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New Divide

Chapter 1: Memories

The Legendary trio runs towards the destination that Arceus has assigned them to. According to the God Pokémon, it is a new small island off the coast of Cinnabar Island. Since Arceus has no idea of what lies ahead, he decides to have Raikou, Suicune, and Entei scout the area together and have them report to him as soon as possible.

Raikou, Suicune, and Entei expertly jump from cliff to cliff. Raikou leads the other two Legendaries as he narrows his eyes to avoid letting the dirt blow through his eyes. If he loses his focus, then he could surly fall in the mountains.

The Pokémon run through the Silver Mountains quickly. But since it is snowing at this time of evening, the weather slows them down a little. It didn't help Suicune at all since she is a water type. Her hydrophilic body can easily freeze especially since Suicune has very short fur on her body.

Raikou decides to stop in a cave. He shakes the snow off his fur as he watches Entei enter the cave tiredly. The Legendary cats exchange nods before Entei disappears into the darkness.

Raikou turns to the freezing Suicune. The water dog looks at Raikou with a red nose and a trembling body. Raikou hides the urge to laugh at his girlfriend for the sake of being polite and not wanting to be hit by his counterpart.

"Are you okay?" Raikou asks softly as he walks over to Suicune.

"I-I'll live, R-Raikou…" Suicune stammers. Raikou leads his counterpart into the cave and supports her body with warmth as they walk in side by side.

"T-Thanks…" Suicune murmurs with a smile. Raikou returns the smile and licks his girlfriend's cheek. He nuzzles her affectionately and purrs.

"Any time, sweetheart." He teases Suicune. Suicune snaps her eyes up to glare at her boyfriend.

"You know that I hate that pet name…" Suicune grumbles. "If there are a few things that I do not like to be referred to or called, they're 'sweetheart', 'sugarplum', or 'sweetie'." Suicune shudders at the thought of the nicknames.

"As you wish… Sweetie." Raikou smirks.

Suicune growls in frustration. Then she has an idea. She smiles briefly as they continue to walk ahead. Then she stomps hard on Raikou's front paw.

"OW!" Raikou whines. He sits back and massages his aching foot as tears bridge his eyes.

'Now I know why Cresselia likes to hit Darkrai so much.' Suicune muses as she smirks at her boyfriend. "Call me that again and I will give you worse than that."

Raikou grumbles as he licks his paw. "All right, Suicune. I'll stop."

"Good." Both the Pokémon continue to walk side by side (Raikou keeps a small distance away from Suicune) until they meet Entei. The fire lion has started a campfire and is resting in front of it. 'And after I have been so nice to Suicune…' Raikou thinks to himself as he pouts and rests between Suicune and Entei.

"All right, kids. Enough horseplay," Entei says as he gives the Legendaries a stern and amused look. "I know that you two love each other, but please remember that we are on a mission and we need to complete it together."

"You're right. We're sorry, Entei," Suicune replies. She nudges her boyfriend. "Aren't we, Raikou?"

"Huh?" Raikou is still licking his sore paw until Suicune nudges him. "Oh, yeah. Sorry." He mumbles. Suicune rolls her eyes.

"We need to get some rest," Entei says. "So we'll stay put here for the night." Raikou and Suicune nod in agreement. Suicune seems pleased by the idea; her entire body is shaking because she is so cold.

"Suicune," Entei notices how much Suicune is shivering and grows concerned. "Come between me and Raikou so that way you can thaw out faster."

Suicune nods and she walks around Raikou to rest between her counterparts. The Legendary cats scoot closer to the water dog and provide her warmth. Suicune smiles as she relaxes and closes her eyes in content. Soon she falls into a peaceful slumber.

Raikou and Entei watch their dog counterpart fall asleep. They then look at each other. "Raikou, we should go to sleep as well. We will need to be at the island by tomorrow." Entei says. The thunder tiger nods in acknowledgment. Then Entei lowers his head and turns away to fall asleep. His quiet snores echo the cave as Raikou watches him and Suicune sleep.

As Raikou looks at his friends, he smiles when he remembers what has happened approximately a month ago. He has taken his job as a Legendary much more seriously and he helps his fellow Legendaries if it was needed.

About a month ago, a man named Terotrey Horrifiance has nearly taken over the world. He has tried to kill Raikou and the other Legendaries. Fortunately, both Raikou and Darkrai are able to defeat the tyrant.

