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CHAPTER 18: Where the Chaos Starts and Ends

Mikado stood frozen as he felt and watched the rapid movement around him. Everything moved too fast, short lived blurs in front of his inexperienced eyes.

The scarred man's gunshot had begun it all. The moment Vongola Decimo had fallen, the attack had commenced. Bulk men all around them whipped out their weapons: guns, swords, and various other dangerous devices Mikado had never thought of glimmered threatening under the moonlight.

But they were not alone, the Vongola had also pulled out their own weapons, mirroring the contempt and bloodlust that were on Pedine's faces. However, the teens expressions had a thousand times more impact than those of the Pedine; if the thirst for battle the Pedine showed was frightening, the relative fury that the group of five emanated was terrifying. Their expressions made every DOLLAR shiver in fear. The pure outrage sent blood chilling vibes within a five yard radius.

Without any preamble, the Pedine attacked.

Standing their ground, the Vongola readied themselves. In a split second, the two rival families clashed, initiating the start of a destructive battle.

To the side, Yamamoto exchanged fierce strikes with multiple enemies. He smoothly evaded every assault that they hurled at him. With his esteemed sword technique, Shigure Soen Style, Yamamoto cut down his enemies in cold defiance. The blade of his sword, Shigure Kintoki, gleamed as he hacked his attackers one by one.

Away from Yamamoto, Gokudera feed dynamites into an odd-looking gun. However much an elaborate artifact it looked, the Flame Arrow could inflict mass damage to his enemies. The unusual blazing, red flames that shot from the gun were baleful and any unfortunate soul who was unable to dodge were immediately burned and fatally immobilized.

Supporting were Lambo and Chrome who stood defensively near Tsuna, keeping tabs on the multitude of enemies that bombarded them.

Lambo, with his cow-horns, distracted the attackers with his Electrico Cornata. The electricity that his nifty gadget produced was comparable to the destructive flames of Gokudera's weapon. Any Pedine men who approached the child, thinking they found an easy target, was quickly singed to a crisp.

Next to him, Chrome swung her trident, sending her opponents flying backward. Using her illusions, she diverted men away from Tsuna and the DOLLARS to be taken down by a fellow guardian.

Ryohei stayed out of the battle; instead, he was kneeling by Tsuna's side, busily attending the injured brunet.

Celty, who was the initial target for the bullet, support Tsuna as the boxer applied some strange medicine to the bleeding injury.

As Mikado's wide eyes took in all the action, he realized the true weight of his actions – his mistakes.

This is my fault. This is all my fault.

The horrible thought echoed through Mikado's head, endlessly. This was all because he had helped the Pedine. He was the one who started this mess.

Mikado's stomach turned from the massive guilt and despair he felt.

Your friends are in danger. You put them in danger.

A little voice whispered mockingly as Mikado stared, devastated, at Tsuna's fallen form.

An uncontrollable trail of tears flowed freely from his eyes, as he walked zombie-like towards Tsuna. The distance wasn't far, but it to him, to Mikado, it felt like an eternity.

As he approached, Ryohei paused from his work and narrowed his eyes, warning Mikado. He was angry – justifiably so – at Mikado, and he didn't hesitate to show it. Ryohei slowly stood up, and glared icily at the raven.

Celty knew that Ryohei's anger was justified; however, she also wanted to stop him. But unable to find a way to pacify the boxer, she stayed quietly at Tsuna's side. After all, she was the one that Tsuna had protected, if she'd been faster, Tsuna wouldn't had needed to save her.

Kida and rest of the DOLLARS were too shocked to move. The action progressed too fast, the sound of metal hitting metal was too cold and final. There was the lasting stupor of an all out 'war' that hung in the air. They vaguely noted that Mikado had left their side, and had progressed to a few yards away. They tensed, as a slow worry took over their bodies as they feared for Mikado's safety.

"Onii-san, please calm down."

The growing tension snapped as all heads turned to find Tsuna slowly sitting up, with Celty's support. The fabric of the right side of his shirt had been ripped, but the wound was miraculously healed.

"Sawada! You should stay still! You're – "

"I'm alright Onii-san," Tsuna cut him off. "It was only a scratch, the bullet didn't hit any vital organs. And your sun pills and flames already healed the worst. Besides, I still have something to do."

