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Chapter 1: Breathless

"Are you leaving me, Gio?"

The man called Gio smiled softly as he petted the mass of sienna locks of his creation. "No, Tsuna. I'm only leaving for a short time. So be a good boy and watch over the house for me, okay?"

Tsuna nodded and smiled enthusiastically as he hugged his master dearly. "Okay! Come back home soon!"

Gio returned the hug and tightened his hold against him as if it will ever be the last time that he could hold him like that. "Yes, I will." He then pressed his lips on the boy's forehead and whispered something softly on his ears. "I'm sorry. I love you, Tsuna."

x x x

400 Years Later

That night of mid-April, Hibari Kyoya was walking home from his university and took his usual route when a loud clash interrupted him in the process. Not really interested, he went on only to halt as a frantic scream of a girl alarmed him.

"M-Monster! Demon! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Now that caught Hibari's attention. He prepared his tonfas assuming that there is a girl that was being harassed by some damn herbivore. He turned into the corner where he heard the scream but stopped on his track. His eyes narrowed a bit when he realized that his conclusion earlier was wrong.

The girl wasn't being harassed or anything at all; instead she was shakily pointing something in front of her, her eyes full of fear and doubt.

Wordlessly, Hibari followed her trail of sight and arched his eyebrow when he noticed that she was pointing the pile of garbage in front of her; a stumbled trash bin on the side. He examined it for a bit, searching for something of what could make that girl scream so loud. He found none though, just some worthless trash and an odd-looking doll lying on the ground. He relaxed his grip on his tonfa a little and heaved an irritated sigh. What the hell is wrong with this girl?

Hibari took a forward step announcing his presence to the girl. The said girl flinched and snapped back her attention to the new comer. Her eyes widened with relief. "H-Help me! Please!" She pleaded as she ran towards the young raven-haired man. "M-My doll—I was just walking home... and—a-ahh... I-It talked—Doll... moved—!" The girl tried to explain, her gaze never leaving the direction of the pile of garbage and tightened her grip on Hibari's arm.

Hibari was trying to maintain his calm but was failing to do so as the girl's explanation was not making any sense and the hands that were crushing his arm was not helping either. "Come again?"

The girl stopped and tried to catch her breathing calmly, her voice shaking. "I-It moved! It talked! W-Walking home—the doll and... trying to eat me—it was—" The girl was starting to hyperventilate again but stopped when she noticed a menacing aura filling their surroundings. She looked up and a shiver ran down her spines when she saw the young man glaring down at her instead. "Eeep! I-I'm sorry!" She yelped, realizing that the young raven-haired man doesn't seem to appreciate her explanation and her hands clutching his arms, and thus immediately letting go of it. Her fear earlier was suddenly forgotten and was replaced with much more anxious feeling as she immediately prepared herself to flee. "I-I'm leaving now. S-Sorry for bothering you!" She blurted out, blushing madly and ran away in haste. He was more scarier than the reason of why she was screaming awhile ago.

Hibari watched the retreating figure disappeared and started rubbing his forehead as if trying to ease the headache that was starting to form. What the hell was that all about? He can't believe he wasted his precious time for some trivial things.

Annoyed by the whole situation, he was about to leave when an intrigue feeling came over him. He skidded into a halt yet again and looked at the direction where the girl was pointing earlier. He looked at the trash bin for a moment then his gaze fell down to the doll that was lying on the ground. The girl was saying something about the doll, he recalled. What was that again? About the doll moving? Talking? Hibari shook his head. Ridiculous. He decided to check it out nonetheless and picked up the odd-looking doll.

From afar, the doll looked really flashy with its pink dress and hoodie that has bunny ears on it but after taking a good look on it, he realized that the doll was actually... beautiful; so beautiful as if the doll was a living thing with its deep chocolate hazel orbs watching him. It took his breath away. Is this what they call love at first sight? That thought didn't sit well with him. What the hell? He was Hibari Kyoya after all. Falling in love was out of the question. He shook away the thought indifferently and turned his attention back to the doll. He took off the hoodie revealing a mass of spiky sienna hair and this surprised him a bit. Since the doll was wearing a dress, he literally thought that it was a female doll but no matter how he look at it — how feminine the doll looked like — his instinct told him that it was a male doll. That girl must have dressed him up. Surely, as his foot stepped on something and noticed that it was a paper bag that was lying where the doll had been. He examined the content which was actually clothes for boys, probably the previous clothes of the doll, since it was too small for a human being unless it's for a baby. Not that it matter though.

Now what?

He just wanted to move on and go home as usual as if nothing happened, and dispose the doll but a part of him wanted to bring the doll home with him, which was actually stupid. What would he gain from it? Especially a doll that was thrown away? It's not like he was that kind of person who will randomly pick something from the trash anyway, and a doll in particular. But having said that, he can feel something about the doll; something he couldn't quite put his finger in, but he knows there is something about the doll. He looked at it once more before sighing lightly. Well, whatever. It wouldn't hurt anyway if he will take it home with him, wouldn't it?

x x x

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