It was Saturday night, and Brittany's parents were, as usual, out. Which meant Santana was staying the night. She skipped up the stairs, hoping to surprise Brittany.

As usual, that proved impossible, and Santana groaned in disappointment as the door opened preemptively. Brittany gave her a wicked look and dragged her into the room, shutting the door quickly behind her and pinning her to it, the full length of her body against Santana's. Santana suddenly realized that the last time she'd kissed Brittany was three entire days ago, and the last time they'd fucked was a week and a half ago, right after they finished their periods.

But Brittany wasn't kissing her. She was breathing into her ear, "I'm gonna fill you so full you'll never forget it. I'm gonna eat you up and you'll be so slick and warm that my bed will hate you." Huh, Santana thought, and already she could feel electric tingles up her spine. Brittany walked her fingers up Santana's sides and Santana's mouth latched on to her neck, and then Brittany brought her hands down to her hips and traced her hip bones through her jeans.

Santana worked up Brittany's neck to her jaw, and then dove for her lips, hands moving up Brittany's body and getting completely sidetracked by her boobs. She hadn't meant to, but Brittany's erect nipples were just way too inviting through the thin cotton, and the moment she brushed them with her fingertips Brittany's tongue slipped against her lips. "I love you," Brittany said, and Santana cupped her left breast and grabbed Brittany's ass, pulling her hard against her.

Hard? Huh, Santana thought again. She was sure that she could feel something foreign in Brittany's baggy pants, pressing against Santana's mound in a manner that she couldn't help but characterize as 'insistent.' She giggled and grabbed it for confirmation, but Brittany dodged. The fierce, playful look in Brittany's eyes was confirmation enough.

Santana tackled Brittany, pinning her to the bed, straddling Brittany's hips and thinking about it. Meanwhile Brittany snuck her fingers up under Santana's blouse to stroke her stomach. She loved Brittany's fingers more than anything; they were so soft and thin and excellent in every other possible way. But... variety was okay.

Finally she bent her head and kissed Brittany, grinding with her hips. Her lover took Santana's shirt off, and pushed her over, down onto the bed. She kissed Santana's belly, sending a shock of desire to add to the pool between Santana's legs, and then she unbuttoned Santana's pants, nuzzling at her underwear.

Santana pulled her pants off, saying, "You don't have to be so good to me."

"You deserve the best," Brittany said, and pulled down Santana's underwear to join her pants. She started slowly, and Santana shook her head, sparks going off behind her eyes. She honestly couldn't say what Brittany was doing with her tongue exactly, but it was truly unspeakably great. Why Brittany didn't like it was beyond her. Also why she didn't chain Brittany to the bed and force her to do this all day, every day.

What was really great about it, though, was watching Brittany's body move in similar delight. How Brittany could be such a perfect lover she had no idea, but she was not going to question a good thing that was hers.

She struggled to control her hips to make it easier for Brittany, but finally it was too much and she pushed Brittany's head away. She wasn't going to come this early. Brittany looked up, hurt flashing behind her eyes, and Santana pulled her up to kiss her, feeling a crazy rush of frustration from her body. Somehow it only made her want more.

She undid Brittany's pants, freeing the sparkly purple thing in them. She fingered the shaft experimentally, and Brittany moved forward eagerly, undoing Santana's bra with one hand. It was new, and actually sort of ambitiously big, even bigger than Puck. The comparison disturbed her and she thrust it from her mind, which was easy to do since at that very moment Brittany's mouth closed on her nipple.

Santana arched into it, rubbing her foot along the outside of Brittany's thigh, pushing the pants lower down and revealing the black straps around Brittany's ass. She put her arms around Brittany and hooked her foot over the straps, pulling her lover closer. Brittany was working hard on her nipple, which was insanely erotic but almost completely ungratifying. She wanted more.

Brittany's hand went between them, and then a finger probed Santana quickly. Her hips rocked up in response, and then Brittany's mouth stilled. A moment later Santana felt something cold and foreign-feeling press into her. It was big, she could tell already, but Brittany licked her nipple and then switched over to the other breast, grabbing the abandoned one in her other hand.

