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50) Problem?

"Hey Electro, got you some coffee." Sandman said, offering the cup to the electric man who stared at him, then the cup, then back again. An evil grin came on Sandman's face.



51) Pants

Spider-man just realized something very disturbing.

The Green Goblin doesn't wear any pants!

He has a speedo!

52)Freak Like Me

Everyone stared in awe as the Green Goblin sang the most campiest song he has ever invented. Joined later by other villains and people alike. And it was awesome!

"All the weirdos in the world are here right now in New York city. All the crazy boys and girls dressed to kill without pity! All the weirdos from out of town and all the freaks always around! All the weirdos in the world are here in New York city tonight! Here in New York City tonight!"

53) Bronies!

"Fluttershy way is better than Twilight Sparkle!" Venom shouted at Mysterio.

"No way, Rainbow Dash all the way!" Electro yelled.

"Rarity is clearly the better pony."

"No, Applejack!"

"Guys, guys!" Spider-man yelled down at the arguing villains. "Everyone knows that Pinkie Pie pwns them all!"

Ensue fight scene.

54)Batslap! MEME

"You had your aunt and uncle while I had no-" Eddie Brock was silenced bya slap to the face by Peter.

"My Uncle Ben is DEEAAAAAAAAD!"

55) Waffles!

"Dou you like Waffles, yeah we like waff-!"

"Shut the Hell up Peter! You've been singing that for the past half hour!" Gwen yelled while throwing a random piece of pie at him. "PIE PWNS WAFFLES ANY DAY!"

56) Odd Pairings!

"WTF? Me and Electro? Dah Hell? I'm not Gay!" Shocker sneered at the lap top while Rhino, Sandman, Venom, and Electro gather around him.

"Can't be any worse than me and Spider-man, now that's just wrong!"

"Least you're not paired with either the cow boy here or a high schooler!"Electro argued with Venom.

"Electro, I had no idea you were a Pedobear!" Sandman mockingly stared in shock at the other.


The rest of the day was spent calling Electro a 'Pedobear' much to Dock Ock's awkward and disturbance

57) Creepy Pasta

Vulture threatend to claw Mysterio's eyes out the next time he screams like a girl about "Jeff the Killer" and "Suicidal Mickey Mouse" and wakes everybody up.

58) The Avengers

Nick Fury was standing in the large, big room with people working on computers and stuff when there came a sudden thump outside the window. He turned to watch Spider-man screaming and flailing about while being tied to the wings, yelling curses and insults Nick Fury's way.

Nick Fury just turned away whistling, off to meet with the Avengers, completely ignoring the teenaged arachnid hero as he hits the window again and again and again.

Teach him to go out joyriding on one of SHIELD'S equipment and interrupt Fury's vacation in Figi while stealing his cookies!

59) Sombreros!

Dock Ock felt a migrain coming when seeing that no, Sandman didn't get the supplies he asked him to get. Instead, he got...


"For the Fiesta of course!" Sandman grinned, sombrero on his head.

"What fiesta?"

"The fiesta celebrating Electro dating a high schooler of course! He finally became a MAN!"

"For the last time, I AM NOT A PEDOPHILE!" Electro yelled at the time of his lungs down the hall. "I CAN'T EVEN DRINK A CUP OF COFFEE, MUCH LESS GO OUT DATING!"

"Sucks for you then!" Sandman kept on trolling the electric villain accompanied by the others while Dock Ock just silently wen to his desk and started banging his head on it.

60) Boom!

Peter Parker stopped and realized something.

That somehow, his life is that of a comic book and that millions of people in an alaternate universe is reading his fucked up life page after page and it becomes so popular that there are movies made, cartoons set on TV, more comicbook issues written, several unverses made with other suprer heroes, music created, fanfictions, parodies, etc. all based on his life are formed as some sick joke by the universe because it just hates him or love to make his life miserable. And that, the other Peter Parkers before himhad realized this too and because of the super overload, the universe has exploded for another qeustionable number of times and goes "Gee, that's wasn't very fun...let's go messed with Peter Parker again!" AND THE CYCLE REPEATS ITSELT OVER AND OVER AGAIN EXPECT THIS TIME, THIS TIME!

Gwen Stacey kissed him.

The Universe exploded.