AN: Okay. Chapter Two. Here ya go(:

Rolling up in her English minivan, Jo Frost, better known as the Supernanny, opened her portable video player. A DVD labeled "Bristow Family" was inside.

"Let's see what we have this week," she said, hitting 'play'.

A man with graying jet black hair sitting on a couch spoke first: "Hello, I'm Jack."

"And I'm Laura," said the woman next to him. "We're the Bristow family."

"We have three children," said Jack. "Sydney, who's fifteen – "

The DVD cut to a clip of a studious brunette doing homework at a desk. "She seems alright," said Jo.

"Nadia, nine – "

Again, a clip of a girl was shown; she was younger and tan with her father's hair and mother's eyes.

"And our son, Jonathan, who we call JD, is four."

Another child came on the screen. He was chubby and laughing as he zoomed a toy truck across the floor. Jo smiled.

The camera cut back to Jack and Laura. "Sydney is generally calm. She's really the one who keeps the peace in the house. Nadia, however…" said Laura, a crease forming between her eyes.

"She's a pistol," Jack finished. "Nadia will talk back to Sydney, Laura and I. Sometimes she will hit, kick, and bite if she doesn't get her way."

Clips of Nadia misbehaving and throwing fits were shown. "That's ridiculous!" said Jo. "She's nearly ten years old!"

"And JD… he picks up a lot of what Nadia lays down, so to speak." Jack looked stern, eyes frustrated and desperate for a change. "To make matters worse, Laura and I both have very demanding jobs."

"Sydney watches the kids after school for us, but we're afraid that it's too much," said Laura, voice thick with tears. "We don't want to give her too much to do; she has her own worries to think about and we respect that. But Jack and I don't know what else to do."

Jack spoke again, the last line of the video: "Supernanny, we need your help."

Jo shut the DVD player. "Mum and Dad, I'm on the way!"