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Bad News

Scorpius was worried as he walked down the hallway after dinner. He wasn't overly worried about the fact that Wimbledon, Domi and Gellert hadn't shown up for dinner except that their absences made him more worried about Al. Because if all four of them were missing then something was definitely up. Al was not the type to miss dinner. What was really annoying was that he shouldn't have to worry about his ex boyfriend at all. You were supposed to wish bad things for your exes. But he and Al weren't typical exes, Scorpius thought as he jabbed his hands into his pockets, hunching his shoulders.

Arriving at his dorm room Scorpius stared at the door, wondering if Al would be behind it. And what a kick in the ass that was, sharing a dorm room with his former boyfriend after leaving Hogwarts to get away from the Gryffindor. That Gellert and Wimbledon shared the room with them didn't matter either. He was still sleeping in a bed across from Al, which had caused him more than one sleepless night. And would continue to do so until the end of December when Al, Wimbledon and Domi went back at Hogwarts where they belonged.

Opening the door Scorpius raised an eyebrow when he saw that Al was waiting for him. The Gryffindor stood with his back against the wall between the two bunk beds, still dressed in the clothes he'd been wearing the last time he'd seen him. But there was a new addition to the man's look that had Scorpius giving him a weird, questioning look. The man was wearing sunglasses even though it was night, they were indoors, and there were no windows in their door room.

"What's going on?"

"You're sleeping in my bed tonight."

Scorpius blinked in shock. "Excuse me?"

Al's lips curved ever so slightly. "Not that way, Gutter Mind. I mean that you're going to want to sleep in my bed tonight. I'll sleep in Albus's."

Opening his mouth to demand to know why he needed to sleep in Al's bed Scorpius's mouth closed as he looked in the direction of Gellert's bottom bunk. Where, he knew instinctively, the blonde and Wimbledon would be. Together. Probably naked and doing things he couldn't bring himself to imagine or want to. "Oh come on." Making a disgusted face Scorpius glared at the curtains hiding the bed's occupants from his sight. "All I asked was that they not have sex in the bed while I was in the room. Why the hell is that too much to ask?"

Walking forward before Scorpius could say another word Al placed two fingers against the former Slytherin's lips. "Not tonight. Tonight you're going to let it go and sleep in my bed. Tomorrow we'll switch it up and Albus will move over to Gellert's side. You and I will share a bunk for the rest of the term. You can have top or bottom, your choice."

Since his teenage mind was already in the gutter Scorpius automatically started having images of Al on top of him or under him, neither of them with clothes on or any thoughts in their heads but screwing each other's brains out. It took several moments longer than it should have to realize that Al was referring to the bunk bed.

Having a very good idea where Scorpius's mind had gone, his had too as soon as the words had left his lips, Al just shook his head at the both of them.

Annoyed with himself and the fact that the other man seemed to find their current situation humorous Scorpius glared over at Al, his annoyance fading a little as his eyes kept returning to the black sunglasses. Why the heck was Al wearing them?

Moving in closer Scorpius reached out and grasped the sides of the shades, his eyes silently asking if there was a reason he couldn't remove them. When Al made no move to stop him Scorpius slid them up to perch the sunglasses on top of the man's head. And now that the shades were no longer in place Scorpius could see exactly why the Gryffindor had been wearing them.

Al's eyes were red.

Instantly forgetting about everything else, including the boundaries between them now, Scorpius framed the other man's face between his hands, his grey eyes darkening with worry. "What's wrong? What happened? Did something happen when all of you were away? Someone said your father was here, did he have bad news? Is Gellert in trouble with the law again?"

Smiling at the man's concern Al placed his hands over Scorpius's, stroking his fingers over the pale white skin there. "Everything's okay. They were mostly good tears."

"Good tears about what?" Scorpius insisted, not about to be pacified easily. Al had lied to him too many times about being all right when he wasn't in the past. He had no intention of just taking the other man's word for it this time.

"The fact that love really is as amazing and powerful and as healing as they say it is."

"It can be." Or a force of destruction that ruins lives because love was addicting and giving it up was beyond painful, Scorpius mentally added bitterly. "I take that to mean that someone in your family is getting married or having babies or both?" The man had so many relatives there was always a wedding or birth going on these days.

"No, though I suppose a wedding might come out of it in the end. Gellert would probably appreciate the idea since it would symbolize Albus's acceptance that they're stuck together for life. Plus their moms will want a wedding; I think they're going to get along real well once they meet. Add my mom to the mix and who knows what the three will come up with."

