AN- So, I've seen a lot of ideas circling around about Blaine being in season 1, and Blaine being Kurt's best friend since childhood. And I liked those ideas. But I was determined to put my own spin on them. This is the first chapter in my first multi-chaptered glee fic! I will be re-doing the entire first season and hopefully, season 2.

I hope everyone enjoys and sticks along for the ride!

Kurt sighs. Honestly , this is so not where he wants to be on a Friday night. The about-to-be-high-school-freshmen sits, alone, on a lawn chair in the 'backyard' of Noah Puckerman's apartment complex. The same Noah Puckerman who loves dumping Kurt into various dumpsters around the middle school they'd attended for the last two years.

The same Noah Puckerman whose mother ran into Kurt's father at the supermarket and mentioned that Noah was throwing a "Welcome to McKinley High" party and Kurt was free to come. And Kurt's father was all too excited at the idea of his son going to a party instead of wasting his Friday night in front of the TV with a Vogue magazine in his lap.

But Kurt doesn't want to be at the party; he only went to appease his father. The second he'd walked through the door, Noah Puckerman had scoffed at him.

"You're only here because my mom forced me to let you," Puck had assured him in a fierce whisper. "So stay out of my way and everyone else's."

Kurt was only too happy to oblige.

He loves people watching- seeing the freshmen girls throw themselves at any guy once they had enough alcohol in them. He even sees Quinn Fabray disappear inside with Noah Puckerman- even though everyone knows she's totally Christian. Santana Lopez is the exact opposite- he sees her disappear with a couple of guys throughout the night.

Kurt checks his watch; it's almost 8:00. He figures he could slip home at about 8:30, tell his dad he had a wonderful time and then pretend to pass out in his bed when he would really stay up and flip through his People magazine.

As Kurt considers his plan, he feels a body sink heavily down in the lawn chair next to his and braces himself for an insult. When none come, he looks over and notices an unfamiliar looking boy sitting next to him. He has curly black hair and really, really deep hazel eyes. His face is sporting a wide grin and his body is sporting the average jeans and a T-shirt look. His feet are adorned in black converse.

"Hi! Whatcha doing all alone?"

And, Kurt notices with a wrinkle of his nose, he's drunk. Awesome.

"Avoiding people like you."

The boy frowns. "Why?"

"Because drunk people depress me."

The boy laughs, and then leans forward (into Kurt's personal space!) and whispers, "I'm not drunk."

Then he giggles.


Kurt goes to stand but the boy grabs his wrist and that kind of freaks Kurt out. Because boys don't touch him. Ever since seventh grade when Dave Karofsky shouted that Kurt was staring at other boys in the locker room. So who the hell is this guy?

"Don't go. You're cute."

Kurt blinks. He never met another boy who was out of the closet. Especially not one with really, really gorgeous hazel eyes and a smile to die for.

"You're drunk," Kurt says, blushing. "Maybe you should-"

"I saw you when you came in. And I was like 'wow! He's cute!' I'm Blaine by the way," He grabs Kurt's hand and shakes it quickly, "Blaine Anderson."

"Kurt. Hummel. Are you...are you new here, or something?"

"Yup!" Blaine announces proudly (and he still hasn't let go of Kurt's hand). "Just moved here. My parents saw the party going down and shoved me out of the house. It was boring. And then I saw you!"

"Right. You mentioned that. Look, Blaine, I was actually just leaving so-"

Blaine's lower lips lowers into a pout. "Aw, you're leaving me all alone? But, I was hoping we could talk."

Kurt flushes. Is this guy serious?

"About what?"

"I don't know. Music? Do you like music? I love music!"

"I like music."

"Awesome! I should have known- you're cute and you like music. You're, like, perfect or something."

"I need to go," Kurt practically shouts as he shakes his hand loose. He can't stay here anymore. Not when a deliciously cute guy is calling him 'perfect' because this has to be a cruel joke and he can just hear Puckerman and Karofsky chucking in the background.

But Blaine stands too, his face tilted to the side like a confused puppy. "Did I offend you or something?"

"Look, Blaine right?" Blaine nods. "I'm not interested. In you. Or…or guys in general."

"I don't-"

"So if this is some joke you can stop right there. Because I'm not falling for it."

Blaine steps closer. "S'no joke. You're really pretty."

And Kurt stays where he is. Because…Blaine's voice sounds really, really serious. And no one ever told him he was pretty before. And Blaine moves closer and Kurt kind of closes his eyes and is he really going to get his first kiss at his first (and last) high school kegger with a boy he barely knows?

Yes- he realizes- when Blaine's lips press against his.

It's awkward and there's some fumbling and Blaine tastes like alcohol but there's also something, way deep down underneath the apprehension and the vodka.

Are those the butterflies he's read so much about?

When Blaine finally pulls away, Kurt is pretty sure he isn't breathing. And when Blaine smiles, Kurt is really sure he's lost all ability to function. Because maybe high school was going to be okay. Because as long as he had someone to strut down those halls with…maybe they'd leave him alone.

"Hey, fairy-boy!"

Kurt winces. Karofsky's walking up with his usual band of idiots behind him. He vaguely notices Blaine has stepped a couple inches back but is more worried about what the Neanderthal is going to do now.

"What do you want, Karofsky?"

"What I want is for all fairy-boys to leave the party. Why are you even here, Hummel?"

"Don't worry," Kurt mutters, "I was just leaving."

But Karofsky notices Blaine. And his face scrunches up in disgust.

"This your boyfriend, Hummel?"

Kurt is glad the darkness of the night shields his blush. Before he can say a word, Blaine pipes up from behind him.

"No! No, I'm not gay."

Kurt feels like the wind has gotten kicked out of him. He whips around to stare at Blaine and those ugly hazel eyes are nowhere to be found, Blaine's eyes trained on the ground. Kurt swallows.

"I'm not gay either."

Karofsky snorts. "Right. Come on guys, let's give Hummel the dumpster treatment."

And Kurt closes his eyes and just lets it happen. Because he can't stop the guys from picking him up. And he can't stop them from walking him through the party (amongst cheers) and he definitely can't stop them from throwing him into the dumpster outside Noah Puckerman's apartment complex.

After a few minutes, he climbs out of the dumpster and begins to walk home- wondering how he was going to explain this to his father- and brushing off spare piece of trash as he goes. He can't stop the bullies- he never can.

But he can vow, right then and there, to never ever have anything to do with one Blaine Anderson.

AN- And here is the prologue. I might post the first chapter later today. Depends on the reactions. Hope everyone enjoyed!