But before all this had happened, Raikou was trailed for the death of innocent Pokémon. The punishment was exile from the Legendary Council. Darkrai has generously offered Raikou to stay in his home on New Moon Island. Not too long after, Suicune confronts Raikou with a newsflash about there being a possibility of Raikou regaining his Legendary status. Even though it is risky for Suicune to talk to an exile, she stays overnight and explores the island with Raikou. But suddenly the island is invaded by robotic Pokémon who have successfully captured Darkrai and Cresselia. Fortunately, Mewtwo was there to save Raikou and Suicune from a similar fate.

It turns out that Mewtwo has been looking for help to stop the robotic Pokémon. After Raikou wakes up, he meets Jeff the Roselia, Skyler the Flygon, and Mewtwo officially. Jeff and Skyler are two wisecracking best friends that have offered to join the army to stop the robots. Soon the heroes go through a misadventure involving two quarrelling clans that end up joining the army after a series of misunderstandings. But during the process, the heroes have lost Suicune to the robots. Raikou has grown quite depressed over this fact for a little while.

Then Raikou, Jeff, Skyler, Mewtwo and the new recruit Deoxys decide to look for the Rocket base supposedly hidden deep in Mt. Coronet. Then they have encountered more robots until a Lucario named Drendan and Legendary exile Heatran comes to the rescue. The heroes rest in a secret cave overnight while Heatran explains the reasons for his exile. Then he states that the heroes' theory about a Rocket base being hidden in the mountains is true. The heroes are horrified because they realize that a possible war will erupt sooner than they have thought.

In the morning, the clan leaders Atsila and Bouldarin arrive with battle ready Pokémon. The army was given well blessings before the Pokémon march towards the located Rocket base. They are determined to free the Legendaries and keep their world safe.

During the battle, Raikou had snuck into the base to find the Legendaries. He finds them all unconscious in cages. Then he confronts Terotrey in the same room and realizes that the man has stolen the Legendaries' essences. Terotrey sneers about how the Legendaries balance life before he transforms into a horrifying beast through the Legendaries' essences trapped in his powerful machine.

Raikou and his allies evacuate from the base with the Legendaries as fast as they could. The tiger started to lose hope before he has an idea of how to stop Terotrey; through the robots. His allies reluctantly agree to help while Terotrey is distracted by the army. Raikou reaches to the control room and figures out the password before Terotrey could kill the heroes. Soon the robots start to maliciously attack their creator. Their attempts manage to free Darkrai's essence and Terotrey flees for his life.

The dark Legendary greets Raikou and the tiger explains everything that has happened. Darkrai and Raikou argue bitterly about if Terotrey is defeated until Jeff mentions that the ground is shaking. Then the heroes see that Terotrey is still alive and try to flee. Unfortunately, Terotrey catches Darkrai and Raikou and they are warped to a different dimension.

Raikou and Darkrai have done all of their best to avoid getting killed by the dark being. Darkrai was at the point of death so Raikou had to take things into his own paws. Raikou manages to trick Terotrey into a trap. As Terotrey seemingly disappears, all of the Legendaries' essences are free and Raikou goes through a portal created with an unconscious Darkrai on his back.

The two Pokémon return to the battlefield and they are reunited with their allies. Raikou then realizes that Arceus is still with Terotrey. Then Terotrey returns and shoots a beam at the heroes. Fortunately, the revived Palkia blocks the attack and the other Legendaries use their own powers to make the beam backfire. The result makes Terotrey disappear instantly. Raikou faints due to stress and all he remembers is seeing a bright light.

When Raikou wakes up, he reunites with Suicune. Then they enter the Hall of Legends and see all of the Legendaries and Raikou's army congratulating the tiger. Raikou gives a mature speech about how normal it is to make mistakes and that the best thing to do is consider forgiveness. Arceus is surprised by this speech, but he agrees wholeheartedly. Then after a vote, Arceus gives Raikou back his status as a Legendary.

Then the Pokémon begin to part their ways as they celebrate their victory. Some have taken Raikou's advice by heart. Since that day, Raikou has taken his job a bit more seriously.

Raikou sighs as he remembers everything that has changed him for the better. He smiles when he thinks about his friends.

Jeff and Skyler are like brothers to Raikou. They always have an optimistic view of things even in the hardest times. They are funny and considerate even though they are sometimes oblivious to some situations. They are loyal and Raikou knows that they would never turn their backs on him no matter what he does. They have hearts of gold and they are really fun to hang out with.

Mewtwo and Deoxys are very good acquaintances if not friends. They sometimes start a conversation but they are mostly silent. Mewtwo is somewhat naïve while Deoxys acts like a tomboy. The manmade Pokémon is stern but he does show some emotion, especially when he is around the space virus Pokémon. Raikou smiles at the thought. Deoxys is good for Mewtwo even though she doesn't realize it. Besides, Mewtwo needs someone to look out for his big jug-like head.

