Chapter 17: Epilogue's are for Quitters

It had been a few years since then, Inuyasha went into hunting demons terrorizing villages with Miroku, who after being slapped for doing SOMETHING perverted finally asked Sango to "bear his name" as he put it. Of course during her rant of how to propose properly she said yes and now has born three children, with another on the way. Shippo had decided to serve Naruto by helping his search for the Yang half of the Kyuubi's soul taking Kirara with him.

With his help Naruto and Sesshomaru eventually found the stone in which it was entrapped in, but with hope that Kagome will come back he promised Inuyasha he would not accept it until Kagome returned, much to both brothers protest. That was two days ago, and Naruto sits in front of Kaiede's hut, looking off into the clouds, wondering HOW Shikamaru could do it, but not able to look away, maybe those clouds are some kind of jutsu hypnotizing those who take time looking. It won't be long until he starts thinking everything is troublesome and just laying about all day. His thought was interrupted when a heavy palm was placed on his head; he turned his head slightly to see a head of Brunet hair hiding almost elvish ears and blue eyes.

"Naruto-sama, what has you thinking so hard" said the deep voice.

"He's still sulking isn't he, Shippo?" Yep you read right, over the span of traveling on his own and training Shippo's growth shot up at abnormal speeds, but whose to lecture on normal now a days. With his body his voice came with the package, and to Naruto's disgruntlement, the younger Kitsune is at least 3 centimeters taller than him rivaling his lovers own build.

"Well after so long of looking for that stone you up and refuse taking it so his younger brother doesn't feel put off in his luck" Shippo recalled, Naruto gave a childish pout.

"He should know by now how much I can't stand anyone suffering, to many memories, besides she is coming, soon, I know it."

"And how do you know that?"

"I have wicked sense of things" was Naruto's only explanation. Before Shippo could protest any further Sango came up, belly swollen from her pregnancy. "What's up Sango neesan?" he asked innocently, she smiled warmly at the prefix.

"I was wondering if either of you would like to join me on a walk?"

"What about Miroku?" Shippo asked.

"He's relearning that you don't mess with a pregnant woman" at this Shippo sweat dropped while Naruto laughed.

"You'd think he'd learn by now, I think Shippo agrees that we can both come since neither of us have anything to do, right Shippo?" Shippo nodded and they set out, without even thinking they ended up at a hill near the old well, without warning Sango pushed the two out of view of the well. "Huh, what, what's wrong? Is there an enemy near" Naruto said instantly on alert, the demon slayer only signaled him to be quiet and watch. The blonde was confused but looked to the old pile of wood, in front was Inuyasha who, in his arms was someone with long black hair, as no one could see but Naruto knew.

"Well, this is good news, now Sesshy can stop sulking" he stated, the other looked up in shock then back at the embracing two.

"You mean that's Kagome?" Shippo asked, Naruto nodded and dashed off in the opposite direction. He made it to the tall tree where he saw his lover laying on a branch, Sighing Naruto looked up slowly inhaling.

"GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUT, IZ GOT KNEWS!" with a start Sesshomaru nearly fell off, instead he landed on his feet none too gracefully but making it seem as though he did it on purpose, he looked to the little blonde.

"I'm still upset with you" he stated plainly, Naruto gave a mock glare.

"Well then, be that way I just wanted you to be there when I take Kyuubi into me" he huffed then walked away, he was yanked at the shoulder and met piercing eyes.

"Don't joke with me Uzumaki" he growled.

"Nope, just saw Inuyasha and Kagome by the well, no one believed me, they said I was crAAYZY, but I…" out of pure joy Sesshomaru leaned in and gave him a small chaste kiss, Naruto pushed him back. "Nuh uh, you were being a bastard again, even used my sure name"*sniff* "you just don't care."

"Naruto, what did you expect, I want to spend eternity with you, that's hard with the thought of you dying long before I" he told him.

"Oh fine fine, ruin my fun, I was hoping to get you to beg" he whined.

"So when do we unseal the stone?"Naruto smiled.

