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Bobby looks from Sam against the wall, to Dean collapsed on the floor, to Sam again. The things these boys have to endure is beyond him. Sam is still rubbing his jaw in an attempt to erase the pain of the right hook his brother just laid on him. Bobby sees the younger brother look to him with a confused, what the hell look written on his face.

"Sam, you okay? That's gonna leave a nice mark I think."

"Uh, well, might have to get back to you on that one Bobby. Could you fill me in on what the hell just happened? It's all a bit foggy."

"I will Sam, I promise, but first I need to check on your brother. Just stay put and relax for a minute."

"Sure, okay I guess Bobby. Is Dean hurt?"

He doesn't have the heart to fill in all the blanks for Sam right now. Bobby is more concerned at the moment about the lack of smart ass comments and movement from Dean than anything else. Yes Sam, Dean is hurt. Physically and emotionally. But Sam's questions are just going to have to wait.

"That's what I'm gonna find out Sam."

"Dean, how you doing over there son?"

"Ugh.. just peachy."

Bobby smirks at that. He knows that word. He knows it is Dean's secret code for 'I feel like a sack of shit but I am too damn proud to admit it to anyone'.

"Yeah, that's what I figured tough guy."

The older man shoots one last glance at Sam and gives him the universal sign to stay put. He wants to check Dean out without having Sam there to hover and breathe down his neck. He needs to gauge Dean's mental and physical state alone. Bobby had heard some of the vile words spewed out from Sam's mouth via Meg, intended to cut into the very heart of Dean and, although the older brother will try and sluff it off, the words were bound to have hit home.

Bobby slowly makes his way over to the prone figure on the floor and stares down at him to try and assess his condition. He removes the ballcap from his head, rubs a hand over his weary face and after a slight, not needed adjustment returns the ever present cap to his rightful place.

Dean's features are etched in a tapestry of pain. His eyes are clenched shut. Bobby can see sweat glisten off his skin, eerily illuminated by the firelight that has encompassed the room. His face sports various contusions and abrasions and cuts and nicks and the left side of his face seems to be well on its way to becoming a swollen, painful mess. He hears his breath come out short and fast. And, the final indication that all is not well in Dean Winchester Land is the way his hand is pressed into his injured shoulder with such force that his knuckles are white.

Bobby decides the boy needs some TLC, whiskey, pain meds and a good nights sleep.

"Well, I will cut to the chase Dean. You look like shit. I'd say that demon had one hell of a hard on for you. Heh, you just have a certain something that makes everyone want to beat the shit out of you hey? So, can you open up your eyes for me, let me know you are still in there?"

"B'by... I could but now why would I want to? I'm good right here, no need to fuss over me."

"In case I didn't mention it, before you make an attempt to lie to this old man, please refrain from your tried and true lie... oops I mean tried and true line that you are fine. You look like death warmed over so whether you like it or not you are going to have to suck up the stubborn pride part of your personality and let me help you."


"Just humour me smart ass and open up your damn eyes already."

"Alright.. sheesh, just give me a minute mom."

Bobby sees the flicker of eyelids and then rapid blinks as Dean attempts to focus on his surroundings. And, by the looks of those glassy and drifting eyes the effort seems to be failing. Miserably. Those green, unfocused eyes finally seem to hone in as good as they can onto Bobby's gaze and the older man chuckles a bit. He can't help it. He figures that if they were smack dab in a cartoon right now there would definitely be oodles of stars and chirping birds circling around Dean's head.

"Hey Dean? Ready to get up now son?"


Bobby is starting to get a bit unnerved . It's like Dean is drifting in and out of lucidity and the older hunter isn't sure just what that means. Ah hell, he himself got slammed up against a wall by that ugly wench so maybe he needs to read less into this shit for a change. Dean just needs to have some rest and he'll be fine. Yeah, that's his story and he is sticking to it. After all, the boy did endure a whole shitload of pain by a creature who just happened to take the form of his brother. Of the one person who Dean is willing to do anything for. Hell, Bobby is sure he would lay his life on the line in a heartbeat if it would save his baby brother. So, that kind of stuff has to mess with your mind even if you won't admit it.

"Yeah Dean, it's me. Looks like those eyes of yours are having a hard time focusing on my handsome features. Let me give you the coles notes version of what went down. You went and got your brain scrambled again after going toe to toe with an evil son of a bitch. Ah well, what else is new, just another day at the office for you boys. You Winchesters and your ability to piss off anything and everything must be encoded in the genes. So what do you say we get you up and have a quick look at that hard head of yours to make sure your brain isn't starting to leak out. Oh, and let's not forget about that bullet wound huh? Then, when you get the green light, you can have a nice little rest courtesy of the Singer Hotel. Dean? Earth to Dean. Still with me son?"

"What B'by? Did you say bullet wound?"

"Okay, so you are definitely not the brightest lightbulb right now. That's understandable. We'll have a nice long chat about it later. But right now, do you think you can get up?"

"Sure... 'm fine sir."

"Sir? Huh, well that settles it. You are getting the once over for sure."

Bobby watches for a moment in a wave of disbelief as the idjit at his feet actually starts to try and lift himself up off the ground. All it serves to do is jar his wounded shoulder and drop him like a tonne of bricks back to the floor complete with a moan of pain. And frustration. The kid is a damn idiot sometimes.

"Damn it Dean, stop being such a stubborn ass for once. You don't have to do everything by yourself. Let us help."

Bobby turns to face Sam who has been watching intently from his position on the other side of the room.

"Hey Sam, can you give me a hand with your loopy brother before he hurts his stupid self?"

"Yeah, it's the least I can do."

Oh brother. There's that tone. That 'it's all my fault that this happened' tone. What is it with these stupid ignoramuses and their incessant need to blame themselves for things that are out of their control?

"I'm going to say this once Sam. Cut out the melodramatic shit alright? I know and you know and hell, even your brother knows that it was not you who did this to him. So, just leave the mopey looks out of it okay. Let's make sure Dean is settled and then we can hang out, have a beer and I will fill you in. Got it?"

"Okay Bobby, I got it."


That didn't sound good. Dean. He sounds scared? That can not be a good sign. The sooner he gets off the damn floor and into a bed the better.

"Dean, why are you whispering?"

"That isn't Sam. I know, I know what you're thinking... it looks like him and sounds like him but it's not him. Don't let on that you know okay? He's possessed. It's Meg, she got him. She just wants to exact a little revenge on me for sending her back to the pit so don't do anything to piss her off, I can handle that on my own. Any idea why the exorcism didn't work?"

Oh Shit.

"Okay, time for you to listen to me real careful like, alright? Meg is gone. We sent her back to Hell. I'm sure she is nice and crispy fried by now."

"NO! This, she came back... she thought it would be fun to see if I would kill my own brother. But she couldn't make me do it Bobby. I knew that Sam was no killer, I beat her at her own twisted game. But she... she told me about dad. She said she saw him there, in Hell. God Bobby, dad is in Hell because of me."

Double Shit.

"Everything okay you two?"

"Woah, relax Dean. You're good. Nothing is gonna hurt you. Meg is gone. Son!"

"B'by, look out! She..she's right behind you.. IT'S ME YOU WANT YOU SKANKY HELL WHORE! LEAVE BOBBY ALONE!"

Damn it. Bobby was really looking forward to that beer.

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