Here is the final chapter. This is basically everything summarized in Raikou's point of view a few weeks after the war. This is officially the end to the story so I hope you enjoyed it!

New Divide

Chapter 40: Epilogue


Well, everything is back to normal. Or as normal as everything can possibly get.

Darkrai, Ash, and I were passed out for three days after the war was over. Crystal's assumption was right; the spiritual orb has drained our energy heavily. As soon as we had woken up, we found ourselves in the care of the best human medics and most talented healing psychics in a security-tight base somewhere in Viridian City. It turns out that all of our friends were here and have never left the base in case something happened. The first person to see us was Arceus. He has explained what happened to us before he congratulated us for our victory. Although his eyes were filled with pride and happiness, there was a hint of sadness in his orbs.

I quickly remembered what happened during our battle with Terotrey. Everything was a blur as we joined as one in the mystical orb. It was literally like fusing every single person into that orb but it was difficult to breathe. And each attack we received felt like losing a part of ourselves; it was too painful to describe. But the worst was when we collided against Darkstar's form. Everything turned dark as soon as the pain began to overwhelm our senses. The last thing I remember seeing was Crystal happily hovering up to her mother and Zoroark before she thanks us for her help.

It is then we realized that Crystal has died during the process.

We felt so sick that I thought I was going to throw up if my throat didn't feel so tight. After Crystal has urged the spirits to heal Lily completely, it drained her energy. She was so weak that it was a miracle that she still managed to keep up with our attacks. But the last blow completely demolished her; as soon as she passed on, our orb began to deteriorate slowly. But we knew that Crystal somehow saved our lives in the process. Although we are eternally grateful for all that she has done, it doesn't ease the guilt in us for her having to sacrifice herself.

Arceus himself is upset by the loss of his daughter. But he has urged us to think of her death as not a loss, but to think of her friendship as a blessing. That is one thing that we have agreed to try working on; Crystal would personally scold us if she saw us being so sad.

The people that have suffered the most are Lily, Rocky, and Scalene. Although we are glad to see that they are still alive, it was truly agonizing to see them blaming themselves over what happened. Lily was truly grateful that her sister saved her life, but she believed that she has broken her promise to watch over her younger twin and to protect her with her life. Rocky and Scalene firmly believed that they abandoned their friends when they needed the duo at this time even though they actually helped out a great deal for the army. They have taken away several wounded and saved so many lives in the process. After the war, they continued to heal as many people as they could. They stopped after receiving the news that their allies were dead. Atsila, Bouldarin, Flame, and Raven comforted the trio as best as they could.

Darkrai, Ash, and I finally got a good look at each other and nearly fainted from shock. Our skins/fur look so pale and our bodies look unhealthily skinny. Our eyes had sags and we almost looked like corpses. The doctors have worked hard to make sure that we had enough nutrients to stay alive and constantly made sure that we had surveillance. It was by some miracle that we have made it through the first night. But because of our weakened states, the doctors insisted that we stay in their medical building for at least two weeks so they could run more tests to see if we would be fine.

Suicune, Cresselia, Dawn, Brock, and Pikachu never left us alone as the next week passes by. During this time, our only entertainment was our occasional company and checking on the news. Everyone was cleaning up the aftermaths of the battlefield and gathered as much damaged goods or bodies as they could. By the next week, everything was gone. The Legendaries took the opportunity to free some captured Pokémon from the various buildings inside the dimension and destroyed all of the machines linked in the realm. Everyone needed to make sure that this won't ever happen again. As soon as the Legendaries are sure that the entire realm was demolished, Palkia wiped the dimension away from existence with her powers.

As soon as the dimension was gone, the Legendaries set up a large memorial in the heart of the Garden of Eden. With various human reporters and families attending, Arceus makes a funeral in memory of all of their lost ones. Since we were still healing, we watched and prayed from the TV with our close allies. Several of our friends (especially Scalene and Rocky) were crying during the tender moment. The funeral took at least two hours to complete. But only known to us is Arceus' true plan. He wants the Garden of Eden to be completely empty and gone from existence. No one else needs to harbor in the island or take advantage of its wonders. It would remain floating invisible in midair forever; nothing and nobody will ever disturb it. So as soon as the guests were gone, Arceus orders all of the machines and any items to be removed immediately. It took a while to clean everything out considering how much technology Crystal and her friends put inside the tunnels, but the electric Legendaries handled the problem with very little restraint. It was by my pleas that Arceus keeps Crystal's paintings that Latias and Mew found in her private rooms. Amazed by his daughter's artistic abilities, Arceus decides to hang all the portraits in the Hall of Legends for all to see. I thought that it was a good idea to get rid of all the other unnecessary junk in the island; Crystal would have thought so too. Besides, it was all meant to help the heroes with defeating Darkstar so there was no use for the machinery anymore. Arceus made sure that all of the Pokémon living in the island have secure homes throughout the land. The only thing that the Legendaries left behind was the tall memorial that held the names of the deceased warriors. As soon as we left the island, we never saw the beautiful valley again.

