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Chapter 1

The perfect gift

The wolf traveled the land with an angry glare in his eyes; he was tired and hungry and had yet to find what he was looking for; that being, a beautiful young human female to take back with him into the Underground.

It was a full moon, and the human world was flooded with pale sensual light. He caught something on the wind and crouched low to the ground. He moved silently and soon found what he was looking for. He lunged forward and sunk his teeth into the neck of a rabbit. Not his favorite dinner but better then nothing. He had been here three days and he was getting weaker and weaker. He would have to head back tomorrow, but he was desperate to find a girl.

The wolf wanted a human female to give as a gift, he had to present the king with a gift or he would be banished. And he couldn't stand the idea of living in this human world as a wolf… then again… better a wolf then a human. If only the humans were stupid enough to stray into the woods at night. As humans had evolved they had learned the best way to survive was to cut down the trees and live in those filthy houses in large groups. It was rather disturbing.

Their world was being destroyed and all they cared about was there inventions and their growth and expansion. Who knew how long it would take for them to remember about the Underground. The wolf prayed they would never remember, he prayed that the Underground would remain a secret until the humans were long dead. Maybe then those that dwelled bellow could come above and heal the Earth. Oh mother Earth how he missed her. He ate the rabbit and then chewed on the bones and then took a deep breath of clean fresh air.

After years of hiding and trying to remain a secret the Underground's air had grown stale to him. Perhaps he shouldn't find a human girl, maybe he should refuse to pay his debt, and then he would be banished to live out the rest of eternity as a wolf on Earth. Slowly watch the humans kill themselves and then maybe he could sneak below, rally his troops and charge the gates. He could bring his forces up and then once they grew strong return to the Underground and take both the top and bottom worlds.

His thoughts were robbed from him as he heard a voice in the distance. He got up, leaving the bloody mess of bones, fur, and fat behind. He started to stalk towards it. He was surprised but not shocked to come upon a clearing where a girl stood in a very old looking gown. Her brown hair was braided and up atop her head like a crown. Ribbons were hanging and dancing about her face as she moved and talked.

"How kind you are to have me at your table… perhaps a glass of wine and then… oh yes of course I'd be honored to dance with you."

The wolf was puzzled, this girl looked, talked, and moved as graceful as a princess…but she was not any royalty he had ever seen, she did not smell of royal blood either. She was in fact a beautiful human female, but she was NOT a princess. She would however work perfect for his gift.

He watched her a moment longer and marveled at her beauty, not many females from Earth had the traits of the Fay but this girl had the right skin, and eyes and lips… she even smelled wonderful. Perhaps an elf had married into her family long long ago.

"Why if it isn't Jareth… the Goblin King." The girls said.

The wolf's ears perked up and he listened, she was not Fay was she? She did not small like it though she looked it. But she knew of the Goblin King… the stupid stuck up spoiled little…perhaps this was a set up?

Wait, brown hair, lean body, piercing eyes… this must have been the one and only Sarah Williams. The only human to ever defeat the Goblin King's Labyrinth, if the wolf could have laughed he would have because this was just to good, to perfect, to wonderfully put together.

Yes, he would take this girl, this human warrior and give her as the gift, as the human slave to make up for his mistakes, he would not be banished and he would pay his debt, but at the same time he would get back at the Fay to whom he owed so much. To watch him squirm at the insult, the fact that a lesser Fay like the wolf could capture and serve the mighty Sarah as a gift would be like putting salt on a burning wound.

The wolf looked again back at the girl, he had to capture her with out laying a single scratch on her. He needed a plan, a good plan; he had just enough energy to transform and get her back to the underground, he took a step back and suddenly heard a popping sound, before the wolf knew what was going on he felt the worst and most awful pain in his leg. He looked down to see a hunting trap had wrapped around his leg and he let out the worst pinning sound he had ever heard himself make.

