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It's Always Been You

Al stared at the other man, waiting for him to make the first move. And when Scorpius stepped forward and threw himself into his arms the Gryffindor didn't hesitate to return the gesture, gathering his former boyfriend up against him as he held him tightly in his protective embrace. He was being held so tightly, Al thought as he nuzzled the side of his face against Scorpius's, not sure what the hell had happened but knowing that something serious had shifted between the two of them since they'd last spoken. Until he knew what had shifted it wasn't safe for him to move or question, things were too up in the air to risk it, so he'd just hold on and wait.

When he finally drew back so that he could meet Al's questioning gaze Scorpius stared into the familiar, haunting green depths of the other man's eyes and then leaned forward to slant his lips against the ones that parted in surprise against his.

The Gryffindor let the other man take the lead until he was sure that Scorpius was serious, then he returned the kisses with equal fervor, keeping one arm around the blonde's waist while his free hand came up to cup the back of his ex's head so that he could better control the angle of their increasingly frantic snogging. He could all but taste Scorpius's desperation and need, and not knowing where that came from or why now had warning bells going off in Al's head, though he refused to listen to them.

But as soon as their lips parted Al forced himself to move his hand from the back of Scorpius's head to the blonde's cheek, stroking the skin there as he asked the obvious question. "What's going on, Scorpius?"

"I don't want to ruin some girl's life by marrying her." Scorpius blurted out, unable to stop the words that he'd been bottling up for what seemed like forever, the words tripping over each other as he struggled to get out the decision he'd made when he'd been bitch slapped with the truth of his future. "And I don't want to have kids who have crappy childhoods because I made them and their mother unbearably unhappy because I was. I don't want to be miserable the rest of my life and I don't want you to not be in my life because I hated being away from you when I came to this stupid school and I really hated breaking up with you because I figured that the sooner I did that the less it would hurt when we had to split up but I was wrong and it was stupid and…and being a damn Malfoy isn't worth all this shit. I'll be a Greengrass if it comes to that. The first to actually have really good taste in men…if you'll take me back that is. Please."

Al's mouth dropped open a little, obviously struggling to process what had just been said and the insinuations being made. "Are you…are you saying you want to go out with me again?" Because that's what it sounded like to him, but that could be wishful thinking.

There wasn't a hint of hesitation now. "I'm saying that I love you and yes, I want us to be a couple again. And I want everyone to know it this time, no sneaking around. I want people to know that we're a pair. Together."

Warily Al's eyes stared into Scorpius's, trying to read what was there and finding it surprisingly easy to do. Scorpius wasn't hiding anything from him today, the man's emotions naked on his face as he stared back at him without flinching.

A wide smile breaking across the Gryffindor's face Al leaned forward to give Scorpius a hard, passionate kiss, holding the blonde's head between his hands as he poured his joy and love into the heated exchange of lips. Scorpius did love him, did want to be with him, the Gryffindor mentally rejoiced as he took what was his and gave back more. And okay, there was a voice in the back of his head saying that Scorpius could always change his mind later on, but he was a Potter, he wasn't afraid to risk it all on the chance that he'd get his happiness in the end.

"So that's a yes?" Scorpius panted out when his lips were momentarily freed up, hope bright in his eyes.

Laughing Al nodded his head, a tremendous smile on his face. "Yeah, that's most definitely a yes."

Throwing himself back into the man's arms and the snogging Scorpius put his all into the exchange as well and then pulled back as another thought occurred to him. "And you still love me?"

"Never stopped."

That called for a lot more snogging on both their parts until Albus came in to regretfully break it up by reminding them that they still had classes they had to attend.


Astoria strolled into the estate like she owned the place, which she basically did since her money had paid for its upkeep over the years. Technically she could have kicked the Malfoys out of the place instead of leaving herself, but seriously, why would she want to stay in the former Death Eater's meeting place if not for love of her husband? And not at all surprised when her in laws descended upon her with the obvious intent to get in her way Astoria didn't hesitate to use her wand to cast a body-binding curse on Narcissa since she was the real threat, then took out Lucius the same way while he gaped at her in shock while struggling to retrieve his wand from his cane.

"Astoria! What the hell?"

Looking towards her husband, who stood open mouthed with shock in the middle of the hallway, Astoria smiled brightly at him. "Honey, I'm home."

