Title: Whirlpool Love

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Chapter VII – The party (part 2)

Naruto was completely absorbed in thoughts as he was still standing at the mansion's balustrade after Shikaku left him with his mysterious last words.

"Me, Hokage? This position demands way too much. Tou-san had to sacrifice too much of his free time. I can remember the lonely evenings with Kaa-san very well," Naruto thought while his gaze wandered over the backyard's beautiful garden, which was illuminated by the moonlight. "But because of that I had Kaa-san's undivided attention. I don't want to … no, I can't even imagine a childhood without her."

His gaze rose until the the moon was in his field of vision. He couldn't help but smile as he replayed an especially happy memory of them in front of his mind's eye.


A little boy of 5 years rushed through the rooms of his house looking for one special person while he bounced up and down like a rubber ball. His happiness was written all over his face.

"Kaa-chan!" The little boy of 5 years shouted joyfully. "Kaa-chan, I cleared up my room. Now you have to show me some awesome shinobi tricks. You promised!"

The called Kaa-chan, a woman in her mid-twenties with ridiculous long, red hair, spun around, not even the slightest bit surprised about the antics of her son. "Naru-chan, which promise do you mean? I can't remember," she spoke out her blatant lie while she had to suppress a hearty giggle. She loved to tease her little one.

Naru-chan was aghast. "But you promised!" He protested with his tiny arms flailing up and down, making him look like a little bird.

His cute behavior drove her over the edge as she couldn't force her facial expression to remain blank. She broke out in laughter while she sunk to her knees and pulled him into a loving embrace. She smiled warmly and kissed his cheek, undoubtedly a sign of a mother's unconditional love for her child. Then she took his tiny hand and guided them to the big red couch in their living room. She sat down on the soft fabric and placed him on her lap.

"Hai, Naru-chan. I promised. Don't make promises you can't keep. Now, what do you want me to show you?" She asked gently.

"Show me the two shinobi jutsu!"

"What?" She was clearly confused. Which jutsu did he mean?

"Tou-chan uses it every time when you tell him to take box-kun out," he spoke with enthusiasm.

"Box-kun?" She asked, surprised. Box-kun was the name of their garbage can. It was Kushina's idea to teach their son some standard domestic skills at the very beginning of his life. She wanted to eradicate every possibility that he could succumb into a compulsive hoarder. He had to throw his garbage into box-kun, because she told him, that the yellow garbage can would starve otherwise. Naturally, Naruto wouldn't want to be blamed for the death of box-kun.

"Yeah and the two shinobi jutsu, that's so cool!" His amazement didn't know any boundaries.

"Minato-kun used it?" Kushina frowned as she tried to combine the facts. "Wait, that lazy bum uses doppelganger techniques in order to avoid throwing out the garbage can personally! Tonight, we will have a little chat my darling."

"Well Naru-chan, your two shinobi jutsu is called the art of the doppelganger. There are many different forms. There is the normal Bunshin no Jutsu (分身の術) which creates intangibles copies of the user. However the copies are not real, but a simply illusion. In exchange the shinobi doesn't have to use much chakra to create a doppelganger. But there are also large varieties of doppelganger techniques which creates solid copies. Additionally you can change the outer appearance of a doppelganger with the usage of Henge no Jutsu (変化の術),"Kushina explained the differences between the techniques like a senior academy instructor. She was very glad that she was able to teach him the basic abilities of a shinobi. That would surely give him an advantage against other children when he started his shinobi career in the academy next year.

Naruto looked up at her with wide eyes. "Can you create a copy of Tou-chan?"

She didn't really expected that answer. It pained her that Minato spent so little time with his son, but his duties to the village comes first. Regrettably, his role as father and husband is only second to that. She could produce a perfect copy of him very well, but somehow she didn't like the idea of that.

"Well, Naru-chan, I have an even better idea," Kushina answered and formed the necessary signs to perform Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (影分身の術)."Luckily I can feel my chakra today, otherwise this wouldn't work." With a loud poof an exact replica of her appeared in front of them.

"Kaa-chan, you're awesome!" Naruto praised her with all of his childish innocence. He was much too enthralled by the wizard-like performance to register the evil glint in his mother's eyes. Soon after, the Kushina duo started their merciless tickle attack.

