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Chapter 4


I woke to the sounds of what could only be Sarah's obnoxious banging on my bedroom door, followed by a loud "WAKE UP, BIRTHDAY GIRL!". Seconds later I heard her pounding on the door right next to mine, poor Gina, she was the opposite of a morning person.

We both sometimes wondered how Sarah, could live on so little sleep, just a couple of hours and she was good to go again, and cracking an eye open to glance at the clock I realized that was true for this morning as well, it was only 8 am, and I know if didn't get to sleep until 3 am and they weren't even home yet, that she couldn't have slept much.

Yet she sounded like the freaking energizer bunny or something far more annoying right now. Deciding to ignore her, because lets face it, its my birthday and I'll sleep all day if I want too. I buried myself further into the most comfortable bed ever made and just as I felt my self succumbing to sleep once again, my door flew open with enough force to bang against the wall behind it.

I didn't even flinch at the sound, I was half expecting it anyway. Hoping it wouldn't happen but expecting it nonetheless. She flung herself down and I could feel her watching me. I knew if I cracked open an eye and looked up, I'd be meet with an impatient face and concerned eyes. She wanted to know what happened last night, there was no other reason for her to break one of our birthday rules.

The birthday girl always got to sleep in as late as she wanted no matter what.

But here she was in all her glory, waking me the fuck up.


"What!" I grumped, pulling the comforter up over my head.

She didn't respond not that I expected her too, she was going to be the perfect mother one day, she had all the techniques down and even though I knew what she was doing, I knew I'd crack and blurt something out just to kill the silent treatment she was giving me right now.

But what could I really say this morning that would make much sense to her.

"Well you see Sar, last night I ran into four of the seven people who have hurt me most in my life and a strange man who has haunted my thoughts, and dreams since I first laid eyes on him, oh and by the way I never told you this but they're vampires! Remember that next time you want to get in Barbie's face would ya!"

Yep I'm sure that would go over well.

"Sarah!" I groaned, finally giving up and pulling myself to a sitting position, I could feel how much of a tangled mess my hair was, from falling asleep with it wet, but I couldn't find it in me to care, I had got almost no sleep last night, waking up every hour from those strange dreams.

When I locked eyes on her she was staring me down but I could tell she was about to crack over my hair. "Bitch what do you want! What happened to the rules, birthday girls get to sleep in remember!"

"Whatever, B, you can go back to sleep after we talk!" That paired with the glare that only mothers can really perfect that she was giving me, told me I'd have to give her something or she'd never leave.

I was stuck between pushing her off the bed so I could make a run for it, or spilling my guts, when Gina walked in, looking much like how I was feeling. "Sarah, we have rules for a reason, why'd you wake her up!"

"Because I want to know what happened last night after we walked away, why'd you let those assholes chase you off, they all left right after you, you know! They like 2 houses down from here!" Sarah finally exploded. "I'm thinking about going fuck up all their shit!"

I raised an eyebrow at her at that. "Its probably not even their stuff, aren't most of the houses around her rentals anyway!"

Even though I was acting nonchalant my body tensed and relaxed simultaneously at the knowledge they were so close, I remember how Edward used to tell me he could hear up to a mile away if he really concentrated, and I wondered if they were listening in on us. I knew one of them followed me here last night, and even if they hadn't, their sense of smell would let them know exactly where I was staying.

"Fine, but if I so much as see that Barbie doll even think about throwing you a dirty look again, I'm going to fuck up her ridiculously pretty face!"

"Sarah, first of all, no one ran me off last night, they actually wanted me to stay, well I know some of them did anyway, it was my choice to leave, seeing them was just an unexpected blast from the past and I needed a few minutes to myself to adjust, but I really am fine now. I was more angry than anything, and to be honest I was sort of relieved to see some of them, I think finally unloading on them a little really helped me to get it off my chest." I explained.

She just scowled at me, probably trying to figure out if I was telling the truth or not, I had gotten pretty good at getting around the truth when it came to the topic of the Cullen's, some secrets just aren't yours to tell.