And since her husband was obviously too stunned by what she'd done to say anything Astoria figured it was up to her to continue the conversation. "I'm not staying long, I figure it's going to take us a bit longer to mend things between us. I just wanted to let you know that our son is going to be dating Albus Potter from now on and that if you have a problem with that you're going to keep it to yourself. You don't and I will not only divorce your pale ass but I will take what little money your family has left and sell this ugly monstrosity called the Malfoy Manor while I'm at it for spite. Don't think I won't, this is the wellbeing of my first born we're talking about here. I did not spend thirteen hellish hours in labor to see him miserable, you hear me? And as for your second child, which I am carrying, if you want to be a part of his or her life you're going to have to give yourself a serious attitude adjustment, Draco Malfoy. You are a damn good man no matter what anyone else says and you're just hurting yourself and the people who truly love you when you believe or behave otherwise. I love you with all my heart. You don't have to be anyone but yourself for me. And if you're as smart as I know you to be you'll love my and our CHILDREN the same way."

"Scorpius is…dating Potter's boy?"

It took a great deal of effort on Astoria's part not to blast her husband over the fact that that was what he was concentrating on. "Yes, he is. Or he will be hopefully. Apparently they were dating before when they were both at Hogwarts but our idiot son decided to be just like you and let his father do his thinking for him which of course was a serious mistake on both your parts. He decided that since you and your father want him to marry some Slytherin pureblood he should do so and not do what was best for him. What he wanted to do with his life. But thankfully I think Gellert and I have gotten it through his head that personal happiness is more important than living up to the expectations of others, especially stupid ones based on archaic ideas that need to die ASAP."

Not liking the comparisons being made Draco grasped at straws while he tried to figure out his next move. "And Potter is okay with this? Harry Potter I mean."

"I haven't talked to him about it but from what I know of them the Potters care enough about their son's happiness that they'll welcome Scorpius into their family for Albus's sake alone. Plus they've already got Andromeda in there so what could one more Slytherin hurt, really?" Astoria's hands went to her hips. "So is Harry Potter going to best you again by being ten times the father you are or are you going to man up about this?"

Hunching his shoulders reflexively Draco had to fight the urge to squirm under her steely gaze. "That's hitting below the belt."

"I'm a Slytherin. We always hit below the belt. We're twisted that way."

A chuckle escaping his lips in spite of himself Draco gave her a small smile. "I guess that's true." He admitted, his next words only slightly above a whisper. "I've missed you so."

Staring at his wife Draco didn't know how to address the rest of what she'd said. In his mind he knew she was right but old habits were damn hard to break and one of them was finding himself lacking in every possible way and listening to his father even when he knew he shouldn't. He'd never been able to live up to the standards put forth for him by the people he loved the most when he was Scorpius's present age. And in this case the standards his wife wanted him to aspire to were achievable…provided he was willing to stop listening to his parents and listen to her instead.

"I've missed you as well." Walking over Astoria framed his face between her hands, smiling at him softly as she leaned in to brush her lips against his. "And I know it won't be easy, but worse comes to worse we can always sic Gellert on them. He's volunteered for the job."

Draco paused for several heartbeats to imagine that, shuddering at the mental images they inspired.

"Yeah, or Scorpius always has his Animagi form if need be." Draco suggested weakly as he tried to add a little humor, thinking of the cat like creature Scorpius had learned to become. You had to be pretty stupid to mess with an animal whose fur was like poisonous porcupine quills.

And okay, that wasn't really humorous either.

Nodding her agreement Astoria smiled at him, pleased that he was at least trying. "Now I suppose we should undo the body-binding curses and let them have their say, huh?" The sooner she argued them into submission the better.

Glancing in his parents' direction Draco instinctively put himself between them and his wife, feeling infinitely better about himself when he realized what he'd done.

"I'll do it, just to be on the safe side." He stated as he drew out his own wand.

"I've got your back." She assured him, placing her free hand on his shoulder. "Always."


At dinner that night numerous people took note of the fact that Al Potter and Scorpius Malfoy arrived with their hands firmly interlaced together at their sides. It was a deliberate move on their part, and Al had already sent a letter home notifying his family of the fact that he was once again dating Scorpius so that they wouldn't be blindsided when one of his fellow students spilled the news to someone in the media who would of course pounce and spread the word like fiendfyre in inexperienced hands.

They were ready for that though, or as ready as they could be at this point.

They were prepared to get Albus to sic Gellert on the press if it became absolutely necessary.

