Chapter One

The Tablet of Order and Chaos -Day 1 (Time of Impact: Midnight)


The Tablet of Order and Chaos, the magical object that led to four Spider-Men scattered across four different dimensions, Amazing, Noir, Ultimate, and 2099, having to team up to save all of reality from the Amazing Reality's Mysterio. An unknown fact to Madame Web andf the heroes is that each of the four dimensions has its own version of the tablet. Currently right now in each dimension, the tablet is being delivered to a museum in New York City. Finding out about tablet being inside the city from reading the newspaper or word of mouth, each hero reflects on the previous events and how Mysterio almost permanently ripped apart all of space and time. Wanting to avoid the same catastrophe, each Spider-Man decides to keep a close eye on the tablet. Unfortunately for each hero though, a villain in each dimension already has their eyes on their respective dimension's tablet. Throughout all four realities Spider-Man must battle his foe trying to keep the tablet safe. Unfortunately, it leads to the tablet being broken apart by the villain into four pieces at the exact same time amongst all four dimensions. This causes a chaotic time tornado to break free changing all of those who get into contact with it, sending three of the four pieces off into a different dimension, and the last piece taking the original villain with it. Now with the guidance of Madame Web once again, the Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Spider-Man Noir must work together to restore order to time and reality by reclaiming each piece of the tablet from all four dimensions.

(Note: for simplicity and to make it easier to understand who I am talking about, I will refer to each Spider-Man by his dimension's name. Example: Amazing jumped high into the air. Amazing refers to the Spider-Man from the Amazing universe.)

Amazing Universe: Electric Explosion

Max Dillon is a being with seemingly limitless power, able to call upon, create, and weaponize electricity for his own selfish gains, only to be defeated time and time again by those weaker then him. 'How could he keep losing?' 'Was he not strong enough?' The last question is what brings him to standing on the roof of the building, across the street from the museum where The Tablet of Order and Chaos is currently being kept. Back in prison Quentin Beck, or Mysterio perhaps you might know him as, would not shut up about this piece of rock. How Globe Head became the most powerful being in reality and blah, blah, blah. Oh cares about details, all that matters to the Amazing Electro is that soon he will have all the power he needs fairly shortly.

A burst of electricity thunders from Electro bringing down the museum wall. Stealth was never his fortes. With the blast having taken out most of the security guards, Max Dillon walks forward to claim the tablet. Before he can even touch it however, a web grabs hold and yanks the tablet away. Electro looks over to see his long time foe, The Amazing Spider-Man, with the tablet now tucked under his arm. "I have to thank you Electro. If you didn't leave behind a light show, I might have missed the party."

"Damn you web head!" Electro bursts out sending a shock wave of electricity. Amazing finds himself caught up in the blast sending him and the tablet flying into a wall. Electro calmly walks over and picks up the tablet and looks down at Amazing. "Maybe I don't need this piece of rock beat you after all," Electro smirks as he aims an electric charge at Amazing's head.

Amazing jumps to his feet and leaps over Electro's head, landing in front of a plant exhibit. Electro sends out his electric burst, but Amazing dodges leaving the plants to take the hit. The plants ignite on fire setting off the smoke alarms and sprinklers. Adding more water to the mix, Amazing webs the sprinkler located on top of Electro and pulls down bursting the pipe. "You may want to rethink that last statement Starfish Head." As water makes contact with Electro he begins to short circuit. As electricity begins to take over Electro, Amazing realizes Electro is still holding onto the tablet. "Oh no..."

An explosion of electricity sends both men flying breaking the tablet into four pieces. Three of the pieces fly past Amazing's head before they disappear into a flash of blue light. Amazing looks up to see Electro back to his feet with a piece of the tablet in his hand. Once again, electricity begins to take over Electro as he prepares to explode once more; however Amazing notices that Electro's drawing in more energy then he normally does. This will not just be a boom...its going to be a big boom. Before Electro could explode though, he disappears into a flash of blue light along with the tablet piece he was holding. With the water reaching his heels, Amazing stands up knowing one thing for sure. Madame Web isn't going to be happy.

