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Regionals are coming up and Coach Sylvester is one of their judges.

Which means they are going to lose. And then they won't be glee and that kind of sucks.

They meet at Mr. Schue's for a set list meeting. No one's hearts are really in it; they're too busy counting their doom.

No one wants to say goodbye; they've bonded this year. Become friends. Blaine looks at Kurt. Without glee club, there was no way that this boy would have become his very best friend.

He would have spent the year avoiding Kurt like before and he would have continued to lie to himself about his sexuality.

Rachel nominates they go around the room and say what they'll each miss about glee club.

(and Blaine knows his answer: Kurt)

Something happens and suddenly Rachel and Finn, and even Mr. Schue are refusing to lie down and take it.

Mr. Schue gives a speech about how they used to be only five people and look how far they've come. And one day, they'll be gone and they need to make the most of this. They need to kick ass at Regionals and win because they deserve it.

They'll do a Journey medley.

And they will kick major ass.

Josh Groben, Rod Remington, Olivia Newton John and Coach Sylvester are their judges.

Aural Intensity goes first and does a mash up of Josh Groben and Olivia Newton John. Which is absolute bullshit because someone totally tipped them off about the judges.

Before they can admit defeat, Mr. Schue comes in with yet another powerful speech, then ushers them all on stage.

Blaine and Kurt are the last to leave.

"You nervous?" Kurt asks.

Blaine grins. "Hell yes. You?"

"Not really. This is where we were always meant to be, you know? And I'm ready to win this. For glee."

"Me too," Blaine agrees.

Kurt hugs him. "I just…I want to thank you. For becoming my best friend."

Blaine hugs him back. "I think that's supposed to be my line."

"Hey, gay and gayer," Puck calls with a grin. "Let's get on stage."

Kurt smiles super bright and he grabs Blaine's hand, tugging him along.

Rachel and Finn blow everyone way with 'Faithfully' and Kurt can't help but be jealous of the way their voices harmonize together.

He's far over Finn- the previous events with the room obviously killed any romantic feelings and he's incredibly happy that his father and Carole managed to stay together after it. Finn sticking up for Kurt had won him big points in Burt's eyes.

He supposes he just wants what they have, Finn and Rachel. As the curtain opens and he sees the obvious looks shooting between them, proof there was something there, after this crazy year.

They quickly jump into 'Anyway You Want it, Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' mashup and Kurt and Santana dance together and she actually shoots him a smile. He squeezes her hand gently because, hey, they are at Regionals and this fucking rocks.

Blaine looks awkward dancing with Quinn but her costume covers her baby bump perfectly.

Then they bring it all back to the beginning when they sing 'Don't Stop Believen' and Kurt is just transported back. About eight months, when he was a timid boy, signing his name onto that sheet of paper, never knowing that he was about to find everything. A best friend who loves him, a potential brother, and Blaine.

Who deserves a category all his own because of how far they've come.

Blaine looks at Kurt the whole time. He almost misses a step a couple times but he doesn't care. Because here is Kurt in his element and God, Blaine has never wanted to kiss him more.

During one of their walking moves, Blaine manages to walk next to Kurt and gently tap their hands together. Kurt shoots him a grin as he continues to sing.

They finish the performance off with some dance moves and then face the standing ovation. They're all smiles and charged confidence as they walk backstage, because, yes, they're going to win this.

Then Quinn's mom shows up and Quinn's water breaks and they need to go to the hospital like now.

Rachel stays behind. Blaine knows it's because she wants to watch Vocal Adrenaline and get a look at their competition. He almost stays with her. But her eyes flicker to Kurt and she sort of pushes him towards the other as they rush out.

Before he leaves, he hugs her tightly. "I'm so glad you got that creepy crush on me."

She laughs. "I'm so glad you're gay."

He kisses her forehead, then rushes off after New Directions.

Quinn's mom, Puck and for some reason, Mercedes, all accompany her into the birthing room. The rest of glee sinks down into various chairs, onto tables or even on the floor as they wait.

Kurt grabs a magazine and almost laughs. It's Vogue, an older copy. The one about Vitamin C.

"I love that issue," Blaine says, bumping their shoulders together.

