Reiko's Emotions


AN: Hello! I am CC, This is my first fanfic, but I just finished watching "calling" and I could understand how Reiko feels. I do not own the rights to Calling. It belongs to Hudson and Konami.

Hi, my name is Reiko Asaguri. I am 13 years old. And I basically live in Kuromiya Hospital. I have friends, but none that are my age. So I do get quite lonely, but I just found out one of my grown-up friends died. He was so nice; I was teaching him how to use computers and mobile phones! He even said I was a good teacher!

Today though I went on the internet on the phone my mom got me, because she is always working to pay the hospital bills. But today I found a chat room I can talk to people my age in. It is called "The Black Page". I have met some friends. One of them is named 'Rin' and she is my best friend on the chat room. She has even promised to visit me tomorrow! I am so excited; I may not even sleep tonight.

The next day

I was sitting in the lobby of the hospital, waiting for 'Rin'. It has been over an hour since our meeting time. Did she lie to me….she was not going to come see me…I got up and started to walk back to my room. After climbing up the two flights of stairs to get to my room, I looked over at the bed next to mine and saw another girl with bandages on her face and wrapped around her head. Some kind of accident maybe? Who cares….I am still alone…my mom left me, my grown-up friend left….even 'Rin' left me…..why does everyone leave me…I started to tear up. "Maybe I should just go away…." I whispered to no one in particular. I stepped to the window. I am not needed here…I don't have a will anymore….my mind started going blank, but I vaguely remember climbing onto the window sill. The wind was blowing gently, my short black hair blowing. No one wants me here….if they say they do then they are lying….they will leave me alone, just like everyone else….I hear the door opening and a loud gasp, but I don't really care….I just let go of the window and allow myself to fall…..My eyes closed, but the tears still falling….

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