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Mayuri Kurotsuchi Part 3-

Mayuri was busy checking Nozomi's temperature and stats to notice that Nemu had walked in carrying his son. He scribbled down notes on his clipboard, occasionally setting it down to lift a limb, or open an eye lid and peak in.

"Mayuri-sama, Yasahiro is hungry." Nemu spoke softly.

Mayuri looked over his shoulder and gave a brief nod. He set the clipboard down and picked up a bottle of milk he had pumped from his wife's breast earlier. Without a word, he took his son from Nemu, and set down in a chair.

"Do you require anything else Mayuri-sama?" Nemu asked as she turned toward the door.

"Just take the clipboard to the rest of Nozomi's staff. They'll know what to do." He ordered as he put the bottle nipple to the baby's mouth.

Nemu bowed and retrieved the clipboard before exiting the room.

As if sensing his sister's departure, Yasahiro let go of the nipple and let out a whimper.

"Shh." Mayuri whispered to the baby. "You'll be fine with your father for just a little while. You know she'll come back."

As if sensing the truth of his father's words, the baby quieted and took the bottle nipple in his mouth again.

Mayuri let his gaze slid to his wife. It had been nearly a month, and she still hadn't woken up. All her vital signs were promising, and blood work proved that the disease was no longer in her blood stream. Still though, she hadn't wakened. If it wasn't for the constant brain activity that the machines he had hooked her up to showed, he would have killed her.

Yasahiro released the nipple, giving a happy gurgle as Mayuri raised a brow at the empty bottle. "At least you have a healthy appetite."

A beep from one of the machines drew his attention to Nozomi. Her brain activity was spiking, nothing out of the ordinary. It would quit in a minute or two.

He turned his attention back to his son, smirking when the baby flailed his arms around. His green eyes were startling in his pale face, hair the same dark blue as his own.

"M. . ."

Mayuri's eyes snapped up, focusing on Nozomi as he stood slowly. He crossed the room, Yasahiro tucked against his chest as he gazed down as his wife. Her eyes were open into slits, her eyes moving back and forth, unfocused.

"Nozomi, can you hear me?" Mayuri asked, leaning into her view.

"Ye. . ." She croaked, her eyes moving to him. Her eyes traced his face slowly, before moving down and focusing on the baby. "B. . .big."

"You've been in a coma for a month. I'm still trying to determine if it was your sickness that caused it, or if I neglected you." Mayuri answered.

Yasahiro gurgled bring Nozomi's attention back to the baby. "N. . .n. . .na. . ."

"I named him Yasahiro. I found it scribbled down in a book you had been keeping of possible names." Mayuri murmured, shifting the baby to one arm so he could begin checking on her. "I've kept a steady stream of drugs in your system to keep you from dehydrating or starving. I've also administered drugs to keep your muscles from deteriorating. How are you feeling?"

"W. . .water?" Nozomi croaked.

Mayuri rose up and yelled, "Nemu, bring me a glass of water. And I need you to take back Yasahiro!"

Within moments, Nemu appeared and handed Mayuri his requested glass, and took the baby. She excused herself immediately, leaving the two of them alone.

Mayuri helped her raise up, placing the glass at her lips. "Small sips." He murmured in her ear. "It wouldn't do you well to make yourself sick over something as simple as water."

Nozomi took a small sip, humming happily as the cool liquid slide down her throat. All too soon, Mayuri took the glass away, still over half full.

"No!" Nozomi whimpered, attempting to reach for it herself.
"You know we need to make sure you can keep that down before you drink more." Mayuri told her simply, setting the glass out of her reach.

She let herself fall back on her pillows, eyes half lidded as she watched her husband studying her. His eyes swept back and forth in quick succession, taking in everything from her breathing, to the smallest muscle spasm. Time seemed to pass slowly as they continued the dance. Finally, he looked up at her and studied her face.

"Any nausea?" He asked.

Nozomi shook her head 'no', and glanced back at the water hopefully. Mayuri reached for it, and then her. Cradling her with one arm, he helped her sip the water again. He let her finish the glass and still didn't let her go.

