Team-bonding, of sorts, with my new Shepard, who I made about two hours before writing this. Yep.

Prompt: The Exploding Kind.

Disclaimer: If I owned Mass Effect, the effect would be massive.

"So, Commander ..."

Shepard looked up briefly to see who had intervened on her private time. The crew knew that when Shepard's door was shut, she was not to be disturbed. However, everyone felt the incessant need to ignore the common knowledge, and barge in.

"Yes, Jack? What part of the galaxy needs blowing up today?"

She was kidding, of course. Well, only partially. Jack had found it hilarious that Shepard had quite a knack at blowing things up. She had taken her 'pussy' statement back without a second thought.

And so, whenever someone had dire need of seeing fireworks, Shepard was the first person they called. Zaeed next, because they all thought the exploding refinery was his idea, and that was awesome.

Except Shepard. She singed quite a lot of hair in an attempt to save everyone. Zaeed had been benched for quite some time after that.

"Oh, nothing. I mean, there is this Batarian system that have been sitting there for quite some time ..."

"Har har. No, I think one system is enough. Two will get me kicked out of the nice bars. And no one wants that."

"True." Jack perched herself on Shepard's desk, feet kicking the back of Shepard's chair. She looked around the room, seemingly unaware that she was really pissing the Commander off.

With a frustrated sigh, Shepard glared at Jack. "Really? We are not three years old, Jack."

"But muuuuum, I found this new toy and I want to try it ouuuuut."

Shepard visibly bristled under the nickname, and shook her head. "No."

"It's a booooommmbbbb." Jack dragged out each letter as she patted the pockets of her pants in an attempt to find said bomb.

"And you've misplaced it."

"No. If I had misplaced it, the Cheerleader wouldn't be alive. Here it is!"

Shepard had to admire just how shiny and new the device looked. She held it gently in her hands, turning it over slowly. Shepard looked at Jack suspiciously. "Where did you find it?"

"That last Eclipse base we raided."

"And you sure it's a bomb?"

"Oh yeah."

A pause.

"Weeeeell, some Blue Suns have been messing around at dig sites, so I suppose it couldn't hurt ..."

"I win."