"Now" he held up a stone that fit his palm that had an inscription of the Nine tails symbol. He wrapped his fingers around the hard stone and began putting pressure on the surface, Sesshomaru put his hand over it and assisted him, with the added pressure the stone began to crack and burst into small pebbles. Emitting from the now destroyed stone was orange energy forming into a fox's body, it looked into Naruto's eyes.

"You are the one my other half was sealed into, are you not?" it asked, it's voice chilling but it did not affect the blonde, after hearing it the first few years he got used to it.

"Yes, unfortunately I had to give that part of me up in order to defeat Orochimaru, a rogue nin" he explained, the fox spirit sneered.

"Yes I know of him, one who searched for immortality and rule the world, what I want to know is why you released me, surely it is not merely so I may merge with my other half?"

"No, I wish for you to be sealed into me so that I may be with my lover" he said motioning to Sesshomaru behind him, the spirit looked at the blonde coldly.

"You too wish for Immortality?" Naruto shook his head.

"No, just for my lifespan to match that of my lovers, he has lost me once, almost twice already, I wish not to leave him again, Lord Kyuubi" he said politely with a bow, the fox's facial expression did not change.

"And if I were to say no? To me your affairs matter not to me, you are merely scum to the likes of me, I would leave and nothing could stop me then you lose any hope, what could you possibly give me to agree to this?"

"Nothing" Naruto said simply "But I have come too far to give up, even if you ran I would chase you down and keep bugging you till you eventually give up" Kyuubi only lifted one furry eyebrow and looked over to the silver haired demon.

"Believe me, he'll do it, you'll be stuck with him till you finally give in" he said with an amused tone, the fox chuckled and looked back to the blonde.

"Well then" he said "I guess I have no choice in the matter, no wonder my other half liked you so much" he strode over to Naruto in an elegant fashion. "Use my powers wisely" with that he evaporated into Naruto's body, the blonde immediately felt the warmth of the fox's chakra surround his body, he opened his eyes and looked to Sesshomaru, the other saw the red in Naruto's eyes signifying Kyuubi's presence.

"Well, now that that's all over, let's show the gang my new pretty eyes" he said, Sesshomaru walked up and wrapped his arms around the slim waist.

"I much prefer your blue ones, no offense to Lord Kyuubi but Blue has always been my favorite color." Naruto smiled, he slipped from the others arms and began walking the other way until Sesshomaru stopped him "Naruto wait" he called out, when Naruto turned he noticed that Sesshomaru looked almost nervous.

"Is something wrong?"

"Do you remember…" he started but paused, Naruto stared.

"I remember a lot of things" Sesshomaru nearly growled.

"Just please, let me continue" Naruto kept silent "You remember before the battle, I asked you to be my mate?" Naruto then had the realization and nodded. "After the battle we got distracted with finding the other half of Kyuubi, and I need to know, is your answer still the same?" Naruto sighed.

"Well, considering I just explained that I wanted to live so long as you're alive wouldn't it be a little obvious" he explained matter-of-factly.

"Please just say it, it may not seem like it but I get fairly in insecure, I just need…" Naruto wrapped his arms around Sesshomaru's neck and smiled at him, eyes half lidded.

"Yes, I'll be your mate" and with that he kissed him softly, then Sesshomaru, overwhelmed with joy pressed into the soft mouth harder if only to get that much more contact, Sesshomaru swiped his tongue across the others bottom lip, Naruto gave him entrance and their tongues battled for dominance. It was a while before they separated, panting for air soaking as much as they were able and looking into each other's eyes.

"Naruto, I want you tonight, I want to consummate our bond together" Naruto looked at Sesshomaru wide eyed, his face lit up into a bright red that rivaled his demon eyes. But after some thought he smiled, face still beat red.

"Y-yes, I would love to." With no words Sesshomaru lifted Naruto bridal style and kissing him as he carried the smaller blonde to somewhere secluded. They reached a small treeless area away from any walkways, the Inu leaned his head back from the tanned mouth and began removing the white fluff he always wore, he layed it on the base of a tree so it tilted at the top to act as a makeshift bed, Naruto gave a soft chuckle. "Guess now I know why you kept it around" he said in a joking manner, Sesshomaru smiled and placed his lover on the white fur, while kissing those soft lips again he lifted his hand and traced the contour of the blonde's side as he lifted the shirt obstructing his view of the blonde's lithe body. As he did this the blonde too began to undress the older man, finding it almost difficult with all the layers.

