"Icewing…," the deputy, Snowlark walked up to the leader. The leader turned around and stared at the grey cat with his cold, blue eyes. Something was troubling the leader. His white pelt glowed in the sun. "Icewing," she repeated. Her green eyes met his.

"Yes?" he finally replied, his cold, blue eyes relaxing and averting his gaze; he turned to look at the clouds forming in the distance. "Are you worried about the snowstorm?"

"Yes… I'm afraid the snowstorm will wipe out our food supply."

"This snowstorm does look bad," the leader shifted his position and stood up. He yawned and looked at his deputy. A scent wafted through the air, surprising the two cats.

"MossClan!" the two cats blurted at the same time.

"Icewing, there are reports of many MossClan warriors near our borders!" a warrior, Buntingflight warned.

"We must fight, then," the leader snarled.

"StarClan be with you," Buntingflight murmured before walking off, joining the other warriors. The leader stared off in the distance and watched his warriors fight… The just stood there as the blood poured onto the field, while the yowls and screeches provoked fear into the hearts of all of the cats. He was frightened. He had never seen a battle this large before.

And there was nothing he could do

A/N: LEADER: Icewing
DEPUTY: Snowlark
WARRIORS: Tundraheart, Mapleclaw, Buntingflight, Frostfall
APPRENTICES: Pineclaw (to Tundraheart), Kiendclaw (to Buntingflight)
ELDERS: Whitepelt, Sprucefoot, Salmontail
QUEENS: Snowstorm
KITS: Icekit, Hawkit, Blackkit, Eaglekit

ICECLAN is a small clan that lives on the border of a tundra. Icewing, the leader chose that name for the same reason. They mainly feed on fish, birds and voles. They are fierce in battle and rarely go easy on the enemy, however; they are friendly when not in battle. They mainly use the tundra as their battlefield and strategy. They rarely accept kittypets and rogues.

Their fur is thick and their paws are fully furred because of where they live.