Title: Whirlpool Love

Beta reader: xxShadowheartxx

Author: TheRoadrunner

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Chapter V – A wonderful morning

The sun slid slowly over the treetops of the trees, which shaped a natural defense since the founding of this first shinobi village. The first rays of sun brought the wonder of nature back to life again. Petite and agile birds flew from tree to tree while chirping. The local flora started to wake up from their nightly sleep, as flowers angled their heads at the life-giving, everlasting sun. It was a peaceful morning in Hi no Kuni's biggest military base, called Konohagakure no Sato.

In a particular house inside this great village, a couple experienced an especially peaceful morning. They lay in a semi-fetal position, his torso against her back and his genital against her buttocks. She was embraced by his muscular arm. It was a position which provided maximum physical contact and closeness between two lovestruck people, thereby labeled as spoon position.

The man's eyelids fluttered gently, as he could pick up a well-known scent. His now open eyes were allured by the beautiful female beside him. He pressed his nose in his lover's magnificent head of hair in order to inhale her flavor. Her warm, intimate odor brought a big smile to his face. He propped against his elbow to get a glimpse of her sleeping face.

His female companion gave him a serene smile. Her facial expression betrayed her completely. He could read her like an open book. She had to be comfortable according to the joyful sounds she produced. He tenderly brushed a red strand of hair out of her face, causing the female to stir in her sleep. Her eyes opened halfway, indicating that she was in a dizzy, sleepy condition. His smiled widened at her cute reaction, as he affectionately caressed her warm cheek with his fingers.

She looked him straight in his eyes, thus causing a fairytale-like meeting between the male's sapphire-blue eyes, and the female's violet eyes. She gave him a seductive look, as her tongue slid over her voluptuous lips, leaving behind a thin blanket of her juice. She tried to tease him by pursuing her lips, but her plan backfired as he noticed her mischievous attempt. He brought his lips close to her's, so that only a thin sheet of paper could fit in between them.

Her eyes gave testimony of her bewilderment. She arched her back to close the infinite small gap between them, but her actions were anticipated. Unhappy about her defeat, she let her body fall back in the soft mattress, while changing her own rules of engagement. Her previous attempt to lure him into the first kiss of the day failed because of her offensive strategy. She would now resort to psychological warfare. His conscience would be the target of her attack.

She gave him an hurtful glance, before averting her eyes, so that she wouldn't betray herself. "He will soon fall in my trap," she thought while grinning mentally at her devious plan. His facial expression turned into a concerned one. His eyes were now full of regret, because he offended her feelings with his withdrawal of love and affection. He reduced the distance between their faces, while thinking of an appropriate method to ask her's forgiveness.

He caressed her tip of nose with his own, causing her eyes to wander back to him. She considered herself satisfied with his display of affection. Her lips shivered with excitement as she could feel his warm breath on her lips. Only a little bit further and they will be connected. Only a blink of a second and then she could taste him again. She closed her eyes to concentrate her whole being on the imminent kiss. And then she could feel how his warm hand tenderly fondled her ample bosom.

"What the HELL?" The female questioned angrily, as a vein appeared on her forehead. She gave him a fulfilling accusing look. A look which could relate the story about a female being cheated of her yearningly awaited kiss. He gave her no further chance to continue her rant as he pressed his lips on her's, basically stealing her kiss because she was given no chance to prepare for it.

Her muffled screams weakened as he battled her tongue with his own. It was only a matter of time until his eager youthfulness prevailed over her resistance. His hand wandered from her bosom to her hip, while he caressed the soft tissue of her skin. After their first time, he noticed that her skin was not the one of a 36-years-old female. It was so soft, yet firm, it could only belong to a woman in her prime, meaning that her body stopped its aging process in her early twenties. He shook his head as he thought about the wonders of nature.

He grabbed his lover's hip with his available hand and pulled her body on top of him. However the momentum was stronger than anticipated, causing the couple to roll over each other. A playful battle arose of this situation. Soon both female and male would be entangled into a mess of blankets and red hair, while kissing and groping each other. They continued their display of affection for another period of thirty minutes.

