Okay, so for the record…I do NOT like boys! Not in any form or fashion. Every boy that I liked either turned out to be a jerk, or a cheater. However, some boys I hate more than others. This is a scale from one to ten of the boys that I hate (well I guess it's a scale of one to three…since I only know three off the top of my head). I guess Mitch wasn't so bad…but he was a jerk. Now Ace was a compete A-hole if you ask me…considering the fact he tried to rape me (which was a stupid move if you ask me, since I can beat up about fifteen monsters at once…with my hands tied behind my back!). However…out of both of those boys…they don't come CLOSE to being as awful, moronic, or annoying as Butch James Jojo.

Butch is terrible. He and his brothers are always picking on me and my sisters. When we were little, they would beat us up. But now that we are older, they found other ways to get on our nerves. Boomer isn't so bad…because even though he tries to be a bad boy, he is the goodie-goodie boy in their group. He picks on Bubbles, but when she cries, he always feels bad afterwards. You can just tell. Now Brick, is NOT a goodie-goodie. He flirts with Blossom, gets her all worked up, and tries hard to make her look bad. How you may ask? You see…Brick knows things Blossom doesn't (which isn't much…since Blossom knows a LOT), and he can torment her with it. Now what those things are…I do not know. I really couldn't care less.

Now Butch…Butch is the worst. And the bad thing is…I got stuck with him. He is a complete moron, and I hate his guts so bad… But I have to give him credit…he knows how to tick me off. He always flirts with me…but not in a good way. And then…once I get all worked up, he does something worse. It's different every time. One time he flipped up my skirt, and another time he showed everyone how ticklish I was. It's always different.

I. Hate. Butch Jojo.

Okay…please R/R. This is my first Fanfic EVER…and my first Butch/Buttercup story. I hope it turned out alright!