Random thing I did and just felt like there was not enough humor in the Spectacular Spider-man fanfiction section. Well, hope you enjoy! And yes, I am a yaoi fan-girl despite the joke down below. XD Come on, ya gotta admit it was funny!

Well, go ahead and read now! i'm gonna go and try to think up some new things to do for this very short project of mine. Bye!


100 Spectacular Crazy Things in the Big Apple!

1) Hide and yell "PIE WILL RULE THE WORLD!" randomly

Electro was jumping out at random times, scaring the shit out of everyone, and yelling about Pie ruling the world: Spider-man nearly had a heart attack when being one of his many victims.

2) Run around in an Oster suit

"You'll never catch me! OYSTERS SHALL RULE THE WORLD! Hahahahahahaha!"

Norman Osborn had too much to drink last night.

3) Crash through walls and yell "Oh Yeah!"

"Gaaaah! Get away from me you evil soft drink of blood!" Peter yelled while throwing random things at Venom, freaking out and running out of the room screaming for 'Mommy!"

"Forgot he was scared of that guy…" Venom mumbled, sitting on top of a suffocating Jonah Jameson, as if he were a pillow.

4) Go up to a person and say in Darth Vader's voice, "I am your Father!"

Spider-man shot Sandman with an AK-47 and beat the crap out of him.

Everyone stayed away in fear of getting the same treatment from the pissed off Spider.

5) Have an Epic Battle


"NO, PIE!"

Thus the war between Pie and Oysters began

6) A flying, green Hippo with Wings and is blind kidnaps you, and dumps you in some place

Rhino screamed and went into a fetal position when finding he was in his worst childhood nightmare.

The world of Telly-Tubies

7) Stare at people in a creepy way and whisper in a low voice "…Seven Days."

Who knew Billy could be so terrifying.

8) Dress up as a Fairy costume and go skip around like a little girl

"I'm a pretty little fairy! Wheeee!"

People were starting to become rather worried for Norman Osborne.

9) Break the Fourth Wall

Doc Ock, Molten Man, Sandman, Electro, and the rest of the sinister six jumped when Rhino went and crashed through the T.V. screen where the little kiddies were watching the show, coming out into the real world and ultimately not just breaking but smashing through the fourth wall.

Everyone stared in shock at him, both the characters still in the T.V. and the people in the real world.

Rhino chuckled nervously.

"Ehehehe! Oops."

10) Reveal Yaoi

Every girl that was there had nosebleeds galore while the boys were horrified and immediately had to go to therapy.


"Fine happy place….find happy place…!"


"Wot da hell is wrong with you fan-girls!"

(Author: Everything! Lol!)

11) Make an Epic Team!

Everyone stayed away from Molten Man and Electro when they came cruising around in a Barbie Jeep, singing the Barbie song in high-pitched voices while wearing pink mini-skirts.

12) Annoy the Hell out of your older Bro

"Eddie, Eddie, Eddie…Bro, Bro, Bro…Venom, Venom, Venom…Eddie, Eddie, Eddie…!"



13) Get Your Groovy on!

Turns out, Doc Ock and Vulture were having a Disco Party and everyone was invited.

They were the kings of the groovy dance disco party.

14) Face your Fears

Spider-man never ran away so fast in his life when coming face to face with the evil Kool-laid man.

Everyone could hear him screaming profanities and 'evil' kool-laid men while being chased by said evil man of red juice.

15) Make a Reality Show

"Oh sure, after all the comic books, cartoons, adds, toys, movies, and other fun stuff, why not make another show about my friggin messed up life!" Peter Parker yelled down the hallway of the studio.

16) Accidentally overdose on Meds

"Hiya guys…Mr. Rock that was very rude…! Oh, kitty people everywhere…."

Gwen, Peter, and Eddie stared at Harry as he pranced around and spouted about odd and weird things that were random and utterly full of nonsense. Finding out what happened, they immediately rushed him to the hospital.

"Hey! Peter-pan! Take me to Neverland!"

Harry then turned to Eddie and smiled widely. He whispered as though he were telling a secret.

"Did you know you like a pedophile turtle man…?"

"….note to self: never let Harry take anymore pills…"

17) Hijack the Bat-mobile



Peter looked at the gas-tank and paled when it said 'EMPTY'


18) Try to find your sanity

The only problem was that it never existed….

19) Try to find Waldo

Peter smirked evilly as he hid amongst the crowds of people, dressed up as Waldo while effectively evading the villains who were utterly confused and hysterical when they thought they spotted Waldo, oh how fun it was to fuck with people's minds!

20) Dance Competition

Everywhere on the News, reporters reported Spider-man and his foes holding a dance competition and so far, Doc Ock and Venom are winning.