Tsuna's wary expression turned grim as he directed his attention at Mikado. But the hard look did not last, as Tsuna's features softened, and he smiled genuinely at the silently confused teen he knew how hurt and baffled by. Mikado was the real victim; he was the victim of self-centered pride, lust for power, and the constant lies of the mafia world. Mikado had been misguided, manipulated, and cornered until he had no choice. He was thrown into the mess to act as bait for the sake of rivalry and personal goals. It wasn't Mikado's fault.

Mikado could not hear Tsuna's thoughts as remorse continued to claw away at him like a plague. He couldn't comprehend Tsuna's gentle smile, his soft eyes, the expression of acceptance. Why wasn't Tsuna blaming him? He should be furious! Ready to destroy him. Rather, it was just the opposite.

Reality hit. Cold. Hard.

This was the real Tsuna.

It didn't matter that he was Vongola Decimo. It didn't matter that he was the don of the most powerful (possibly dangerous) mafia family. It all didn't matter. It didn't matter because Tsuna was his friend.

"Tsuna...This... I... I never... I never thought it would turn out like this. I...I'm so sorry." Mikado bowed his head, his voice stuttered the sincere apology. Tears ran like rivers down his cheeks, endlessly.

Tsuna smiled softly, he could feel the deep regret Mikado was harboring. He slowly closed the distance between him and the raven and lifted his face to gently wipe the tears from the raven's cheek.

"It's okay Mikado-san. I understand. It's okay. It's not your fault. You only wanted to protect your friends."Tsuna softly soothed.

"It's not your fault so please stop blaming yourself." He smiled. "It's already been done, right now all we can do is protect everyone. I promise that I will do everything to get everyone out safely." Tsuna's amber eyes reflected his absolute resolution. "Can you trust me this time?"

Mikado stared into Tsuna's earnest eyes. In his heart, there was no doubt, only acceptance. Mikado nodded and slowly turned his head to the rest of the DOLLARS, waiting for their approval.

Kida and the others smiled widely and nodded their agreement.

"Thank you."

Tsuna mouthed his gratitude as he calmly shut his eyes. Seconds later, glowing orange flames slowly sprouted from his forehead, surprising the DOLLARS. Opening his eyes, Tsuna's eyes face was lax, his piercing amber eyes were confident and serious.

All around him, his guardians smirked as they sensed Tsuna's Hyper Dying Will mode.

Gokudera, Yamamoto, Lambo, and Chrome all strategically retreated to Tsuna's side. They didn't stare at Mikado with hate, but relaxed; they understood and followed their boss's wish. The misunderstanding had dissipated. The DOLLARS and Vongola, whatever their issue had been beforehand, had come together as allies.

As the group slowly knit together, the previous anxiety and uncertainty had vanished. Sensing the renewed spirit, the Pedine warily encircled the group. The fact that the Vongola had regrouped had changed the atmosphere.

Moreover, Tsuna's tremendous, orange flame sparked fear in every hitman's face. The Pedine ceased their attack, as they waited anxiously for more directions.

Assessing the paused attack, Tsuna quickly formulated a plan. His voice was soft and fast as he whispered it to his friends. "There's no other way other than to defeat them all. We need to hold them back so that Mikado can escape with his DOLLARS."

His guardians nodded slightly, agreeing with the last moment conclusion.

The DOLLARS who were close enough to hear, gaped at Tsuna with unbelief.

"Kid, it's not like I'm doubting you or anything, but that's just too reckless." Shizuo cursed. He hated violence, but he wouldn't let these kids to act as the decoy. He was pissed and he wasn't going to let the whatever-mah-call it "mafia" thing screw with him.

Celty agreed silently, as she slowly tilted her helmet to release her shadows. She grabbed her scythe, and defiantly stepped forward.

"It's not like we're DOLLARS for nothing, Tsuna. Besides, we can't let these guys off after what they did to our boss." Kadota said authoritatively.

Tsuna started to protest but was cut off by his guardians.

"Kadota-jii is EXTREME Sawada!"

"Shizuo-san is really tough too – right Gokudera?"

"Che. I have to admit, the bartender guy's a monster, Jyuudaime."

Tsuna couldn't argue; instead, he turned his attention to other half of the group. "What about the others though." He argued.

"Don't worry about us! We're not as strong as you guys but we'll be able to defend ourselves Tsuna." Kida assured. Mikado, Erika, Yumasaki, and Togusa nodded their heads in agreement.