Sesshomaru, after removing his kitsune's jacket and shirt moved his mouth to the tan neck, biting and sucking, making sure to leave his mark and proceeded to repeat this action as he moved lower down the sweat slicked chest until he reached the waist band of the orange pants. He came face to face with the small tent that was being produced and smiled, only he could get these reactions out of the smaller man. He tore the pants and boxers down, growing near impatient as his own manhood grew. Seeing the organ already standing in attention and leaking pearls of white set him on fire bringing his cock to full life, poking his tongue out he collected the small amount of seed that gathered earning a surprised gasp from his lover. He smirked and looked back up at Naruto taking in his lust filled gaze at seeing the older man looking hungrily at his member.

"What do you want, Naruto?" Sesshomaru asked as his hand began stroking his heated cock, Naruto began whimpering unable to speak. "Tell me, do you want me inside you" Naruto nodded "I need to hear you say it, Naruto" Sesshomaru whispered thickly squeezing tighter.

"Nng" Naruto groaned "P-please, I-I need you, inside me" Naruto pleaded, Sesshomaru smiled and brought his hand up to the softened mouth, Naruto looked at it confused.

"Suck, it will make this easier" Sesshomaru supplied, Naruto was still confused but nonetheless complied. He took the slender digits into his mouth, licking and sucking, coating them with saliva, the other groaned seeing Naruto, he took his fingers out of the mouth seeing a line of saliva leave Naruto's mouth. He broght them to the small entrance and slowly pushed in, Naruto gasped in slight pain and started to squirm at the uncomfortable feeling but Sesshomaru shushed him. "I'm sorry the pain will go away soon" he said before adding another finger and scissoring inside the heated walls, he began to worry when small droplets of tears welled in the sapphire eyes but was relieved when he gasped after he touched a part in him.

"W-what was that?" Naruto asked in a breathy tone, instead of answering the silver haired man just added another finger being sure Naruto was completely stretched, when he removed his finger Naruto gave a disappointed whimper. Sesshomaru, not wanting to leave his lover disappointed, slid his trousers down his legs showing his large cock as hard as Naruto's. He slowly pressed at the entrance and pushed, Naruto gave another gasp, his arms flying to Sesshomaru's neck and whimpered at the larger intrusion. The other wrapped an arm around the tan torso while the other kept them balanced as he pushed further in.

They sat like that for a little while waiting for Naruto to adjust, showing that he was ready Naruto pushed down more on the warm length. Taking Naruto's hint Sesshomaru slowly pulled out and gave a swift thrust back in, he began a rhythm of motions going at different angle trying to find the one spot again. When he heard a small scream come from the blond he knew he found it and made sure to hit it everytime.

"S-Sesshy, p-please, harder, faster, anything" Naruto begged, Sesshomaru didn't need to be asked twice, he picked up speed with each thrust, feeling Naruto's nails dig into his alabaster skin, he knew it would leave marks but he didn't much care. The blonde threw his head back gasping out "S-Sesshy, I'm gonna, gonna cum" he says. Giving his final thrusts he heard Naruto yell out as he spurted hot cum on both their chests, not long after did he too cum with a grunt in the hot caverns. They laid there panting from exertion, when Sesshomaru slid out Naruto gave a small whimper, he rolled to the other side of the heavily breathing blonde and pulled some of the fluff over them to act as a blanket.

When they woke the next morning, Naruto noticed the small aching feeling in his lower back and the strong embrace he was in. He looked up into golden eyes looking down at him with an air of contentment; he smiled and leaned up to kiss him.

"There is one thing I need to know" he said "how come you knew exactly what to do?" he asked with a pout, his lover must have had some experience to know what he was doing, Sesshomaru had a small grave look on his face.

"When our relationship got out to your friends, the females as you knew were more than happy about it, they thought it their obligation to make sure I knew how to pleasure you" he said with a shiver, remembering the hours of 'lessons' he underwent. Naruto gave a look of sympathy, he knew what that was like, when Sakura learned he was gay she gave a 4 hour lecture on how to get a man and how to be a proper Uke. "Not to mention having dreamt of this for years helped in practice I suppose" he supplied.