Then Arceus decided that it would probably be best to wipe away the memory of everything that has happened worldwide. Based on the votes applied by the Legendaries, we all agreed that it is best that only the Legendaries and most trustworthy allies remember what happened. As soon as Darkrai, Ash, and I were out of the medical lab, we sat with our close allies as Arceus uses his ultimate power to wipe away the memories of everyone worldwide (Pokémon and humans alike). The only people who truly know of what happened are the Legendaries, Jeff, Skyler, Heatran, Atsila, Bouldarin, Rocky, Scalene, Lily, Raven, and us. Our other friends only remember everything that has happened on the day before Darkstar captured us.

After that, we were greatly surprised when Reshiram and Zekrom confronted us one last time. They have explained that the prophesy is finally fulfilled thanks to us and congratulate our victory. By using their powers, they showed us a vision of everyone in the afterlife. Compared to the warriors that were overwhelmed by pain and exhaustion, all of our friends look like they were at peace. So many happiness radiated through the vision. To our surprise, the afterlife looked just like the Valley of Origins, if not more heavenly. We saw Blackfire sitting beside Crystal, Zoroark, and Zorua as they overlook the valley under a tree over a cliff. Zoroark and Crystal smile widely as they pet Zorua as the small fox rests on Crystal's lap; they look like a genuinely happy family. The vision changes as we see the rest of our close allies. Cotton and Logan are actually skipping down the meadow while Ribo and Violet hold hands and watch the Riolu Triplets play in the water a distance away from Laki and Gallade as they cuddle. Drendan was talking with Midnight and Ulrik about something with a soft smile on his snout. Various other Pokémon were scattered around the valley and chatter with each other happily. It was truly a heavenly sight.

After displaying the vision, Reshiram and Zekrom have told us that Darkstar's spirit was completely demolished, so we have no need to fear for his return any longer. We have done our job well. They also told us that the exiled Legendaries (including Eclipso) were sent to the underworld for their crimes against the Legendary council. While X'ng was sentenced there for the rest of his afterlife, the exiles were to stay there for only a millennium since their crimes were unintentional but still blamable. We all thought that it was more than a fair punishment for our deceased families and that they would still return to the heavenly afterlife as soon as they fulfill their punishment. I could smile at the image of Eclipso reuniting with Crystal; those two love each other dearly and this time they wouldn't have to fear losing each other ever again. Although Eclipso has accepted Crystal's friendship, he has promised to be there for her regardless of whatever happens. I knows that Eclipso is a phantom of his word and believes in his promise.

After assuring us one last time that our friends are well, Reshiram and Zekrom disappear from our eyes, possibly forever. Feeling somewhat better after knowing that our friends are in a better place, we all went our separate ways.

Lily was nominated as the new Goddess-in-training of all Pokémon due to being Arceus' last heir. With her father and the Legendaries by her side, she was taught all of our rules and ways of how to keep life balanced. With Raven by her side, she quickly adapted to her new role. The Legendaries finally accepted Raven as a Legendary of Darkness and let him be the next heir as God should anything happen to Arceus. Arceus accepts his new son-in-law and knows that he will love Lily just as much as he has loved Blackfire.

Darkrai and Cresselia haven't changed much. Although the deaths of their unborn twins have emotionally scarred them for life, they let the past go as they focus on the future. The counterparts continue to work together and still cherish each other just as much as I cherish Suicune. I would still tease Darkrai every time I find out that he gets laid. In return, he would plague me with terrible or flat-out weird nightmares. I smirk at the thought. Good old times never change.

Mewtwo and Deoxys also haven't changed. They were surprisingly calm about the whole thing. Deoxys was understandably very sad when her brother was killed; it officially made her the last of her kind. Mewtwo comforted his girlfriend throughout the funeral and has tried his best to make her happy. Seeing his desperate attempts makes Deoxys somewhat amused but she appreciates his efforts and decides to focus on the future.

I was greatly surprised when Heatran was permitted to rejoin the Legendary Council. The exile himself was greatly surprised by the offer as well. After some consideration, he agreed and was promoted back into his rank. The fire Legendaries were very glad to see their comrade again and Heatran seems relieved to be back. He was a bit depressed by Drendan's death but it was understandable. Drendan was the only friend that the exile had during his hiding and nothing could ever overcome his friendship. Rejoining his oldest friends seemed to have cheered Heatran up just a tiny bit.