Tsuna was unsure but resigned when he was faced with the DOLLARS' determined faces.

"Jyuudaime, if they are joining us – " the Vongola right-hand man spared a look at the DOLLARS. "I think we could fight more effectively if we formed groups with them." Gokudera suggested to his boss.

Tsuna did not need more to time to approve. Gokudera's ideas and strategies had always come in handy in dire situations. "Then, about the groups – "

"Gokudera, Shizuo-san, Celty-san and I could group Tsuna." Yamamoto quickly decided. Shizuo and Celty just nodded while Gokudera fumed but did not voice out his objections.

"Kadota-jii and I will pair up Sawada." Kadota sighed but agreed to Ryohei's thinking.

"Boss, Lambo-chan and I can protect Erika-san, Yumasaki-san and Togusa-san." Chrome offered solemnly.

Tsuna was a bit surprised at the quick decisions but didn't argue. "Okay. Then, Masaomi-san and Mikado-san will be with me." He turned to Mikado and Kida who acknowledged his decisions.

After settling the groups, Tsuna quickly added. "Also, the shorter the time we defeat them, the better so – " The Vongola Decimo turned to his guardians, his eyes serious and voice commanding. "We are going all out."

"Tsuna, that would attract – "

"We won't. Don't worry about that."

The teens blinked and realized what their Boss meant. Then, they smirked at Tsuna's notion. The DOLLARS were confused as they listened to the talk.

Their short discussion had ended. Tsuna brought out his mittens and put them on his hands.

Then, he muttered under his breath. "Cambio Forma Version X."

At the same time, the Vongola guardians made the same gesture as their boss. In just a matter of seconds, the Vongola were engulfed in dying will flames. When the flames faded, they were clad in their respective Vongola gear weapons.

The DOLLARS did not comprehend where the weird colored flames came from and how it was possible for the teens to change their appearance. They were absolutely awestruck at what they had witnessed. Whatever the Vongola had done, it must be what Tsuna meant when he said they were going all out.

The Vongola's display definitely affected the Pedine men as well. Feeling the heightened anxiety of the enemies, Tsuna stepped forward and gave his final warning and last attempt to settle things peacefully.

"Vincenzo-san, we can still stop this senseless battle if you withdraw your men."

The Pedine Boss glared at Tsuna with hateful eyes and replied fiercely. "I'm afraid I will not back out now Vongola Decimo. Not after all of these."

"Then, you leave us no choice."

Tsuna turned to his comrades and signaled.

This time around, the Vongola and DOLLARS were the first to attack.

"So, how will this work out again?" Togusa peered at his kouhais questioningly.

"Tsuna-chan said we just have to take down all these guys right?" Erika answered the long-haired man casually.

"Back then it was easy to say that but now that we're here face-to-face these guys – " Yumasaki surveyed the men who had chosen their group as target and gulped. "this'll be quite difficult."

Five hitmen decided to charge towards them and Togusa, Yumasaki and Erika immediately got into their fighting stances. But it was a mistake on the hitmen's part as they forgot that the Vongola mist and lightning guardians were together with their targets.

Chrome stepped in and twirled her Vongola gear weapon. The khakkara on her hands emitted purple flames as she created illusionary vines.

"What the heck is that?" Togusa said as he watched seemingly real vines coil around the panicked hitmen. They were rendered motionless.

"Oh! That reminds me. Chrome-chan could create illusions!" Erika exclaimed brightly as she remembered the mist and invisible walls in the Purple Limascon hide-out that was Chrome's doing.

"So she could do something like that too?" Yumasaki commented with a subtle hint of excitement.

Togusa who had no idea about the details about the clash between the Vongola and his friends just gawked at the female mist guardian in disbelief.

"Yup! Chrome-nee could recreate anything with her illusions."

The DOLLARS jumped at the sudden appearance of the cow-child. When they saw the boy, he was sporting a horned helmet that looked too large for him. But the child wore it like it was normal.

"What are you wearing Lambo-chan?" Erika curiously scrutinized the weird helm.

"This is my Vongola gear! It's my weapon so that I can protect you like we promised Tsuna-nii!" Lambo proudly declared.

The DOLLARS would have asked more about the Vongola gear but they were rudely interrupted.

"Do you think you can beat us with a cow-horn brat!" an enemy yelped at them.

