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Shepard crossed her arms as she stared at the Lieutenant, currently resting in the med-bay. He should have told her if there was going to be a problem. He said he would, promised her even. It was childlike of her to get angry over that, but worry was gnawing away at her stomach along with a fierce rage that he hadn't said a damn thing. The anger was winning the battle, but the worry was winning the war.

Said Lieutenant just groaned and covered his eyes with his arm. "Go away, Shepard." It was so unlike him, and later, he would sulk about it. But right now, he felt like his eyes were trying to push their way out of their sockets, and his temples were going to collapse inwards at the same time, with his brain exploding somewhere in the background. This had to be one of his worst, surely.

Shepard sniffed in that haughty way she had learnt to by the time she was two, and stepped further in to the med-bay, doors sliding shut behind her. Her anger started to melt as she drew closer to his side, turning to genuine worry when he told her to leave once more. She ignored the force behind his words, fingers pressing lightly into the mattress as she leaned over him, trying to look at him and not his arm.

"Kaidan, have they given you anything?"

Her fingers danced along his arm, reaching towards his fingers and tugging the limb away. His light eyes had taken on a darker shade due to the pain, blinking slowly as they adjusted to the dimly lit room. She looked incredibly pale, worry singing through her eyes. Blue shimmered across her skin, reacting to the intense emotion. He found it mesmerising, remembering after a few moments she had asked him a simple enough question.

"It hasn't set in yet."

Shepard swore lightly under her breath, and walked around the med-bay, fishing through cabinets and the fridge for something only she knew what to grab. Kaidan watched her with interest, wincing as it took a great deal out of him. He could never really tell what his Commander was up to. This was just another one of those moments where he settled for just watching and not questioning.

He would figure it out, eventually.

Returning to his bedside, she placed her treasures on the table. Gently, she helped him into a sitting position, stopping at the right times before things got worse. When Kaidan was sitting as upright as he could stand, she slipped up on the bed behind him, placing a pillow in her lap and pressing him back down. Her hands were quite cool against his skin, and he felt relief flood through him, leaving just as fast when her hands left him.

"What are you doing?"

Her hands swept across his forehead, and he watched her frown. She reached out towards the bowl on the table, it moving closer to her hands with the aid of a flash of blue, and she dipped her fingertips in.

About to repeat his question, Kaidan's words cut short at the light pressure on his temples. The chill from her fingertips was oddly soothing, as were the small circles she rubbed into his skin.

He figured out what was in the bowl, and was terribly thankful.

"I used to get terrible headaches when I was younger, and my mother would do this for me."

Kaidan's eyes snapped open, looking up at her. She never talked about her family, but there she was, eyes distant as she continued her rhythm on his skin. She was lost in the past. He kept his mouth shut, willing himself not to ask questions.

"Turns out, one of my older brothers and some other children had the same problem. I mean, none of us had implants, or knew what they really were at that time. And no one was willing to stick their head in a freezer to stop the heat, so mum started this up. Really worked, too."

Her eyes became clear once more, and she smiled. It was odd, upside down, but Kaidan smiled back. She laughed lightly at the expression, and placed a quick kiss against his lips, her hands continuing their handiwork.

His migraine hadn't gone, but the meds kicked in and he felt himself drifting. Shepard shifted under him, stretching her legs out and pulling him up so his head lay on her stomach. It was an odd position, and would severely impact the both of them if anyone caught them, but Kaidan found that he really didn't care, and that he was going to enjoy this as much as he could.

Hours later, Dr Chakwas stepped into the med-bay, not at all surprised the room was dimmed and seeing the rough outline of Lieutenant Alenko, who was on the same bed as last time. She didn't anticipate Commander Shepard to be there as well, running her hands through his hair, looking ever so concerned as the Lieutenant snoozed and was clearly quite content with the person he was sleeping on.

Chakwas just settled herself at her computer, nodding towards the Commander who, for once, didn't jump at the unannounced presence, and continued her work. Later, much later, she would tease the pair of lovebirds.

Right now, however, she had to deal with a report.