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Chapter 1

The Return of King Arthur

"Crap…" I muttered as I fell out of bed. "Not another bloody nightmare… This has got to stop!" My name is Cole, Cole Harding. Ever since I was a little boy I've had dreams about everything dying. I hope one day the dreams will go away. But I doubt they will. Anyways I got up and stretched my back, hearing bones crack. I quickly grabbed my long-sleeved shirt and pants and chucked them on, the white shirt matching the denim jeans. Grabbing a red shirt and chucking it on over the long sleeve, topping it off by putting my red cap on my head, forcing my brown hair down. I grabbed a pair of socks and quickly put my shoes on. Once I was done I stretched once more.

"Well…" I muttered. "It's time to see what boring old Pallet Town has for me today." I quickly ran down the stairs, nearly tripping on a soccer ball halfway down. When I got downstairs I saw my mum sitting there, watching the TV. She looked at me as I walked over. She said nothing and returned to watching the TV. I sighed. My mum hardly ever spoke. I started to walk towards the door when she said something.

"All good boys leave home someday," she said. "It says so on TV." I stared at the back of my mum's head. She hardly ever speaks and she says this out of the blue. What the hell does it mean?

"Um mum…" I said. "I'm going out for awhile. I'll be back later." My mum did nothing to reply. I sighed once more, turned, and left the house.

"Hmmm," a man in a lab coat said. "It seems the three new prototypes are doing very well in progressing. They have already reached Stage 4. One more Stage and they're ready for release."

"Sir," another man said, also wearing a lab coat. He was considerably shorter though. "How will they get to Stage 5? They require a lot of work to reach that Stage."

"Well…" the first one said. "Which one has been doing the worst?"

"Let's see…" the second man said, flipping through some notes on a clipboard. "That would be Prototype #1; The Grass Type Bulbasaur."

"Excellent," the first one said. "Set Prototype 2 and 3 onto 1. That should get them up a stage."

"As you command sir," the second said. He pulled out a touch screen pad. As soon as he did this, he and the first man walked over to a window to see three creatures sitting in the room. One was green, the other blue and the final one red. Suddenly, the red and blue one started to shake. The green one looked at them scared. He tried to run but there was no escape. The red and blue one leapt onto the green one and tore it apart, blood pouring out everywhere.

I walked down a street of Pallet, hands in my pockets. Pallet Town was fairly quiet today. Usually there would be a couple of tradesmen out on the street, trying to sell their items. However, business must've been booming elsewhere. As I was making my way down the street, I heard something. Turning to see what it was, I saw a teenager, about my age, walking towards some sort of creature. He had brown spiky hair which went in every direction. He wore a purple shirt and denim jeans as well as a necklace of some sort. As I crept closer to have a look, I noticed the creature was actually two small creatures, a red one and blue one. The red one looked like a lizard with a flame on the end of its tail. The blue one looked like a turtle which walked on two legs. The turtle seemed to be chasing the lizard. I ran over to the kid.

"Hey what's going on?" I asked him. "Has the lizard done something wrong or…?"

"Just shut up…" the boy muttered, not taking his attention off the two creatures. The turtle suddenly charged at the lizard, tackling it into the dirt. "Stop!" the boy shouted again. Both creatures stopped and looked at the boy. "Let's go…" he said. The two creatures nodded and slowly trotted after the boy.

As the two passed, the lizard looked at me, straight in the eye. And in that instant, I knew something was wrong. However, before I could say something, the boy had brought out two spheres and shot out a red laser towards the creatures, absorbing them into the balls. He placed them on his belt and then walked away. I was going to say something but before I could, he had disappeared into thin air.

"What in Arceus' name…" I said. Suddenly, something hit me over the back of the head, causing me to lose consciousness. However, before I went down, I saw a man with a black mask over his face.

I slowly drifted awake to see myself in some sort of room. I saw a table in front of me with a man in a lab coat behind it.

"Ah," the man said. "You're awake." I went to rub my head yet I couldn't move. I looked as good as I could behind me to see I was tied up.

"What do you want?" I asked. The man looked at me, his mouth grinning.

"What I want," the man said. "Is for you to leave this town and never come back."

"Why?" I asked. "What have I done wrong?"

"Nothing," the man said. "Yet you could do in the future. I can't take that risk. So I'm going to make a proposition. Take this Charmander here. Go on a journey through Kanto and beat the Gym Leaders and Elite 4 to become champion. That way you can keep out of my way and still enjoy yourself."

"So I go on a journey as long as I don't return to Pallet Town for awhile," I said. "And whatever you want to do, you can do."

"Correct," the man said. "However, I must test you. My grandson, Cory, will battle you. Good Luck!" As he said this, the boy with the purple shirt from before appeared with the turtle next to him.

"Tackle," he said, with little emotion. The Squirtle charged at Charmander, slamming into him.