Chrome was still busily fending off more enemies. So, it was up to Lambo to face the new group that appeared. The kid stared at the enemies in concentration, fighting the urge to run away.

Togusa, Yumasaki and Erika surrounded the cow-child protectively. Even if the kid was part of mafia and knew how to fight, they would not allow the men to gang up on an eight-year-old boy. Just what kind of adults were they if they allowed that.

"Kid, stay still and let us handle these guys." Togusa told Lambo sternly.


"Lambo-chan, we wouldn't want you to get hurt." Erika explained to the boy.

Lambo bowed his head. The DOLLARS thought the cow-child had let it go but he looked up at the adults instead.

"I know. But still, let me fight with you. I'm one of Tsuna-nii's guardians too." Lambo muttered insistently.

Seeing the kid's determined face, the DOLLARS looked at each other and sighed collectively.

"Alright Lambo-chan. Let's beat these bad men real bad."

Kadota caught a glimpse of his friends fighting alongside the little cow-child as he evaded another punch thrown at him by his opponent.

He was rather surprised to see the little kid giving aid to his friends by using shock attacks from what seemed to be the kid's weird helmet. The pineapple-haired girl, on the other hand, was warding off more men with creepy crawling things.

His friends – well – Kadota haven't seen them fight seriously for a long time so he had somehow forgot their unique quirks when fighting. Yumasaki's fondness of molotovs, Erika's torturous methods and Togusa's obsessive nature when he protects something, may it be his precious van or his friends, had always been frightful when triggered. The shocked and weirded-out faces of the mafiosi was proof to that.

Seeing the group was faring well, he focused his attention to his fight.

Unlike the others, Kadota and Ryohei both prided themselves in fighting one-on-one matches. So even if they were paired, they faced their opponents individually.

Ryohei, clad in his Vongola style boxing gloves, took down another man in mere seconds. He turned to Kadota and challenged the shadow-banchou. "Kadota-jii, how's your end doing? I've already knocked four men out."

The loud boxer really had a penchant for competitions.

Kadota side-stepped to his left and kneed the man lunging at him with a dagger. "Got some hits but nothing serious. Though, I'm starting to get exhausted. These guys just don't quit." He finished while elbowing a man who had snuck on his back.

"We should just do this faster then."

Ryohei paused and collected sun flames in his boxing gloves. When he felt that they were charged enough, the boxer released a surge of yellow flames towards his opponents. The men were immediately knocked out.

Kadota gaped at sun guardian's action. "And just what technique was that?"

Ryohei grinned at him enthusiastically. "You can see them? Your really strong to the extreme Kadota-jii! Those were my sun flames."

Kadota did not understand better when the boxer told him about his sun flames. He inquired further. "And just what do these... flames do?"

"Er – " Ryohei furrowed his brows in thought. "Mine's activation. It can extremely heal! The sun pills are medicine reinforced with my sun flames so it's really effective for recovery. The others... I forgot to the extreme!"

The seemingly inattentive boxer turned once more to dodge a bullet. He quickly closed the distance between him and his attacker and punched the sniper hard on the gut.

So those flames on Tsuna's forehead and when they suddenly changed their weapons, those were real? And here I thought that was just my imagination. Kadota mused as he found another opponent to combat with.

Kadota's ears perked up and the man shot a glance at the direction where a sudden explosion happened. There was no doubt that was the dynamite-using kid – Gokudera's work. He could only wonder what was happening to their side as he remembered just what kind of fighters their group has.

Shizuo effortlessly threw another unfortunate body of his opponent. The thrown man collided to his fellow hitmen with a force enough for all of them to tumble on the ground.

"Strike." The blonde stated as if he was playing bowling with the thrown man as the ball and the group of men as the pins.

His attention switched to Yamamoto and he frowned when he saw the teen's condition. He prepared to help him but stopped as Ikebukuro's doll witnessed what happened next.

Yamamoto stayed unmoving in his position as Pedine men charged towards him in all directions. He closed his eyes and held up the katanas in his both hands as he waited for the men to get closer to him.

The attacking hitmen thought that the teen was frozen due to fear and were completely overjoyed as they made their assault. But when they got near enough the swordsman, his aura changed and he opened his eyes narrowly.

"Shiguen Soen Style 8th offensive form: Pelting Rain." He whispered to himself.

Then, Yamamoto twirled, the blades of his katanas cutting through the men that had closed into him. In just a few seconds, the swordsman's attackers fell on the ground one by one, unable to move and barely alive.