Kurt laughs. "I bet you do. Hang on, I'm finding that article."

"I think we killed it, Kurt," Blaine says. "I think we won."

"Don't jinx us, hobbit," Santana snarks as she sinks into the seat next to Blaine. "Or I will hurt you."

He wraps an arm around her shoulders. "Thank you, Santana. Sometimes I miss you as my girlfriend."

"Really?" She arches her eyebrow at him. "Because, I figured my lack of a dick was a huge turn off."

Kurt laughs outright at this and Santana shoots him a smile. Blaine shakes his head.

"If you guys become friends, I am never showing my face in that school again."

Blaine gets a text from Rachel.

VA looks amazing. I'm worried…:-( -R

He types back a quick, reassuring response and pockets the phone.

"How long is this supposed to take?"

Kurt shrugs as he leafs through the magazine. "If we're lucky, by the time Vocal Adrenaline is done."

He turns out to be right.

They get back in time for the judges to announce the winners.

Quinn and Puck stayed behind; Quinn obviously because she just gave birth and Puck because, well, when it comes down to it, he can be a pretty cool guy.

Blaine and Kurt stand next to each other. They're behind Finn and Rachel so no one notices when Kurt takes his hand and holds on tightly.

Blaine looks at him; they have to win. Because he doesn't know what will happen if they don't have glee club anymore and he cannot lose Kurt. Not after everything they've been through.

Aural Intensity gets runner up. A shudder of relief goes through New Directions; they have a bigger chance now- to be the winners.

Coach Sylvester announces it.

And it's a stab in the heart as she says "Vocal Adrenaline."

They lost. They didn't even place. They're going to lose glee club.

Kurt's hand slips away from Blaine's.

It kills him.

Blaine goes straight home when they get back. He stumbles into the front door and throws his bag down right beside it.

William comes into the hall.

"Blaine? How-how was Regionals?"

Blaine looks at him. And he loses it. He starts crying and desperately tries to stop because he can't cry in front of his father and he's about to fall to the floor because this hurts so much.

Glee was everything; it helped him so much and now it's gone.

Warm arms encircle Blaine and he's being pressed into a sweet but awkward hug.

His father's.

"We lost," Blaine sobs. "We lost and glee is being disbanded and I'm going to lose everyone. And Kurt. I can't lose him, dad, I can't."

"I-I'm sorry, son. But, at least you have football," he tries.

Blaine chokes out a laugh. "Glee is where my friends are, dad. My real friends. And I love it."

William doesn't say anything else. There's nothing he can say because, honestly, he doesn't get it.

But he does hold Blaine a little closer (albeit still awkwardly)

And it's enough for Blaine.

Rachel convinces everyone that the need to say goodbye to Mr. Schue with an emotional song. They all sit on stools on the stage and smile at one another. They all say what exactly glee did for them.

"In the beginning of this year, I had a stutter," Tina admits.

"I was a closeted diva," Mercedes grins at Blaine, who smile hesitantly back.

"I was captain of the Cheerios," Quinn says with pride.

"I was afraid to dance outside my room," Mike confesses.

"I hated everyone in this club," Santana admits, catching Brittney's eye and smiling.

"So did I," Britney agrees.

"I wasn't honest about who I was," Kurt says, his voice filled with tears.

"I didn't have any real friends," Blaine says, then he looks at Kurt and Rachel.

"I was tossing kids into dumpsters," Puck shrugs. Then shoots Kurt a 'sorry' glance.

"I had never kissed a girl," Artie and Tina share a look.

"I didn't think about anyone but myself," Rachel admits, and Blaine takes her hand from where he is sitting next to her.

"I didn't-I didn't have a father. Someone I could look up to, model myself after. Someone who could show me what it really meant to be a man," Finn looks right at Mr. Schue.

They sing him 'To Sir With Love' and it's tear-filled and heartbreaking because it's goodbye. And maybe Blaine will still know Puck and Finn but what about everyone else?

When they finish, everyone hugs. Blaine hugs Tina, who he never spoken to before; Santana who he will forever be in debt to, and Rachel, who he adores beyond anything.

As everyone files out, Kurt stays behind. Blaine sits on the stool next to him.