"Hahahaa, Kaa-chan! Stop, hahaha," Naruto half screamed half laughed, but his protests felt on deaf ears, as the duo advanced their attacks on his especially ticklish areas. But they stopped their vicious assault as suddenly as they started it. Furthermore, Naruto was now embraced by not one, but two Kushinas.

"Naruto, I love you," both Kushina, original and doppelganger, spoke their deed of love with perfect synchronization.

"Kaa-chan, I love you too!" Naruto replied without knowing the deeper meaning behind this special scene.

Flashback end

"That was a nice day. It reminds me to show her how much she means to me later on," Naruto commented with a huge grin on his face. He was about to rejoin his mother and the other at the mansion's main hall when an unknown voice surprised him.

"I really wonder in which fashion you are showing her your gratitude. But I'm more curious about her. Who is she?" a female spoke in seductive manner.

Naruto's eyes widened as he spun around to identify the eavesdropper. He was angry with himself for allowing someone to sneak up on him, but the new sight made him forget his fury in a split second. His eyes fell on a young girl, which couldn't be described other then simply breathtaking. The first feature that erected his attention was her rich kimono. A small black stripe decorated her margin, otherwise it was completely made of white silk, giving the wearer a glowing aura of pureness. The second feature was her creamy white skin and her pitch-black eyes and hair. Her hairstyle, her facial features and her overall appearance made her look like a carbon copy of the Uchiha matriarch, only that she was about twenty years younger. However, there was a small but important difference in the hairstyle between Mikoto and her. Like his mother, she had long strands of hair that framed both sides of her face, reaching down till the area of her breasts. His eyes were magically drawn by her ample bosom, a fact that wasn't unseen by the mysterious beauty.

"Oh? Do you like what you see?" The unknown beauty teased as she saw his gaze moving from her head to her upper torso. She cupped her ample bosom with her hands and pushed them together.

"Do you want to touch them?" She moaned, while a light tinge of pink graced the pale skin of her cheeks.

"If I want to touch? I can touch? What...," Naruto couldn't comprehend the situation. Thousand question flew through his head. Who was she? What did she want to achieve? Could he really touch her boobs?

Naturally, his inner turmoil was noticed by her, causing her to stop her seductive behavior, as she placed her hands on her cheeks to hide her embarrassment.

"Naruto-sama wants to do naughty things to me." Her voice trembled while she tilted her head to look like even more innocent and vulnerable.

"What? Be quiet! You're lucky that we are alone," Naruto tried to shush her. He didn't even want to imagine what could happen if someone would see them.

The devilish girl stepped forward so that her bosom was squished in between their bodies. Her hands wandered from his hips to his head, where she dug her fingers in the sensitive skin of his neck. She rose her head to see the blank horror in Naruto's face. Her actions did exactly what they were supposed to do.

"Naruto-sama, can you feel the attraction between us? I can practically see the sexual energy that is surrounding us," she said in a sultry voice, her eyes never leaving his. She removed her hands from his neck and turned around so that she could let herself fall against his torso. In the process of turning around, Naruto saw the trademark of the Uchiha clan on her kimono's back: the red-white fan.

"You're of the Uchiha clan. How come I don't know you?" Naruto asked, suddenly suspicious of her motives.

"It took you so long to notice such an obvious fact?" The female cleverly evaded his question. The tone of her voice changing, as it was now more dominant than playful, as it was before. "On the second thought, I think you have offended me for not noticing the clear signs of my heritage."

"Do you mind telling me these clear signs, Ohime-sama?"

"Don't dare mock me! However, I do feel sorry for you for not being able to seeing it," she spoke out her faked sympathy.

"I'm honored that you won't let me die dumb," he stated nonchalantly, rolling his eyes.

"The time will come that you will beg me for forgiveness, Naruto-kun. There are two dead giveaways. The first one is my kimono. Who else would dare to wear a completely white one? Only the Uchiha are allowed to. Anything else would be utter blasphemy."

Naruto sweat-dropped, "This girl is crazier than your average Uchiha. I don't think I want to hear the second sign."

"But more peculiar one is the second one. My beauty." She took his hands and placed them on her hips.



"Your beauty?" Naruto asked, unsure about whether or not she was joking.