Atsila and Bouldarin are good advisors and allies. It is still shocking to know that they are brothers, but their similar traits start to make sense somewhat. They have agreed to put aside their differences after they have settled their feud and their tribes peacefully communicate with each other. Raikou has heard rumors about Atsila's son Flame and his soldier Shadow starting to date. He smiles at the thought of how cute they are together. The Charmeleon and Absol enjoy each other's company and they still occasionally tease each other as often as Raikou and Suicune do each other.

Heatran is like an uncle to Raikou. He always helps Raikou whenever he is confused or when Entei is busy. Raikou would always visit the old coot and Drendan every other day to catch up on some things. Drendan hasn't changed much; he still patrols around Team Rocket to make sure that the humans aren't causing havoc. But based on the battle aftermaths, the evil organization isn't going to plan to do anything for a long time.

Darkrai is Raikou's best friend. Even though they are different, that doesn't change anything. Raikou would occasionally visit Darkrai out of boredom or for the sake of annoying the phantom just by being on his homeland. This would usually set the phantom off, but Cresselia would always scold Darkrai or smack him because of his hostility. But this doesn't stop the phantom from sending the thunder tiger nightmares as payback. Not wanting any more torture, Raikou decides to stop visiting Darkrai and settle with talking to the ghost in the Hall of Legends. Raikou is eternally grateful for Darkrai for all that he has done. Darkrai is grateful for Raikou for saving him from Terotrey. Now the Pokémon's debts are even and they have become close friends.

Entei is the father that Raikou has always wanted. Entei has helped Raikou look at things in a different point of view. He is caring and wise even at gloomy moments. It usually helps Raikou gain more optimistic views about things. If it weren't for Entei, Raikou would never have gotten this far into his job and he is grateful for Entei.

Suicune… Well… Suicune is everything to Raikou. Raikou looks at his girlfriend and nuzzles her cheek lovingly. Despite that Suicune can be frustrating to figure out sometimes, she is elegant, smart, and fun to be with. Raikou and Suicune argue sometimes, but they are definitely crazy about each other.

Raikou smiles and sighs happily. He has good friends, allies, and a family to call his own. Raikou's smile suddenly turns into a confused frown as he looks down. He feels like there is something that he should know about but he can't point it out. This feeling has been bugging him ever since he has been reinstated as a Legendary.

Raikou scolds himself for being paranoid. He tells himself that confronting Terotrey has been the scariest moment in his life and it has given him nightmares sometimes. But it's over now. The world is safe and Raikou needs to focus on his job, his life, and his future.

Raikou shakes his head before he rests against Suicune's fur. Raikou closes his eyes as he tries to force himself to sleep but has little success. Then Raikou decides to count imaginary Mareep to pass by the time. The theory actually works; by the fifteenth Mareep, Raikou falls into a peaceful slumber.


"Hey… Rai?"

Darkrai opens his eyes and looks at Cresselia. The metallic swan gracefully floats over to Darkrai with a soft smile on her face. Darkrai's questioning look softens as he floats up and kisses his girlfriend. Cresselia returns the kiss and nuzzles against her boyfriend's neck.

"What's wrong, Hon?" Darkrai asks.

Cresselia doesn't mind the pet name. She looks at her boyfriend's sea green eyes and says, "Nothing, Love. I just wanted to check up on you." She smiles. Darkrai's heart melts when he sees that adorable smile on his girlfriend's face. He smiles back.

"Missing me, were you? I've only been gone for ten minutes tops!" Darkrai chuckles. He sits against a tree as Cresselia positions herself next to him.

"As if I could stand to be away from you for that long?" Cresselia laughs. "As if!"

Darkrai chuckles again as he wraps an arm around Cresselia's neck. The couple gazes at the sunset over the horizon. The dream Legendaries have decided to take refuge in a deserted island off the coast of the Whirlpool Islands for at least one night. They enjoy the tranquility together until Cresselia decides to bring up a conversation.

"So how do you think that the island has been formed?"

Darkrai blinks. He looks down before looking back up at his girlfriend with a raised brow. "I really don't know. Groudon is responsible for forming new islands and he doesn't even know what's going on." He shrugs cluelessly.

Cresselia sighs as she looks at the sunset thoughtfully. "I'm surprised that Arceus has assigned us to explore it. He would usually have Raikou, Entei, and Suicune do the explorations." She muses.

Darkrai nods in agreement. "I know, but we can't argue with Arceus. What he says goes." Darkrai squeezes Cresselia affectionately. Cresselia smiles and nuzzles her face against Darkrai's neck before she kisses it. Darkrai couldn't hide the approving moan as he closes his eyes.