"I can't believe it's over," Kurt whispers. "After our performance, I really thought…"

"This doesn't change anything, you know," Blaine whispers. "I'm still going to be your best friend. If you want me."

Kurt looks at him. Blue/green eyes meet hazel and it takes Blaine's breath away.

"I'll always want you."

Damnit, Kurt, you can't say things like that. Because now Blaine really, really wants to kiss him. They stare at one another and all Blaine wants to do is close the gap and tell Kurt his most buried secret. Kissing him could ruin everything; he could lose the best friend he's ever managed to make. But goddamn if it's not getting harder and harder to resist.

And Blaine just finally fucking gives up. He leans in and presses his lips against Kurt's.

It's vaguely familiar, the party flying back to the forefront of his mind. Kurt's lips are a little salty from his tears and Blaine cups his cheek very gently.

After a moment, Kurt kisses him back. And Blaine leans in even more, titling his head to the side and deepening the kiss.

Suddenly, Kurt pulls back. He stares at Blaine, wide-eyed and Blaine stares back, breathing heavily.

"Kurt, I-"

Kurt holds up a hand. He shakes his head and bolts off the stool. Blaine listens as his footsteps fade away until there's nothing and he's left all alone on the stage.

That. Did not go well.

"Pick up. Pick up, pick up," Kurt hisses into his phone.

He's pacing his room, phone pressed almost hurtfully against his ear.


"Mercedes! Oh my god, Mercedes, he kissed me."


"Blaine. Blaine just kissed me. We were sitting on the stage after everyone left and he kissed me!"

"Kurt, slow down. Deep breath. Why are you freaking out?"

"Because Blaine kissed me. Are you not listening to me!"

"Kurt. Calm down. Okay, Blaine kissed you. Is that really such an unwelcoming thing? I mean, the way he looks at you…"

"I-I never even. I mean, my god, Mercedes, he's my best friend. I never even considered the possibility that he could…and I mean, come on, he only just came out, Mercedes. He's not ready to be a boyfriend to anyone. And I'm the only other gay guy he knows, he's probably confused or something."

"Okay, boo. So, you don't want to date him. Just let him down gently."

"I don't want to lose him, 'Cedes."

"Honey, I'm going to be completely honest; I don't like that you two are friends, not because he was a jerk, but because I was always scared I was going to lose you and you'd want to be his friend over mine."


"And that's how I know that this? This rejection thing, it won't ruin a goddamn thing, okay? You two are going to be friends, no matter what."

Kurt sniffles. "Thank you, boo."

"I kissed Kurt."

Rachel stares at him for approximately ten seconds before she's off the bed, squealing loudly and throwing her arms around him.

"Oh, Blaine, that is wonderful! Me and Finn and now you and Kurt. Glee club has opened our hearts and given us relationships and-"

"He ran off."

It acts as a perfect mood killer; her mega-watt smile shrinks into a frown and she crosses her arms over her chest.



"Well, you probably caught him off guard, Blaine. I mean, with his crush on Finn, he's probably never even stopped to consider the possibility of a relationship with someone else. Now, you've opened his eyes and he will fall into your arms as you ride off into the sunset."

"He ran away, Rachel."

"Finn ran the first time we kissed," she protests, "And look where we are now!"

"So…I just have to wait a year?"

She smacks his chest. "Give him time. I'm sure it will all work out."

Blaine desperately hopes she's right.

The next day, Kurt manages to avoid Blaine at school quite nicely.

He takes out of the way hallways and is almost late a couple times and it's so reminiscent of last year that it almost breaks his heart.

When he gets a text from Rachel, asking for everyone to meet up in the choir room, his heart falls a little. Because there will be no avoiding Blaine there.

Especially, Kurt notices when he walks to the room, when Blaine is standing right outside it.

"Hey," he whispers as Kurt walks up.


"Kurt, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to freak you out. I'd just been meaning to do that for a while-"


"Oh," Blaine blinks. "Right. I-I've had a crush on you since the whole hairography incident. Maybe even before, maybe back that party and I just couldn't keep it in anymore."

"Oh, Blaine," Kurt sighs. "You just made this, like, a billion times harder."

