Note from the writer:

This marks the end of me writing all four universes at the same time. For now I will do one Spider-Man at a time. The chapters may be smaller but I want to focus on one at a time, plus make it easier to read it.

Chapter 6

Last Time on Infinite Crisis

All four Spider-Men have returned to their home dimensions after three months have passed to a very different New York. Noir returns to a New York ruled by a mob controlled Amazing Electro. 2099 discovered that the Ultimate Green Goblin is now an executive at Alchemax. Ultimate finds the SHIELD Hellicarrier and the skies of New York controlled by Vulture 2099. Amazing finds his own dimension's SHIELD attacking him and a new Spider-Man as well.

Amazing Universe: Identity Crisis- 1 Down and 11 To Go

"I know I've been gone awhile but replace with a whole new Spider-Man. I feel insulted." Amazing says to himself as he swings through the streets of New York. Landing and perching on the edge of a building, Amazing takes a closer look at the streets. Two more SHIELD squads, not citizens. Something's not right. SHIELD doesn't operate like this, so they must be doing this for a very important reason. All the more reason to find Nick Fury, but first Aunt May. It's been six months and Peter Parker can't imagine what she's gone through since he left.

Web-slinging into his aunt's neighbourhood Amazing slips behind a bush and changes into Peter Parker. He walks and stops in front of her house. Walking up to Aunt May's house Peter takes a big gulp and knocks on the door.

No answer. Peter knocks again.

No answer. One last time.

Creaking. Slowly the door cracks open. "Peter!"

"Mary Jane?" Peter exclaims.

The red head jumps into his arms and all Peter cam say is to his childhood friend and ex-girlfriend, "Where's Aunt May?"

"Peter," Mark Jane sniffs between each breath, "So much has happened."

"What happ..."

"Where have you been?"

"I can't say..."

"You can't say Peter Parker! Being late all the time is one thing but disappearing and coming back after six months!"

"Mary Jane I'm sorry, but, where's my Aunt May?" Peter says beginning to sob himself.

"Peter, you've missed so much."

Web-slinging through New York all the Amazing Spider-Man can do are try and hold the tears back. She's dead. Of a heart attack, or heart ache perhaps. Was it Amazing's fault? Six months and he's come back to everything being turned upside down. SHIELD, another Spider-Man, and no Aunt May. Nice of mark Jane to be at the house to try to deal with the contents, I guess. 'Mary Jane, thank you. You've always been there for me and Aunt May,' Amazing thinks t himself. That's it, until this is dealt with no more Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man. It's time to find Nick Fury and now! Then it all went foggy. Losing track of his limbs, Amazing loses his grip and the webline and crashes on a car below. Before losing consciousness, Amazing sees a needle in his arm and realizes his Spider-Sense did not go off. Amazing looks up and exclaims, "You, you, copy cat," Amazing stumbles saying to the other Spider-Man stands over him holding a rifle, "What kind of, me uses, a gun." Then he passes out.

Coming to, Amazing's vision goes from foggy to normal, but slowly.

"Now Peter Parker, or do you prefer Spider-Man? Well it doesn't matter because you're not allowed to be either. As of two months ago Peter Parker is now a SHIELD agent and a month ago Spider-Man became an operative for the new SHIELD Avengers."

Amazing's vision kicks in as he notices himself strapped to a wall and Nick Fury chewing him out.

"Thing is Spider-Man, we only need one in this city, heh, or dimension," Fury chuckles.

"I am in full agreement, Chameleon. So why don't you stop stealing my gimmick?"

"Oh, you figured me out? Congrats," as the Nick Fury melts away to black ooze and eventually Chameleon Noir's true face appears. "Alas Spider-Man I am not the one parading around as you. That privilege has gone to a friend of mine."

"So what's all this about? Is this where you do a maniacal laugh and tell me your plan?"

Out of nowhere Chameleon's chest glows and his right hand morphs into black ooze then a black sword and Amazing's spider-sense goes off. Swiping the sword across Amazing's throat just close enough to cut the costume and barely scratch the neck."Or I could kill you."

"That's a close shave."

"You are very different from my Spider. Wise cracks are new for me, I've always been used to a darker tone."

"Get used to it because I'm not going anywhere. Well when I say that I mean not die, not stay strapped to the wall. "

"Cute," Chameleon sneers.

"Safe to say that tablet piece gave you some morphing powers."

"More than just that Spider. It's given me a new lease on life, literally. I was dead until I woke up with this tablet in my cold, dead hand. Now with this new life I can do more. In my first life was just a side show freak with a weird face. I spent my life as a peon to some and a freak to every else." As Amazing's spider-sense goes off, Chameleon then drives the sword hand through Amazing's head, or would have if a web-line didn't pull Chameleon's sword arm to the side at the last second.