"Naruto, we have to stop," the woman panted through her moans,while as her lover produced big embarrassing hickeys on her unprotected neck.

"I don't want to," Naruto responded in between his attacks.

"You're acting like a spoiled child!" the woman accused him as she purposelessly tried to push his head away from her neck.

"I am a only child. Naturally I'm spoiled. You're totally unreasonable, Kushina-chan," Naruto mocked her while he shifted his attention from her neck to her bosom.

"Ahhh, don't bite my nipples!" Kushina exclaimed as she thought about a way to escape.

"Sorry, I'm really heated up. It's somewhat difficult to control myself now," Naruto apologized, while his head wandered from her bosom to her belly.

"I can't help but to feel excited, when imaging that your flat belly could be growing soon. I would kill to see you in a pregnant state," Naruto told her, while caressing her cute bellybutton.

"Don't be silly! I don't understand why I'm letting you ejaculate inside me without protection," Kushina responded her, while thinking about the possible consequences.

"I can tell you. It's because you absolutely love the feeling of my hot, thick sperm in your womb. Enough talk," Naruto said as he eyes gave her crotch a lustful glance.

That glance was not unnoticed by Kushina. She slid back to the edge of the bed and was about to stand up, but Naruto grabbed her hips and pulled her on his lap. Her voluptuous buttocks rested on his thighs, while her back leaned against his muscular torso. Kushina was 5 inch smaller, but the difference in height was countered but her heightened "sitting position". He seized the chance to place a tender peck on her delicate cheek.

His hands were roaming over her body in order to discover every hidden secret of her body. Naruto wanted to find her weak points. He really loved to tease her without mercy because of the adorable and cute reactions she did make. His left hand fondled her left breast while his right one descended to her crotch. Her body shuddered as his finger circled her entrance, following the line of her outer labia.

"Do you love it, when I'm caressing your labia?" Naruto whispered his question in her ear with a naughty voice.

"Don't stop," Kushina pleaded as her breath started to be ragged.

Every now and then a small drip of juice started to leak from her pussy. Naruto used the opportunity to coat his fingers and her labia with her juice.

"How did it feel to be covered in your own juice?" Naruto continued his dirty talk as he whispered the next question in her ear.

"It's sticky. I love it," Kushina panted. She couldn't believe her own words. Four days ago she would have never thought about doing dirty talk, let alone with her son.

After deciding that she was wet enough, he stopped his foreplay, giving her a few seconds to catch breath. His index finger slid then over the "mouth" of her pussy. The "mouth" is also referred to as the infinite thin slit between her two labia.

"I want to praise your pussy for its tightness. It's absolutely sealed shut," Naruto narrated while caressing her praised genital.

Afterward he removed his finger from her genital, causing a fine thread of juice to dangle between her pussy and his finger.

"That's a sight to behold. Don't you agree with me, Kushina-chan?" Naruto whispered as he intensified his dirty game. Kushina was to embarrassed to answer his lewd question and buried her face in her hands.

"You're such a spoilsport," Naruto stated wickedly as he completely understood the embarrassment he caused for Kushina.

Naruto twisted her fine thread around his finger before staring trance-like at his now shiny index finger.

"Do you want to eat it?" He asked her as he tried to suppress a chuckle.

"What do you think?" Kushina said as she angrily threw back his bold question.

"I hadn't thought otherwise. Time for plan B," Naruto thought while he executed his devious plan.

He licked off the juice from his finger, much to the horror of Kushina. Afterward he locked her lips with his own, while he pitiless intruded her mouth with his tongue and thus mixing her love juice with their saliva.

"Resistance is futile, darling," Naruto playfully teased her again before he would release her out from his lap.

It was indeed a wonderful morning.

Kushina stood in the kitchen as she prepared breakfast. Her head was still dizzy from their previous encounter. She had never experienced such an erotic morning with a lot of kissing, petting and groping. Her mind wandered back to Naruto's excited comments about seeing her in a pregnant state. It was already too late to think about protection.

"Hmm, we did it two times three days ago. At the first time Naruto overpowered me and exploited my weakened state. He even ignored me when I'm told him not to cum inside me!" Kushina thought as she recalled the past,"And at the second time he fucked me in front of the mirror. Well and naturally he ejaculated inside me again."

