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It was a Saturday. A very nice Saturday at that. Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, and Mercedes had all gone to the mall together since the summer collections were coming out. Well actually, Kurt, Rachel, and Mercedes had gone since the summer collections were out. Blaine went because Kurt invited him and he wanted all the time he could possibly have with Kurt.

They were all in Macy's (it had a good selection for all of their styles) and Kurt and Mercedes had gone to the dressing rooms to try on clothes. This left Blaine and Rachel alone. Together. Perfect.

Blaine was observing a pair of khakis when Rachel came up to him.

"Hey Rachel," he greeted absently. "Hey, what do you think of these pants?"

"They're nice," she said. "But I'd like to talk to you about something a bit more important."

"Sure shoot." Blaine replied. He continued looking at the pants, suspecting the "something more important" to be more along the lines of which sweater she should choose or what he thought of her latest proposition for her glee club. That's usually how "important things" went with Rachel.

Rachel took a deep breath. "Blaine…" she began. At the sound of seriousness in her voice, very different from her shopping or bossy voice, Blaine set down the khakis and looked at her.

"Is everything okay, Rachel?" he asked.

She ignored his question and continued. "You and Kurt have been officially dating for a couple of weeks now and I'm very happy for you–"

"Aww, thanks, Rachel." Blaine smiled.

"—But there are some things we need to set straight. I know from experience of our short lived romance that you jump into things very quickly when it comes to your feelings. And sometimes they're not what you thought they were. Now, I'm not denying that you care for Kurt, because I'm sure you do, but he's my best friend and I can't let him get hurt. Especially not by a guy whose already hurt him before."

Blaine shifted uncomfortably. He'd already gotten the "don't hurt my boy" talk from Mercedes, Burt, and Finn but he hadn't really been expecting it from Rachel. Especially in the menswear department of Macy's. He was definitely mistaken.

"Kurt's an amazing guy who deserves an amazing guy. One who won't hurt him and will be there for him and will treat him right. Now, I'm sure you'll do all of these things because you're a nice guy but I'm telling you anyway. Blaine, I like you but I'm warning you now; if you put Kurt through any more pain than he's already gone through, I will do some very, very terrible things to you involving a microphone, a lot of wires, and a lot of electricity." Rachel threatened.

Blaine had never heard Rachel speak this way and it scared him. She was standing extremely close to him, practically on his toes. Her voice was way lower than usual and her eyes had darkened dramatically. She was terrifying.

Suddenly she took a step back and brightened.

"By the way, I'd go with the khakis over there. They have nicer pockets and come with a belt."

With that, she promptly skipped away, leaving Blaine unsure of what to say or do other than never mess with Rachel Berry.

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