"Well then, we will have to make some of the dreams reality won't we?"

"One of them I doubt" Naruto looked at Sesshomaru curious.

"Which one would that be?"

"The one where we have a child" Sesshomaru said sullenly.

"Who said that wasn't a possibility?" Sesshomaru looked and lifted an eyebrow.

"Considering last night I am sure that you are male."

"Yeah, but also have the Kyuubi in me, again, and the elemental demon lords are considered Hermaphrodites, meaning both male and female. Though I am not entirely sure, I may be able to have a baby" he explained, Sesshomaru looked at him in shock.

"How can we be sure?" Naruto smiled.

"You should know I am not the ONLY Jinchuuriki, I don't know the other six but I know the One tail and the Eight tail are still alive, and one is DEFINITELY homosexual, we go to him and just ask him" Sesshomaru smiled and tightly embraced him.

"Thank you, Naruto" he said softly.

5 Years Later (AKA ANOTHER time skip)

Since then Naruto had talked to Gaara, turns out it is possible to get pregnant since Gaara already had 2 babies, or cubs as he calls them, with Lee's reincarnation, which Sesshomaru made sure to tell the dangers if his old lover were to SOMEHOW return, utterly confusing Gaara but accepted in stride. While there though Sesshomaru was given a THOROUGH lecture on what would happen should he ever hurt the raccoons brother, leaving Sesshomaru in an almost horrified state, Gaara WAS a murderer, he knew ways.

So now they fly on Ah-Uhn, Naruto having a decent baby bump and Jakken in tow all the way, Rin lived with old Keiede as somewhat of an assistant. Kagome and Inuyasha get married as Kagome becomes the new Priestess, or training to be one, Shippo found a little vixen of his own and Miroku and Sango are having their 5th child. The two flew above a cliff where they saw Kagome and Inuyasha standing near the edge, seeing them fly over head, Kagome waved up to them.

"Hello Naruto, Big brother" Naruto waved back enthusiastically while Sesshomaru scowled. Kagome was confused and looked back to a sweating Inuyasha asking what she did wrong and Inuyasha trying to explain. Naruto looked at Sesshomaru's scowl, he brought out a paper fan and smacked him on the head.

"What was that for?" he asked rubbing his head, Naruto gave a small glare.

"For scowling at her, she was just showing respect to family" he scolded, Sesshomaru just grumbled.

"Ha" came Jakken's voice "as if Lord Sesshomaru and yourself need to acknowledge her" he said, after a few years of convincing Jakken considered Naruto as another Lord and treated him as he did Sesshomaru, but with some lax after some begging from Naruto to not call him Lord.

"But she is now part of the family just as I am" he said again in a scolding tone "I think I'll make her our babies godmother and Inuyasha the godfather" he said thoughtfully, Jakken looked crestfallen and Naruto laughed then said in assurance. "Don't worry, you will be his or hers guardian, like you were to Sesshomaru or Myouga is to Inuyasha" he said, the imp instantly perked up and began planning how he would help raise the little one. Naruto went back to where Sesshomaru was sitting and sat head leaning on the broad shoulder.

"Seems like this Epilogue is wrapping up nicely" Sesshomaru stated, earning him another smack in the head. "AH! Would you please STOP THAT!"

"Stop saying and doing stupid things."

"What did I say?"

"This is not an Epilogue, and Epilogue means that we quit the story and this is the end, but with us, the story never ends, cause there aint no way Im gonna be a quitter" he said voice full of passion.

"Your grammar is slipping" Sesshomaru said, another smack "GOD FINE, geez" Naruto laughed in triumph and began rubbing his baby bump.

"Your daddy can be an Idiot sometimes" he said.

"And your mommy can be very abusive" Sesshomaru added.

"Hey, I'm not a woman."

"Didn't say you were, but you are the one holding the child, so you're the mother" Naruto grumbled but accepted defeat. Yup, they're going to be one happy family, and every one around them will suffer, hehe.

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