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~~~ Epilogue: Heaven Can Wait ~~~

*6 months later*

Hermione sighed when she felt soft lips press against the back of her left shoulder where the butterflies tattoo was. A hand slid over her naked hip under the covers before sliding upward to cup her breast, rubbing a thumb over her hardening nipple.

She moaned as she shifted closer to the warm hard body behind her as the lips moved up her neck then the tip of his tongue flickered against the sweet spot that was just behind her ear. She gasped as the hand, playing with her breast, slid down her body, caressing her stomach before venturing lower to the curls between her legs.

Her left hand slid into her lover's thick dark hair as her head fell back onto his shoulder. He shifted closer to her, she could feel his hardness pressed against her buttocks and she rubbed against it. His index finger slide inside of her and she bit her bottom lip.

His lips moved down her neck before he gently bit the skin between the juncture of her neck and shoulder. She tightened her hand in his hair as her walls tightened around his finger.

Harry moaned as he turned her onto her back, shifting on top of her as he kissed her. Hermione moaned as she slipped her arms around his neck. He pulled his finger out of her, helping her to spread her legs before he shifted and slid into her.

Hermione gasped as she wrapped her legs around his waist, her left hand sliding down his back, the gold band around her ring finger glinted in the sunlight while her right hand slid into his hair.

He gripped her thighs, his thicker gold band rubbing against her thigh as he broke the kiss so he could look at her as he made love to her. He loved looking at her when she lost control when he pushed her over the edge.

Her eyes darkened as her lips parted. She whispered his name before her eyes fluttered close, her orgasm taking over her before she opened her eyes once more, filled with lust, wonderment and love. She tugged his head down, kissing him softly and tenderly as he emptied himself into her before he slumped against her body, enjoying the feel of her soft curves pressed against him.

Hermione kissed the top of his head, holding him close as he regained his sanity and strength while savouring the feel of him. He felt hot and heavy, something she loved. Harry managed to lift himself off her and sighed as he turned onto his back, breathing heavily while Hermione curled into his side, closing her eyes as she did. She didn't think she would get used to being like this with Harry. There had been a time she didn't think she would be with him again.

She thought back to everything they had been through since he had come back to her. It's been long six months but she wouldn't change it for anything.

"Do…do you think we'll ever be able to go back?" Hermione asked, shifting her head so she could look up at the face of her husband, her fingers tracing patterns on his stomach.

"I don't know," Harry admitted, pressing his lips against her forehead for a brief moment before he settled back against the pillows, his fingers following the line of her spine. "Not while they still believe you've gone dark." His voice took on a hard tone as he remembered what happened after he had come back. She had given him Antonin Dolohov, a man who Harry had been gunning for since his attack against Hermione in the Department of the Ministry.

They had gone to see the Order and the Ministry where Hermione had recounted everything she had done. They had been aghast over what she had done and promptly announced her as dark. As a result, they were hunted by Aurors despite she had taken down Voldemort. Harry had been classed a dark creature because he had been dead when Hermione brought him back.

Harry mentally snorted as he thought about the Ministry. They were nothing but sheep, following those who bleated the loudest. It wasn't hard to see how Voldemort had managed to rise so quickly among them, gathering followers. They had done the same with Harry, claiming him as their hero one moment then claiming him as an attention-seeking liar. No matter what they did, it was never enough for the wizarding world.

When the first attack came, Harry grabbed Hermione and disappeared with her, leaving the house a burning inferno that had probably harmed, possibly even killed, people but he didn't care. One of the attackers had dared to use a killing curse against her and Harry had done whatever it took to protect her.

They had gotten married shortly after their disappearance and were enjoying their honeymoon away from the wizarding world. Not that they were out of touch completely. Hermione had made firm allies with Draco, Luna, Cho, Neville, Bill and Fleur; Fleur had always had a soft spot for Harry for saving her sister in his fourth year. Hermione and Fleur had become good friends during the year Hermione had gone back to Hogwarts.

The twins had already been behind Harry since they first met each other so there was no danger of them giving up the whereabouts of the Potters.

Remus and Tonks had gone with them because Tonks had fallen pregnant, even though Remus was no longer a werewolf; they were still scared for their baby's life.

They kept an eye on the papers to make sure that they weren't being close to being found. Hermione's parents had been given the full truth and, at first, they had been shocked at what their daughter had done before they understood. Hermione had been pushed to the limit. They promised to stay by their daughter no matter what but they stayed in London, fending off questions off where their daughter was. They were telling the truth when they said they didn't know where Hermione was. None of them did.

"It'll be a long time before they stop classing me as dark," Hermione reminded him.

"Then it'll be a long time before we return to the wizarding world," Harry responded simply.

"What about our children?" she asked. "They'll probably be magical and they're bound to get letters from Hogwarts." Harry shook his head.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," Harry assured her. "But our children will never be used as tools against us. I promise you that." Hermione nodded.

"Tonks has been asking when I plan on getting pregnant. Apparently she wants Teddy to have a play mate," Hermione changed the conversation to a lighter tone. She didn't want to think about that time any more. Harry snorted. Only Tonks would name her kid before it was even born. She still had four months left to go yet she was determined to make sure that her son would have a play mate shortly after he was born.

Harry and Hermione were in line to become the Godmother and Godfather, a job that they two of them were more than willing to take up.

"If she wants a play mate for Teddy, she can badger Fleur to get pregnant," Harry remarked before shaking his head before he flipped them over so he was above her once more. "Besides, I want to keep you to myself a little longer." Hermione giggled as Harry brushed his lips over hers before moving downward.

He pressed kisses on her nipples before shifting down and peppered kisses over her stomach, making her giggle before she cupped his face and brought his face back up to hers.

She leaned forward and kissed his forehead, her lips brushing against the once vivid scar that once defined who he was to the Wizarding World. Now, it was what a 16 year old scar should look like, faded and giving way to a new future.

A future where the generation would never have to worry about Voldemort or Death Eaters, they would just be stories from the past. A future where the two of them could concentrate on what they wanted to do, live their lives together.

The End

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