Jeff and Skyler have decided to join Atsila's tribe as soon as they left. I would occasionally check on Atsila and Bouldarin to see how their tribe is getting along. The adoptive brothers seem to have a stable relationship although their tribes don't seem to remember ever separating. The tribes were skeptical whenever Scalene and Rocky were around; the duo couldn't remove their cybertronic equipment so they stay as they are. The tribe leaders (with help from Jeff and Skyler) have thought of a clever story for what happened to the duo. They were captured one day by Team Rocket and were experimented on. Although the story was partially true, they didn't add anything other than that they escaped out of sheer luck. I was just glad to see Scalene and Rocky doing much better compared to during the funeral. They seem to accept that their friends' deaths weren't their fault and try to live out their lives. Scalene focuses on making wedding plans for Flame and Shadow while Bouldarin was teaching Rocky how to take over his role as the Rhyhorn clan chief. Jeff and Skyler haven't changed and would always find ways to cheer up the tribe members. They really were true friends.

Ash decides to go back home to reconcile with his friends in Pallet Town. Believing him to be gone for a long walk, his friends and Pokémon happily welcome him back in his house. Ash has decided not to tell anyone about his most recent and dangerous adventure. That is between him and us alone. We haven't heard much from the human afterwards; I only heard that he has returned to his path in becoming a Pokémon Master. I smile as I hope for the best in Ash Ketchum. He really is a good kid.

I was really surprised to hear that Team Rocket and its rivaling companies have decided to shut down. Giovanni and several of the other companies' leaders were killed in the battle but the oblivious humans believe that they went missing in action for a long time. With no other leaders to turn to, the second-in-commands decide to shut down their companies. Although this was terrific news, I couldn't help but think that it wouldn't be the same without the evil teams trying to capture us. Darkstar was one thing, but Team Rocket was a smaller issue. Another evil has been vanquished from the world.

To summarize everything in one small sentence; everything has turned out for better or worse. I just hoped that it was for the better part.


"Damn, kid… Do you realize how much you weigh?" Darkrai grunts.

I sigh as Darkrai holds me on his back and flies through the purple and orange sky. The phantom has done nothing but insult my weight during the last ten minutes of flying over the sunset to our destination. I just ignore him; he does this only to get to my bad side. I couldn't say anything anyways since I have two piles of flowers in my mouth. I don't want our gifts to fall.

Finally we reach to our destination and land on a beach. Darkrai huffs and stretches his back as soon as he puts me down rather ungracefully on the sand. I huff as I readjust the flowers in my mouth. As soon as he finishes stretching, he takes one pile of flowers from my mouth and we walk towards the tall slope away from the beach.

Our walk is silent as we make our way over the slope. We pause at the top of the hill to stare down at the meadow. Everything is still crisp and black from Arceus' rage a while ago but it seems that the trees and grass were starting to grow back in small bits. Black chunks and ash still lie in the meadow and it was completely deserted. No one would ever come to such a wasteland.

My ears droop as I let out a soft sigh. I feel a hand on my shoulder and see Darkrai giving me a soft smile. I smile back at him. We nod to each other before we slowly walk down the slope. We walk through the burned valley but pause when we see a figure hunched on the ground. I squint since I could barely believe my eyes. "Ash?"

The humanoid being pauses before it turns its head to look at us. The boy's eyes are wet and he looked like he had been crying. Ash blinks before he wipes his eyes and stands up to greet us. I blink when I see a handful of flowers in his hand.

"Guys… I didn't think I'd see you again…" He murmurs.

"Neither did we…" Darkrai shrugs before he looks curious. "What are you doing here…?"

"Well…" Ash rubs the back of his head bashfully. "I wanted to make an official goodbye to Crystal personally… But since the island is gone… I thought that here would be fine. This is where she and her friends trained us, remember?"

"I remember…" I smile at the memory. "That's why we're here too… To tell Crystal goodbye…"

"And to let her know that we still think of her and the others…" Darkrai adds. His voice grows quiet. "And how much we miss them…"

Ash eyes begin to tear as he smiles sadly at the two. He nods and wipes his nose. We nod before I turn to Darkrai. "Would you…?"

"Of course." Darkrai nods before he stands between Ash and me but faces nowhere in particular. We stare at the meadow for a very long time before Darkrai looks up at the sky.

