The Philippines. A small archipelago in the tropics of South-East Asia. No matter what timeline it existed, whether in this real world or in either timeline of Red Alert it could possibly exist it, always seemed to be condemned to have a bloody war in the 20th century.

The Philippines is an American colony ever since the United States of America bought it from Spain in 1899, caveat emptor. Even with its redeclaration of independence in 1946, the Americans still had military bases in the Philippines, which was handy since Stalin's war rumbled too close to American interests scattered around Asia.

To their horror, however, the Soviets made a rare diplomatic success, which allowed them to lease Philippine soil for their own military bases in the Philippines. As to why the Soviets thought this was a good move no one knew (many still think the vodka served during the meeting was laced with LSD by an idiot spy), but what is sure is that this caused an uproar which almost threatened USA-Philippine relations again, but by using free market doctrine arguments against themselves the Philippine government silenced its primary critic and then recognized the Soviet bases as legal, allowing the Philippine government to choose the best prices for its lands, effectively doubling its own income.

Eventually over time the essence of the idyllic lands seemed to seep into the psyche of the forces, with the commanders of the opposing bases going out together for bowling and fishing while their soldiers play with terror drones and man-cannons. Unlike Europe, where the Allies and the Soviets are beefing after the Apollos Ambush Twinblade Squadron Incident(sic), the Philippines could not be farther from war despite having some of the most advanced Soviet and Allied divisions deployed there.

Until President Ackerman declared war that is.

With that declaration, the full force of the Soviet and Allied forces in their respective hands began to the beaches for a scheduled vacation break. Their commanding officers have secretly given orders to not do their job of calculated death and destruction, while this mess is being hopefully sorted out between Washington and Moscow.

In a smart move, the Philippine government also banned any combat between the two opposing factions in Philippine territory, which can expand for hundreds of kilometers in the oceans. Since none of the soldiers wanted to kill each other anyway (especially if they had to go ridiculously far in the seas to do so), this ban was easily enforced and the Philippines is totally back to being an idyllic archipelagic tropical paradise.

The Soviet commander would knowingly send declawed Terror Drones against the lone Prism tower (much to the dismay of the robotics guy who kept them as pets) just to tell their superiors that the Allied presence is too strong to risk an attack anytime soon, while the Allied comander would report the handful of Terror Drones as "...a sign of the Soviet juggernaut held back by their knowledge of my superior skill...but still a juggernaut nonetheless which I cannot kill..." Then half the price for the Terror Drones would be refunded by the Allies, with all soldiers encouraged to chip in a few cents "to continue our peaceful war...against the Red Star". Thus the Pacific front was pacified (pun intended).