A/N: Alright, so instead of updating my fanfiction, I decide to start on something new, because I have too much inspiration and not enough time to carry them out. Not to mention that I have a shitload of school work and no time to do it... Anyhoo, without and further stalling, BEHOLD. The introduction!

Dear World,

Hej! It's me, the great Polska!

I see everyone's, like, writing letters and stuff and I thought it'd be pretty cool to do so~

So feel free to send totally awesome letters and I'll be sure to replay as soon as possible! I'd, like, appreciate it if you'd review in letter form too~

Pa pa,


A/N: Alrightios, so there's me being totally Polish. Gosh, I hope no one else is doing the same thing, otherwise, I'll cry...

So now for a few regulations:

1. You are able to be an OC and/or a canon character.

2. You must write back every week or your post will be taken [you can slowly update WITHIN reason by messaging me]

3. Don't be rude to others! Have fun~