"What do I do?" I cried out. Oak threw me something, a red device. I flipped it open and a list of Charmander's moves appeared. "Okay then, use Scratch!" I shouted out, hoping for luck. The Charmander also charged at the Squirtle, its claws glowing. It slashed at the Squirtle's chest, causing blood to slowly start to drip. The Squirtle groaned in pain, clutching at its chest. The Squirtle then charged once more. The Charmander ducked as Squirtle flew over top.

"Focus," the boy said. Squirtle stopped, took a breath and then glared at Charmander. "Now, use Tackle! Finish it now!"

"Charmander, use Scratch!" I shouted once more. Charmander's claws glowed and he ran at the Squirtle, who was also charging at Charmander. The two Pokémon collided, sending out shockwaves. The two Pokémon then fell to the ground. However, Charmander rose above Squirtle, wiping the blood away from its mouth.

"Impressive," the man said. "You did well in controlling it. I was right to entrust you that Pokémon."

"Thanks," I said. "But one more question. Who are you?"

Me?" the man said. "I'm Oak, Professor Oak."

I walked to the edge of town, Charmander standing right next to me. Oak had told me I had better leave soon. He gave me a present as well; five Pokéballs. I figured they could be useful for whatever happens out there.

"Well Charmander," I said. "Do you have a name?" The Charmander looked at me like I was an idiot. It then said Char and it walked forward.

"So much for conversation…" I muttered, putting my hands in my pocket and walking off. "Look, Charmander, if you didn't want to leave just say so!" Suddenly, the Charmander turned around.

"I wanted to leave yes!" the Charmander shouted. "But he forced you out too soon that you didn't get the Antidote! Now I'm most likely going to die! I am King Arthur! Son of Lord Uther! I can't die because I'm the last one in my family line!" I stared at the Charmander flabbergasted.

"You… you can talk?" I asked, surprised.

"Yes I can bloody well talk. Every Pokémon these days talk!"

"Well I didn't know!" I exclaimed. I took a deep breath. "Now what's this antidote about?"

"Well instead of dying, like Pokémon do, this antidote prevents death and instead causes fainting. Oak plans to give it to the highest buyers so he can make a few bucks off of living Pokémon. The only person he ever gave it to for free was his own grandson."

"Wow… talk about snobby."

"Yes. However, I fear that his grandson is confused. I don't know why exactly but yeah, that's basically it…"

"So then…" I said. "According to the Pokédex I can only catch the first Pokémon I see on each route, however if it is a duplicate, it won't take effect. The other rule is that everyone must be nicknamed, or basically their name which isn't Charmander. So you are Arthur, correct?"

"Yup," Arthur said, nodding. "And we gotta be ready because at any moment… a Wild Pokémon could attack!"

As soon as Arthur said this, a purple and cream coloured rat jumped out of the bushes, diving straight towards me. I brought my arms up to defend myself but Arthur had stepped in the way, scratching it with his claws. I looked at the Pokédex quickly and it revealed itself as a Rattata.

"Give me a command!" Arthur shouted.

"Um let's see…" I said, opening the Pokédex again. "Okay, use Scratch!"

Arthur ran at the mouse. His claws glowed white and he slashed the Rattata, sending it skidding backwards. The Rattata then charged again, this time a white streak coming off of it. The Pokémon slammed into Arthur, sending him tumbling backwards. Arthur looked badly hurt. He wiped his mouth as blood appeared.

"I will not be defeated by some rat!" he shouted. Arthur roared and his tail flame exploded, becoming bigger than ever. Arthur's eyes turned red. He then fired a small flame at Rattata, an Ember attack. The fire collided with the Rattata, sending it flying into a tree. It tried to get up but it couldn't. Its body had heaps of scratches and blood was dripping out of its mouth and nose.

"Do it!" Arthur shouted at me. "Throw the Arceus-damned Pokéball!" Knowing what I meant I picked off an empty Pokéball from my belt. I then lobbed it at the Rattata, the mouse being absorbed into the Pokéball. The ball fell to the ground and started to shake furiously. I clenched my fists, hoping for it to be captured. It started to slow down.

'This is it…' I thought to myself. 'My first catch ever!'

The Pokéball stopped. It dinged loudly and I stared at the Pokéball for a few seconds. Then I jumped into the air, shouting in joy. I did. I caught my very first Pokémon!

And that ends the first chapter of Facing Reality. Don't worry, if anything seems confusing it'll all make sense sooner or later. And if you didn't discover the rules in there during the story, here they are in proper detail. Below that are the basic stats of Arthur.

Rule 1. First Pokémon on each route can be caught only.

1a) Duplicates do not count. This means that I if I see a Rattata as my first pokemon on another route, it won't count as the first pokemon I see.

Rule 2. Every Pokémon must be nicknamed to form Relationships.

Rule 3. Pokémon die instead of faint so must be either Perma-boxed or released.

3a) if I get a full wipe, e.g. my 6 Pokémon party die, I cannot keep going with whatever is still in the box. I must end the game immediately.

Name: Arthur

Species: Charmander

Nature: Bold

Gender: Male

Caught: Level 5, Oak's Lab.