Dr. Saiko was monitoring the progress of the Yuriko Duplicates as they walked ominously towards Manila. With the Yuriko clone's psionic potential greatly expanded by delegating other mental tasks to gigantic banks of Nanotech Mainframes, she has created thousands of Duplicates, all externally similar to Yuriko, all capable of pulling aircraft down and crushing tanks in mid-air. In battle, the only difference between the organic clone and her psionic puppets, apart from the attire of course, is that the Duplicates could only walk, not levitate above the water, to conserve the Yuriko clone's psionic potential.

The only person stopping him now is just one man, a philosopher, a man whose beliefs are frankly beyond comprehension even to the teenage doctor himself, and indeed is quite a worthy opponent. True, Turiano Carpio may know much about the nature of war given his prolific academic output concerning it, but it's only knowledge that he's got. No technology. No machines. No psionics. No science. Underneath it all, he's just one brain.

Dr. Saiko had, on the other hand, the combined mental capacity of millions of people throughout history whose developments and discoveries had contributed to the development of his Duplicates. If it's a fight of grey matter, Dr. Saiko surely wins; Turiano Carpio is, despite his brilliance, merely just one mind, far paling in comparison to the collective progress of all the brilliant minds of science utilized to create this new weapon. Therefore, this certainly is a curb-stomp battle, especially now that Dr. Saiko has slipped in a contingent of Duplicates via Sudden Transport towards the prototype camera drone Miniguirus's location, where a singular Turiano Carpio and his secretary have set up camp in a tiny tent. He did not care at all for the large contingent of Turiano Carpios facing his Duplicate horde; the doctor was convinced that they were all fake, an illusion designed to deter his horde of Duplicates. After all, how could mere Filipinos be able to create that many clones in such short order, when last he checked there were no cloning facilities in that country? Kill the one real Turiano Carpio, and all the other "Turiano Carpios" would be taken out; after all, killing the leaders before a battle as a tactic has had a good track rate in warfare throughout history.

Through the Nanotech Mainframes interfaced with Yuriko clone's mind, Dr. Saiko was watching through lots of screens what each Duplicate could see, hearing what each Duplicate could hear. Using these Yuriko psi-golems as scouts, together with the Miniguirus as his personal independent 'periscope', he could see the singular Turiano Carpio getting out of camp, dropping one of the pink Fechner's rectangles shortly before traversing ground while carrying various other rhetorical devices in an insufficiently-described manner, the philosopher's megaphones blaring...music?

"That's not philosophy, that's...Kylie?"

Dr. Saiko immediately became suspicious.

"Is that even legal in this story?"

Nonetheless, he tracked his enemy further down the path, roughly going around the Miniguirus, until the philosopher returned to the camp as another Turiano Carpio emerged from the same access to join the first, also dropping the exact same Fechner's rectangle in exactly the same way the first Turiano Carpio dropped his, but this time the first Turiano Carpio picked up the just-dropped rectangle. Both philosophers were discussing something Dr. Saiko couldn't hear very well due to both philosophers playing the same song at the same time, both advancing through the terrain through the same path, via philosophical means. The doctor watched the two philosophers move around his camera, playing the odd Kylie Minogue song for no apparent reason at all, seemingly oblivious to the Miniguirus camera - and their upcoming death at the hands of his incoming Yuriko Duplicates. Tracking them further, Dr. Saiko watched the pair of Carpios returning back to their starting point again, to be joined by a third Turiano Carpio. Watching the odd scene, he noticed that more and more Turiano Carpios emerged as the cycle repeated, all playing the same song with their megaphones. The sound permeated the whole scene so very much that it seemed like a leitmotif.

"Come, come, come into my world..."

Thoroughly perplexed with the scene, Dr. Saiko found it becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate in commanding the duplicates, what with the catchy tune and all the Turiano Carpios were playing. When finally the Duplicates have been dropped off the Sudden Transport, there was now a company of Turiano Carpios moving around, and this quite alarmed Dr. Saiko. He commanded his Yuriko clone to immediately create even more Duplicates on the spot and crush those philosophers before the doctor succumbs to Last Song Syndrome.

So she did.

"...Won't you lift me up, up, high upon your love..."

The doctor smiled a bit at how fitting the lyrics were. "Yeah? I'll let my Yuriko lift you high up, so love this! Yuriko, crush these Sairens!"

The newly-formed Duplicates each picked their targets, and immediately lifted them up indeed - to crush the life out of them, in a certainly not-loving manner. The attacked Turiano Carpios nonchalantly tumbled around midair, switching to the next song.

"... Your love's got me going around and around, and it's taking me over...your love's got me tumbling upside-down, and I want you to know it..."

Suddenly, the Duplicates crumbled one after another as more Carpios joined the fray from "off-screen", the intensity of their mere philosophical presence disturbing the Yuriko clone's tenuous psionic hold on her creations.

"Clever girl, think you're right but what's right from wrong?"

Platoons of Duplicates were quickly summoned to overcome the sudden arrival of Carpios when their destabilizing presence on the Duplicates quickly became apparent.

"You did it again, you did it again. Won't you listen to me when I'm telling you it's no good for you..."

Despite the Duplicates lifting away Turiano Carpios as high – and as far away as possible from themselves, sudden philosophical insights began to race across Yuriko clone's mind as the Duplicates transmitted everything they could hear into her brain, and a Duplicate would just collapse every now and then due to Yuriko clone's distracted philosophical musings. Trying hard to focus, pushing her psionic abilities even further, Yuriko clone then lifts the Turiano Carpios to ever-increasing elevations so that she could not hear the philosophy, or the music, that was disrupting her.

"...It's taking me higher, higher, higher off the ground (woooo woooo woooo woooo)..."

She then attempts to kill the Turiano Carpios as quickly as possible by smashing their brains against their cranial bones by sheer G-force, wildly rotating them in an attempt to black them out or kill them.

"I'm...spinning around..."

However, Duplicates would still just fall off from her psionic command, crumbling back into the dust whence they came from. The Turiano Carpios that were held helpless in mid-air by the Duplicates were then released from the psionic attack, and righted themselves upon reaching the ground in a blasé manner.

"...move out of my way..."

Yuriko clone was beginning to lose concentration as the Last Song Syndrome distracted her more and more from her psionics. Desperate, she then forced some more Duplicates into the battlefield to melee the Turiano Carpios instead. This attack was as effective as could be imagined from striking a person who shrugs off rockets with mere philosophy.

"...I know you're feeling me coz' you like it like this..."

The Turiano Carpios quickly looked at each other quizzically, as if telling each other via some sort of high philosophy-type of unspoken communication, that they never meant the lyrics to mean that. Or that. Or that one either. Not at all, no.

Doesn't matter. While Yuriko clone is getting weaker, her Duplicates putting up less and less of a resistance as Yuriko clone struggles to focus her psionic abilities past the Last Song Syndrome in her head, Turiano Carpio has fielded more and more of himselves in such numbers it hit critical mass, forming a sort of philosophical singularity whose force can be felt reverberating the ground itself. As the rest of the Duplicates began fleeing from the Carpios, driven by their creator's primal fears, they look back as the Carpios load a new song into their loudspeakers.

"What's the worst thing that could happen to you?"