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HIM fell to his knees, and with one last scream…he exploded. Everything became eerily quiet. I looked at Butch, and he ran to me, giving me a hug.

He kissed my head, "We did it…"

I smiled, "Yeah…we did…"

Then everyone else came up, and hugged us; everyone except Balint, Bandit, Bryant, Brute, Berserk, and Brat.

We turned to them.

I held out an arm, "Come on…we should all celebrate."

"You don't get it do you?" Bryant asked looking at us with relieved, yet…somehow sad eyes.

"What's wrong?" Brick asked confused.

Brute held her side, which was bleeding. She sat down next to Balint, "Don't worry…it will all be over soon. We are free…"

Balint's eyes seemed far away, "Brute…"

She kissed his forehead, and a tear fell down her cheek as she smiled, "Shhh…I'm here…"

Bryant looked at us again, "You destroyed HIM…so everything he created will follow soon after."

"Then why is the building still here?" Brick asked raising an eyebrow.

"It will be gone soon," Bryant said before falling on his knees.

Berserk fell down next to him, gasping.

And the others soon followed them.

"What's going on?" Bubbles asked wide eyed. "Why are they falling?"

Brute took Balint's hand, and lay down next to him.

Brat looked up, "We should have all died long ago…"

"He brought us back…dooming us to a life of slavery," Bandit said. "We were blinded by the light of evil…until now…"

"You saved us," Berserk said. "And now we must go to our rightful place."

"For when one goes…" Brute whispered to Balint. "There they must stay."

Then all of them started glowing at once…in lights of red, blue and green. Brute looked at me one last time, and smiled, "Take care of that kid for me…okay?"

Butch put his arm around my waist, and I nodded.

Then they each sparkled in colorful sparkles, and disappeared.

Then the ceiling started to cave in.

Butch grabbed me, Brick grabbed Blossom, and Boomer grabbed Bubbles, and we each flew out.

We stood on a cloud, watching the pink castle crumble, before disenigrating.

It was too much to bear, due to my raging pregnancy hormones, and just the pure loss of something I didn't realize until now…friendship.

I buried my face in Butch's shoulder, and he held me tight.

"Sooo…who would have expected it?" Blossom laughed.

"I sure didn't," Boomer grinned.

"Yeah but you're stupid Boomer," Brick joked.

Boomer glared at him.

"Would you two shut up?" I glared. "Unless you want to change diapers…"

They both froze.

"That's what I thought," I said.

"They are purty darn cute I hafta admit…" Annie said.

I smiled, "Aren't they though?"

Butch held up one, "And here's my little princess…"

"Oh lord, help the child now," I said. "Overprotective father coming through…"

Butch shot a look, "Maybe…but we both know she definitely won't get raped…"

I laughed, and picked up the other, "And here's Mommy's little boy…"

"Keep calling him that and he'll become a wuss," Butch glared. "And take off those stupid socks…only my baby girl is aloud to wear fluffy green socks."

I shot him a look, "He is going to wear whatever I want him to wear until he's old enough to read."

"Whatever," Butch said.

"Can I hold them PUHLEEEEASE?" Bubbles begged.

"NO!" I yelled angrily. "MY PRECIOSSSSS….ESSSSS."

She glared at me.

"So what are their names again?" Annie asked.

"Blaze," I said holding up my boy.

"And Bella," Butch said cuddling up to his "little girl".

"Hey guys," Blossom said going red. "I have an announcement…"

"What?" we asked.


"What is it?" Brick asked.

"I'm pregnant…with Brick's baby…" Blossom said slowly.

And Brick fainted.


THE END! :) watch for a new story soon!