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Chapter 7


The wolf was curled up in his animal form outside the door of the witch's house. He only had a few hours left before he could reenter the house and see if the ugly old bat inside had come up with something useful. He had been waiting outside her door ever since he finished his last hunt.

The wolf laughed to himself, if Gurie could pull this off then the wolf would be able to get his hands on more then just Sarah. He would be able to get his hands on Jareth, and once the wolf controlled Jareth's dreams he could get any form of information he wanted out of the Fae king.

Suddenly the door to the small cottage opened and the wolf stood in surprise, he turned and looked up at her.

"Didn't take me as long as I thought it would. Come in, but for fae's sake leave the rabbit skin outside."

The wolf turned back into his human form and kicked the few shreds of rabbit hide that were left to the side. He followed Gurie into the cottage and shut the door behind him.

"Now, before you get all grabby with this I need to explain a few things and you will listen or I wont give it to you… understand wolf?"

The man reluctantly nodded and tried to keep his temper under control.

"Very well, in order to make you into a dream keeper I had to mix some of Jareth's magic with my own. It's a very strong and potent blend of Fae magic and my own witch's brew. You will be able to control it as long as you don't over do it. This stuff isn't something just any creature can control. You have to be smart, and strong both physically and mentally. You have to know when to back off, if you every feel weak, in the head, or in the body you will need to end the dream sequence and rest for at least eight hours. Pay attention Ulrich because this is where things get complicated. Jareth may be the King of the Goblins but his magic is not dark. He is a strong and powerful Fae and his magic is meant to teach and to create. I have a feeling you plan to use this for less then noble causes so I will tell you this, you must NOT kill anyone in the dream world. The amount of Jareth's magic I was able to collect from that crystal is small but if anyone should die during it's use the magic itself will become twisted and dark and it will destroy anyone who tries to wield it. Do I make myself clear?"

The wolf nodded feeling only slightly disappointed, "What about torture? How will torture effect the good kings magic?" The wolf asked with a sneer.

"I do not know, but if the magic starts to go bad you will be able to tell, it will start eating away at your soul to feed its blood lust. The last word of warning I can give you is to not lose track of time. You can spend days upon days in the dream world and only a few hours could pass in reality, but if you keep whom ever you plan to ensnare in that world to long eventually they won't be able to wake up… and if you get trapped inside when they no longer have the ability to wake up both you and your victims body will rot. On the off chance you managed to escape the dreamers mind you'd have no body to return to. So be wary wolf." Gurie said.

The wolf nodded suddenly understanding the dangers that he could face. He watched as Gurie pulled an old leather satchel from under her ragged cloak and handed it slowly to him. He reached for it and she allowed him to take it, he opened the bag and pulled from it a crystal, it looked exactly like Jareth's except on the inside there was a thick purple and silver liquid churning.

"How do I use it?" The wolf asked.

"Focus on your intended target, either with your eyes or your mind and then hold the crystal out. The person whose dreams you wish to utilize must be asleep of course, but once you raise the crystal the magic will do the rest. You mustn't fight it either, if it feels you resisting it will backfire and you will be stuck in your own head."

"And what of keeping other dream keepers out?"

"You mean Jareth?" Gurie asked.

The wolf nodded and stared at the purple orb in his hand, "That will be a battle of wills between you two, but I would suggest being as far away from your victim as possible, if your in the dream world you won't know who is around your body. He could stab you and you'd never know till you woke up or died in the dream."

The wolf nodded, "You are amazing Gurie, I owe you much." The wolf turned to go but was stopped by Gurie's nasty hands, "About my payment…" the witch started.

"Ah yes, have you decided what you want?"

The witch laughed a wicked laugh and her eyes gleamed, "I know not much of you wolf but I assume you wish to control the dreams of the lovely new guest of the Goblin King?"

The wolf stared at her a moment and then narrowed his eyes, "Correct."

"I want something that may take awhile to produce."

"Name your price Gurie I owe you more then I owe most."

