel like returning home soon. As he stuck his hand into the trouser's pockets, he felt something weird. His hand played with the unknown object, trying to decipher its structure. With one fluid hand movement, he pulled out the object.

"Hentai!" a woman screeched, as she shielded the eyes of her daughter.

The crowd stopped abruptly, looking for the reason of this outburst. Naruto's eyes widened as he held a sexy red panty in his hands. "Shit, that's mom's panty." This moment, somebody tapped him on the shoulder, before giving his loud approval, "That's my favorite pupil. Always collect your spoils of war!"

Naruto sighed as he swiftly stashed the underwear. "Hey, that's not the way you should greet your sensei." Jiraiya cried with fake-tears in his eyes.

Naruto rolled with his eyes. "Hey Ero-sennin. Since when were you back in town?"

"I arrived at noon, but tell me! Who is the girl that this sexy panty belongs to?" Jiraiya asked with a naughty grin.

"As if I can tell you that! Now invent a believable lie. 'I did see them for the first time!' … no, that won't work." "It's a girl I met outside the village," Naruto spoke out his white lie.

"I'm proud of you! In any event I wanted to visit you. I haven't see your okaasan in ages." Jiraiya exclaimed, dragging behind an unhappy Naruto.

"That's for my plan to keep out her way today."

They arrived at home ten minutes later. Kushina was slightly surprised to see her husband's mentor. He was the root of all evil. He corrupted her dear baby with his perverted mindset. Nevertheless she invited him to dinner, an offer he gladly accepted. While they sat at the dinning table Kushina talked with him about old times, resurrecting legendary tales about Jiraiya's mischances. Naruto was amazed, apparently his godfather tried to peek on his mother. He suffered terrible consequences. Neither Naruto nor Kushina tried to interact with each other, leaving Jiraiya in an awkward situation. He decided to warm up the atmosphere.

"Kushina, don't be so gloomy. After all we have something to celebrate!" Jiraiya exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. A stranger would mistake him for an animator.

"Do we?" Naruto and Kushina asked dumbfounded. Surprised by each others question they turned their heads, avoiding eye contact.

"We have! Your son is following his master's path. I have failed Minato, but Naruto is a splendid pupil. So eager to execute his knowledge," Jiraiya boasted. Kushina shot Naruto an accusing look. He tried to save his hide, giving her a denying hand movement.

"Come on, you can tell your mother of your last conquest." Jiraiya laughed wholeheartedly, as he scribbled his last perverse thought in his notebook.

"Conquest? Oh Naruto did you have fun on your mission?" Kushina asked, a serene smile gracing her face. Naruto knew he was in deep shit. That stupid old man beside him gave his mother a false color.

"It's not what you think," Naruto announced nervously. How could he explain that the reason for this situation was her panty without mentioning that delicate fact?

"Oh? Then tell me what you think I'm thinking, Naru-chan." Kushina purred sweetly, propping her chin on the palm of one of her hands.

Jiraiya sensed that he triggered an avalanche. He did feel bad for his pupil, but he wasn't dumb enough to engage Kushina in her current mood. "Woah, look at he time, I really should be going. I don't want to bother you further. Kushina, thanks for dinner. Naruto, hang in there," Jiraiya said before using a simple Shunshin no Jutsu and thus escaping the impending doom. Naruto was shocked at his sensei's betrayal. He could feel his mother's glare on his skin, making him visibly uneasy.

"Tell me of your little whore, what was she like? She must have been very eager to spread her legs for you!" Kushina ranted agitated. She couldn't help but feeling hurt after the announcement of his 'conquest'.

Naruto was taken aback. His mother was furious … and jealous. Maybe it was the first or maybe it was the second. It could be as well a combination of the two. He decided to play a dangerous game by annoying her beyond reason.

"Don't call her a whore. I really like that girl and the sex with her is unbelievable. I really love how she is playing innocent, but her body is somewhat lewd and sex-starved. And her boobs, on the first sight they are firm like huge melons. But if you touch them, your fingers will sink in. " Naruto rhapsodized, gesturing with his hands groping an imaginary breast.

Kushina couldn't believe her ears. Did she mean so little to him? But he told her that he wouldn't never forget their sexual intercourse. Were his sweet words nothing but lies? Tears threatened to escape her eyes. She tried to retain her composure. She wouldn't want to cry in front of him.

Naruto could see his mother's inner battle: her frustration, her doubts. At once she was as silent as someone could be. He didn't want to hurt her feelings anymore, as seeing his mother sad made him sad too. He stood up, circling the table and stopping behind her. He embraced her from behind, placing his chin on her shoulder, so that they were cheek by cheek.

"Please don't cry," Naruto pleaded, rubbing his cheek against her's.

"Why would I cry? I should be glad that my son found a girl he likes. If she makes you happy too, then I won't hinder your relationship," Kushina stated as reasonably as she could do. It pained her, that she was merely an object of lust. She fought with every fiber of her body to dislike the warm and pleasant feeling of his cheek against her own.

