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CHAPTER 1: Trip to Ikebukuro

It was the first day of summer vacation.

However, Sawada Tsunayoshi was worn out and exhausted as he wandered in the midst of an unfamiliar busy Tokyo district. It had been an hour since he arrived in Ikebukuro without the usual company of his self-proclaimed right hand man and baseball-enthusiast friend.

He had come to the city for an errand. His tutor had told Tsuna the night before that he was to meet up with a certain person in Ikebukuro. But since the Vongola Ninth called and said that he needed the baby's aid, he was unable to keep the appointment. So, the sun arcobaleno had asked, forced, threatened Tsuna to go instead.

When his tutor explained what he should do, the young Vongola had thought the task at hand would be simple enough; he just had to go to Ikebukuro, find the man, give him Reborn's request, and hold on to what the man would give him in return and get back to Namimori.

To Tsuna's dismay, Reborn had considered the simple 'trade' part of the young Vongola's training and he had stubbornly refused to tell Tsuna the man's name. Reborn only mentioned that the man worked as an information dealer and hinted that Tsuna's blood of Vongola and hyper intuition would definitely help him to recognize the man.

Reborn had added with a mischievous glint in his eyes that the information dealer would be hard to miss. Tsuna would even recognize him. Tsuna couldn't help but fear that his tutor was actually having contact with Vongola's former adversaries.

To add to his student's despair, his tutor had forbidden his closest guardians to accompany him in this quest, and had told them it was Tsuna's own responsibility as the next boss.

Gokudera couldn't help but accept the fact that his beloved tenth would go on a mission without him. However, the silver-haired teen had promised Tsuna that if trouble arose, he would immediately go to his boss' side and protect him with his life.

Yamamoto had laughed at the storm guardian's worries and had told the Gokudera that Tsuna could look after himself. He had wished Tsuna a safe trip and also told him to try the Russian Sushi restaurant in Ikebukuro. Apparently, his old man was always raving about how the sushi bar offers exotic but tasty sushi for low prices. It seemed that the owner of the Russian Sushi bar and Yamamoto's father were once acquaintances.

Tsuna's thoughts ended with the growling of his stomach. He sighed and looked at his watch. It was already fifteen till noon and he was feeling hungry. Remembering the sushi bar Yamamoto had recommended, he decided that he would continue his search after lunch.

He hurriedly walked in the direction of a woman sitting on a bench in the park nearby to ask if she knew where the Russian Sushi bar was located. In his haste, he bumped into a huge bearded guy and fell butt-first to the ground. The guy eyed Tsuna menacingly before looking to the group of people behind him. A large group was now crowding around Tsuna.

"What's up with you kid? You just hurt our boss!" A thin man with nose-piercings and a knotted purple cloth on his arm growled at Tsuna before grinning back to man closest to Tsuna. Tsuna looked up at the group and saw the face of their so-called boss.

"I guess this means you're paying us medical fees, right brat?" A stout man agreed. He wore a purple hat and over-sized shirt.

Tsuna saw three men and their boss laugh heartily at his current condition. Each of them wore something with the color purple. Must be those common city thugs I always read about. Tsuna thought as he stood up and brushed the dust from his clothes.

Why do I always have to meet people like these? Tsuna thought bitterly. This was one of the rare occasions when Tsuna wished that the Namimori disciplinary committee was around. However, he shuddered at the thought of Hibari biting these people to the death while for disturbing the peace.

"That's it! We need twenty thousand yen for the medical fees brat!" The boss roared at Tsuna.

Tsuna looked meekly at the demanding thugs. The menacing men looked down at Tsuna with raised eyebrows and tapping feet. Two of the men now carried a pipe and a bat while the others looked at him maniacally; their eyes told him that if he refused, he would not be let off easy. Tsuna's eyes drifted back to the weapons and he inhaled sharply as he assessed the situation.

He concluded that the only way to avoid this trouble was to escape. With all the things he had been through, he had matured and grown enough that and he knew that he need to hold back and not incapacitate err—defeat these thugs. Like before he refused to use violence whenever possible, however was not as forgiving when innocent people were involved and needed protection. The situation then was just some type of bullying. He did not want to make a big deal off something so trivial. In order to escape, he decided to disappear with the help of his hyper dying will mode.

