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Epilogue: The Name He Never Knew

Shaggy black hair whipped at his face, green eyes downcast at the grave below, the engraved words on the tombstone, the very ones that made his world for the longest time, and now seemed to make it fall apart piece by piece. He put a bouquet of red roses on the grave, hand immediately covering his chest where his heart belonged, but just looking at that name- that two word, four syllable name- he knew that his heart was in that coffin. The black haired man, looking no older than twenty, sighed, letting his breath linger in the cool autumn air, before it faded away like everything else in his life.

He had been his one and only love, a brother of his friend, but they never actually talked. The black haired man had always stayed in the shadows, watching him from a distance, scared to approach him because he just seemed all that unapproachable, unobtainable. He hadn't even known that he existed, he didn't know what his face looked like, he wouldn't even have recognized his name if it were said. He didn't know who his secret admirer was, and now… Now he never would.

'Here lies Keith Marshall…'

Those words sent a knife through his heart, leaving him to only choke on his tears, all the unspoken words stuck in his throat forever, leaving him to realize with a shock that he would never be able to tell him that he loved him, that he thought he was perfect in every way, that even if he tried, there wasn't anyone else in the world that could compare to his warm chocolate eyes and messy mocha hair, his beautiful smile and even the sound of his laugh. The young man wiped the tears away from his emerald eyes, sniffling sullenly. "I…" his voice was nothing more than a squeak, and despite his hometown (Savannah), it completely lacked the native accent. "I love you, Keith… You didn't even know I existed, but… I love you…"

He could hear foot steps in the leaves behind him and he blinked, panicking and hiding behind a nearby tree with curiosity. Two men, a couple by the how close they were and their entwined hands, walked up to the grave, and the shorter one, a brunette with curly hair and vibrant blue eyes, blinked at the roses already laying on the grave. "Someone else was here?" He asked, his accent one from Georgia, and the black haired man's eyes widened. He knew him. "Think it was Ro?"

The taller man shrugged. "I don't know… Maybe." He watched his shorter companion bent down with his own flowers, laying white roses over the bouquet of red. Wordlessly, he stood and turned back to the taller man. "You ready to go?"

"Yup! I'm starvin'." He took the man's hand and they walked out together, leaving the black haired man to watch after them, before sniffling and wiping at his tears again. If only he had gotten that chance to talk to him, maybe they could have been like that, a couple, happy and cheerful. Ducking his head, he shook it before turning to leave out the other exit, leaving behind pieces of his heart and bits of memories of the man he had loved.

"You never knew my name, but it was Dave… David Matthews…"

"My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, and I must pause 'till it come back to me." Am I the only one who thought of Mark Antony's speech with that line "... he knew his heart was in that coffin"? Eh? Eh?

SUPERSECRETSUMMARYBULLSHIT for... -drum roll- "Did It Hurt When You Fell?" (LAME PICK UP LINES! WOO!):

Nick's just a ornery asshole conning gambler until his world is turned upside done when he meets Ellis, a strange eighteen years old Southerner who's life story is a mystery and reasons for staying even more. But for every reckless man, there's a Guardian angel beside him...

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