Shizuo whistled his awe of the swordsman's skill. He approached the teen and immediately gave his praise.

"That was really nice kid. I remember that move in our fight before but, you were using your bamboo sword back then." the blonde eyed the two katanas on Yamamoto's hands. "Where the hell did you get your swords by the way?"

"These?" Yamamoto beamed mysteriously at the blonde and told his answer. "We can say that my bamboo sword and these katanas are one and the same."

"Huh?" Shizuo grunted. He could not believe the raven although the blonde felt that he wasn't lying.

Not really caring about details, Shizuo just turned to his next victim and just shrugged. "Whatever."

Shizuo returned to ruthlessly beating up some more men. The man in bartender's suit was thoroughly striking fear to the mafiosi who targeted him.

Yamamoto also turned back to his hitman-mode. He counted the remaining opponents in his mind and noticed the fast dwindling numbers.

Heh. That would be because of Gokudera. His attacks really are the most useful when we face mobs like this. Yamamoto smirked as he heard another explosion from the nearby area.

The aforementioned silver-haired teen was busily engaging his opponents using his Vongola gear dynamites. The storm guardian lighted the explosive sticks on his hands using the cigarette-looking pipe igniter on his mouth while scanning the area with his special sunglasses.

When he had spotted the best places for blasting, he flung his dynamites swiftly and muttered.

"Rocket bombs Version X!"

The rocket dynamites speedily went to their respective destinations and flared up simultaneously, burning and injuring the men in the affected area. The explosions were much smaller than usual as Gokudera considered the locations where the others were fighting.

He turned away from the scene and looked for more men to bomb when he saw what the Black Rider was doing. The woman's scythe swiped through the bodies of the hitmen as if it had its own life. Unconscious bodies littered around the Black Rider.

Celty looked at Gokudera and ran towards his direction with her scythe in hand. Gokudera widened his eyes. It looked like she was going to attack him.

And attack she did.

Gokudera was stunned for a moment when he felt the Black Rider's shadow-scythe pass through his body. He was expecting pain but felt none. He heard a thump afterwards and spun to his back to see an unconscious man with a gun on his hand.

Realizing his inattention and the apparent rescue he had received, Gokudera looked at Celty in reluctant gratitude.

"Er – Thanks... I guess."

Celty just nodded in acknowledgement which triggered the teen's untimely irritation.

"You can talk you know! If you just told me someone's behind my back I could have taken the sneaky bastard down myself!" He yelled indignantly.

Celty, slightly taken aback by Gokudera's reaction, produced her PDA and typed quickly.

[Uhmm... Sorry, I can't talk, I mean... I don't have a voice. It's kinda hard to explain.]

"Hmph! Fine." Gokudera grumbled. Though inwardly, he was surprised that the shadow-woman did not talk because she couldn't. And here he thought the mysterious woman just refused to talk directly.

The Black Rider was really starting to get Gokudera's curiosity.

He snapped out of his thoughts when the dullahan's PDA hovered in front of the storm guardian much to his surprise.

[Gokudera-san, looks like the last of the men are attacking Shizuo and your friend.]

Gokudera saw the situation and quickly pulled off some dynamites from the straps coiled around his body. He threw off the dynamites to Shizuo and Yamamoto's location.

"Zero ignite!"

The bombs exploded producing smoke everywhere. The startled Pedine men did their best to get out of the smoke-covered area.

"Gokudera, you should warn us first before you throw your bombs carelessly!" Yamamoto coughed as he got out of the smoke screen.

"Che. It's your own fault that you didn't get away."

"This punk." Shizuo who was also a victim to Gokudera's special bomb glared at the silver-haired teen.

Celty touched Shizuo's shoulder to calm the blonde and pointed her scythe to the enemies.

"Oi Yakyuu-baka. Use your flames to slow down those bastards. Then Bartender guy and Shadow-woman, you can attack them as you will after." Gokudera shared his plans to the others.

"Oh like that time huh?" Yamamoto caught on to what the silver-haired teen was thinking and released his rain swallow, Kojirou, from its sword form. The rain swallow flied above the now clearing area and showered tiny drops of rain flames.

"What the hell is that bird? And what is it doing?" Shizuo asked the rain guardian.