"Yes, certainly such a high-class body like this one can only belong to a woman of the Uchiha clan," she responded, while she guided his hands higher and higher. Luckily he could disengage himself from her clasp, a second before she would have pushed his hands onto her bosom. This girl was no good for him.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, don't lie to yourself. You want to touch them, right?" She turned around again and switched into her playful-mode seamlessly.

"You are quite the arrogant one." He said calmly and without reacting to her newest advance.

"Naruto-kun, you hurt me. I'm not arrogant. I'm merely taking the proper place in our society," she responded.

"And according to your logic, the proper place is above everyone?"

"Well, I will be the next Hokage's wife. Naturally, my husband will be equal to me. Sometimes," she grinned.

"The next Hokage's wife? Really? Tell me, who will it be, then I can offer him my condolence."

"You should have listened to Shikaku-san's words better. He's right on all accounts. You can't be a simple Jōnin for the rest of your life. Your standing within this village will rise and on the long view there is only one position you can take. I'm placing my money on you," she responded, without a hint of doubt in her voice.

Naruto felt slightly uncomfortable to be conflicted with this dreaded topic for the second time this evening. But for the mean time, he would just play along with her.

"Maybe you're right. As Hokage, I will need a strong female presence at my side and who could be better than an Uchiha? They are simply unreachable when it comes to beauty and elegance. Furthermore, I need a wife, who is consciousness about her standing," the blond shinobi agreed with her.

Hearing his words brought a big smile on the girl's face. "I knew you would understand me."

"But there is one problem," he sighed.

"What is it?" She asked, confused.

"I can't marry a woman whose name I don't know," he said while shaking his head in defeat.

"Kiss me and maybe I will tell you," the girl teased.

Naruto grabbed her hips and pulled her in a deep embrace. His swift change of heart surprised her greatly, but nevertheless, she was happy that her plans would work out without much hindrance.

"I think we should increase the pace in our relationship, my dear fiancee," he whispered into her right ear, making her shudder in excitement.

"Does he want to announce our engagement? I didn't imagine that this would work so greatly." Her mind was occupied by the change of variables in her master plan. Furthermore, her thinking distracted her so much that she didn't noticed his hands wandering down her back until her firm buttocks were squeezed by him.

"Wh-What are you doing?" She asked, utterly shocked by his inappropriate actions.

"I'm merely confirming the quality of my future wife," Naruto responded, as if it would be the most normal thing on the world. With a single movement of his hand, he turned her around and continued his research on her hips.

"Hmm, you have wide hips," he stated after a pondering silence. However, his words caused the girl to explode in fury.

"BAKA! What's wrong with wide hips? Furthermore, my hips are not that wide!" The girl ranted angrily.

"There is nothing wrong with your hips. I like wide hips. Would you like to know why?" He askedwith a naughty grin on his face.

"Why?" she asked after some hesitation. She didn't really like how he had gained the upper hand in their conversation.

"You know what they say about woman with wide hips? They're more fertile than other woman. I would only chose a woman with childbearing hips like yours to be my wife."

"Children?" She asked fearfully. "What is he talking about? He can't possibly mean..."

"Yes, unnamed Uchiha-chan. Your beauty and elegance are breathtaking, but for me, it's more important to have a fertile wife to secure my own line. I will take you and impregnate you right here," he said with every ounce of seriousness he could muster.

"What? Here? Now? I'm not ready...," she spoke. Her trembling voice was a clear indicator for her growing uneasiness. Unconsciously she stepped away from him to escape this situation. "How could this conversation taken such an unexpected turn? What went wrong? My plan was bulletproof!"

Naruto pushed the girl against a wooden pillar, which were placed approximately every thirteen feet to sustain the weight of the roof's construction. His hands rested on the pillar's side to block the escape route of the arrogant girl. Now he would scare her to death.

"I hope you're not a screamer," he spoke with a perverted grin plastered on his face.

She watched in absolute horror as he reduced the distance between their heads. She could practically feel his breath on her lips. "That's it? I will be taken like a common whore on our mansion's backyard." She closed her eyes and forced herself to remain calm, despite her inner turmoil. "I'm a woman of the Uchiha clan. I've to endure it. My plan comes first!" She waited and waited but nothing happened. Seconds turned to minutes and minutes felt like hours. As she opened her eyes, she could see him standing a couple feet away, with his arms folded.

"Why?" She was confused. Why had he stopped?