"One would think you missed me." Nozomi teased softly, burying her nose in his robes. He smelled as he always did; like antiseptic and something else. Something that made him smell decidedly male.

"A brilliant mind is a terrible thing to waste." He answered simply. He didn't let her go.

It took weeks for Nozomi to get back to her full facilities. Without the crushing pain of the headaches though, it seemed all too easy. She spent those weeks caring for her son. Making up for the month she lost. Mayuri seemed to always be close at hand, though Nemu assured her that he had returned to his normal work.

Her son was quiet, for a baby. His eyes following people around the room that made her believe that he was a genius in the making. She had tested the theory a few times, but got nothing more than a happy baby gurgle and gummy smile.

"Who is momma's silly boy?" She cooed as she laid him down in his crib for a nap.

She motioned for the nanny to enter the room as she slowly backed out. It was her first day being able to go back to work. While she had wanted to return as soon as she woke up, she couldn't bring herself to just leave her son.

While she walked, she found herself thinking on her strange husband. He gave her vitamins daily that she took without a second thought, and he was always making notes. She wondered if it was all a part of checking up on her due to her coma, her illness, or something else. She trusted that if he was testing something on her, it wasn't anything that she could notice. She was gaining her energy back, nearly back to the level she was before she began to get sick, so that wasn't anything weird. She slept a little better, again, nothing weird. Her lips pursed as she reached the lab. Checking to make sure her appearance was okay quickly, she walked in.

Her staff was quick to greet her, calling out happy calls. She greeted them all personally and checked up on each of their projects. She was happy to be back.

Mayuri watched the cameras as his wife walked about her lab. She seemed grounded, smiling and talking to each of her team members like she hadn't been able to before. Within a few hours, she was in her office, looking into her own notes.

He had returned all her notes, putting everything back the way he had found it. He felt a small twinge of regret, wishing he had kept some of them. Her ideas, the things she wrote, was enough to make him crave her. He wanted her to stay around; past the required years and children. The problem was though; he wasn't sure how to express that.

So he ensured that he was there through every step of her recovery. Every checkup, test, shot, or pill was given by him. He was by her side as much as he could possibly be without being obvious. He understood the body, the brain, and everything that could be known in-between. However, he didn't understand emotions; he didn't understand feelings.

Nozomi made him feel. He felt things he never had before. These things were something he wasn't sure he would ever understand, and he wasn't sure if he wanted too. He wasn't sure if he wanted to feel at all.

One Year Later

Nozomi felt her blood near boiling. Mayuri held up a syringe to her, sprouting off reasons why she should take a shot. Increased stamina, sex drive, and so much more, he claimed. He hadn't touched her since she had woken up. Well, sexually, at least. Now he was trying to tell her he was ready for another child. At least, in his own way.

That wasn't what had her so angry though. What made her angry, was that she had tried to get him to have sex not once, twice, but three times in the past month and he had turned her away! Now he was attempting to give her a shot to 'increase her sex drive'.

"I do hope you are planning to use that on yourself." Nozomi told him softly, pushing her glasses up her nose. "As my sex drive, is just fine."

"It will increase your fertility as well." Mayuri continued, ignoring her words.

"Mayuri, I'm fertile. We conceived Yasahiro just fine. So I will not be taking that shot." She snapped. "Is there anything else or can I return to my work!?"

"We need to hurry and get you with child again." Mayuri reminded her.

"I was under the impression that I had two years to conceive after Yasahiro was born. I was also given a little extra time because of my recovery. Let's also bring up the fact that I've been trying to get you to have sex with me this past month and you have turned me away. So I want to know why this change of mind suddenly?"

"Tch." Mayuri turned his head away and tucked the needle back into his robes. "It seemed pointless when you weren't at a point you were ready to conceive."

"Does it always have to be about conceiving, Mayuri. Sometimes, a woman maybe just wants a little pleasure. Even you can't be that cold all the time. I miss the Mayuri that practically forced me into marriage! He seemed a lot better than the one who has made himself known recently. Whatever is wrong, I'd prefer I not be the brunt of it."

Nozomi turned away to enter her lab, but was stopped when Mayuri grabbed her arm and spun her around. His face was clouded in anger, and she quickly found herself thrown over his shoulder, and taken to his office.