Cresselia chuckles when she hears Darkrai. "You like it?" She smiles. Darkrai opens his eyes and gazes lovingly at his mate. He whispers, "Yes. I'll go as far as you want to go, Dear."

Cresselia smiles again and resumes kissing Darkrai's neck. She giggles when she feels Darkrai heating up. She lowers Darkrai down onto the soft moist grass until she rests on top of him. Darkrai looks up affectionately at Cresselia.

"I love you, Darkrai," Cresselia whispers as she brings her face close to Darkrai. Darkrai smiles as he whispers, "I love you too, Cresselia." The phantom places his hands on Cresselia's cheeks before he pulls her down into a passionate kiss. He caresses Cresselia's cheeks as he deepens the kiss.

Night takes over and that is where it takes them… All of them.


Ash, Pikachu, Dawn, and Brock sit on the couch inside the Ketchum residence. The humans are in their PJ's and are about to go to bed.

"That battle against Dawn and Piplup was great…" Ash murmurs to Pikachu. The yellow mouse nods in agreement. Dawn and Ash have done a practice battle using their best Pokémon. The battle has lasted for about twenty minutes and neither of the Pokémon has shown any sign of giving up. Brock decides to call it a tie since it is getting dark. The heroes agree and stay at Mrs. Ketchum's house for the night so they could catch up with seeing their other Pokémon.

"We should get some rest, guys." Ash looks at Dawn and Brock. "I'm gonna turn in for the night. Good night, everyone." Ash looks at all the Pokémon and the humans before he nods. Then he turns to the stairs and heads up to his room.

"He's right." Dawn yawns as she stretches. "We all should get some sleep for tomorrow. Good night, guys." She waves to everyone before she also walks up the stairs and heads to her assigned room.

"I'm gonna turn in, too." Brock says as he stands up. He looks at the Pokémon. "Don't get into any trouble tonight. Make yourselves at home and get a good night sleep. We'll see you in the morning." The Pokémon nod or grunt in acknowledgement. Mrs. Ketchum comes in and smiles politely at the creatures. "You dears make yourselves feel right at home. Good night." The humans walk upstairs and close the doors behind them. The Pokémon are silent as they glance at each other.

Pikachu gestures for everyone to leave the house. Sceptile opens the back door and allows the Pokémon outside. He closes it quietly behind him before the Pokémon break into a run towards the forest.

After they are sure that they are out of hearing range, the Pokémon sigh in relief. Pikachu says, "It's all clear, guys. No one has followed us."

Then the Pokémon start to talk at once. They quiet down a bit while Corphish crawls up with a frown on his face. "Whew. I don't know how much longer we can keep up speaking gibberish. It gets old and annoying fast."

Pikachu is about to respond until Sceptile cuts him off. He leans against a tree as he chews his stick casually. "We have to keep our intelligence a secret for as long as possible, Corphish. You know that the humans will go crazy if they ever find out. Remember how the humans react whenever they see Team Rocket's Meowth talking?"

Corphish merely nods. Then Grotle comes up to the crab's side. "He's right, though. This stuff is getting kind of old. Plus, Meowth probably ruined our secret. There could be scientists out there that are experimenting on if other Pokémon can talk."

"But Sceptile's right, too." Chimchar pipes up. "Some of the humans might not know that we can speak their language. We can't risk it just because one Pokémon happens to talk normally."

Everyone silently agrees with the fire monkey's prediction. Just because Meowth goes around showing off his talent to the humans doesn't necessarily mean that the humans will think that all Pokémon are capable of human speech. But still, the Pokémon aren't going to risk anything in case there might be some sort of misunderstanding in the future.

"Why are we worrying about this right now?" Bayleef demands. Everyone looks at her. "We gotta start thinking ahead for our masters' sakes! You all know that something isn't right! I don't know why, but I fear that Ash's life may be at stake…"

The town atmosphere has started to turn dark not that long ago. All the Pokémon have noticed this and they assume that the excitement of seeing their trainers again may have been the cause of the exaggeration. But Pikachu and Sceptile know better.

While the Pokémon chatter to each other, Pikachu and Sceptile stare at the Ketchum residence thoughtfully. Ever since Ash's body has been taken over by a dark spirit, the Pokémon have watched their master much more cautiously. He has said and done things very out of character for him. Sceptile fortunately found out that Ash was possessed and drew away the spirit. Ash seems to act normal now.