"You really mean it? I've even got a present from her," Naruto announced happily. Kushina was curious, as he searched his trouser's right pocket with his hand. He fetched the red panty from his pocket, proudly presenting it in front of his mother. Kushina sat there saucer-eyed, feeling the broadening of his grin through their cheek to cheek connection.

"That's my panty!" Kushina exclaimed appalled, as she tried to reach out for her underwear. It was an effortless attempt, as Naruto anticipated her reaction, saving his treasure on time. Abruptly the situation made sense to her. The girl Naruto was talking about was herself. An huge blush started to heat up her face. She buried her face in her hands in order to hide her embarrassment.

"No it's not. I seized them honestly and fair," Naruto responded to her outrageous demand, relishing in her cute behavior.

He broke his embrace and stood up, before he placed a loving kiss on top of her head. He smelled the flavorsome odor of her hair. It was quite obvious that she had to shower after their intercourse this morning. He closed his eyes and breathed through his nose, savoring every tiny bit of her fragrance. If her pussy's juice could make him horny beyond belief, then her hair's aroma could make him feel at peace. They stayed in this position for a couple of minutes, before Naruto could break away her hair's allurement.

"I love you," Naruto whispered intoxicated. He wished her a good night and turned around, as he tottered to his bedroom. Kushina on the other hand sat yet at the table an hour or so longer, while she tried do digest what had just happened.

[Time skip two days]

A small sun-ray fell on his face, making him stir in his sleep. He squinted his eyes as he tried to regain his orientation. The previous day he trained with Jiraiya, because his mother had to prepare the annual "Konoha's Orphan Festival", which was combined with Mother's day. She'd left the house early so he hadn't had the chance to speak with her since the evening that he had illuminated the misunderstanding Jiraiya caused. After their all day long training session, they spent the night at a local sake bar, discussing the newest trends in the world of pervert-ism.

Fortunately he didn't have a headache. In his mind he sorted his personal to-do list, deciding to take a shower would be a good start in the day. Afterward he looked for his mother, but apparently she left this morning early too. He rummaged through their kitchen cabinet, but he found only staple ingredients. His mother was a splendid cook. And true to the maxim "Too many cooks spoil the broth" neither Naruto or his father tried to obtain a developed culinary skill. In other words, both would die of hunger without Kushina around. Naruto sighed and closed the closets.

In his theoretical to-do list he wrote beside "looking for food" the outcome of his efforts: mission failed. The next thing to do was to pick up a bouquet of flowers he ordered last week at the Yamanaka's flower shop. Ino, one of his former buddies at Konoha's shinobi academy, helped him to choose the right composition of flowers. There are so many kinds of flowers. On several occasions she tried to explain him the wonder of Ikebana, which means literally "living flowers". He wasn't able to grasp the art of flower arrangement. He told her that it is probably a kunoichi thing, earning him a glare from the zealous female. He couldn't help but smile. A loyal friendship connected him with many heirs of noble and well-known shinobi clans. Ino was one of them.

He was having a nice dream. A perverted dream. After they escorted her back to her birth-country, he was having these dreams on a monthly basis. The image of the beautiful and delicate actress, called Kazahana Koyuki, invaded his mind, tormenting him with perverted scenarios, like written in one of the famous Icha-Icha novels. Maybe his reading of these novels was the cause for this situation, but for him, it didn't really matter. Koyuki-hime was showing him her wonderful assets.

"Goshujinsama (Master)! Don't eat my boobs!" Koyuki screamed giddily, constraining him with her legs, while she pushed him in deeper in her heavenly valley of femininity. He devoured her breasts like a savage. Slurping sounds could be heard as he generated a vacuum on her areola, his tongue teasing her erected nipples.

"I will make you mine now!" He exclaimed boastful, positioning his member at the entrance of her crotch. He was about to lose his virginity, even when it's only his imaginary one. He felt excited as he visualized that his hungry cock would ravage this goddess beneath him, causing her to moan and squirm in pleasure. He started to push his cock in her soft caressing folds, as …

"Oh my, Sasuke-chan, are you having a naughty dream?" Uchiha Mikoto asked as she bent forward in front of him so that they saw face to face.

Sasuke's eyes widened in horror. He immediately rolled away from her, unsure whether to be peeved or not at her for interrupting his imaginary first time.

"Take a shower, I will prepare breakfast. I will help Kushina at the festival and I decided that you will help me," Mikoto said in between her giggles. Her Sasuke-chan was so cute in his flustered condition.

"What? I don't want to! It's boring and there are so many annoying girls!" Sasuke protested.

"You don't have to go. But it could happen that your father and brother will find about Sasuke-chan having naughty dreams," Mikoto stated with an serene smile. She loved to tease her Sasuke-chan. As Sasuke's head hung in defeat, she knew about her victory. She left his room, accompanied by a hearty chuckle.

"Things can only get better," Mikoto thought happily.

"Things can only get worse," Sasuke thought depressed as he prepared for the worst.

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