"But they ran you off! You didn't even get a birthday kiss!" She was just grappling on to reasons to stay upset now.

Before she could realize what I was doing I lunged for her, "Its still my birthday Sar! Wanna make out!"

She shrieked and laughed hurrying out of the bed as I gave chance down the stairs and into the kitchen, I could hear Gina laughing her ass off and following behind us.

"Keep that morning breath away from me Bella Swan!" She tried sounding serious but she couldn't even catch her breath from laughing.

"Oh but come on Sarah, I need your kisses!" I laughed.

Before she could respond there was a knock on the door, we all glanced at each other wondering who it could be, its not like we knew anyone around here, and my heart sped up at the thought of one of the Cullen's showing up, but one glance out side showed that just wasn't possible. The morning sun was shinning brightly today.

Sarah recovered before me making her way to the door first followed by me and Gina, she opened it to find two delivery guys there, they had three boxes with them and were looking rather impatient until they noticed Sarah. They instantly brightened, genuine smiles gracing there just annoyed faces.

I rolled my eyes on the effects she had on pretty much all guys and stepped forward not really giving a shit that my hair was literally a birds nest at the moment or that I was flushed red and breathing heavily from our chase down stairs.

"I'm sorry guys but you must have the wrong house, we weren't expecting anything." I informed.

"It says here the package is for an Isabella Swan, does anyone live her by that name?" He was giving me a flirty smile, and even though he was handsome, flashes of a sexy smirk keep flashing in my minds eye and I wondered where my vampire was right now.

"That's me!" I smiled.

"Well just sign here, these two here are very fragile, its an edible item so be careful with them." He informed pointing out two of the three boxes. I took his electronic pad scribbling out a signature before handing it back to him. "Have a good day, Isabella."

And then they were gone and as if we had rehearsed this moments before the knock on the door came we all smiled out a "Momma!"

This was just like Sarah's mom to do, I didn't even have to open the boxes to know that, and I wondered briefly how long it would take Phil, to remind my mom that today was my birthday.

It was times like this when all I really had was my flighty mother that I missed Charlie's sure ways, he never missed a birthday or a holiday, even if he couldn't always be there he would always remember without fault, always called, always sent at least a card. My mother was my only living family and sometimes I think she forgot that I was living.

I shook my head trying to dispel those depressing thoughts, I didn't want to bring myself down, not today when I had so much else going on with the Cullen's just two houses down, I had enough people around me who have let me down in the past, I didn't need to be thinking of another one.

Without even realizing it I was back in the kitchen watching the girls unload the boxes.

"Presents!" Gina alerted, unloading several wrapped presents out of the largest box. I'd open them tonight.

"And cake!" Sarah laughed, she was setting up a two tier cake, it was beautifully designed in several different shades of blue, as were all of the presents.

After a quick call to Momma Jules to thank her and Mr. Henry for their thoughtfulness. They both demanded to be on speaker phone so they could sing happy birthday along with everyone else. Candles were lit and after two embarrassing rounds of the happy birthday song, I blew out my candles, wishing the same thing I always wished, for a happy year to come.

We laughed on the sugar high from eating a ridiculous amount of cake for breakfast before we decided to hit the beach the weather was perfect for a swim, and the bright sun shinning down made me feel optimistic that today was going to be a good day.

I couldn't help the glances that I threw at the house that was exactly two down from ours, and I wasn't surprised to find that all of the curtains had been drawn, I felt myself slowly but surely gravitating in the direction of the beautiful brick home. There were two cars, a jeep which I assumed was Emmett's, and a classic mustang. It was a black on black and I wondered if it belonged to the mystery vampire. It didn't seem to fit the taste of any of the other Cullen's, Rosalie drove nothing that wasn't BMW and Alice was all about the new models. Jasper had always drove a bike or borrowed Emmett's Jeep when needed.

The knowledge that he was probably in that house, made it nearly impossible for me to stay put. After a late lunch of left over fajitas and a couple of Margaritas, the girls decided they wanted to take a nap, we'd were only staying for one more night and they wanted to go out tonight, to make up for my ruined night last night.