Santana pushed her hips forward, moaning a little. It was definitely huge. She could feel her own rawness around it, and she couldn't imagine it actually entering her, it was so big. Her body couldn't take it. Brittany was lavishing her body, but this was just impossible. She pushed up into Brittany, and it was still just opening her up still.

"It's too -" Her words were cut off by a sharp gasp as Brittany suddenly lunged forward, and the dildo came into Santana with brutal force. Brittany didn't move for a second, but with the bulbous head inside her it didn't hurt anymore. In fact, it felt fucking amazing, and it wasn't even very deep. Santana moaned throatily and ground into Brittany's hips, letting the slightly thinner shaft slip deeper inside, and then it was against her cervix and she winced a little, pushing her hips down, away.

Brittany's eyes were on her face, and she pulled away too, and Santana gasped as the dildo's head dragged along her inner walls. She was panting, she suddenly realized, and she drove forward with her hips. Brittany complied, starting to establish a rhythm.

But Santana was suddenly exasperated by missionary, and so, hooking her legs around Brittany's thighs, she flipped their positions so that she was straddling Brittany. The dildo hit her just right and she was shaking now, her fingers trembling as she threw back her head, remembering a second too late that she couldn't push it all the way inside. The pain was sweet, though, and she noted with amazement that she thought she might actually come like this.

She unbuttoned Brittany's shirt enough to reveal her bare breasts, but couldn't trust the position enough to bite her nipple, which is what she wanted to do. She settled for pinching, which made Brittany's hips pitch forward. Santana moaned and, wanting to kiss her, put her finger on Brittany's lip, which she immediately captured in her mouth.

That gave Santana an idea. She wasn't sure, but... She pulled her finger out of Brittany's mouth and ignored her pout, reaching behind herself and putting her hand against Brittany's thigh. She slid it down, leaning back and pushing that leg so that Brittany's legs opened.

She could see the raw need in Brittany's eyes, but it was nothing compared to the mess between her legs. Just feeling Brittany like that almost made Santana forget the dildo inside her, and she didn't hesitate a moment before diving into Brittany with two fingers. She could barely reach anything, and Brittany was so wet that her fingers got lost inside her.

She slipped another finger into the confusion and that's when Brittany's hips jerked forward, reminding Santana of the monster between her own legs. She moaned, pulling up and away from Brittany's body, and then she plunged her fingers into Brittany again, losing herself in making love to Brittany.

What was beautiful about it was that, although she was no longer paying attention, Brittany's movements moved the dildo. There wasn't enough room in Santana's head to think about the dildo and Brittany's soaking cunt, and the choice was obvious. Which meant that when she came, it was a complete and utter surprise. She felt her body trying to ripple around the enormous shaft, but there really wasn't enough room.

Her fingers had stilled inside Brittany, and when she finished she was so lightheaded she pulled out of Brittany and put her hands on either side of Brittany, wincing. It already hurt.

She raised her hips and got it over with quickly, and then she rested her forehead on Brittany's, trying to stop the world from spinning. When it did, she scooted down the bed and confronted the dildo. After considering it for a moment, she licked its tip, tasting her own juices. Emboldened, she put her mouth around its tip, and Brittany played along, moaning and doing an abbreviated thrust.

Santana released it and grinned up at Brittany, amused. Brittany was smiling somewhat vaguely back at her, and she went back to the dildo, sucking it off. Just for funsies.

Her fingers couldn't help but move back between Brittany's legs, though, and suddenly it was real again. Unbidden, a rush of arousal came back over Santana as she moved inside Brittany, the more familiar position granting her fingers their lost skill.

She got bored with the dildo and tried her tongue on Brittany's clit, which was accepted with some grace. Brittany's orgasm was much faster than Santana's.

When it was over, they lay on the bed together, exhausted, for ten minutes before Brittany stirred herself and unstrapped the dildo. They crawled, naked, under the sheets.

At some point in the night, Brittany's iPhone ran out of batteries. Luckily she had a movie editing program, so the uploaded video was not, in fact, four hours long.

A/N: It was better before I wrote it down. Sorry for the disappointment. =P but hey, at least I updated! it's been a year :) I kinda liked the idea of a sex tape, but unfortunately I totally missed the episode on hulu, and the summary wasn't clear about who uploaded the sex tape. Did I guess right?