Yamamoto just grinned back at Shizuo again and explained. "Ah! That's one of my partners, Kojirou. He's emitting rain flame infused droplets that would stop the movements of those who were under it."

Of course, the Ikebukuroans were totally clueless of what Yamamoto was talking about. So they only observed what happened to the enemies. And like what the teen said, the Pedine men affected by the rain flames were standing before them immobilized.

Seeing the lethargic forms of the enemies, Yamamoto, Gokudera, Shizuo and Celty made their way to beat them down. After easily overwhelming the Pedine men, they looked around and saw that their side of fight was over.

"We're finally done here. We can go to Tsuna now." Yamamoto looked at the place where Tsuna had gone with Kida and Mikado.

"Let's get to Jyuudaime's side."

Usually in battles, the boss of the group is always protected by the subordinates. Those who protect him were always the much stronger fighters than the men who were in charge of defeating the enemy. Another thing, the boss of the enemy is always targeted by most of the attacking force.

Well, a battle is just like a chess game, when the king is cornered, the game is over. So when the boss is defeated, the battle is decided.

So, it did not really surprise Tsuna that he was facing the hitmen who were protecting Vincenzo Pedine. And looking at the menacing expressions of the Pedine mafiosi, they were determined to defeat the boss of their enemy.

Meaning him.

A drift to his right and a sudden crouch was what the brunet needed for two of his opponents to slam into each other. He took the moment to pull away from his pursuers to block a punch coming from his back. He then maneuvered to his left and successfully hit the man who attempted the punch. After beating the man down, he quickly took cover when he felt bullets whiz through the air, targeting him naturally.

Tsuna spotted the man who fired and went into his location. The man stilled when the Vongola Decimo appeared before him in a blink of an eye. The speed was certainly unbelievable. But then, Tsuna was using his soft flames to propel himself it was no surprise that he was moving with incredible speed. Not that the man knew of it.

Tsuna touched the hitman's pistol and ice gradually encapsulated it. The man, shocked at what happened, immediately dropped his ice-covered gun and backed away from brunet. Though he realized his blunder after a few steps when he felt a heavy blow on his jaw. It wasn't long before Tsuna turned to yet another man lunging at him.

Kida and Mikado had been watching Tsuna face off the Pedine men the whole time. Obviously, the two were the only ones who were not engaging into a fight. Not that they did not want to but somehow, none of the Pedine men could get close to the former Yellow-Scarves shogun and DOLLARS boss. It was because Tsuna had been fending off the Pedine men from the bestfriends from the very start of the battle.

Though that did not last long when the Pedine boss's right-hand man had successfully slipped through Tsuna's notice. The action was proof that the man's fighting abilities were far above an average mafiosi. He was the Pedine right-hand man after all.

The scarred man and his two subordinates did not waste anytime and went to Kida and Mikado's location while Tsuna was too busy with five of their men. They were planning to get the two Ikebukuroans who were somehow being protected by the Vongola Decimo.

Kida and Mikado realized this and readied to oppose the men. They eyed the same men who had abducted Mikado defiantly.

"Stay behind me Mikado." Kida whispered while Mikado nodded meekly. It was not an unknown fact that the raven was not really a fighter so it was up to Kida to protect his bestfriend.

The scarred man's followers were the first to charge at the two. Kida warded off the hitmen from Mikado and himself with all his might.

Worry flooded Tsuna when he felt a spike of his hyper intuition and saw his friends' condition. Kida was having difficulty with the two hitmen but was fortunately holding the fight off. The brunet quickly shoved another two men so that he could go and help his friends.

But before he could move, he saw the Pedine right-hand man join the fight. He raised his gun and aimed it at Mikado.

"Mikado-san! Watch out!" Tsuna stared wide-eyed at the smirking man as he pulled the trigger. Even with his speed, Tsuna knew he could not get there in time to save the DOLLARS boss.

Kida who was alerted by Tsuna's warning could only yell too. "Mikado!"

A shot was heard and the Pedine men expected the DOLLARS Boss to drop dead right there and then.

Unexpectedly, Mikado didn't. He was miraculously not hurt.

Everyone looked at the Pedine right-hand man and saw the reason behind the scarred man's failure.

A black-haired teen was maiming a metal weapon against the man. The scarred man pulled away successfully from the teen and sent a look at his two subordinates. The two men who had been assaulting Kida and Mikado left the Ikebukuroans alone to help their leader.