"I have always found a way to give you want you want Ulrich, I've never not performed and given you the strongest items I can create…."

"True, get on with it Gurie."

"I want a child."

The wolf stared at her and then laughed, "Why in heavens name would you want a child?"

"Not just any child… a child from the womb of that lovely girl you are about to trap."

The wolf's laughter died and he snarled, "What?"

"I want a child from the Goblin King's guest, Sarah Williams I believe is her name?"

"Why?" the wolf asked unsure of this request.

"My reasons are my own as to why I want it from her specifically but as to why I want one in general terms has to do with my age. I will be dead before long, I need to pass on my ways to someone and I have chosen Sarah to be my carrier."

The wolf eyed her and then smirked his devilish grin, "Very well… how do you propose I go about getting a child from her?"

Gurie's high pitched laughter filled the cottage, "She may be human but I assure you that she is just as physically compatible as any Fae woman around."

"I know that Gurie, what I mean is whose seed shall I use? Surely you don't want a child with Jareth's blood coursing through its veins."

Gurie smiled, "No, Jareth's blood is to pure, the child would never learn from me if it had that much positive magic pulsing through it. Sarah herself is strong in will and kindness but if the other half of the child were from someone who was as equally bad as the mother was good…"

"You wish me to mate with the girl?" the wolf asked.

"I am sure you wouldn't mind performing the deed."

"Not hardly, I have done nothing but thought of taking the spirited girl… but I myself am looking to have a son to carry on my own legacy…"

"Here is what I will do for you, you can keep the first born child that you and Sarah have if it is a boy… if it is a girl I get her."

"I assume if it is a boy the first time around you will expect me to try and produce another child with her?"

Gurie nodded slowly.

"I shall agree to this on one condition, if the first child is a girl and a shifter like me you must allow me to keep her, and if the child after that is a boy I must keep him as well."

"You're asking me to wait much longer then I planned to wolf." The witch snapped.

"You will get a child by means of Sarah and I joining but it will be on my terms if the child is to come from my loins."

Gurie wanted to protest but could not, "Very well." She said with a sigh.

"Have a wonderful summer season Gurie." The wolf said replacing the purple crystal into the satchel and exiting the house.

"You as well." The old woman sighed in frustration.

The wolf left the cottage with a large smile on his face, at first he had wanted to use this dream idea to get his hands on Sarah for his own personal gain, but upon further thought the idea of mating with her and producing some pups would be very beneficial. Her blood and his in one being would produce something very powerful.

The idea complicated things however because even the wolf knew that he would have to mate with her outside of the dream world which meant that he would have to eventually steal her from Jareth's ridiculous Labyrinth.

The wolf did not dwell on that little bit of thought, he was too excited to get back to his own castle and finally get to spend some quality time with Sarah. Perhaps after this was all over he would not only have a mate but a wife and some aggressive little pups he could mold into the perfect little killers.


Sarah stared inquisitively at the portrait of herself that Jareth had had made after she had left the Labyrinth last. It looked just like her; she was in that ball gown from her dreams. Did he love her? Or was she just fooling herself? She stood alone in the castle's overly furnished Library. She had discovered this place on accident while she was trying to retrace her way to the throne room.

She stared at the picture for a long time until she felt someone was looking at her, she turned to see Jareth standing by the large fireplace.

"Do you like it?" Sarah looked back at the picture and then slowly nodded.

"I had it made to honor you… you have been the first one to solve my labyrinth and beat me in over one thousand years. I didn't want to allow anyone to forget you, there are few people like you left."

"Have you figured out what we should do about the dreams?" Sarah asked trying to change the subject.

Jareth looked into the fire that glowed with it's red and yellows and then he glanced at Sarah, "I can do very little until I figure out why it is happening the way it is. An idea did cross my mind but I am unsure if it is realistic."

Sarah glanced back up at the painting and didn't hear Jareth crossing to come and stand behind her. She didn't jump in surprise when she felt his gloved hands come to rest on her shoulders. They gently rubbed down to rest on her upper arms and he pressed himself into her back, he rested his lips on the back of her head and Sarah fought the urge to pull away.