He was preparing to flee from the thugs when a member directed his attention to the woman whom Tsuna had approached before. During the last few minutes she had mustered the courage to approach them. She was looking at the gang nervously while clutching her cellphone.

"You! What are you looking at woman? You want to help this poor kid huh?" the woman now had caught attention of the rest of the gang. "Get out here before we beat you too!" bellowed the group's boss.

The woman jumped at the threat and ran in the opposite direction, glancing apologetically at Tsuna. Tsuna smiled back at the woman, silently thanking her for her attempt to help him.

The disgusting actions of the thugs pissed off Tsuna. He could forgive them if they were only bothering him, but could not let them slide after they had involved and threatened an innocent woman.

He faced the group seriously this time. The group paused, seeing the new expression from the boy's face but continued to laugh.

"Got the guts to retaliate huh? Punk!" The thugs readied their weapons and prepared to attack. Tsuna looked around and saw that he and the group were the only ones in the park.

He focused, anticipating the moves of the disrespectful thugs. It'll only take minute to knock these guys out. No flames. No dying will mode. No hyper will mode. No nothing. Just strike each of them behind the neck. He reminded himself. After this, he would really have to find that Russian Sushi place, eat, and then track down that information dealer so that he could finally return to Namimori and to his friends.


Ryuugamine Mikado looked at his mobile phone and opened the DOLLARS archive. On the first page he saw a new message posted by a member seeking for help.

[A brown-haired boy near the park is surrounded by 5 thugs from the PURPLE LIMASCON gang. I can't help the boy since they looked armed. The boy needs DOLLARS' help!]

Mikado looked at his blonde best friend, Kida Masaomi, and told him about the post. The Purple Limascon is harassing people again. Since they were near the vicinity of the park, the two friends decided to help the boy in distress.

While running towards the park, Mikado heard his phone beep again. He opened the message and realized the seriousness of the situation. He handed his mobile to his bestfriend so that he, too, could read the new message.

[I was confronted by the gang members. The boy is already alone with the gang. God knows what they're doing to the boy right now. Please someone help him!]

Mikado saw worry in his friend's eyes when Kida passed his phone back. He typed furiously a reply saying that they were on their way to help the boy. They continued running until they saw the crowd of five huge Purple Limascon members laughing their heads off while surrounding a short, browned-haired teen.

Mikado noticed that the boy wore a very serious expression which made him looked intimidating despite his height. Even if he knows how to fight, there's no way he can defeat five Purple Limascons two times his size. That's insane!

Mikado sensed Kida's anger as they watched the familiar seen. He remembered that his best friend still felt guilty of his form gang's mischief. After that, Kida had promised his friends and himself that he would never allow such actions to happen again.

When Kida had come back from his soul-searching with his girlfriend, he was furious when he learned that some new color gangs had appeared after the conflict between the Dollars, Yellow Scarves and the Slasher's group. Mikado had tried to ease his best friend by explaining to him that the new gangs were not very active and were not creating any disturbance. After that, the blonde had calmed and their lives proceeded harmoniously.

The city was relatively peaceful until recently. Just a month ago, the Purple Limascon gang had started harassing people and proclaiming themselves as the new reigning color gang of Ikebukuro. However, this was kept under covers as Dollars and the Slasher's group worked to keep their pranks to a minimum. DOLLARS members discreetly helped bullying victims while the Slasher's group threatened the purple gang members when they created mess on the streets.

A huge man shouted at the boy's face while the others readied themselves to attack the short kid. Kida tapped Mikado's shoulder and then started running towards the guy holding the bat closest to the brown-haired boy. Mikado, on the other hand, ran in direction of the boy and when he reached the boy, he grabbed his hand to draw him away from the commotion.

When Kida saw that Mikado had already safely grabbed the boy, he smirked as he delivered a final kick in the groin of the huge guy with the purple bandanna around his neck before running away. Looking back, he snickered as the gang members called desperately to their boss. It wasn't long before he caught up Mikado and the stranger.