"Three days huh? Think about it Kushina! You had to learn the boring stuff about child making at the academy." Kushina tried to gather the basic facts from her forgotten memories.

"His sperm should have wandered through my uterine tubes by now. And provided that I had an ovulation at the correct time, then his sperm could fertilize my egg by now ..." Kushina turned pale after recapitulating the basis events.

"I can only hope that I didn't have my ovulation at the correct time," Kushina muttered without realizing that Naruto observed her the whole time.

"Are you already pregnant?" Naruto asked with a huge grin on his face, while he sat at the kitchen table.

"This is no time for joking!" Kushina responded, slightly agitated, as she turned around.

"Maybe you are not fertile anymore? It's not like you guys hadn't tried it," Naruto teased her again in his ruthless manner.

"What did you say? I'm an Uzumaki clanswoman," Kushina replied furiously. She visibly vivid by now.

"Huh, she's pretty proud of her ancestry," he thought, while observing how she finished her preparations for breakfast despite her angry emotional condition.

"Here, eat up," Kushina nearly commanded as she put down his plate on the table.

"No," Naruto answered nonchalantly. He noticed a change in her eyes. Their expressions changed from angry to stunned to very angry. She was about to lash out at him verbally, as he grabbed her and pulled her on his lap.

"You're going to feed me," he stated while putting on a huge grin on his face.

"You can't be serious," she replied in a shocked condition. She tried to wriggle free but his arms already snaked around her hips, holding her firmly in place.

"Why shouldn't I be serious? You acknowledged it yesterday. There are still 9 days left with us being lovers," Naruto grinned at her. Her previous anger was already gone as a deep red blush decorated her face. She complied with his task and started to feed him with rice.

"It tastes at least twice as good as when you're going to be fed by a beautiful woman," Naruto exclaimed happily causing Kushina's blush to intensify.

"I'm really happy. It feels good when there's someone who really enjoys your presence," Kushina thought and a small grin appeared on her face, despite the embarrassing situation.

"Hmm, you're quite heavy," Naruto stated while he shifted her on his lap. Kushina's smile fell instantly as she tried to wriggle free with more vigor than the last time. However his ensnarement was still firm.

"You misunderstood me!" Naruto exclaimed, but that lessened her struggle in no way. He added, "Argh, girl! What I'm saying is that your weight feels quite nice."

Kushina stopped her effortless fight and gave him an accusing glance, before saying, "You shouldn't comment a woman's weight. I thought you were smarter."

"I only wanted to say that it feels right to have you sitting on my lap," he spoke in a serene voice, while giving a sheepish grin. Kushina narrowed her eyes at his last comment, unsure about whether she should forgive him or not.

"I insist on compensation," Kushina told him, before turning her head away She simulated a sulky behavior, although she had already forgiven him.

"Oh? What could you possibly want?" Naruto asked the question more to himself than to her, causing her to sneak a peek at his face.

"I could fuck you until you lose your consciousness, but you already have that, since we're lovers," Naruto listed his first idea, while Kushina's eyes grew large due to his statement.

"Then we could make a baby, but perhaps we already did that already," he added his second idea. Kushina turned her head back at him and slapped him on his arm.

"Not good? Then let us do something funny today," Naruto expressed his final idea. Kushina began to panic as she remembered something important.

"I nearly forgot, Mikoto invited me to their annual party. Sorry but you'll have to do the funny things alone," Kushina told him. She left the kitchen as he released her from his lap.

"A party, huh?" Naruto chuckled as he thought about the "funny things" he could do there.

Author's note: Hello! This chapter answered some questions but new ones arose. It's not very long, but it leads to the next major event. Something important will happen at the party :)

Question: Is Kushina pregnant?

Kushina: You would like that! It's too early to say. I already stated the necessary conditions.

Question: What's the connection between fertility and the Uzumaki clan?

Kushina: The people of Uzushiogakure were well-known for their unusual long lives. That's the reason why the village got its nickname "village of longevity". The Uzumaki clan was part of that village. There are some secrets revolving about the Uzumaki's, but I won't tell you now!

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