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"E-excuse me? D-did you just reject me?" Utau dared the boy in front of her to reply this question.

"Yes, I did."

She turned her back and walked out "dramatically".

"Hey Amu, where's your "ohimsoemo" boyfriend? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA-".

My fist met his face. Quite a pleasant meeting if you ask me.



Again, they met.

"Hey babe, didn't see at the gate today."

"I was settling stuff." I smiled, leaving all my anger and hatred behind. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, Hinamori Amu. Most popular girl in school, strongest girl in school, and, girlfriend of THE hottest guy in school. See that guy over there with that emo haircut and midnight blue hair? Yeah that's him. Surrounding him are, his most "loyal" friends. Nagihiko (I seriously think he's gay) with the lavender-dyed hair and Kukai, the guy with your typical, expected looks. Brown hair, green eyes. Yeah, pretty normal.

That girl behind my boyfriend scowling? Utau, the girl who used to sit on the throne before me. Minus being the strongest and being my boyfriend's girlfriend. She confessed to him before, but she was rejected. SAD FACE. :( NOT. When the day comes that I actually feel pity for her, boy has the world angered me. Might I add, my boyfriend's name Ikuto.

"Class, we're having a new transfer student today."

I looked at those blackcurrant-colored eyes and white hair over. It can't be. OHMYGODHESMILED. NOW THERE'S NO DOUBT. IT HAS TO BE..!

"Transfer!" I called out as I stepped out of the classroom.

"Yes, Amu?" He replied as if we had known each other since forever.

"So you do remember me?" I cocked my eyebrow curiously with a smile pulling up the corner of my lips.

He winked.

"Amu, what's with you and the new student? It's like you guys have telepathy, you're making me jealous." I pulled him close by the neck and our lips touched.

"I'm yours, Ikuto. Don't worry." I gave a genuine smile.

A/N: So, the new transfer is a slightly more social/flirtatious Zero Kiryu(Vampire knight, go google him) And this Amu is the spunkier and confident one. I'll try to keep in character. Erm Ikuto? Will be revealed in later chapters ;). So now the story develops from the VERY VERY START and this will be a long story *shot*.



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