She couldn't argue with the results of that though.

Sex with her husband could be so good.

"Hello Kurotsuchi-san." Captain Unohana smiled as the woman walked in. "Are we here for a checkup?"

"Hello Captain Unohana." Nozomi smiled as closed the door behind her. "I'm actually here to see if I'm pregnant again. Though, I probably do need a checkup. Despite my husband plowing me with all the vitamins and medications I could possibly need."

Captain Unohana chuckled with her as she motioned her to take a seat on the exam table. While Nozomi settled herself upon it, Captain Unohana busied herself grabbing Nozomi's charts and files.

"How is your husband?" Nozomi asked gently. "I heard about his fight with Captain Zaraki."

"Oh, he is fine. Iwao has been in many fights. And believe me when I say that Captain Zaraki is just as hurt. The two of them are stubborn though, and both are already trying to go about their weeks as if the fight never happened." Captain Unohana laughed. "In fact, Iwao is around here somewhere. He always is."

Nozomi smiled back, her eyes casting about for the large man.

"Oh, I'm sure he went with Mamoru to get food. Those two don't always see eye to eye. However, when it comes to taking care of Isane and I, they are always in agreement." Captain Unohana spouted off as she sat in a cheer and carefully wheeled herself over. "Especially seeing as Isane is now pregnant with her second child."

"As are you." Nozomi replied, eyes casting down to the gentle swell beginning to show beneath the Captain robes.

Captain Unohana smiled and dropped a hand to her stomach. "Yes, I am. Iwao and I are excited about another little one. Enough about me however; let's see if you are indeed with child again."

The files and charts were set aside and Captain Unohana set her hands on Nozomi's lower stomach. The Captain's eyes closed as she looked for the sign of new life within Nozomi's womb. After a minute she pulled away. "You are indeed pregnant, Kurotsuchi-san. It is a very new pregnancy too. Maybe a few weeks at most; by the time this little one is born, Yasahiro will be two years old."

Nozomi couldn't help the grin that split her face. "I'm so happy! Wait until Mayuri hears about this!" She got off the table then blushed, sitting back down. "After my full exam, of course."

Mayuri looked up from the files he was reading over as Nozomi walked into the office, Yasahiro on her hip and a smile on her face. Immediately, Yasahiro began to squirm, and Nozomi set the baby down carefully, following him as he took shaking steps around the desk, and into his father's arms.

"It's so unlike you to take a day off of work." Mayuri commented, making a silly face at his son, to entertain the baby for a moment.

Nozomi smiled as the baby squealed happily and clapped his hand together. "I went to visit Captain Unohana today." She told him, making a silly face when the baby turned his attention to her. "She says that I'm a few weeks along."

Mayuri raised an eyebrow, ignoring his son for a moment as the baby patted his face to get his attention. "I have told you before that I am more than capable of examining you."

Nozomi just smiled at him, leaning down to take the toddler from him. "I know you are. Just seemed like a good idea to visit a lady and catch up on gossip. Besides, she will need to keep tabs on me since she will be delivering our baby."

"Tch." Mayuri turned his head away, glancing at his desk. Nozomi followed his gaze, surprised to see her Shinigami Academy photo staring back at her. Next to it was a gummy smiling photo of their son.

"I guess I will take Yasahiro back to the sitter and go to my lab." Nozomi said softly, turning to leave.

"Take Yasahiro back, yes. Return to me, however." Mayuri ordered softly, his eyes not leaving the two photos on his desk.

Nozomi nodded briefly, already almost out the door. "As you wish."

Nozomi returned to Mayuri's office, conflicted about what she had seen. He was an attentive father, though it had taken him a while to learn that babies don't immediately walk and talk (rather he wished it or not). He had watched her with Yasahiro several times before he even started to attempt to make silly faces. More so, when their son got to the 'hold me' stage, Mayuri would have rather not hold the boy. He wanted their son to be dependent, even at the young age of one.

It was one of the few big arguments that Nozomi could remember. He had been doing much better as a father, but it seemed like more of a learning experience, or experiment to her. Like it was all something he was just interested in seeing what reactions he could cause.