Tsuna couldn't believe his eyes when he saw who just saved Mikado. It was none other than his Cloud Guardian, Hibari Kyoya.

"Omnivore. What are you stupidly spacing out for?"

Hibari's words snapped Tsuna out of his stupor. It really is Hibari.

The men who were dumbstruck at the skylark's appearance became aware of what was happening. They became aggressive again and started to attack the Cloud guardian. The skylark's distraction gave Tsuna an opportunity to go to Mikado and Kida.

"Mikado-san. Are you hurt?" Tsuna asked concernedly to the raven.

Mikado shook his head meekly. He was still a bit shaken of his near death experience. "No. Fortunately, the bullet only grazed my jacket's sleeve."

Kida immediately grabbed Mikado's left arm to check if there was really no injury. It showed that the bullet just grazed the jacket. Kida sighed in relief.

"I'm sorry. I didn't notice that they got too close to you." Tsuna apologized.

"Tsuna. You were fighting with them." Mikado answered back with a guilt-stricken face. "Besides, it's not your fault that I can't defend myself."

Kida eyed the two and interrupted. "If anything, it is neither your fault but the Pedine's alright. That point aside, is that Izaya?" Kida pointed at the skylark.

Tsuna cut-off Kida and explained. "No. That's Hibari-san. He's one of my – friends."

Hibari heard the omnivore's claim even though he was fighting. He shot a nasty look at Tsuna, obviously disagreeing.

"Jyuudaime!" a familiar voice caught the trio's attention. Tsuna turned around and saw Gokudera and his group approaching him. Closely behind them were the other two groups. Apparently, all of them had defeated their opponents.

"Tsuna, you're here! Does that mean the fight's over?" Yamamoto questioned the brunet.

"No. Actually – "

"Oi! Hibari is here to the extreme!"

All heads turned and watched the skylark as he single-handedly defeat the Pedine men one after another.

The Vongola were really surprised to see the aloof guardian. The violent prefect willingly left his precious Namimori town. They shuddered as they imagined why in the heavens was the skylark in Ikebukuro.

However, the DOLLARS' reactions were more interesting. They were stunned beyond belief when they saw the Izaya look-alike battling against the Pedine men. The resemblance was truly remarkable. But then, as they watched the teen longer, they could also spot a great difference.

"Shouldn't we help him?" Kadota asked suddenly.

The Vongola looked at Hibari. They saw another man suffer another hit from the violent prefect's tonfa. His eyes glinted as he turned and bash his enemies.

"Hibari." Tsuna began and Hibari turned to glare his signature glare.

Interfere or I'll bite you to death Omnivore was what it said.

The normal Tsuna would have relented but the situation was serious. Tsuna looked sternly at the skylark who in return grimaced and turned. Tsuna knew Hibari had grudgingly agreed.

Tsuna motioned for Yamamoto and Ryohei to help him defeat the remaining Pedine men. On the other hand, Gokudera, Chrome and Lambo stood by the DOLLARS to wait and guard.

Hibari was displeased that the omnivore did not heed his warning but did not dwell on the matter. As long as his prey, the Pedine right-hand man, would not be taken away from him and they did not get in his way while he bite the man to death.

"So, you are one of the Vongola guardians too, huh?" the Pedine right-hand man started as he looked menacingly at Hibari.

He was really furious at the teen who had thwarted his plan. He gritted his teeth as he stared at the now lying bodies of his defeated subordinates.

"Do not lump me with those herbivores." the violent prefect simply replied and charged at the man.

The prefect wasted no time and swung his tonfa to hit the man's face. The man stepped back and barely dodged but was caught off guard when Hibari kicked him after. The blow was hard but it didn't faze the man. He noticed blood on the prefect's right arm and tried to hit it.

Hibari winced at the pain he felt a when the man's punch connect to the injury he got from his previous fight. He remembered the infuriating smirk of his look-alike and was pissed off. Hibari's eyes narrowed at his opponent for triggering his memories of the annoying informant. Then, spikes grew from his tonfa and a chain extended from his weapon.

"For reminding me of that herbivore, I'll bite you to death."

In mere seconds, the Pedine right-hand man fell down by the hands of a very pissed off skylark.

At the same time, Tsuna, Yamamoto and Ryohei had finished disabling the remaining Pedine men.

The only one standing was Vincenzo Pedine, the Pedine Famiglia Boss.

It was a checkmate.

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