If at First You Don't Succeed

Summary: What if this wasn't Chris's first trip back to the past, will history keep repeating itself? Can you make new changes to affect the outcome? If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

A/N: I wanted to make a story that explored a bit of Wyatt and Chris relationship only with Wyatt being much more paternal. I was waiting for my muse to come up with a way to allow it. I did make a little change in the timeline to Wyatt's birth year; he is going to be born in 2002 (making the boys closer to 3 years apart in age rather than canon of not quite two years). My creative license allowed it (and my muse insisted). This story will contain corporal punishment (spanking) if you don't like that, please stop reading now. As usual, I don't own Charmed or its characters. I just took them out to play. I promise to put them back when I am done. On with the story…

Chapter 1

The Beginning… Again

Year 2018

Piper lay on the floor gasping for breath. She didn't see the demon that hit her with the athame; she was in the house alone and her back was turned. She was going to die and she didn't have the strength to yell for help.

"Mom?" She heard her youngest child yell when the front door slammed shut. "You wouldn't believe the homework they want us to do!" He continued as if she had answered. "Why do we even need to learn about Shakespeare… MOM!" His conversation abruptly ended with the screaming of her name. Chris ran across the floor and fell to his knees beside his mother. "Mom, no. No, stay with me. DAD!" He was crying as he said the words and called for his father.

"Peanut, it's ok. It's too late for that now, listen to me…" Piper weakly said.

But Chris wasn't listening, "Mom, stay with me. WYATT…" He was sobbing now.

Piper needed to tell him everything, but there wasn't time; "I love you…" she began.

"I love you too, Mom, but don't talk, you're going to be fine. DAD, WYATT, please…"

Piper began again, "I love you and I don't want to leave but you need to know…" She coughed out. He raised his hands over her in an attempt to heal her. Piper tried to grab his hands but lacked the strength, "We were wrong…" She took a deep breath in trying to live long enough.

Chris dropped his hands and lifted his mother to his chest rocking her and sobbing, "I can't… I can't heal, I'm so sorry Mom. Dad, please, Mom needs you." Chris was no longer yelling for help his strangled sobs not allowing the voice to go any louder.

Piper raised her hand to touch Chris's face and tried to continue, "It wasn't just Gid…" Coughing interrupted her again. She knew this breath she pulled in would be her last and she finished by saying, "Always loved you… never… never forget…" and with that she was gone.

"NOOOOO!" Chris screamed as he felt the life leave her body. "Please, Mom, don't go, don't leave me…"

Wyatt orbed into the manor. As soon as he formed he began yelling for his brother, "Chris, I swear if you told Mom that I went to the underworld…" His speech stopped as he looked in horror at the scene before him. "Oh my God, MOM…" He raced over, fell to his knees and raised his hands to heal his mother. Nothing happened, no glow, no healing, he was too late. Wyatt met his brother's eyes, "She's gone…"

Wyatt stood and felt his sadness turn to anger burning within him. He needed to kill these demons. He was the twice blessed; he should have had the power to stop this from happening. He looked back down to his brother and knew he couldn't leave him alone but there was no way he could stay. "DAD!" he yelled out. No one came. He had to go and vanquish this demon. He had to go and vanquish LOTS of demons. He orbed out of the room.

Two minutes later he orbed back with his father. "Wyatt, that was an important meeting, there is a reason that all senses were put on mute! You know you aren't allowed to just…" Leo stopped his tirade mid-sentence and looked at what his son was focused on. Leo's world came to a crashing halt, "Piper…" he whispered.

Wyatt orbed out of the room, he had to find the demons. Nothing was going to stop him from protecting his family ever again.

Leo reached out to Chris and helped him up. He went to hug and hold him but Chris lashed out. "No… you don't even know me!" With those words he pushed Leo away violently with his telekinesis, "You were never there for me before, what makes you think you can be here now!" He shouted to his father then orbed out of the room. Leo walked back over to Piper and crumpled on the floor beside her, gently cradling her body to his he orbed away.

No one saw the lone figure hiding in the doorway to the other room. Her hand was over her mouth to cover the silent sobs that the scene before her drew out. This couldn't be happening! This had to change. She needed more answers…

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July 2004

Piper sat on the edge of the tub holding a plastic cylinder in her hand. She wasn't looking at it, no, her mind was far off. There was no one that was going to disturb her thoughts, Wyatt was sleeping, Chris was down in the underworld and her sisters were off living their own lives in their own homes. She closed her eyes to ward off the tears that threatened to fall. She could still see Leo's face as they said their goodbyes. After the incident that lead them to the ghostly plane they made the decision that Leo was going to go up to Elderland full time. He felt his being on Earth put his family at too great a risk. She didn't want him to go but looking into his eyes she knew he had already made up his mind. He could be just as stubborn as her when it came to the safety of his family and he felt this would be the only way to protect them. It broke his heart to leave her and Wyatt but he had to keep them safe, no matter what it cost him.

Their last night together wasn't supposed to be goodbye. Their shared passion should have ushered in a new beginning to their relationship. It should have strengthened their marriage not be the thing that dissolved it. Even as they said goodbye she never dreamed she could be carrying a piece of him within her. They had such a hard time conceiving Wyatt; she never thought she would be fortunate enough to have another baby. She opened her eyes and looked down at the test. Two lines. An entire world altering statement made with two pink lines. The tears fell down her face. How was she going to handle two magical children alone? She gave herself a moment to grieve the life she couldn't have. This should be a celebration. She was going to have another baby, a little sister or brother for Wyatt. She should have been able to announce this wonderful news to everyone and they could share her joy! She could call for Leo and watch his face the moment the exciting truth fully hit him. She placed her hand on her stomach protectively. No, that was something she couldn't do. She could never tell Leo that he had to abandon another child. He had a hard enough time just leaving Wyatt. She reached up and dried off her tears roughly. Time for grieving was over. This baby needed her to be strong! She would do her best to give this child everything it needed to thrive in this world.