"You are quite the arrogant one. Thinking that you would be sufficient to my liking."

"WHAT? You said yourself that I was beautiful!" She shouted, as her confusion turned into anger.

Naruto shook his head. This girl was clearly narrow-minded. "You're beautiful. I won't deny it. As a matter of fact, you are resembling to two very beautiful woman I know"

"And? Where is the problem?"

"I don't know whether you can't, or whether you don't want to, understand it. I don't like your point of view. Thinking that you stand above everyone. The Hokage protects. Everyone. Konoha is a big family and, in a particular view, the Hokage is everyone's father. I'm sure even someone bigoted as you noticed the charity work of my kaa-san. If the Hokage is the father who protects, then the Hokage's wife will be the mother who takes care. Do you really think, that you will be able to fill such an important position?" Naruto explained, paintintgthe picutre vividly in her mind.

The girl started to fume. "How can he dare to reprimand me?" She was about to lash out at him verbally, as a familiar voice interrupted her. "Kimiko-chan! Are you here?"

"Mikoto-obasan!" She stated, surprised.

"Oh dear. Here you are! And you've found Naruto-kun. Let us return, we want to commence with the dancing," Mikoto spoke in her usual happy tone and smiled at the young adults. She grabbed Naruto's and Kimiko's hand and pulled them back to the main hall.

"Kimiko, I see. Even your name is a symbol of arrogance, my dear empress," Naruto teased her, earning him the deadly glare of the now-identified Kimiko.

"I wonder that you don't remember her, Naruto-kun. You've played with her in your childhood together with Sasuke-chan. Those were good times," Mikoto reminisced.

"Really? We played together?" Naruto asked surprised. He looked at Kimiko, who was ready to strangle her blabbermouth of an aunt.

"Hmm, Kimiko... Kimi... Kimi-chan! Now I remember. You followed us with your little doll. And then from day-to-day you kind of disappeared. What happened?" He asked with honest curiosity. After all she was a companion in his childhood, when only for a short time.

Kimiko broke free of her aunt's grip and pointed her finger at him in an accusing manner. "You killed Miki-chan! Sasuke burned her and you drowned her! I hate you!"

Naruto was appalled. This manipulative girl accused him of a horrible crime. He never drowned anyone. Especially not in his childhood. She sat down and clutched her knees, while, from time to time, a lonely tear ran down her face.

"Oh dear. They hadn't done it on purpose," Mikoto bent down next to the crying girl and rubbed her back as an effort to console her.

"You wouldn't know it, Oba-san! They're monsters. They killed her directly in front of me," Kimiko sobbed.

Naruto tried to remember. If he really was participated in the killing of Miki, then he would take the proper responsibility.


"Oi, Sasuke. You should stop now. You're making your cousin cry," a very young Naruto shouted.

"Shut up! You wouldn't understand what it means to be an Uchiha. I must be able to breath fire, otherwise I can't catch up to Nii-san," an eager Sasuke shouted back. He had stolen his cousin's little doll and placed it on a stump located at the backyard of his home.

"Please Naru-kun, don't let him hurt Miki-chan," young Kimiko pleaded with tearful eyes. Naruto petted the head of the smaller girl and reassured her.

"Don't worry Kimi-chan. Sasuke is big talker. He can't use fire Jutsus ..."

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu [Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique (火遁・豪火球の術)]"

"... until now." Naruto stated, speechlessly, as the big fireball flew towards the innocent doll. The hot ball of compressed fire exploded at the contact with the stump, incinerating everything within a radius of 6 feet. The following blast wave knocked the trio down. Kimiko saw with big eyes as the fire devoured her precious doll.

"Sasuke-baka! What the hell was that? Suiton: Suihachi [Water Release: Water Bowl (水遁・水鉢)]"

A normal shinobi wouldn't even try to perform water-based Jutsus in this area due to the lack of said element. He had to bring the water from an external source. But, through genetic selection, some beneficial traits developed further whereas useless traits diminished. The Uzumaki clan was well known for their skillfulness with Fūinjutsu [Sealing Techniques (封印術)] and water-based Ninjutsu. Over generations they acquired the ability to fuse the oxygen and the hydrogen within the air to water. The user had to spend much chakra for that process, but it could give him an important tactical advantage.