Noir Universe: The Doctor's Slaves

This guy has always given people around him the creeps, luckily someone else can be just as effective at giving others the creeps. Slowly and quietly, Spider-Man Noir crawls around the inside of the warehouse until he finds what he's looking for: the holding cells. Coming down to the ground, Noir keeps an eye out for guards as he gets ready to free the men held captive in the cells. The majority of those in the cells are coloured minorities, the rest assumingly Jewish. They are all dressed in tattered shorts and obviously being starved. "What's the Doc's problem? He makes me sick," Noir remarks to himself. Before Noir can open the cells he finds himself jumped by six men, four of African decent and two of Asian decent, all six with clear eyes. "Sorry but I have to do this." With not much effort Noir takes out all six men, all of who were under mind control. Quickly, Noir frees the remaining prisoners before looking for the man that did this.

Entering into the next room Noir finds his true target, unfortunately while he is surrounded by approximately twenty slaves currently under mind control. From what Noir can understand, the mind controlled slaves are being used to create more of the serum. The same serum that took over their minds, and probably meant for the cell full of prisoners Noir just released. Who would be sick enough to do this? None other then Doctor Otto Octavius, or by his popular name Doctor Octopus Noir, a crippled man in a wheel chair who uses six mechanical arms to move around and practice his experiments. He is a brilliant biologist and neurologist, but has a particular racial ideology Noir is not fond of. The handicapped man has spent his life work finding ways to make those "racially weak" more useful in society, which led to him developing a serum that makes people give up their free will over to Doc Ock. After using his influence with the Nazi secret agency, he has been able to get The Tablet of Order and Chaos transferred to him instead of the museum. Now Doc Ock is experimenting with the tablet's magical powers in an effort to find a way to create the same mind control effect without the use of the serum.

As Noir waits on the wall looking for a spot to strike, he is spotted by one of the mind controlled slaves. This leads to all of the mind control slaves preparing to fight. With no choice, Noir jumps off of the wall and sprays the crowd with his webbing, tying up those in front of the giant mob. Jumping and dodging, Noir is able to bypass the slaves and reaches Doctor Octopus. Noir leaps forward with a punch but the doctor holds the tablet up to block it. Noir pulls his fist back, trying to avoid breaking the tablet. Using the metallic arm that has a drill on the end of it, Doctor Octopus is able to drill into Noir's right arm. Thankfully with the metal arms not being very strong, it doesn't take much for Noir to pull the drill out and break it. Noir turns his head in time to see a slave lifting up a hammer aiming for the hero's skull. Noir dodges in time but he leaves it for the slave's hammer to instead hit the tablet Doctor Octopus is still holding up. The tablet breaks apart into four pieces creating a chaotic time tornado sending the slaves and Noir flying back against a near by wall. Doctor Octopus sits inside the tornado crying out in pain. As three pieces of the tablet fly out of the tornado, each is caught by a slave, leading to each slave holding the tablet piece disappearing suddenly into a blue light. As the tornado fades away, Noir finds Doctor Octopus standing on his own two feet and now with his wheel chair and metal arms fused to his back. Doc Ock looks up to Noir pleading for help before disappearing away into a radiant blue light. Noir stands up and prepares to fight the remaining slaves, but is shocked to find them all now standing and unable to move. With no mind controller, they are left as blank slates. So, the big question is: where did Doctor Octopus go?

2099 Universe: The Future's Scorpion Reflects the Past

Still mad driven and willing to do anything to become human again, Scorpion (formerly Kron Stone) is convinced to steal The Tablet of Order and Chaos by Dr. Locke-Connors. Scorpion has little difficulty breaking into the museum at night. Having successfully taken out the guards and with the tablet in hand, Scorpion proceeds to out run the authorities, that is until he runs into Spider-Man 2099. "Hey Kron, been awhile," 2099 yells as he hits a swinging dropkick sending both him and Scorpion through a nearby window. Having fallen too far behind and failing to notice the broken window, the police zoom by leaving the two meta-humans to duke it out alone.