"I'll be in a while, I want to enjoy the beach for a little longer." I smiled.

Sarah seemed oblivious to my inner plans but the glance that Gina gave the Cullen's rent house, I knew, that she knew what I was up too. And with an encouraging smile she was on her way, dragging a slightly buzzed Sarah along with her.

I don't know how long I sat there, fighting with myself, on rather I should really go or not before I finally decided to say fuck it and head over. My dark brown bikini was mostly dried but I didn't want to get my shorts wet, so instead I just slipped my tank top on over my bikini top, wrapped up my shorts and towel together, grabbed my phone and headed in their direction before I could change my mind.

And then I felt stupid standing at their door wondering what the hell was wrong with me, because I knew that they could hear me, they could smell me. They probably knew I was coming over before I did, if Alice had anything to say about it.

Just as I was lifting my hand to knock the door was ripped open by a sheepish looking Emmett. He stayed back in the shadows, stepping several steps behind the threshold to be safe.

"Hey, Bells." He gave me a subdued grin, and I missed the dimpled smile I was always so used to seeing on his face.

"Hey, Em." I smiled, a smile that probably looked a little to forced to seem happy. "Is everyone home?" I was going for nonchalant but even I could tell I didn't pull it off very will.

"Umm yeah, Everyone is in the living room actually, they all came down when we heard you walk up."

Before he could say anything else, an impatient "Invite her in!" was shouted from some where behind him.

He whipped his head back around before looking back to me with another sheepish expression, "Sorry, Bells. Just didn't know if you would want to come in or not." He explained.

I smiled at him, "Actually that'd be great."

His smile was more genuine at my words and he moved his massive body to the side, making a sweep motion with his arm, inviting me further into the house. "This way." He instructed before stepping in front of me and leading me deeper into the house.

And there they were all paired off but one, the one that had been haunting my memories for the last twelve hours. He was standing alone in the back by one of the many windows that covered the front of the house. Wearing jeans and an old vintage t-shirt, and barefooted. His hair was dry now and without the water darkening it, it was a slightly lighter shade dirty blonde and his eyes shinned a bright crimson, that didn't scare me one bit.

In fact if anything, the moment we locked eyes I felt the tension drain from my body, instinctively I just knew he would never hurt me, and I had a feeling he would never let anyone else hurt me either.

And the way he was watching me, with eyes so deep, so calculating, emotions were passing through them and over his face before I could grasp on to any of them, but for some reason I had a feeling he was just relieved I was here.

An unnecessary throat clearing brought me back to my senses, and my eyes snapped away from his to glance around the room once more, most were giving me almost knowing looks, while Alice just looked defeated and sad, and I couldn't really figure out any of it.

I ran a nervous hand through my slightly damp hair before speaking, "I'd like to speak to, Alice, alone of that's okay."

My eyes snapped up to meet a set of deep crimson eyes when I heard a growl leave his chest, I felt my brow furrow in confusion but Jasper was there a second later, "Come on, Peter, lets give the girls a minute."

The glare he was sending to Alice would have made me cringe if it were being directed at me, and I couldn't understand what made him so angry all of a sudden.

I looked down at Alice who was still seating on the couch and tried to read her expression, but she was just beaming up at me like I had just given her next seasons top designs or something.

As soon as the room cleared out Peter being the last to fill out of the door but not before sending one last look in my direction, that made me think he wasn't going far, I had a feeling he was just out side the door.

Alice was off the couch and making her way over to me less than a second later and I had to put up both hands, taking several steps back before she got the hint that I just didn't want to be hugged, not by her anyway.

Her face fell only briefly before she plastered another smile on her lips, "Oh, Carlisle and Esme were so happy to hear that we saw you! I hadn't be able to see you in my vision in years Bella! We were all so worried about you! I just know that Edw-"

I cut her off there before she could get any further, "I could give a rats ass what Edward is doing, or thinking, or even how he feels, Alice. And I don't want to hear shit about your visions, its not like its hard to find me, you knew where I lived and even if you didn't its not hard to find me, I don't have the most common name in the world. And just to make myself clear, I didn't come here to talk about, Edward."