"You know, it's really ironic." Domi commented while they filled their plates once dinner magically appeared at their table. "We all had to come to the other side of the world to find our men. I mean what would have happened if we all hadn't agreed to be exchanged students? Poor, Baby, you might never have met me." She added as she turned to look at her boyfriend, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek for emphasis.

"We'd have found each other eventually." Was Gellert's firm opinion on the subject, his eyes on Albus as he said it. There wasn't a doubt in his mind.

"Without question." Albus agreed, smiling back at the man he'd loved for two lifetimes. They would always find each other, him and Gellert, it was their fate and one they could now freely embrace without the past driving them apart.

"Careful, Gellert, that was almost romantic." Al pointed out with a grin, happy for his best friend. Gellert might not have been the man he would have picked for Albus, but as long as the blonde continued to make Albus deliriously happy Al had no intention of complaining.

Gellert gave his lover's best friend a less than amused look. "I was simply stating facts, nothing more."

Knowing better than to argue with his roommate, he'd really rather not end up in the hospital wing now that he and Al were back together, Scorpius wisely changed the subject to other things, their group of three couples falling into the routine they'd developed over the past few weeks together.

After dinner and homework another routine came into play when they separated for the night, Christopher walking Domi to her door before heading to his own room while the other four headed to their shared dorm in companionable silence. Once there Gellert and Albus bid the other two good night and then slipped into their shared bunk, leaving Al and Scorpius standing in front of their shared bunk bed.

Normally they too would have parted ways after bidding each other good night, but this time Al drew Scorpius into his arm for another long and lingering kiss, breaking it off to inquire as to whether or not he could join Scorpius in his bed after getting changed, making it clear that he wouldn't be offended if the answer was no. He didn't mind taking it slow, he just wanted to be close to him.

And though he stuttered a little Scorpius answered that yes, he would like that quite a lot.

He would, in fact, most definitely like it if that became their routine from here on in, the blonde thought as he headed onto his bunk to get changed himself.

If it was up to him, it would always be so.


Eyes half closed Albus's body was ready to go to sleep but his mind wasn't willing to turn off just yet. A normal problem, one he'd had to deal with during both his lifetimes. But since he wasn't worry about an impending war or trying to stay as many steps ahead of Tom Riddle as possible, Albus figured that sleep would come soon enough. For now he was happy just to stroke his fingers through his lover's curls and savor the other man's weight on top of him. Gellert was having the same problem as him too, he could all but hear the gears turn in the man's head, though he knew not what thoughts were on the other man's mind.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Just mulling over the fact that I'm a little regretful that I didn't ultimately get the chance to give Lucius Malfoy what's coming to him. It's been so long since I've really laid into anyone, I'd hate to get rusty. You know I have it down to an art form." Gellert smiled wickedly against the redhead's chest, breathing in the man's scent with every breath he took. "But I think Scorpius's mother is going to take care of it, she had quite the look in her eye when she left."

Chuckling low in his throat Albus shook his head. "You don't need any practice because you do have it down to an art form. And yes, I think she'll be able to handle things from here on in, and what she can't Al and Scorpius will."

"So you think those two can really make it, hmmm?" Not that he actually cared of course, but things would just be better for all involved if the two made things work. A happy Al was a happy Albus after all.

"I think that what they feel for each other is something they can build on to have the sort of love you and I have." Was Albus's sage reasoning as he reached out to gently stroke his beloved's face, blue eyes soft with love. "And if there's one thing you and I know how to do extremely well, it's advising people how not to mess up their love lives and the importance of communication."

He could argue with that but he just didn't feel like it. "So you and I are going to have to babysit the young couple for a while then?" Oh goody.

"I think we can let them stumble their way through it for now."

"Thank Merlin."

Laughing outright at that Albus rolled them over, looming over his lover as he braced on his hands so that he could lean forward to press his lips against Gellert's. "You're such a romantic."

"What I am is yours, always." Gellert corrected, and agreeing with that a hundred percent Albus leaned back down to seal the words with another kiss.

The End

Okay, I'd intended for this to be longer but it just wasn't working for me anymore. I tried to tie up the loose threads but feel free to message me if there's something I forgot or you wanted to know. I also have vague plans for a short fic that would depict Albus taking Gellert to meet his extended, army obsessed family. I always figured it would be funny as hell…for Gellert. If interested let me know! Thanks again for reading!