"Wait…what?" Blinking several times Scorpius struggled to digest what Al was insinuating. Of course he knew that their two roommates were an on and off again couple, he had to live with them after all. And they'd been very on lately but still…they were talking marriage now?

"Careful or your face might stick that way." Al teased, moving one hand away so that he could ruffle the blonde hair Scorpius was currently growing out. "I'm not saying they're going to tie the knot after school's over or anything like that. I'm just saying that they've finally…reached an understanding of what they want most and how much they love each other."

"Gellert actually used the L word?" Scorpius's skepticism was written all over his face. He'd been roommates with the man long enough to know that Gellert Stalanski was not a man who was in touch with his feelings. At least not his positive feelings.

Chuckling, Al understood the other man's reaction perfectly. "Apparently he just said it once, but he said it. And more importantly he meant it."

"And they just think that's going to magically fix everything?"

"Love is the greatest magic of all." Al returned softly.

"Or the greatest curse. I'll take my bed, we'll figure out sleeping arrangements tomorrow."

Taking the blonde's abruptness in stride since he knew love was a sore topic for his former man, Al nodded and wished the other man good night.

And Al stayed where he was, watching Scorpius leave, until the other man was out of his sight.


The next day it was decided that Albus and Scorpius would simply switch bunks and Al would remain where he was. Scorpius had planned to give Gellert hell in the morning but he'd taken one look at the blonde and Wimbledon and decided to hold his tongue. The two men looked lighter and happier then he'd ever seen them, and while he wouldn't call the redhead his friend Scorpius wasn't so much of a jerk that he couldn't be somewhat happy for them. Though he was damn well going to make sure that they put some sort of spell around the bunk so that he didn't hear so much as a peep from the bed he had no doubt the two intended to share.

At breakfast Domi did a lot of sighing dreamily, watching Gellert and Albus with a huge grin on her face. It was obvious to everyone that she was very pleased with the way things were going between the two men.

She didn't look like the cat that ate the cream. She looked like the cat that ate the contents of a bird sanctuary.

Shaking his head Albus looked at his friend fondly, still marveling over the fact that she had been one of the people who'd known the truth about him but had kept quiet for his sake all this time. Domi was not the type to keep quiet, it must have killed her to keep mum about it. And now he knew the real reason why she'd left Beauxbatons even though she'd been so excited to go there in the fall. She'd left because she was romantic enough that as soon as she'd heard the name of his new roommate she'd guessed that he hadn't been the only one to be reborn and had hurried to protect and help him.

"Can't you get your girlfriend under control?" Gellert asked Christopher, not bothering to sign it since he had no problem with the girl knowing what he was saying.

Looking up from his bacon Christopher smirked. 'Do I look like I have an army at my disposal?' He signed across the table. He didn't know what had happened between Gellert and Albus the night before, but it had obviously been good and he wasn't the prying type. Everything was better in all their lives at the moment and he intended to enjoy it while it lasted.

"You need to sign slower, I only got a tiny bit of that." Domi pouted. She'd purchased a book to learn sign language, and Albus was helping her, but she'd only started learning a couple weeks ago.

Taking her hand in his Christopher brought it to his lips, a silent show of affection for the fact that she was learning for his sake.

Rolling his eyes as Domi made eyes at Christopher, who grinned back at the girl like an idiot, Gellert did his best to ignore all the love dovey hearts that seemed to be floating around. The he was possible producing some of those hearts was enough to have him deliberately keeping a faintly bored look on his face. But it had been an eventful night and Gellert slipped up every once in a while, looking up at Albus with a soft look in his eyes. But not gooey looks, Gellert reminded himself sternly. He didn't do gooey looks under any circumstances.

Well aware that they were the only ones not in romantic bliss Al and Scorpius did their best to ignore the other four members of their group and instead concentrated on their food. It wasn't easy, but they managed to make it through the meal without choking on all the heat the others were producing.

They got through the rest of the day well enough, and it was during Al and Scorpius's last classes that they were called outside to be informed that as soon as their class was ended they were to report to the same meeting room that Al's father and Gellert had met in the night before. Scorpius was told that his mother wished to see him and Al was told that his presence had been requested by Scorpius's great aunt, Andromeda. Apparently she thought that Scorpius would benefit from his presence when his mother gave him some unexpected news.

Neither knew what to think about the summoning, but both headed straight to the assigned meeting place as soon as their classes ended.


Walking through the crowded hallways Scorpius tried to think of what his mother could want. It had to be something important if she had decided it warranted her coming to the school instead of just sending him a letter. Could something have happened to a member of the family? But if that was the case wouldn't he have been pulled from class immediately instead of being told that he could wait until class was over? That made the most logical sense, but did nothing to calm the butterflies that were currently flying around his stomach like mad.