She froze her happy expression melting off of her face, leaving it blank and expressionless, and it only further reminded me of the way Edward had been able to look the same when he was leaving me behind and taking his whole family with him.

I tired really hard not to let that memory fuel my anger toward the woman in front of me, I didn't want to fight, I just wanted to talk.

"Look Alice, I don't want to fight okay. I just wanted to talk. I was closer to you than anyone else in your family, so I figured I'd start with you. You were my best friend Alice, I thought of you as a sister." I had to momentarily blink back tears as memories that I hadn't allowed myself to think of in years assaulted me left and right.

Her face crumbled and before I knew it she had flung her little ass into my arms, "I know, Bella, and I never stopped thinking of you as a sister, I love you! Your still my best friend!"

"Alice, best friends and sisters don't just leave there family behind." I sighed, stepping back to put some space between us.

She looked up at me with sad eyes, but I couldn't find it in me to feel bad for her, she had a choice and she made it. "But, Bella, Edward said it would be best for you if we all left, he just wanted you to have a happy human life, but I knew, I just knew he wouldn't be able to stay gone, I knew he'd have to come back, and then we'd all be a family again."

I felt red hot anger surge through my veins, "So your telling me that you all just up and abandoned me because you figured your brother would one day pull his head out of his ass and return to me, and what did you think I would do just sit around and wait for him, take you all back with open arms, Alice, well that's not fucking happening, I may be able to forgive you eventually Alice, but I'll never forget, you had a choice and you made it and now you have to live with the repercussions of that choice."

I glared at her for another moment, "Things will never be the same as they were before, because I'm not the same as I was before, I'm not that same girl any longer Alice, when you guys left it changed me, made me harder, its hard losing an entire part of your family all at once and in order to not let the pain take you over you have to become a harder person."

I didn't even know why I was bothering to explain myself to her at all, the look she was giving me clearly showed she had no intention on giving up her line of argument.

"But I knew, Bella, I knew that you would always be one of us, that never changed. I didn't get many visions of you after we left, but when I did you were always a vampire in them, so I just knew that you and Edward would work it out! I just know will be sisters again!"

A growl tore through the room and before I could register anything I was staring at the back of broad shoulders. Peter was standing in front me of staring down at Alice like she was a bug that he wanted squashed.

And I was inclined to agree with him.

"She said she didn't want to talk about that little shit of a brother of yours, Alice. Don't push it little girl!" He snarled.

Jasper was there in the blink of eye pushing Alice behind him and leveling a glare at Peter, and I felt my anger rise in me once more, at the notion that anyone would be looking at him that way.

Jasper feeling my emotions flicked his eyes briefly toward mine but it was enough for Peter to notice and he let out a warning growl so loud it caused my ears to slightly ring. I instinctively reached around placing a calming hand to the center of his chest. He melted instantly against me covering my hand with his own, his cool touch was comforting against my own anger.

Jasper stepped back taking Alice with him, never turning his back on Peter he made his way to the door way were Emmett and Rosalie were both standing, Emmett shooting a sad look at me while Rosalie was looking like she wanted to maybe rip off a couple of Alice's most vital limbs.

As they exited Jasper glanced briefly at me and whispered a "I'm so sorry Bella" So lowly that I almost didn't catch it.

And I wasn't even sure what he was apologizing for, his crazy wife, or the fact that he had left me behind too, or maybe it was the rush of emotions he was feeling from me, the pain, anger and confusion all melting together to make one big mess.

Before I could respond they were gone. It took Peter another few seconds before he turned around, my hand slid from his chest to his back, with his sudden movements and his now free hand made its way to my face, pushing the damp hair back before grazing his fingers down the side of my face.

"You came her for reasons unknown to you, instincts pulling you here, I know because I've been fighting the same instincts to run to you all night." He finger trapped my chin tilting it upward his crimson gaze locking on my own. "You came for answers to questions you don't even know to ask, and I'll tell you everything."

And looking into his eyes I knew he would.