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This is set not long after 'Original Song'. There's obviously a bit of beaten up Finn, Kurt and Blaine. Klaine and Finchel with a little Finn/Quinn are the main pairings.

The afternoon had been long, but not boring. Just an average, sunny Saturday afternoon, the type that's best spent with friends. And family, Finn thought, glancing over to Kurt in the passenger seat of the car. They were on their way back home after spending the day out. Flicking his gaze up to the mirror, Finn shot Blaine a quick glance. The guy was pretty cool, Finn had to admit. He knew Kurt really liked Blaine, and as long as the guy didn't do anything stupid then Finn was sure they'd get on just fine. Stupid like what he'd done at Rachel's party. Luckily that was all in the past and both Kurt and Blaine were past it now. Finn smiled to himself. Now all he had to do was get him and Rachel to that point and everything would be fine. But then of course, there was Quinn…

"What are you smiling about?" Kurt asked, raising his eyebrow at his stepbrother.

Finn chuckled, "Nothing."

The teenager turned his attention back to the road. Almost home. Blaine was supposedly spending the rest of the afternoon back at their place. Finn wasn't sure how Burt was taking the whole 'Kurt and Blaine' thing, but as far as Finn could tell he was taking it remarkably well. After all, it wasn't as if the guy was like Karofsky. Now there was a guy that deserved to get his head pounded in. Finn was sure something was up with Karofsky, but there was nothing he could prove and if Kurt knew something, he wasn't saying it.

Finn sighed as he focused on the road, the sound of Blaine and Kurt talking in the background fading out. Wow, how much drama could one family go through? It seemed never ending, but at least for the moment things were going smoothly.

He didn't see the other car until it was almost too late. It drifted over from the opposite lane, slipping right in front of him at the last possible moment. Finn swore and spun the wheel. The car swerved violently, Kurt yelping in surprise as it skidded into the next lane.

"Crap!" was the last thing Finn heard before the car slid right off the edge of the road and there was an almighty crash. Something hard smacked into his forehead and everything was suddenly plunged into darkness.


Kurt glanced over at his stepbrother as he saw a small smile appear on the taller's face.

"What are you smiling about?" he asked.

Finn looked over to him for a moment and chuckled, "Nothing."

As Finn turned back to the road, Kurt twisted his head to see Blaine. In the backseat, Blaine rested one arm on the back of Kurt's seat and smiled.

"I think we should do this again," he said.

Kurt smiled in return, "Sure, as long as I get at least one date to myself."

Blaine laughed, shaking his head, "Have I ever told you that you're adorable?"

"Numerous times. But don't feel like you have to stop."

Before Blaine could respond, the car jolted beneath them. Kurt cried out in surprise as he whipped his head back around to see the car now careening towards the edge of the road, and the embankment. His breath caught in his throat in the split second that they rolled over it, the car twisting upside down. Everything went black.


Blaine leaned against Kurt's seat, smiling as he thought back to their day. He definitely liked Finn. He was the greatest brother anyone could ever ask for. He was just what Kurt needed when things got a little tough. Then again, Blaine thought, now Kurt had him for that.

The focus of his thoughts turned around to look at him. Blaine smiled at him, loving the small smile he got in return.

"I think we should do that again," he said, in all honesty. Blaine couldn't think of any other two people he would rather spend time with.

Kurt's smile widened as he replied, "Sure, as long as I get at least one date to myself."

Blaine laughed as he shook his head. His boyfriend – yes, boyfriend, as he could now proudly say – was honestly the most adorable person he'd ever met. He took the chance to tell Kurt just that once again. As Kurt replied, Blaine's eyes shifted suddenly to the road as he felt a sudden movement in the car. He saw the other car drifting in front of them, felt Finn swerve their car to avoid it. He swore loudly as the car shot off the edge of the road, Finn no longer able to control it.

The car rolled, the roof crushing as it slammed down the embankment. Blaine caught Kurt's terrified eyes in the mirror just as something crashed into his chest and forced him down. His vision went hazy as the car rolled again. By the time it hit the ground the second time, Blaine's world was dark and unfeeling.

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