The pictures on Mayuri's desk were a real surprise to her. Other than the sex they had, Mayuri rarely showed any emotion. He was either angry, cold, condescending, or grudgingly accepting. While he worked hard to save her life, he said he did it in the name of science. Mayuri rarely told lies. Which meant that he either truly cared for her, in his own twisted way, or it was just another experiment to him. Did he want her to react to the pictures on the desk?

She shook her head to clear her thoughts and turned the knob to his office door and entered. There, Mayuri still sat behind his desk, his eyes focused on the pictures.

"I'd like to do my own exam." Mayuri told her, finally dragging his eyes away from the photo. "You and the baby will be at optimal health."

"Of course." Nozomi couldn't help but smirk. "Mayuri only accepts the best."

"Naturally." Her husband replied.


Mayuri held Nozomi's hand as he helped her walk about the Squad Four birthing room. Her contractions had hit earlier in the day, but she was far from ready to give birth. As another contraction hit, she squeezed his hand tightly, using it to keep herself standing.

"Can't we just knock me out again and cut the baby out?" Nozomi joked weakly as she began to make her way back to the bed.

"I would gladly do so. However, Captain Unohana would be greatly upset with me." Mayuri answered, helping his wife get settled into the bed.

He kept her company for a while, until she turned to him. "I feel like I need to push soon. Can you get Captain Unohana for me? I think it's close to time."

"That won't be necessary, Captain Kurotsuchi. As you can see, I am here." Captain Unohana entered the room, her large husband in tow. "I'm afraid my husband will have to assist me, as well as you, Captain Kurotsuchi. We are a little short staffed with all the pregnancies. Captains and Lieutenants aren't the only people to take the marriages under advisement."

Iwao bowed his head to Nozomi and gave the barest movement of his head to acknowledge Mayuri. The large man stood at six foot four, scars covered the back of his hands from a life of being a swordsman. His long waist length white has was tightly braided back, and as always, his violet eyes were guarded. His muscles seemed taunt, and it was only then that Mayuri noticed the tic in his jaw.

"What has you so upset?" Mayuri asked, rolling removing his captains jacket and rolling up his sleeves.

"Please do not start a fight, Captain Kurotsuchi." Captain Unohana scolded, checking Nozomi to see how dilated she was. "Especially since this baby is ready to make its appearance in our world."

Iwao moved to the side, prepared to do whatever his wife needed of him. Mayuri stood as close to Captain Unohana as he could stand, also ready to assist in any way he could.

Nozomi cried out softly as another contraction hit. Sweat began to bead at her brow, and her fingers clawed at the cover, seeking Mayuri's hand, which was no longer there.

"Please!" Nozomi cried. "Just cut him out!"

"Kurotsuchi-san, I need you to breath and push with each contraction. The baby came faster than we were expecting. And even when you were brought it, it was too late to give you anything for the pain. You're going to have to do this natural." Captain Unohana explained softly. She turned to Mayuri. "Perhaps you can assist you wife for the moment, Captain Kurotsuchi. I will let you know when I need your help."

"Tch." Mayuri moved to Nozomi's side and took up her hand. Leaning down, he began to whisper in her ear, too softly for Captain Unohana or her husband to hear. Whatever he said seemed to calm his wife.

At her next contraction, Nozomi grit her teeth and pushed. She ended it on a hoarse yell, as Captain Unohana told her encouraging words. Mayuri didn't flinch as his wife squeezed his hand as hard as she could.

Another contraction hit and Nozomi cried out again as she pushed hard.

"I can see the head!" Captain Unohana cried encouragingly. "You are almost there Kurotsuchi-san!"

"Almost there, Nozomi." Mayuri murmured in her ear, encouraging her. "Then we can meet our son."

"Aaarrrgggghhhhh!" Nozomi cried as she gave a final push. A shrill cry filled the air as the baby finally slid free of her.

"Iwao, please fetch some towels." Captain Unohana murmured to her husband. As she did that, she turned her attention back to Mayuri. "I need your help with cleaning the baby, Captain Kurotsuchi."