Kneeling on a nearby wall is the Armoured Spider-Man who luckily was around to stop Chameleon from taking out Amazing, permanently. A front forward flip later the Armoured Spider-Man with a rifle over his arm is standing now beside Chameleon. Wearing what looks like light swat armour with the typical red mask and spider emblem on the chest and back, Armoured Spider-Man grunts as he looks at Chameleon. "Remember what the boss said Chameleon," the Armoured Spider-Man lectures, "We get what we want, if we give the boss the real one if he ever showed up. Don't blow this for us."

With a sigh of relief, Amazing lets out "Thanks goodness. I've never seen such a good lucking super hero before."

"Quiet clone!" The Armoured Spider-man demands. Looking back to the Chameleon the Armoured Spider-Man asks, "Why are you wasting our time. We have to get going if we're going to follow through with the rest of the boss' plan."

"If you don't mind me interrupting, but what would that plan be?" Amazing says trying to act innocent.

Chameleon looks to Amazing and smiles, "Why to give me more power, of course. You see Spider this tablet piece has given me so much to work with compared to my first life. Apart of my second life, I am now the man, the man in charge. This tablet piece has given me everything I've ever wanted in life, and soon more." Chameleon leans into Amazing and his body melts into blackness, and then emerges with a suit, a tie, and Barrack Obama's face.

"Nice face. I suggest keeping it instead over that last one, because..."

Chameleon's other first morphs over Amazing's mouth covering it with black ooze.

"You know, that is why super villains always lose. Do you just automatically give up our plans to everyone?" Armoured Spider-Man says annoyed.

"Hey, I may not see him again. I just wanted to see the look on his face when he knew what was going to happen," Chameleon debates as black ooze ripples over his body turning him back into Nick Fury.

"He's wearing a mask, how can you see his face?"

"Oh shut up."

Amazing has been against the wall strapped to it for ten minutes now doing knowing but self-loathing. "I failed everyone. Couldn't even beat two knock offs from another dimension. Mary Jane, Aunt May. I'm sorry, I've let everyone down."

"Not yet," a feminine voice hisses. Black Cat slowly crawls from an air duct and lands in front of Amazing. "I knew that was a fake this whole time. I knew the real Spider would never pack heat. I knew there was no way you would work for Fury's fascist army," Black Cat immediately starts to take the straps off.

"Black Cat? But how?" Amazing yells.

"Quiet down, or do you want both of us caught. I knew it was you when I found SHIELD going after you. Things have changed since you left. Nick Fury has turned SHIELD into New York's private security force."

"But why?"

"Deal with supervillains, superheroes. Choose the excuse you think works best, because SHIELD has targeted both; which is why some of us have formed a resistance group, while others like the Avengers are staying out for political reasons. Probably won't last much longer though because the President himself is coming to New York to deal with Fury himself. "

"Oh no."

"What is it Spider?"

"Felicia, that's not good. Nick Fury isn't himself.

Running through the SHIELD Hellicarrier hallways Amazing has finished telling the whole story to Black Cat.

"Wouldn't mind getting a taste of that power myself," Black Cat says purring.

"Trust me," Amazing advises, "if you say first thing what these tablets can do you wouldn't want to touch them either."

Dealing with SHIELD agents as they go by as they finally get to the hanger where awaits them is a cloaked Quinjet.

"How did you get a Quinjet from Tony Stark?" Amazing says swinging along.

"Iron Man's not a fan of what SHIELD was doing lately, plus I borrowed it without asking." Black Cat answers.

Jumping into the Quinjet, the two head down to New York to city hall where the President is scheduled for a press conference for when his talks with SHIELD ended. As they are flying Amazing looks through the Quinjet and cheers when he finds what he is looking for. "Ha ha! I could kiss you Tony!"

"What, you prefer him before me?" Cat says flirting.

"Sorry Felicia but you don't come with sonic grenades."

Just as President Barrack Obama begins giving his speech granting full power to SHIELD over New York, a small silver ball rolls on stage from nowhere. "What is...," the President fails to say as the sonic grenade goes off right before him.

As everyone reacts in terror, President Obama's flesh and hair react violently to the sonic grenade with black ooze sprouting up and seemingly screaming in pain along with the President's actual voice itself. Black ooze ripples over the President and reveals the Chameleon underneath. No one knows how to react until a lone secret service agent goes to tackle Chameleon but drops dead after a sniper shot. Soon the entire secret service is shot down by a sniper. Then the Armoured Spider-Man swinging and landing amongst the craziness with a smoking rifle in his hand. Grabbing a grenade from his belt, the Armoured Spider-Man uses his spider-senses to locate then throw a sticky grenade. The grenade stops and floats in midair before blowing up revealing the cloaked Quinjet and an evacuating Black Cat and Amazing.