As Tsuna held his ground against the stranger group, he became distracted by two approaching presences. He was confused when suddenly, a blonde-haired boy appeared and attacked the guy with the bat closest to him. He was more startled when he felt a hand on his wrist and tugged him in the opposite direction.

The owner of the hand was a black-haired teen who wore a white-jacket with green sleeves. The boy had pulled him into a fast run away from the fighting group. When he glanced back to see what had happened to the thugs, he saw the blonde kick the man with bandanna around his neck in the groin.

Owww... Tsuna winced, slightly pitying the guy with the injury. Although he felt some satisfaction, he held back a chuckle. Even though the man deserved the kick, he knew it was rude laughing at another person's misery. At least he did not think of such an embarrassing way to attack the group.

His gaze now settled on the back of the blonde who had just caught up with him and the raven. Knowing that the park was empty, he was amused when he came to a conclusion that the women probably asked these people to help him. I can't believe they helped me. A stranger! I guess this city isn't that bad after all.

The three boys stopped running when they reached the entertainment district intersection. Kida Masaomi laughed as he panted and two other boys laughed as well after realizing what had just happened. They had taken down five huge guys without a scratch.

Mikado leaned on a lamp post as he caught his breath while the brunette continued to chuckled next to him. Kida, tired of laughing, wiped off the tears that were on his eyes and faced his best friend and the kid they just rescued.

"I haven't run like that for a long while", he said as he stared at the brunette. When he saw that the kid open his mouth to thank them and started to bow, he interrupted him and introduced himself instead.

"Yo! You don't need to thank us! It's just our duty to help people here in the city. I'm Kida Masaomi by the way." he grinned at the surprised kid. Mikado, already on his toes, spoke to the boy as well.

"And I'm Ryuugamine Mikado. I'm really glad we escaped from there. Those gang members are always up to no good." Mikado sighed in relief and bowed like usual to the boy.

"Ahhh…I uhhh…really thank you for helping me!"

Kida noticed that the brunet who had appeared serious before was completely different now. He seemed shy and nervous as he rambled his gratitude. After Mikado told the boy that he didn't need to continue thanking them the brunet told them about himself and his reason for coming to Ikubukuro.

"My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi but you can just call me Tsuna. It's really nice to meet you Kida-san, Ryuugamine-san." Tsuna paused, but then proceeded telling the rest after seeing the Mikado's and Kida's expectant looks.

"I'm actually here to search for someone but I…uhh…actually don't know his name. All I know is he is an information dealer and he is supposed to meet my tutor today. Since my tutor had an emergency, I was sent here instead. I've been looking for him for an hour—err—I think it's already two hours since that incident happened." Tsuna smiled sheepishly, embarrassed at his convoluted explanation.

"You can just call us Masaomi and Mikado too if we're going to call you Tsuna. So you're not from here huh? Where are you from?" Kida asked Tsuna curiously. Somehow, he liked this kid who reminded him of Mikado when they were very young.

"I'm from Namimori town. I don't think you've heard about it. It's not very well known." Tsuna raised his head to look around and take in the crowded and lively streets of the city. "Wow, it really is like those pictures in the magazines."

Before Kida could ask another question, a strange growl broke the conversation.

"Ahahaha…Looks like my stomach's already complaining."

Mikado smiled at Tsuna, whose face was flushed from embarrassment. No longer able to hide his humiliation, Tsuna scratched the back of his head.

"Since we are here already, let's go to Simon's place and eat some sushi. I think it's having a sale today. Tsuna-san here probably needs some rest after such a long day." suggested Mikado.

Kida shrugged, fighting the urge to laugh at the new boy and nodded. Mikado led the way to the restaurant followed closely by Kida and Tsuna.

Meanwhile, a guy wearing a furry black jacket and black denim pants watched the three teens as they tread their way to the Russian Sushi bar from the shadows. He chuckled to himself as he schemed a new game for the new boy in town. It would be fun playing with the next leader of the most powerful mafia family in the world, Vongola Decimo. He grinned widely at the new chapter of chaos unfolding.

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