"Crystal… Guys… It's us…" He starts. He pauses as he holds out his flowers to the sky. Ash and I do the same. "It's been a while since we last spoke…"

Darkrai hesitates again and clears his throat. It was obvious that he wasn't sure of where to begin with. Finally he sighs. "We finally did it… We cleaned up all of the trash that Terotrey made. Knowing you, we believed that leaving your birthplace alone would give you and the others. It wasn't easy, but we also demolished Darkstar's Realm. Everything and everyone is safe now. We don't have to worry about that bastard again." Then we place the flowers down on the dark grass and kneel down as he close our eyes and lower our heads.

Darkrai swallows before he continues. "Scalene and Rocky are doing well. In fact, I heard that Rocky has finally found a girl. Heard something about him and Flame arguing over when their weddings would be…"

I give Darkrai a strange look. I hadn't heard about that before.

"Everyone else is doing OK, based on what has been going on." Darkrai continues. He smiles a bit. "Lily and Raven have made a huge improvement with our council regulations. You would be proud of them, Crystal. And you two, Blackfire. I wish that you were all here with us to see how much things have turned out for the better…"

Darkrai pauses and licks his lips before he continues. "Crystal, I'm sure that I speak for all three of us when I say that we are grateful to have known you. You've been such a great help for us. I personally think of you as a daughter; I truly care for you. I may not have admitted it before, but I admire you. It saddened all of us when you sacrificed yourself to save us. But thank you. Thank you so much for everything that you have done. We are proud of you and we love you, Crystal. We will never forget you."

I stare at Darkrai in awe. That was pretty deep.

Darkrai then clears his throat with a tilt of his head. "And Violet, you were something else. I wasn't sure before, but I now know that you were so much like a sister to me. I will admit that I harbored a slight crush on you, but my love for Cresselia is greater. I will always see you as a friend, Violet. Regardless of how annoying or bitchy you can be sometimes, you really are amazing. Goodbye, Violet. And good luck with Ribo. Ribo, you take good care of her; you are one hell of a lucky guy to have her."

Ash and I gape at Darkrai in surprise. He really harbored a crush on Violet? When did this start? Although in a way, it made some sense with how they acted around each other. Sometimes they were at each other's throats but other times they were almost tender with each other.

"Gallade and Laki, we haven't said much to each other, but I want you to know that I also admire you two. Care for each other as Cresselia and I do. And take good care of those triplets; you all make quite a family."

Darkrai sighs as he looks up at the sky. "Everyone, I know that Arceus has already said this. But I want you to know that we are eternally grateful for your noble sacrifices. We will always think of you and hold you to our hearts as we carry on with our lives. Hopefully, when our time comes, we will all be reunited in the afterlife. Somehow I know deep down that we will see each other again. But now is not the time. Not yet. We still have so much work to do down here; we will be working on that future we have fought so long for. I promise we will do our best. Goodbye, our friends. And thank you again… For everything."

Darkrai finally ends his speech and lowers his head to stare at the ground. I place a paw on his shoulder and smile tearfully at him. "Darkrai… That was really deep… Especially from you."

"Yeah…" Darkrai sighs before he removes my paw and stands up. He wipes his eyes before he glares at me. "But don't think that means I've grown too soft!"

Ash and I smirk at him. "Sure… Whatever you say, Darkrai."

Then we all stand up and start to turn away. We pause when we feel a large gust of wind blowing through our bodies. Instantly knowing that this wasn't usually a good sign, I sigh irritably. "Now what?"

"Only a thank you, my friends..." An angelic voice says softly. We freeze and turn around to see a qilinlike being staring at us with glowing gold eyes. Her fur is snow-white while her hooves have black flame patterns leading up from her upper legs. Her stomach is black from her neck down to the tip of her tail. She has a glowing silver horn on her forehead. Her fur seems to be flowing even though there was no wind around the heroes.

But her gold eyes have alarmed the heroes. She looks to be smiling through her facial expression.

I gape at the being before us. "You… Are you…?"

The being doesn't say anything. It only nods once before it stares down at the heroes once more. Then it throws its head back and lets out a graceful roar. A gust of wind blows through her form and her ghostly appearance disappears in a puff of white sparkles. We shiver at the cool sensation but we are too stunned by what we just saw.

"… Crystal…" Ash murmurs as the gust of wind disappears. We look up and see a star glittering above the now dark purple sky. We stare at it for a very long time before we glance at each other and smile a bit. Ash then turns to walk away without looking back at us. As soon as he is out of sight, Darkrai and I walk back to the beach. We ignore the flowers' petals flowing gently through the air as they land in the water of the sea as we start heading home.

To our friends…

To our families…

To our future…

To our new destiny…

The End


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