Still armed with three sonic grenades Amazing leaps and sticks to the wall for safety, while Black Cat simply lands on her feet. "Cat, want to deal with the ugly version of me while I deal with Chameleon?"

Purring to herself, Black Cat exclaims "Nothing would make me happier."

Black Cat jumps and throws a punch to the Armoured Spider-Man. The two throw punches and kicks until they get further away from Amazing and Chameleon.

"What have you done to me?" Chameleon yells as he forms both arms into giant hands with razors for fingers. "I had all the power," Chameleon continues as he legs become rigid and his toes replaced with claws, "For once everyone answered to me." Finally Chameleon's face takes on a symbiotic-like face similar to Venom and Carnage.

"Elementary my dear Chameleon," Amazing says in a bad English accent. "To defeat one's enemy, one must know one's enemy." Amazing leaps into the air leaving a sonic grenade behind as Chameleon launches at the hero. As the sonic grenade goes off, the black ooze from Chameleon wrenches itself around his body as Chameleon screams in pain.

"You see," Amazing continues in a normal voice, "From the tablet piece you were granted life, but also symbiotic powers-like morphing powers thanks to the ooze left over from the Venom symbiote. Which means," Amazing tries to finish while dodges razor claw from Chameleon, "Which means you have the strengths of a symbiote, but also the same weaknesses, in this case sonic waves."

Amazing ducks a claw attack from Chameleon then throws at punch to Chameleon's chest. The punch gets lodges and stuck in Chameleon's chest, trapping Amazing. Amazing fails to dodge as claws rip through his chest with deep cuts. Amazing throws another punch with his free hand which also gets stuck in Chameleon. Chameleon laughs until he notices Amazing's second hand is beeping inside him. Then the second sonic grenade goes off inside Chameleon tearing his very being apart as bits of his black ooze explode and land everywhere. Amazing is shot backwards as well from the explosion with bits of his costume torn up.

Still armed with one final sonic grenade Amazing turns his attention to finding the tablet piece, until he spots it stuck to a wall with black ooze. Suddenly Amazing's spider-sense goes crazy signalling danger everywhere. Looking around, Amazing finds that each small bit of black ooze has turned into a miniature version of Chameleon. As each Chameleon cuts and claws away at various parts of Amazing, echoes of the fight between Black Cat and Armoured Spider-Man are heard. Black Cat is losing.

Amazing forces himself to his feet and leaps towards the tablet piece just as bits of black ooze and mini-Chameleons form around it. As Amazing is about to land on the tablet piece a black monstrous being made of the ooze springs forward trying to eat Amazing alive. The third and final sonic grenade is activated. Splitting the black monster apart into twenty different pieces scattering in all directions, Amazing is flying backwards from the explosion as more of his costume is lost and he then shoots out a web-line. Once the ringing in his ears go away, Amazing stands up littered in cuts and bruises, but also with the tablet piece in hand. Before him is a corpse, a rotted version of the Chameleon's true form. The suddenly a gunshot is head and Amazing screams, "Cat!"

Web-slinging to where he heard the gunshot Amazing is horrified at what he finds. Black Cat holding her side having been shot by the Armoured Spider-Man with a pistol in hand, seemingly pulled out originally from the belt. The Armoured Spider-Man looks up and laughs saying, "Hey, I take it you beat Chameleon. That's fine, never liked him anyways, too much talk and not enough action. Me, I like action. How about you Kitty Cat?" Amazing sends out a web-line but it is too late. Black Cat is murdered in cold blood, by a Spider-Man holding a pistol. "Night, night,"

Armoured Spider-Man web-slings away as all Amazing can do it go and try to see if Black Cat is still alive. "Felicia Hardy! Felicia! Cat! Say something!" Amazing cries out in pain over his fallen long time comrade.

Armoured Spider-Man from a distance has Amazing in his crosshairs of his rifle. Knowing his spider-sense wouldn't go off, Amazing would be sure as dead. "No," Armoured Spider-Man as he puts the rifle away deciding this is enough for today. "I want to beat you at your best, and I will. Next time Peter Parker, its Spider on Spider only. No cats allowed."


Next Time on Infinite Crisis

Spider-Man Noir decides he must battle and eliminate one of the top two mob bosses. Deciding to go with the easier choice instead of Amazing Electro, even if you can call this easy, Spider-Man Noir tracks down and does battle with the Ultimate R.H.I.N.O.



Characters from Chapter Six: identity Crisis (spoilers if you haven't read yet)

Amazing Spider-Man

Chameleon Noir (dead due to losing the tablet piece and reverting back to a corpse) -Appears as himself, Nick Fury, President Barrack Obama, and symbiotic attack version

Armoured Spider-Man (identity unknown)

Black Cat (dead due to gunshot)