Sceptile and Pikachu are still wondering about if the spirit's effects have lingered. Then they shake away the thought. Ash is normal and the two Pokémon have seen the spirit disappear into thin air. Then they decide that they are just being paranoid. They turn to face their friends and join the random conversations about the newest adventures made.



Sceptile and Pikachu have every right to be worried for their master. Their fear has been confirmed.

While Ash is sleeping in his bed, a dark shadow sneaks through his window. A cold chill breezes through the room for a brief moment. The shadow hovers over the boy and stares at his sleeping form for a moment. Then the being places a clawed hand on the human's forehead. Ash winces at the cold touch and squirms a bit.

Suddenly the shadow lunges into Ash's body in a purple flash. In the next second, the two are gone. The only thing that proves Ash being in the room is his cap resting on the desk. The clothes that are supposed to be next to the cap and used for the next day are gone as well.


Arceus' eyes snap open. He looks around the Hall of Legends cautiously. He could have sworn that something bad has happened. His instincts have never betrayed him so something must be going on.

Arceus stands up on his pedestal. He looks around the dark room carefully. The only source of light is the moonlight beaming through the windows. The gold pedestals glisten like diamonds in contrast to the moonlight.

Arceus sighs as he lies back down. He narrows his eyes in confusion before he places his head on the cold ground. Why can't he shake the feeling of danger off from his mind?

Arceus decides that he is just being paranoid. He shakes his head. He has been living in the Hall of Legends for as long as existence has been created. Why should tonight affect him at all? Arceus tries to think about anything to ease his stress. Then one painful memory comes to his mind.

"Blackfire…" Arceus murmurs softly to himself. His eyes close in sadness as he remembers about his closest friend and lover from several centuries ago.

Arceus remembers all the details about his long lost love. Blackfire looks a lot like Arceus in every way. She has pure obsidian fur and has a silver horn on her forehead instead of golden arcs hanging around her sides. Her pale white face brightens whenever her lavender eyes glow brightly. Her motherly smile would always brighten everyone's mood.

"Blackfire… I'm so sorry…" Arceus says as he lowers his eyes in shame. He tries not to cry for obvious reasons. One, it is a sign of weakness; and two, his acidic tears could easily melt metal. Arceus himself doesn't know why his species has this strange trait, but he doesn't want the polished floor ruined.

The memory of Blackfire's exile is like ice in Arceus' blood. He would never forgive himself for what he has done. Arceus and Blackfire have been mates 1,500 years ago until a tragic event has separated them. Blackfire has committed the worst crime in the history of Legendary codes; she has gotten pregnant. Arceus was shocked by the news. The two Legendaries have already agreed to keep their love affair a secret but word has spread out about Blackfire's pregnancy. Arceus was unsure if the child was his; his species very rarely reproduce so it is no wonder why the Legendaries have died off quickly. The only other way for Blackfire to get pregnant is if she has mated with other mortal Pokémon. The thought of Blackfire secretly being with someone else hurts and angers Arceus. Even if the child was his, Arceus was forced to choose his job over his mate. Mating and carrying a Legendary offspring is forbidden. Doing such acts would be punished by death. The Legendaries have demanded to know about what needs to be done even though they are worried about Blackfire's fate. Blackfire is a good friend and a mother figure to the creators of life and the Legendaries do not want anything bad to happen to her. Arceus was left with only one choice; he has banished Blackfire from the Legendary Council. At first Blackfire was in denial before she falls into hysterics. Giratina and Palkia have tried to calm her down, but it was done in vain. After Blackfire calms down briefly, she stands up and looks straight at Arceus' eyes. Then she says the last magical words. Goodbye, Arceus. Blackfire leaves the Hall of Legends without another word. All the Legendaries sadly watch their queen leave. No one has ever heard from or has seen Blackfire again since that unfortunate day. Since then, Arceus has been all alone with no one to go to or to love.

Arceus sighs sadly. It is probably because of him that Blackfire is gone forever. It's probably his fault that she is exiled for carrying a child. Honestly, Arceus would have been thrilled by the thought of starting a family with Blackfire. Even if he loses his job as a Legendary, nothing else would give him greater pride. Arceus would be happy to raise a strong graceful son or a beautiful brilliant daughter.

Arceus shakes his head. What's done is done. He cannot change time even if he forces Dialga to do it. He can only remain strong and look ahead for the Earth's future.

His own future.

Arceus looks out at the starlight sky and sighs again. "Blackfire. If you can hear me, then know that I still love you and I always will. I have not forgotten about you for one moment. I miss you so much. Good night and give me the strength to go on with my life." Arceus lowers his head and closes his eyes. After a few moments, dreariness overwhelms his body and Arceus falls asleep.

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