The next day Ziva woke up. She felt around to try and feel Tony, hoping that he would be there to touch but he was not. She sat up quickly and jumped out of bed, she ran into every room trying to see his face, hoping that she could hold him in her arms and not let go. She ran into his living room expecting to see him watching another one of his movies but the sofa was empty. How could he leave her and not say goodbye? She walked to the sofa and saw a letter and a rose. She picked up the letter and the rose and walked over to the spot where they had cried, kissed, hugged and slept last night and she sat down. Her eyes were still extremely sore from last night, they started to sting again as they started to produce more tears. She took a deep breath before she opened it, then she carefully ripped the envelope to take out the letter. The letter said :

"To my beautiful Ninja,

I am so sorry to leave you like this. I wanted to stay in your arms forever and never move away. If I had the choice we would be together right now, you would not have to be hurt, we could be together forever. I did not want to wake you up, you looked so peaceful and happy like you should be, not like last night. It killed me to know that it was my fault, all my stupid fault that you were hurting like that. Then when you asked me to stop the pain I knew I couldn't, I let you down. I failed. I should be the one to stop the pain but instead I caused it. I will never forgive myself for that. I could not cope with saying goodbye to you because it is not goodbye more see you soon. I will understand if you don't want to wait for me, you deserve better than this.

Ziva you are my world, my heart, my breath, my everything and I do not deserve you. You mean everything to me, even if you choose not to stay in this relationship I will still be there to save you from everything, whatever you need I will give you. Were ever you are I will come for you.

I love you, forever and always

See you soon my beautiful Ninja, Ziva.


Ziva held her heart again as she put the letter on the floor. She did not know what to do, she felt like her life was over, and she saw no point to her going on without the one person she loved. She got up and walked to his room, she went in his draws and saw that he had left her her favourite shirt that she loved to wear when she stayed over. She smiled and pulled it out. She took off her clothes and pulled the shirt over her head and got onto the bed. She lay there for a while and then started to cry. She just wanted this pain to go away. She had never felt this before, it hurt so much and she could not cope. She pulled her knees to her chest and just lay there unable to move, crippled from the pain of her heart. She closed her eyes in hopes that she would wake up from this nightmare. Ziva's eyes stopped crying and she drifted off to sleep.

"How could I have left her like that! Tony you idiot! You Stupid stupid idiot!"

Tony banged the staring wheel of his car in anger. He knew he shouldn't have left her, he knew he was stupid to do this. If Gibbs was here he would give him the biggest Gibbs slap in history. Tony knew he had left the best thing that had ever happened to him behind, broken and hurt. Tony had never been a man to wear his emotions on his sleeve but with Ziva it broke his heart into millions of pieces when he left. He truly loved the bones of her. The same question ran though his mind, "Why did I leave her?" Tony's heart started to beat hard as he was thinking about Ziva. He was wondering if she was awake yet, if she had seen he was still there, reading the letter. All he could think of is how hurt she is going to be. Who was he kidding, he wasn't going to see her again, Vance told him that he will not be returning yet Tony promised Ziva they will be together. He should of said goodbye! Tony pulled up at the side of the road, he thought it would be better if he stopped driving while crying. He sat there for a couple of minutes lost in his thoughts.

"I can't do this" he whispered. He took a deep breath and started the car.

That day Ziva got up and went back to her own apartment. There she took a shower and got changed into her sweats. She popped herself on the sofa and turned on the TV. She lay on the sofa, arms wrapped around herself as she fell asleep again. She was hurting badly and the only way to escape this was to sleep.

Ziva suddenly woke up to the sound of knocking on her door. She did not want to open it, she knew it would be Abby ready to hug her and tell her everything would be ok, that's not what Ziva wanted. She wanted Tony not Abby, as much as she loved Abby she just could not be dealing with her right now. Ziva waited for the knocking to stop and it did. Ziva sighed in relief. Ziva got up and turned the TV off and returned back to the sofa. As she sat down the door bell went, Ziva gave in and went to open the door.

"Abby, please I don't want to..." she was stopped by Tony's lips pressing against hers in a quick movement. He pushed her inside the house and shut the door, still holding his lips against hers. Her head was in his hands as the shared a passionate kiss, his hands moved to her waist and hers wrapped around his neck. Both of them enjoying the kiss more and more with every taste of each others tongues. He picked her up and took her to the sofa still their lips connected. He laid her down with himself on top of her. Finally when they stopped to catch their breath Tony started to peck her on the lips in between him talking. "I am!" she wrapped her arms around him tighter as she began kissing him again. "Promise me you will never leave me again Tony!" They kept kissing as she turned him around so that she was on top of him. "I promise you I will never hurt you like that again! I love you Ziva." Ziva smiled and pulled the blanket over them, she kissed him gently on the lips "I love you too." He wrapped his arms around her and she rested her head on his chest. She thought she would never be able to hear that heart beat again, feel his chest going up and down. He never thought he would feel her lips against his again or be able to smell her scent again. Both of them lay there with smiles on their faces as this was the start of a new chapter in their lives

"So how about them little Ninja DiNozzo kids then?"

Tony laughed and pulled her closer. This was going to be a long night.