Items inorder to scap: Won of thos lit glasses, a basbal bat, a wecorder, and metbals, and aposable thums, and a driver. Oh and buny-dog. Now what to do: Next pla date at Ashton's hous, with comet, steal the lit glasses, then drive bac, get the basbal bat from the gurag, and nocout the leder of the evil pac… the alfa-mom, and whil the others are distractid, we nocout the wones called Mommom, and uncleD, and kidnap thim, and tak thim with me and u. Stop for metbals. Record the hol thing, and mak it sownd lik they r the bad giys, which they r, and inorder to fle to the south and rom with the munkeys we need aposable thums. So we need to go to I haeight to sa it but we ned to go to the vetranerian! But we com owt with munkey hans. So whatd u sa dilly?Frum, lexi, the dog.p.s. whatd ya sa abowt becoming famos brkers.

Please excuse the writing it was written by a dog, and to help you out with reading it here's a key .

Key: lit is light, metbals is meatballs,fle is flee, aposable is opposable, thums is thumbs, basbal bat is baseball bat, scap is escape, won is one, inorder is in order, pla is play, hous is house, bac is back, distactid is distracted, nocout is knockout, munkeys is monkeys, thim is them, sownd is sound, whatd is what'd, sa is say, tak is take, gurag is garage, leder is leader, alfa is alpha, whil is while, hol is whole, mak is make, giys is guys, buny is bunny, r is are, and u is you, I is my, and wecorder is recorder, haeight is hate, ned is need, vetranerian is veterinarian, com is come, owt is out, mi is my, hans is hands, abowt is about, famos is famous, and brkers is barkers ( those are dogs who have a beautiful bark, and make their barks songs.)