Mayuri left Nozomi's side and began to process of cleaning the baby, cutting the umbilical cord, and recording his measurements and weight. All the while, Nozomi watched with lidded eyes.

"My baby." Nozomi finally whispered at least. "Can I see my baby?"

Captain Unohana and Mayuri didn't hear her, but Iwao did. The large man glanced down at her, before calling in a surprisingly soft but deep voice. "Retsu, she'd like to see her child."

Mayuri swept the baby from Captain Unohana's arm without warning and carried him over to his wife. The baby whimpered as he was placed in his mother's waiting arm.

"Fumio." Nozomi whispered, looking at the baby that slept in her arms. "Let's name him Fumio, Mayuri."

"It's a good name." Mayuri replied, resting a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure it will suit him well in the future."

Captain Unohana scribbled the name down on the charts in her arms, than motioned for her husband to follow her out of the room. They left the couple to bond over the new life they had created.

Two Years Later

Nozomi approached the office of the Captain Commander, her heart fluttering in her chest. He had called her to this meeting, sending a message only a week ago. With a deep calming breath, she lifted her hand and knocked on the door.


Nozomi pushed opened the door, stepping inside. "Good morning, Captain Yamamoto. You wished to see me?"

"Kurotsuchi-san, thank you for coming; Please, shut the door and sit in front of the desk. We have a few things to discuss."

Nozomi shut the door softly, and approached the chair that Captain Yamamoto had motioned toward. She politely set down, crossing her feet at the ankles, and folding her hands in her lap.

"For all these years, Squad Three has gone without a Captain. When something was pointed out to me; we are sorely in need of a squad that will go into hostile environments and map out the dangers before any other squads are sent in. For far too long, we have walked in blind in most situations. It is my understanding that you recently led a mission much like this, and managed to leave without getting yourself or any team members injured. We would like to offer you the position of Captain of Squad Three." Captain Yamamoto began without any real prompting.

"I. . .Do I have time to think about this Captain Yamamoto?" Nozomi inquired politely. "I would like to discuss this with my husband. It is a very large decision to make, and I have to think of my family."

"I will give you a week." Captain Yamamoto told her. "If you don't give me an answer, I will find someone else. We would like you though. You are our first choice."

Nozomi nodded and stood, giving a stiff bow before she turned and exited the Captain Commander's office.

She walked home in a daze, and when she reached the Squad Twelve barracks, she made her way to Mayuri's personal lab, knowing she'd find him there. She saw no reason to put off talking to him. As she walked through the building, she couldn't help but notice how quiet it seemed. Normally the building was bustling in some way. Either with younger squad members running files in between labs, or someone taking some experiment, chemical, poison, and cure from one place to another.

No one was around though.

Nozomi shrugged and continued on her journey. When she reached Mayuri's lab, she immediately knew that he was in there. The smells and sounds coming from the lab proved he was probably dissecting something, or trying some new experiment. Carefully, and quietly, she pushed the door open.

Immediately, her heart fell into her stomach as she took in the sight before her. Both of her sons were on her husband's operating tables, split open, with only machines keeping them alive.

"NOOOOOO!" She screamed, rushing forward. Tears burned her face as they fell from her eyes as she took in the two little bodies, bloody and cut open further than any small child should have to suffer. "You bastard! You promised me! You promised me!"

"Be quiet. This is a very important procedure and there are no rooms for errors. This will make them run at optimal level." Mayuri told her barely glancing at her. He began to pour various liquids and things into their son's chest cavities.

Nozomi felt like every muscle in her body had been cut into pieces and sewn back together. She couldn't move, but the pain she felt was unbearable. She stood there, frozen, knowing she could do nothing but wait until Mayuri finished.

Once her sons were stitched up, she gathered them into her arms and ignored her husband's demand of leaving the boys alone. She walked out of the Squad Twelve barracks and straight to Squad Four's.

Captain Unohana immediately took the boys in, settling them into a room and examining them.

The next day, she accepted Captain Yamamoto's offer.

The day after, she sent her divorce papers to Mayuri. She made only one condition to the Captain Commander; that her sons stay with her.

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