Blinking in surprise when Al fell into step with him from out of nowhere Scorpius gave the Gryffindor a questioning look. "Where are you headed to?"

"Same place as you."

"What? Why? Do you know what's going on? All I know is that my mother is here to talk to me."

Al shrugged, not wanting to worry the man unnecessarily. "Sorry, I don't know much except that apparently Andromeda is with her and asked that I come too."

His great aunt was here too? With his mother? What the hell? The two were civil enough with each other but since his paternal grandmother was not on speaking terms with her sister Scorpius doubted that his mother had exchanged more than polite nods with Andromeda in the past. Had something happened to his grandmother?

"Don't think so hard or your brain will explode before we get there." Al cautioned, biting back the urge to give the other man's shoulder a comforting rub. Hands off was best for them, especially when emotions were riding high. Unless Scorpius was about to get really bad news, Al quietly amended as he moved just a little closer. Then he'd give Scorpius whatever he needed from him.

Trying to take the other man's advice Scorpius did his best to hide his inner turmoil, holding the door open for Al when they reached the assigned room. Following in after the Gryffindor Scorpius closed the door, took a deep breath, and then turned around to face the two women quietly waiting for them.

Andromeda's face revealed nothing, which was standard for her. Scorpius's mother's face was the oddest mixture of happiness and sadness, like she'd gotten something wonderful but had had to suffer to get it. That look had Scorpius hurrying over to draw his mother into a hug, sensing that she needed it. They weren't the type to be publically affectionate, but Scorpius figured that Al and Andromeda didn't count as public.

Pulling back with some reluctance Astoria Malfoy framed her son's face between her hands. "I can see from your face that I worried you. I didn't mean for my message to sound cryptic. Everyone's fine, no one's had an accident or passed away."

Breathing a small sigh of relief over that Scorpius didn't completely let go of his uneasiness since he could see that there was more to come that wouldn't be so reassuring to hear. "Not that I'm not always happy to see you, Mother, but there's a reason you've come, isn't there?" And abruptly remembering his manners Scorpius sent a quick nod in Andromeda's direction before turning his attention back to his mother.

Astoria nodded ruefully. "True. And I suppose saying that we're all fine is a bit…misleading. Do you want the good news or the bad news first?"

"You can't really tell one without the other." Andromeda pointed out, holding Scorpius's gaze for a moment before her eyes slowly connected with Al's, silently relaying that he would be wise to stay close to Scorpius for the duration of this discussion.

Taking the hint Al moved to stand just slightly behind Scorpius, waiting for the man's mother to explain what was going on.

"I'll start with the good news then." Astoria decided, recognizing that her husband's aunt was correct in thinking that she couldn't tell her son the bad without spilling the good too. So she'd start with what made her happy before she got to the part that made her so sad she'd spent a good part of the last twenty four hours crying her eyes out. "The good news is that you're going to be a big brother. I'm pregnant."

Opening and closing his mouth without anything coming out Scorpius gapped at his mother like a landed fish. In some part of his brain he understood what she'd just said, but the rest of his mind refused to comprehend the fact that his parents had apparently decided to have another baby less than a year after their only child had become an adult. How the baby had come into existence was also too traumatizing to think about.

"Congratulations, both of you." Grinning widely Al gave Scorpius a congratulatory slap on the back. "You're going to be a big brother."

"I'm too old to be a big brother."

"We're the same age and I'm a big brother." Al pointed out dryly, though he knew what the other man had meant. But he figured the longer he kept Scorpius talking to him the longer his ex would have to regain his senses and not say something that might accidentally hurt Mrs. Malfoy's feelings. And then it occurred to the Gryffindor that there was apparently bad news still to come.

Thinking along the same lines Scorpius's eyes darkened a little. "Is there something wrong with the baby? With you? Are you too old to have one? Is that the bad news? And why isn't Father here with you?"

Reaching out Al slipped his hand into Scorpius's.

"No, the baby's fine and I'm quite young enough, healthy enough to successfully carry and have this baby." Astoria replied dryly before her face sobered up. "And your father isn't here because…well because your father is an idiot. Even more than usually. I'm hoping it's only temporary but just in case it's not I thought you should hear it from me."

"Am I going to have to beat him up for you, Mother?" Scorpius joked with a reassuring smile, trying to lighten the mood for her a little so that she wouldn't feel so nervous about telling him what was going on.

"Quite possibly, Sweetie. Quite possibly."