Allrighty then, so I have to say this, I am just totally off my "Past Becomes Our Future" fic, It was mainly something I did cause I didn't have internet for a month. So those of you who are waiting for my promised sequel, I am really really really sorry I promise I will get to it but for now it is on hiatus, for people who were like me not too long ago that means it is put on hold until the writer can get her shit straight.

But I am not leaving you all out to dry thanks to those of you who have not met my expectations when it comes to some fics I hope for. Now that is the main reason I made the small fic, not really a fic but a challenge not exactly a challenge which you can find in my sotries. But for the love of god this cannot wait cause it is bugging the hell out of me, for people who don't read the little info about fics before reading them I will tell you cause I am awsome.

I have been getting really into crossovers lately and one I have been searching through lately is, can you guess, anyone who gets it right gets a cookie, I will put the timer on the clock, dundun dundun dundun dundun, figure it out yet that is right Naruto and Inuyasha crossover fics. Now don't shoot me, though *takes out THE DOOR KNOCKER* thats right even try it and I don't even care if I loose my arm (see Pumpkin Scissors anime, you'll understand why you should be pissing in your pants)

Anyway in this fic the pairing that I want to write it with was Sesshomaru/Naruto *points THE DOOR KNOCKER at foolish mortals with shot guns* Try it just f-ing try it *mortals puts guns down* Indeed. Now there are a number of this pairing written but not in a way that I was hoping for, so just as I said in the summary here is the details.

Pairing: Sesshomaru/Naruto past and present, Inuyasha/Kagome, I may love Yaoi but I know my preferences.
Rating: We shall see in time
Disclaimer: Who needs it, if I had the opportunity I COULD own both anime, I shall prepare my minions and they shall be on stand by until this day, jk
Warning: Yaoi, duh, possible language hope for some smexing.
Summary: While on their hunt for Naraku and the Sacred Jewel shards, the Inu gang find a blonde half kitsune traveling in the woods. Wait did he call Inuyasha Sesshomaru, why is he hugging him _

Hehe, yeah there won't be that much Inuyasha/Naruto, only in the first meeting I promise, also the name may change if I can think of something better well anyway I am now starting the typing process. Wait before that *pulls out THE DOOR KNOCKER* I am going to go blow up some tanks, have a wonderful day *KABOOM* damnit, WAIT FOR ME CORPORAL.