Title: Heaven Leave the Light On
Author: untapdtreasure
Rating: T
Pairing: Goren & Eames
Spoilers: anything up to War at Home
Summary: The case had ripped them apart from each other and their family, but could honesty bring them back together?

A/N: This idea came to me after hearing a few songs, but it is not a songfic. I hope you enjoy. Please read and review. Thank you, Erica, for the beta.


Alex felt the bed springs give under his weight. She closed her eyes, thankful that he had come to her instead of pushing her farther away. She kept her back to him, ready to hear what he had to say.

Their relationship was still new. Their intimate one, that is. She could still feel that hesitant first kiss.

Biting her lip, she knew she had to wait for him to start. He had to understand why this upset her so much.

She felt him shift and knew without looking that his head was in his hands with his elbows on his knees.

"Alex..." he whispered.

She turned then but remained quiet. She could see his outline in the dark from the little bit of light pouring in from the street light outside. She ached to wrap him in her arms forever.

"I know I was out of line. I get that. I do, but I don't..." He paused as he searched for just the right words. "I can't do this with my Mom. I mean, she wasn't the best Mother by any means, but she's all I've got. She's been the only constant in my life. Until you. And if I can lose her..." His voice broke.

She sat up, pulling his head against her chest. "I can't promise you that nothing will happen to me. God knows that I'd give anything to reassure you that I'll always be here, Bobby..." Tears stung her eyes as she stroked his hair.

His arms were around her small frame almost crushing her. He was afraid that if he let go, she'd just disappear. "I know..." he breathed.

She barely heard him. "But I'll never stop doing everything within my power to make it back to you. To this..." Her lips brushed against his curls. Tears slipped silently down her cheeks. "I love you so much, Bobby. I do."

He lifted his face to meet her eyes. "I love you." He cupped her cheek, kissing away her tears. Then his mouth was on hers. The kiss was soft but desperate. He needed to feel that love. He needed it to be tangible. It had to be.

She undressed him between kisses. Her lips never from some small bit of his skin or lips as she did so.

Soon they lay tangled and naked. His body moved over her, within her. He never felt this close to anyone. His hands roamed her slightly damp skin. And where his hands had been, he followed closely behind with kisses.

She had given herself completely to him, and it scared him to do the same. Yet he knew that had to. He ached to.

Now she loomed over him. Their bodies one as she reached that highest peak. His mouth was at her breast, swirling his tongue over her hardened nipple. Her hands were in his hair.

"Bobby," she gasped as she slipped over that so sought after edge into oblivion. She clung to him, trembling with aftershocks.

He held her close. His thrusts were deep and slow. "I love you." It slipped from his lips as he spilled into her heat.

Her breaths came in quivering gasps. "I love you, Bobby."

She pulled back and he drew her mouth to his in a tenderly passionate kiss. He shifted her, tucking her against him.

When her head rested in its usual spot, he breathed into the darkness. "You don't know how grateful I was to see that you'd left the light on for me."