2099 concentrates on dodging the claws and tail as Scorpion holds the tablet in his mouth. Using his speed to his advantage, 2099 gets a quick punch on Scorpion's jaw sending the tablet out of his mouth and across the room. With the tablet free, 2099 leaps towards the tablet but Scorpion catches his foot with a claw. 2099 falls flat on his face as Scorpion rushes past the hero, but 2099 sends out a web catching Scorpion's foot. The giant mutant scorpion falls forward as the futuristic hero gets to his feet and runs once again for the tablet. Reacting quickly, Scorpion swings his tail around tripping 2099. Scorpion jumps to his feet and leaps towards the tablet. "Why won't you just leave me alone! You take away my love, my true powers and now you stop me from trying to return to normal. You think I want to be this way? This isn't right. This isn't right!"

Out of anger Scorpion drives his claw through the tablet destroying and shattering it. Magical energy begins to break free pushing 2099 further back and almost out the broken window. A chaotic time tornado forms surrounding Scorpion. Looking up, 2099 sees Scorpion changing back into his human form, Kron Stone. That doesn't last long however, as time continues to rewind before 2099's eyes. A black ooze begins to take over Kron Stone's body, returning him to his original villainous persona, Venom 2099. Suddenly three pieces of the tablet, each covered in black ooze, fly off from the tornado disappearing away in flash of radiant blue light. The magical tornado breaks away, freeing Venom. Venom looks over towards 2099 with acid dropping down from his teeth, melting through the floor. In his right hand is a piece of the tablet covered in the same black goo. Venom leaps forwards as 2099 closes his eyes but before he can get any closer than an inch, he disappears into a flash of blue light. 2099 opens his eyes confused on where Scorpion...Kron...Venom went.

Ultimate Universe: The Green Anger and its Desire

Norman Osborn, the Ultimate Green Goblin, has always hungered for power and authority, so when he heard of The Tablet of Order and Chaos he couldn't help but be interested. Did he believe in magic? Certainly not, but being engulfed in a desire for power meant he wasn't against at least checking it out. Just as the truck containing many priceless artifacts arrives, including the tablet, Goblin goes into action. Eliminating the truck driver and anyone in the loading dock, Osborn goes into the back of the truck. Easily finding the crate containing the tablet, Osborn wastes no time in opening the it. Nothing, the tablet is no where to be seen. Someone has beaten Osborn to the punch. In a fiery explosion, pieces of the truck fly out with Osborn standing in the centre of the explosion. The midnight sky is temporally fully lit by the inferno.

"Hey Gobbie, keep it down. People are trying to sleep," Ultimate Spider-Man jokes while hanging upside down with the tablet in hand. "For once can't you do stuff like this on the weekend, some of us have to wake up in the morning still."

Green Goblin leaps forward to pounce his nemesis, but Ultimate shows off his speed and evades. Ultimate jumps straight into the air with the tablet close to his chest covered by his arms.

"Love to chat Osborn but I gotta run. Thanks at least for assuring me someone would eventually come for this puppy," Ultimate says holding up the tablet.

Ultimate sends out a web and tries to swing away, but Goblin throws a fireball cutting the web. Falling back to the ground, Ultimate still holds onto the tablet facing towards the Green Goblin. Goblin lights another fireball and aims for Ultimate's chest. Unable to react in time, the fireball catches its target hitting Ultimate and the tablet. Ultimate falls to his back and looks down at his chest to see the tablet broken into four pieces. The pieces of the tablet burst into flames and Ultimate has to throw them to the side to stop his costume burning up. A chaotic time tornado breaks open throwing all four fiery pieces to the sky. Three of the pieces disappear into blue flashes but the fourth goes flying at Goblin. Catching the fourth piece, Osborn inspects it before returning his attention to Ultimate. Watching time and reality breaking apart in front of him, the Green Goblin observes Ultimate's body being taken over by a familiar black ooze. Crying out and trying to rip the symbiote off, Ultimate finds himself powerless to rid himself of the creature. Osborn grins. With a distracted hero, the Green Goblin lights up another fireball and prepares to launch it at Ultimate. Before he can release, Norman Osborn the Green Goblin disappears into a flash of blue light along with the tablet still in his hand. With the current danger gone, Peter Parker can't help but panic over his new current danger. The symbiote has reattached itself to him somehow.


With each Tablet of Order and Chaos shattered travelling into different dimensions, each Spider-Man has been left with nothing. No clues to follow or ideas on where to start. Amazing can't even get in locate Madame Web. For the next six days that's all each Spider-Man will see and hear nothing about the tablets. On the eighth is when things will get interesting again.