This is my first fan fiction, so try not to be too harsh, but I wish for advice. R & R please.

Italics- is thoughts

"italics"-is Hikari's zaiphon

Bold- is POV and Dreams

Regular- is POV/narration


Where am I?…It's dark….


Who's calling me?….A woman?…

"It's me your ¢¢¢"

Who?…Who are you?…

"Ah! Demon! Get away from me! Die!"

Stop! Stop hitting me! What did I do?

"That eye! You're not my son! You're the DEVIL'S CHILD!"

Stop…Please…My voice….I can't scream…You did this to me…Mother…

Hikari's POV

Another nightmare. I wish they would stop.

"Hey sklave! Stop tossing and turning when you sleep! You should just go sleep outside like the rest of the animals!"

Then again, maybe the rumors have been getting to my head. It's not like I can say anything back though….ugh, I feel sick

"Hey. You okay?"

Huh?…When I turned around, I saw a guy about the same age as me, with an "X" shaped scar and bright blond hair. Next to him, silently reading a book, was another kid with chestnut colored hair and striking green eyes. Unsure how to answer them, I pulled out my zaiphon, which must have scared the short guy, because he immediately charged at me and went to roundhouse kick me in the face. Thanks to the fact that I'm a battle sklave, I was able to block his kick, although, when I tried to explain (with my zaiphon), he must have thought I was attacking him. He grabbed the collar of my uniform to punch me in the face, but the other guy stopped him right before he hit me.

"Teito! Stop!"

"But Mikage! He was trying to-"

"He was trying to answer, Teito!"

"With zaiphon? Are you crazy?"


Mikage, as he was called, pointed at where Teito had grabbed my uniform to point out the scars that criss-crossed my throat.

"He's mute, Teito."

Teito let go of me, and blushed embarrassingly as he fixed my uniform.

"Sorry, I didn't know."

"It's okay, most people don't."

I brushed myself off, covered up my scars, and apologized for any misunderstandings I may have caused.

"It's okay. By the way, how were you able to stop Teito's kick?"

"Oh that…I'm actually…a battle sklave…"

I began to back away thinking that they would start making jokes about me being a battle sklave. What Mikage said, though, really surprised me.

"Really? So is Teito!"


"Sorry, Teito, but don't you feel bad for him? He goes through the same stuff you do! You two should be good friends!"


"Um…Can we do that?…Being friends, I mean."

"Hm? Of course!


"Examinees, please report to your designated areas. The exam is about to begin."

"We better hurry, or we'll be late."

"Better start running! Let's go Teito and….I'm sorry, what's your name?"

"Hikari…Hikari Ryutan."

"Nice to meet ya Hikari! Let's help each other in the exam."

"We won't be able to if we miss the exam, Mikage."

"Oh! Right! Well, let's go."