She heard the jingling of orbs and she stood up hastily.

"Piper?" she heard Chris yell.

She threw the test into the trash can, then reached down and rearranged the garbage so that the plastic cylinder was hidden.

"I'll be down in a second," she replied. She turned to face herself in the mirror to fix her makeup. No need to worry Chris over this, he had enough on his plate without worrying about Wyatt's siblings too. 'Oh God,' she thought. 'I am having another child that will be raised in that awful world Chris described.' Chris had never mentioned that Wyatt had a brother or sister. They must have changed the timeline. Chris probably didn't know that Wyatt was not going to be an only child! All the pain and terror that her beautiful baby had inflicted upon the world and she might have just doubled it! What if this baby was evil too? No! That was NOT going to happen. She knew she would do anything it took to keep Wyatt from turning evil; but now with two children to protect? She would sell her soul to keep her babies safe.

With that final thought she held her head high and straightened out her shoulders. She would find a way to protect these children. She felt stronger about protecting Wyatt than ever before. She had a new determination and stubbornness flowing through her to her very core. Now she recognized the source of those new feelings. She patted her hand on her belly and whispered "your even stubborn in the womb, aren't you my little peanut." She smiled as she thought about people who said how each pregnancy was different. She always thought those people were exaggerating. Now she knew better. With Wyatt she could feel his magic, with little Peanut she could feel the strength of his or her character. Now that she had an outlet for those unusually strong feelings she knew just what she was going to do. She would save Wyatt and create a future for her children. Nothing and no one was going to stop her. She had to do this one alone, even though it went against every fiber of her being. This new strength she felt was showing her she could and must do it without the interference of others. She wasn't sure just yet what she had to do; she just knew she would succeed.

With that last thought she pushed out of the bathroom and headed down to the kitchen. Upon hearing her, Chris started to explain his latest plan, "I have a new lead on the Dracor demon…" He paused as he took a better look at her. "Are you ok?" He asked.

Piper pasted on a well perfected, 'I am the oldest sister and you don't need to worry about me' grin and said, "Of course, now what is a Dracor demon?"

Chris's eyes narrowed at the smile and the 'I'm fine' type of comment but when the demon was brought up he was side tracked and began a quick list of characteristics. "In the future, Dracor demons are one of the Source's strongest…"

Piper let his words fall right through her. Her mind was too busy thinking of ways to save her son before her next child was even born. She thought back through all the things they had already tried. Chris had been attempting to eradicate every demon that could possibly pose a risk; so far that wasn't working. She needed to know what they had tried in the past or future (or whatever) to figure out the threat. She was answering Chris with the appropriate nods for him to continue his monologue but her mind was racing. Chris would never tell her about his past, 'future consequences' being his motto. So if he wasn't going to do it willingly then she was going to have to find another way. She needed to be careful; he couldn't know what she was doing. She wasn't going to be able to ask her sisters for help; Phoebe couldn't keep a secret if her life depended upon it. And if she couldn't ask Phoebe then she wouldn't dare go to only one sister. No, she needed to do this on her own.

She felt a light flutter in her stomach. 'Oh my God, was that the baby?' she thought as she reached down to touch her belly. Chris had his back turned to her as he was making some coffee for them while he continued with his speech. How far along was she? She blinked back some surprised tears as she realized it had been months since the ghostly plane. She hadn't paid attention to her missing period until recently. She glanced at the calendar and started to do the math. She was sixteen weeks pregnant! How did she miss this? Sure she had been sick a few times but figured that was just a bug or something.

"Piper, are you even listening to me?" She heard Chris ask.

She blinked and focused in on him again, "I'm sorry, I didn't sleep well. What were you saying?"

Chris gave her an assessing stare and with a mental shrug said, "I asked what you thought of the plan." Piper stared and thought, 'oh crap, what plan?' but lucky for her Chris continued, "If I get Paige to help me out with the potion, you can stay here with Wyatt and if I need backup I can get Phoebe."

Well, that worked out great. The last thing she felt like doing right now was traipsing around the underworld. She had things to do; plans to make! "Sounds good to me." She said as she took her cup of coffee and set it in the sink. The baby could probably use less caffeine than she had already been supplying it with. Chris watched but said nothing. Instead he went about gathering the ingredients needed for the potion and orbed to Paige.

Piper let out a breath she wasn't aware she had been holding. That was close. If she had any intentions on keeping this pregnancy a secret for as long as possible then she had do a better job paying attention. Chris was unusually observant and would pick up on this behavior. She turned and headed to the attic to consult the Book of Shadows.

When she reached the book she laid her hands on it and looked up and quietly willed her ancestors to help her. She opened the cover and watched as it quickly flipped pages until it stopped on a beginning page of how to write spells. She scrunched her eyes trying to figure out what that could mean when the book began to flip again. This time it landed on the time travel spell. Piper barely had time to read the title when the book began to flip through the pages once more. It paused on a truth spell. Just before she could reach out to touch the words the book suddenly closed and dropped to the floor.

Well that was weird! She ran back through what just happened. The book had just told her how to do what needed to be done. She needed to work out all the details but essentially she had to write her own spells. This was going to take time. Truth spells could backfire so easily, it had to be worded so carefully and time travel? Where was she supposed to even go? What questions needed to be asked and to whom? She was really going to have to think this through and she didn't have very long to do it! This baby would be born in six months and she was determined to give it a future he or she deserved!


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