The wolf heard a gasp and he tried to free his leg, but the more he pulled the more the metal teeth dug into his leg. Could humans really be this cruel to their pray? He licked his lips gently and whined, favoring the paw that was hurt, "Oh poor thing, are you hurt…" The wolf looked up to see the girl looking at him as she pulled apart plants to peer through. He didn't know what to do, how could he capture her now that he was stuck.

"If you promise not to bite me, I will take a look… promise?" The wolf tried to look at her and promise, if only he could talk in his wolf form, he would promise and keep his tail crossed.

"Alright, let me see Mr. Wolf." The girl approached and looked his back right leg, "Oh no, those damn hunters… this is an animal persevere… not a free range hunting ground, this is going to hurt. Just don't bite me."

The girl looked at him and smiled gently and for a second the wolf felt his heart pitter-patter. This girl sure had a way about her; she must have some form of Fay in her blood, because no female had ever made his heart pitter-patter like that.

Sarah took hold of the metal and pulled, it took her a moment, she didn't seem too terribly strong. How she had beat the Goblin King's Labyrinth was a mystery to the wolf.

Finally as the girl gave one last yank, the wolf had enough room to pull his foot free. The trap snapped shut and Sarah looked at it with disgust, "How awful, I am going to report this I promise, here now let me see your leg."

She bent down and ripped some cloth from her dress, she wrapped it around the part of the leg that was pretty badly hurt and tied it tight. "I know it hurts Mr. Wolf but I am afraid unless I were to take you to the vet I really can't do much more then wrap it.

The wolf limped over to her and licked her hands. "You sure are sweet for being a wild wolf…perhaps you aren't wild… are you not what you seem then?" she asked with that smile that made his heart pick up.

The wolf backed up and suddenly he allowed his body to transform before the girl. She fell back onto her backside and stared with wide eyes and an open mouth. When the wolf was in his Fay form he looked at her and smirked, trying to keep the evil smile from his lips, he held his hand out to her and spoke, "My fair lady, such a wonderful thing you have done for me. Please allow me to help you up."

The wolf extended his hand and after looking at it for a moment the girl set her jaw and took hold of his hand.

He helped her up and winced at the pain that was in his leg. "Oh my, that must have been awful, were you unable to transform to free yourself?" The girl asked no longer stunned, she was acting like this was normal and it sort of unnerved the wolf.

"I am not a Fay who can turn into a wolf, I am a wolf who can turn into a Fay, there for when I am caged in any way I can not transform until I am free. A glitch of not being born a Fay." The wolf lied.

"Oh my, I was unaware that animals had powers like that." Sarah said.

"Most animals born in the Aboveground do not, but those animals born in the Underground…"

"You're from the Underground?" The girl interrupted with much too much interest.

"Of course, I am the Wolf Lord, I watch over the forests and the animals of the Underground and make sure they are not harmed, it is a rather cruel irony that you had to save me from a trap when in my normal life I am usually the rescuer." He said adding a charming smile.

The girl made no comment that she had heard that, instead she instantly said, "Can you take me to the Underground?"

The hope in her eyes, the pleading expression that resounded on her face made the wolf's heart ach.

"Why would you want to go to the Underground beautiful lady?" The wolf asked as if he didn't already know.

"I… I… just want to… I have to… I've never been before and I would love to see if it is like what the fairy tale books say."

"Oh it is far more then any fairy tale book could say… it is dangerous and powerful and has much evil in it… I really think it would be much to dangerous to go there… you are only a human after all."

The girl got a look on her face like she was insulted and then said, "I saved your life… you will take me… you have a life debt with me… you will take me right now."

The wolf stared, she knew of life debts, he was not in anyway indebted to her, but she thought he was. This was all working so perfectly, "Very well, I cannot deny what I owe you… so… come closer and allow me to take you."

The girl approached and the wolf got a smell, a beautifully seductive smell, it took all his strength not to push her down and take her. That would ruin everything; he took hold of her hips and pulled her into him. He let the cape he had conjured fall around their bodies and then he whispered into her ear as they started to disappear, "Welcome home Sarah."

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