And so Naruto could perform the Suiton jutsu his mother taught him a month ago. Small drops of water appeared at his palms. They grew bigger at an alarming speed and soon they were hurled at the burning stump. The water disappeared in loud whooshing sounds, while clouds of hot steam rose in the sky. But the stream of water was endless as long the user's chakra reserves would hold, and Naruto had a lot of chakra due to his secret tenant. After twenty long seconds the fire was completely doused. Kimiko ran to the stump without thinking, her precious doll was the only thing she was concerned about. Luckily the water absorbed most of the fire's heat and emitted it to the surrounding air. Little did she know, that she would only find a scene of destruction. Her doll was completely disfigured as the head and two limbs were missing.

Her following screech caused the adults inside the house to come out. Naruto was sure that his mother would praise him, after all, he did everything he could have to try and save the doll. Eventually, it turned out, that the crying Kimiko accused both, Sasuke and Naruto, for the death of her toy. Obviously Naruto wasn't praised by his mother on this very day. Sasuke and Naruto were grounded for one month respectively.

Flashback end

"You lying bitch! I tried to save your doll and you backstabbed me!" Naruto remembered an already long-forgotten trauma. His beloved mother hadn't played with him for one long month, as punishment for his actions. That was one of the most terrible times of his life.

Kimiko blinked at the angry blonde. She stood up and put her kimono in the proper place, "Well, maybe we should let bygones be bygones."

"What the hell? You accused me one minute before!" Said blonde responded.

Mikoto would have liked to watch the argument between her niece and her best friend's son, but the schedule was rigid. Their annual party would always end with a traditional dance. "Please stop it! We want to commence with the main event. It's one of the social activities we all enjoy."

"I don't think the male population was terribly looking forward to participate at your dancing activity, Mikoto-san," Naruto sweat-dropped.

The Uchiha matriarch tried her best to look appalled, but in essence he was right. The dance was the event, where Konoha's female population would show off. Make-up, clothes, behavior, even the dancing partner – everything would be accounted and the outcome would determine the gossip in the next weeks. One faux pas could harm your reputation in a bad deal. Naturally, the women would let the men feel that the event was important. Malicious rumors said, that some women coerced her partners under the threat of sexual withdrawal.

"Don't say such horrible things. You will have fun too … maybe. Do you know what, you have the honor to be my dancing partner!" Mikoto said enthusiastic.

"WHAT?" Naruto and Kimiko shouted in unison. However Mikoto ignored the cry of outrage and pulled the young shinobi to the main hall.

"Obasan you're so cheap, that was my plan!" The younger female thought, as she followed her thievish aunt.

"Kushina-sama, please give me the honor of your first dance."

"I was here first, Kushina-sama will dance with me."

"You're acting like boys in their puberty. Naturally, I will dance with Kushina-hime."

Kushina sweat-dropped at the scene in front of her. The last thing she could remember was trying to stop Tsume from reviving an old and embarrassing story from her academy days and the next moment a good dozen guys were asking to be her dancing partner. She politely declined every offer, while she looked frantically for her son. Normally nobody would dare to ask her, because Minato and her would go together to such important social activities. However, in this special case Minato was far away, inspecting Hi no Kuni's military outposts. And like vultures they detected her vulnerable state.

"I'm honored to receive so many offers, but I already have a dancing partner," the redhead said in order to discourage her many suitors.

"But Kushina-sama, they will commence in a few minutes. What will it look like, when you don't dance at the beginning," one of her suitors said with a smug voice. Though, looking at his physical appearance, he couldn't be a member of Konoha's shinobi forces.

"Uh, he looks like a pig, and I don't like the way he's leering at me," Kushina thought, slightly disgusted. But his words were true. She had to be present for the first dance. Her head fell in defeat as she saw the first couples filling the dancing floor.

"This evening is getting worse every minute! Now I have to chose one of those vultures," she sighed, very quietly, and was about to chose a guy, he was probably the one looking the least suspicious and lecherous, as an arm snaked around her hip and pulled her into embrace. Kushina froze instantly after witnessing the bold action with her own body. Her suitors looked equally shocked. She could feel her cheeks heating up in anger. How could a stranger dare to touch her in such a intimate manner?

"Argh! He got away. How could this happen?" Mikoto asked distressed.

