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Chapter 1 - Secrets


I watched as Mr. Schu had written this across the white board in the choir room and everyone's heads shot up.

"We've all got them. Things about our past or present or even our future that we only tell people closest to us, or, if anyone at all."

The Glee kids all looked around nervously, as if their own secrets were scribbled across their foreheads. Will laughed, "Don't worry. You won't have to share if you don't want to."

As he said this, there was only one thing that came to my mind. Hell it had been a secret of his for almost a year and as much as he tried to deny it, it was always there. I suddenly realized there were eyes on me. Kurt was looking at me with that knowing look and I just ignored him.

"But, I do want you to think about this word for your next assignment. Think of something that you wouldn't mind singing about or what may express your own secret through song."

Rachel's hand shot up, "Mr. Schu, does everyone have to participate in the assignment, because I'm not sure I feel com-"

"Lighten up, Berry. It's not like you have to sing about your secret desire to be, well, me," smirked Santana.

With a quick glare at Santana, Rachel lowered her hand kept quiet. I kept my focus on Rachel for a minute. I wondered what her secret could possibly be.

"Rachel, I'm not asking you to spill your entire life here for the whole world to see. Just use it as a tool, ok?"

Rachel nodded but yet still looked a bit unnerved. Seeing her so vulnerable always was a weakness for me. I hated seeing her express any kind of pain or sadness.

Thank fully, we had become much better friends since that week we dated. But, for some reason, I still couldn't step up to the plate and admit my true feelings. Maybe I just couldn't get over the fact that for her, it would always be Finn. But I just wished she would see what a douche he was when it came to her. Hudson just can't handle her. She needs someone that could handle her feistiness. Finn just didn't have the backbone. But, I promised Finn I would stay away. So, I do my best, but it ain't easy.

Rachel and Finn weren't officially back together, yet. They may as well have been. They are constantly sitting with each other at Glee, his arm sometimes slung behind her. They hold hands when they walk down the hallway and look at each other like…well, let's just say, I wish she would look at me that way.

I don't understand why but she still seems….sad. Of course, Hudson doesn't notice. No one seems to notice, except I think for myself and Hummel.

Kurt had approached me the Monday after prom and he let me have it.

"Puckerman, what the hell are you doing exactly?"

The delicate boy had scared the crap out of me when he snuck up behind me.

"What exactly are you talking about, Hummel?" I asked as I put my books in my locker.

He rolled his eyes at me, "When do you plan on letting a certain little 'she's so crazy but we still love her brunette' in on how you feel?"

I was shocked, how could he have known? I had to play it cool.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked not seeming very confident.

"Look, I see the way you are with Rachel. You care about her, you protect her," he lowered to a whisper when a few people walked by, "I really think it's time to admit your feelings to her."

I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. Should I just admit to it? Maybe, it would be good to have a least one person know how he truly felt.

"I…look Kurt, I don't think…."

"Puck, I love my brother. He is a good guy, truly. But when it comes to love, he's, well, a moron. I know he loves Rachel, but," he struggled to find the words, so I helped him along with it.

"But, he can't handle her, is constantly trying to change her and gets scared whenever she lets him know how she truly feels."

Kurt smiled, "Exactly."

"Look Kurt, there's nothing I can do. She loves Finn, she will always love Finn, and I will always be on the backburner."

"Yes, I know what you are saying, but, she doesn't even know you are there for her to have."

"Kurt, if I tell her, my friendship is over with Finn. Done, finito! At least this way I can keep my friendship with Finn and just, I don't, wait and see what happens." I lowered my head at this last comment. I knew I would be waiting a long time for that ship to sail.

Kurt has crossed is arms, and looked at me as if my dog had just run over by a car. He slowly put his hand on shoulder, "Carpe Diem, Puck…Carpe Diem."

He smiled weakly at me and walked away.

I thought about what Kurt was saying. "Seize the day." I laughed to myself. Easier said than done.

"Puck?" someone shook me to attention. My mind had wondered off and pretty much the whole Glee club had cleared out with the exception of Mr. Schue and Rachel.

"Oh, um….huh?" he realized Mr. Schue was trying to get his attention.

"I was just wondering if you and Rachel wouldn't mind helping me with something."

Rachel came and sat next to me, "I think Noah and I can handle it." She looked over at me and smiled. That smile, I would do anything if it meant seeing her smile at me all day.

"Well, I really think that you two have got great chemistry when you sing together. And I think you would be perfect for what I have in mind."

When he said the word chemistry my heart fluttered. Chemistry, Rachel and I have it. Everyone knows that. The few times we have sung together, the few times we made out, the few times we spent quality alone time. I felt it, and I am pretty sure she did as well.

But, why me? Whey not Finn? Not that I was complaining.

"I'm sure your wondering why I didn't ask Finn, right," I nodded. Rachel didn't react. "Well, that leads me to what I am asking you. Now, the thing is, Miss Pillsbury, she absolutely loves your singing voice as well as Rachel's." Puck smiled at this, "And she actually told me last night that you two don't do enough duets, and it made me realize she was right."

Puck noticed Rachel shift in her seat. He wished he could see her facial expression but didn't want to be obvious.

"The funny thing is, my secret is that I want the two of you to sing a duet at Nationals. The opening number, to be exact."

I looked over and Rachel was staring at Will in shock. Then she looked at me…with that big, beautiful smile. All of a sudden she jumped up and landed in my arms.

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