"The idea is that the Labyrinth is trying to bring us together Sarah."

The girl didn't move, she felt something in her stomach and her knees grew weak, "I don't understand." Sarah said.

Jareth's leather clad hands ran back up her arms, over her shoulder and started to gently massage her neck. "I get my powers from the Labyrinth. For some reason after you left the Labyrinth started to sink into depression. It has deemed you worthy Sarah, it wants you to stay."

"Deemed me worthy to what?" Sarah asked trying to keep her mind away from how wonderful the massage felt.

"To be with me… to be my queen." Sarah instantly stepped forward and turned to look at him, she said nothing but her eyes spoke volumes. She was shocked, unsure of what to say, "Ever since you left I have felt the urge to come after you, it was amplified once the dreams started to come to me. It is possible that because you beat my Labyrinth and me the labyrinth felt you were worthy to be gifted with a small portion of it's magic. Once you returned to your world the Labyrinth wanted to bring you back. It knew I was the only way to get you back, I think it caused some of your more… exotic dreams. The Labyrinth wanted you to desire me so you would return and the Labyrinth wanted me to desire you so I would go after you."

"Are you trying to tell me that your Labyrinth wants us to be together?"

Jareth slowly walked to her, "Is it that hard to believe? After everything you have ever seen? Everything you have ever done and witnessed in this place, is it really that hard to believe that the Labyrinth could have a mind of it's own?"

Sarah knew it wasn't hard to believe at all, and the more Jareth spoke the more sense it made. In fact she couldn't find a single flaw in this idea that had come to him. Sarah backed up but Jareth pursued.

"Sarah." He whispered to her as he backed her into a wall, "Would it be so hard to love me… would it be so hard to allow yourself the pleasure of my company for forever? It's not that long at all." Jareth said gazing into her eyes.

He raised his hand and stroked the side of her head, he pressed his body to her and leaned down, Sarah wanted to escape but at the same time she wanted a real kiss from this man. She wanted to really kiss him and see what it felt like.

Forcing her body to stay still she allowed Jareth to press his warm lips to her own and then she melted. His hands ran up her sides now and he was pressing so hard against her that she knew she wouldn't be able to run. She pulled her face away and Jareth's hands on her waist dug into her skin.

"Please…" he whispered against her jaw, he pressed hot steamy kisses up her throat, on her shoulders, up her jaw, against her temples, her forehead, her nose, "Please." He begged in a husky voice.

Sarah turned her head back to him and his lips found hers instantly, he pressed his tongue into her mouth and Sarah knew she was done for. Her arms wrapped around his waist and she held on for dear life as he worked her mouth over his with.

How long she allowed him to kiss her she didn't know, but she wished it wouldn't stop. When he finally pulled away he leaned in and whispered into her ear, "Would it really be so bad to be mine? I could love you every night, give you anything you wanted, and I'd make you the happiest woman alive. You'd be mine to keep forever and I'd be your slave."

"Jareth…" Sarah started to say before the door to the library opened, Jareth slowly pulled away leaving one hand by Sarah on the wall, she tried to slip away by Jareth wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to him. She tried to pull free but Jareth smacked her backside with his free hand and said, "Hush."

Sarah blushed horribly as a little Goblin head poked in, "Ah, Rotgut, what is it?" Jareth asked eyeing the Goblin that had disturbed him at such an awful time.

"Dinner is ready sire when ever you wish to partake in a meal."

"Thank you Rotgut, you may be on your way." The goblin's head disappear and the door closed. Sarah started to struggle and Jareth chuckled, "You are lovely."

"I am so mad at you right now." Sarah hissed trying to pull away, Jareth only laughed harder and finally released her. She held her head high as she exited the library, she tried to ignore the sound of his laughter chasing down the halls after her, only when she was safe in her room did she rub her sore backside and share a secret smile with the mirror.

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