"You kind of deserve it, Obasan. After all, you're the one who stole him from me in the first place," Kimiko showed no sympathy for her aunt.

"Damn, and I was looking forward to dancing tonight. Fugaku will pay dearly for leaving me alone!"

"I'm sorry guys, but this lady is already taken," Naruto grinned at defeated-looking bunch of suitors. He had to admit, his mother was very popular. The male population simply adored her. After hearing his voice, Kushina relaxed. She was ready to give the bold guy a hefty beating for touching her in that way.

"You're late," she huffed. She wouldn't show him her gratitude, it would only go to his head.

"Really? You could have chosen one of your loyal suitors," he teased mercilessly, causing her to gulp.

"Well, better late than never," the redhead mumbled, after which, Naruto guided her to the dancing floor.

After dancing non-stop for what felt like an eternity, the annual party of the Uchiha household ended as spectacular as it started. The Namikaze couple did a splendid performance on the dancing floor. Kushina was adored for her elegance and beauty. Naruto was praised that he had decided to take his proper role as heir of the Namikaze clan. Little did they know, that the one and only reason for his participation was to tease his secret lover. Some people even made a comment, that they wouldn't look like mother and son. A comment, that made her slightly uncomfortable and made him grin.

"At home, finally!" Kushina sighed contently, and let herself drop at the soft mattress of her bed, before she closed her eyes.

"Mikoto-san didn't looked very happy," Naruto stated, while he watched her from the door frame.

"That's obvious, Fugaku, that jerk, had abandoned her in such a crucial time! I would kill Minato, if he dared to pull a stunt like that," Kushina responded. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Naruto was standing at the edge of the bed and offered her his hand. She gave him a quizzical look.

"Don't you think, that I deserve a little reward?" The blonde asked. She knew already what would happen, when she took his hand, but somehow she didn't care about the consequences. After all, they were lovers right now according to their secret agreement and she would be damned if she wouldn't take full advantage of the situation. She propped on her left elbow and placed her right hand in his. Naruto pulled her into a tight embrace, caressing her back with one hand, whereas the other one groped her butt.

"You're wasting not a second," Kushina stated the obvious.

"You're looking so damn hot with your powdered face and those ruby lips," Naruto feasted on her godlike appearance.

He brushed her cheek with his own and whispered in her ear, "I can guarantee you, that at least ninety percent of the guys who were at that party are dreaming from you tonight, but I will be the only one who will kiss you, taste you, feel you and ultimately," he paused for one indefinitely long second, "fuck you till you become unconsciousness from experiencing orgasm after orgasm."

Needless to say, that Kushina would gladly give him his "reward".


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Character data sheets: (Source: naruto. wikia. com)

Name: Namikaze Kushina

Moniker:Red Hot-Blooded Habanero (Akai Chishio no Habanero)

Birthdate: July 10

Gender: Female

Age: 36

Height: 165 cm (1.65 m, 5.413ft, 64.961 in)

Weight: 55.5 kg (122.35 lb)

Blood type: B

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Clan: Namikaze clan

Uzumaki clan (former)

Shinobi Rank: Jōnin (Inactive)

Classification: Former Jinchūriki

Visual trait: Long red hair, that reached down to her calves. She has strands that framed both sides of her face and reached down to her bosom. Her eye color is violet.

Name: Uchiha Mikoto [Mikoto () means precious and nobility and is used as a title for Japanese gods.]

Birthdate: June 1

Gender: Female

Age: 42

Height: 162.6 cm (1.626 m, 5.335 ft, 64.016 in)

Weight: 57.4 kg (126.54 lb)

Blood type: A

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Clan: Uchiha clan

Shinobi Rank: Jōnin (Inactive)

Visual trait: Long black hair, that reached down past her shoulder blades. She had strands that framed both sides of her face and reached down to her chin. Her eye color is black.

Name: Uchiha Kimiko (OC) [Kimiko (后子) means literally "empress child"]

Birthdate: August 6

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 157.4 cm (1.574 m, 5.164 ft, 61.968 in)

Weight: 52.5 kg (115.742 lb)

Blood type: A

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Clan: Uchiha clan

Shinobi Rank: Chūnin

Visual trait: Long black hair, that reached down past her shoulder blades. She had strands that framed both sides of her face and reached down to her bosom. Her eye color is black. Imagine Kushina with black and shorter hair.