And that's when Blaine knows it's a rejection.

"We're friends. Best friends even and I just-I never thought of you that way, Blaine. And you just came out. You're not ready for a relationship-"

"How do you know?"

"-especially with the only gay guy you've ever met."

"That's not what this is, Kurt," Blaine whispers.

"I don't want to lose you either, okay? But we won't. I mean unless you never want to speak to me again after this, which I hope you still do because that would really suck."

Friends. That's-that's all Kurt wants to be. And that kind of kills Blaine a little because he's had these feelings for so long and in every scenario, Kurt reciprocated them.

But here's the thing; he'd rather have Kurt as his friend than not have Kurt in his life at all.

"Of course I want to speak to you again," Blaine finally says. "You're my best friend too."

"So…are we…okay?" Kurt asks after a moment.

Blaine looks at him. And yes, those are still butterflies in his stomach and his heart is still beating kind of extra fast.

"Yeah. We're fine."

They hug. Rachel pokes her head out and calls them inside.

As Blaine walks in, they lock eyes. She tries to send him a million 'sorries' with one look.

Turns out? They get another year.

Everyone celebrates and hugs and it's freaking awesome and Mr. Schue sings them all 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.

Blaine watches Rachel put her head on Finn's shoulder. Who looks back and smiles at Quinn. Who's holding hands with Mercedes, who leans her own head on Kurt's shoulder. And then he sees Artie and Tina smile at one another and then Santana and Brittany are pressing their heads together. And Mike reaches and high-fives him.

Because, somewhere along the way, they became a family. And now, that really can't change.

He glances at Kurt; he'll try to stick to this whole 'stay friends' thing. But, if the feeling stay, Blaine's going to try again.

He just hopes the outcome will be different.

And when Kurt catches his eyes and shoots him a hesitant smile, Blaine just has a feeling it will be.

When Blaine gets home, there's a car in the driveway.

It's not either of his parents and it's way too broken down to be new. As he walks past it, his father's head peaks over the hood.

"Blaine! You're home."

"What's this?"

"Well," William hesitates, "When I was a teenager, my father and I spent a summer rebuilding a car. I figured we could try it."


"When you came home yesterday…I didn't even know how much glee meant to you. Or that you loved it as much as you did. And that got me thinking. About a lot of things."

He takes a deep breath. "Blaine I lived in my father's shadow for the longest time. Following his orders and being the son he always wanted me to be. I did that to you. I know I did; I forced you into football even though you loved it. And, it hit me, when I found out that you'd joined glee club. I was being your grandfather, even when I vowed I'd never turn into him."

Blaine leans against the car as he watches his father.

"When you came out…I wasn't sure how I felt. Maybe a little disappointed because, like your mother, I was hoping for the future you would bring us. The name passed down, the kids. But, Blaine," And here they lock eyes, "I was never disappointed in you. I-I love you son. I know I don't show it, but I do."


"And I'm going to try. I really am. I'm going to accept any boy you bring home and I'm going to be better, Blaine. I promise."

Blaine hugs him. Buries his head into his shoulder and squeezes tightly. "Thank you, dad. You-you don't even know how much this means."

"I'll try to get your mother on my side too. Once she figures she can get grandchildren out of this, I'm sure she'll come around."

Blaine chokes out something that's a cross between a laugh and a sob because he's so happy he's crying right now.

"And, maybe you can bring that Kurt guy around…"

Blaine pulls away and shakes his head. "He's not my…I mean, we're just friends."

"Oh…I thought…with your reaction before…."

"He's my best friend," Blaine says. "And I didn't want to lose him. And I won't. Glee got another year."

His dad smiles. "I'm glad, son."

Blaine chuckles. He's glad too. He's glad for this year, mainly. And everything is brought him; the good, the bad, the ugly and the Kurt.

"So, how much of a rebuild are we talking?" Blaine after a moment, looking at the car.

"I'm thinking a summer long project. With enough time to take our family vacation, of course. This summer, I really want to do that."

William lays a hand on Blaine's shoulder and squeezes. Blaine smiles softly at him.

"Me too, dad."

It's a start; a beautiful, wonderful, amazing start.

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